Missteps in Virginia Beach

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A group has appropriated the Help Save .... name, by forming "Help Save Virginia Beach," without apparently bothering to take on one bit of the concept - which at very least would entail understanding what the REAL local problems are in relation to the illegal alien issue, and having compassion for the victims.

This sort of thing is inevitable in the scenario of A) widespread public discontent, and B) nearly all the advocates on "our" side being volunteers. We are so busy playing catch up trying to deal with our own community issues it is hard to coordinate anything with anyone else, much less take a proactive stance on separating the wheat from the chaff.

It's pretty amazing our Northern VA "loose alliance" of Help Save Herndon, Help Save Manassas and Help Save Loudoun have been so relatively successful in building public support and accomplishing things in such a short time.

As evidenced by the meeting last night, without some degree of thoughtful oversight any group forming to deal with the illegal alien problem can easily revert to losing focus and flailing about. It's a shame this should happen in Virginia Beach because they really have had some serious problems down there. Let's hope at some point someone steps up to form an effective citizens' advocacy group in the area.

UPDATE: More coverage at VB Dems.

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eileen said:

Great post, Joe. Grassroots really means grassroots. If this group can't launch, I have to wonder how significant of a problem we actually have here in Virginia Beach. I don't say this to in any way take away from the enormous tragedy suffered by Ray Tranchant. But I truly feel that the systemic problem exposed by his daughter's death is one almost exclusive to the Federal government to solve. Yes, there are ways that local governments can assist and must assist the Feds in enforcing immigration laws. Those ways grow naturally from the absolute need and the volume of issues and incidents. That's not what we seem to have here in Virginia Beach. I know its hard to measure, but remember I used to live in Northern Virginia. Yes, it is indeed an issue up there. But I'm not noticing it to be nearly the same issue down here. Sure, you can question how this little-white-government-worker-liberal would know that and you'd would indeed be smart to question my credibility on this issue. But my response would be that I talk to my husband. For over twenty years in Northern Virginia, he was either doing residential construction as a carpenter or commercial/residential landscaping. He has worked with so many Hispanics over the years that he became almost fluent in a grunt-and-gesture version of Spanish. That is a skill that he has yet to even exercise down here in Virginia Beach. He's doing residential construction and every worker he's had to supervise speaks English and was born in the good ol' USA. This is not to say that Virginia Beach is perfect. We took away lessons from the girls' deaths and changed policies and procedures for its police force. And like I said in my post, we are awaiting recommendations from Sen. Stolle's Crime Commission regarding statewide applications for immigration control. I'm not anticipating that there will be anything that the state can impose that any local government doesn't already have the capacity to impose. It really boils down to a question of will, and where there is a will there is a way. If Virginia Beach really needs a Help Save Virginia Beach, said organization will come to be. It's just not needed now.

Thanks for the insight on the VB situation, Eileen. And I am glad you went to the meeting because you provided an excellent report. I'll be interested in seeing what develops.

Had Enough said:

What some people fail to realize is that it is easier to prevent the problem before your community is over-run than attempt to drive them out later.

Most would think that communities that observe the problems in Northern Virginia and across the country would not want to wait until the illegals and ACLU, et al arrive to then turn around and wonder what happened and what to do about it.

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