Page County, VA to Consider Immigration Enforcement Resolution

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"When we have legal taxpayers struggling to keep medical insurance, I don't think this is too much to ask."

Following the actions taken by the superintendents of Loudoun and Prince William counties, Page County (Shenandoah), Virginia will consider a similar resolution next month:

"I don't feel like there is anything wrong with legal immigration," said Hoke. "But if they want to come here illegally and use our services that are paid for by taxpayers, I have a problem with that."

Hoke would also like to see policies put in place to fine employers hiring illegal immigrants.

Page County has seen an increase in the number of immigrants in the last several years. Over the last two years, Page County Public Schools had to hire staff to educate students that do not speak English.

"We have to allow them medical services and to go to school," said Hoke, "but if we wouldn't allow this to happen maybe they would stay in their own country. When we have legal taxpayers struggling to keep medical insurance, I don't think this is too much to ask."

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stay puft said:

Joe, there's already a laundry list of tenuously supported accusations against the undocumented: drunk driving, lowering wages, unwanted cultural influence, etc. Now you want to add "lack of health insurance" to the list of bad things immigrants are responsible for?

It's starting to look like the anti-immigrant movement wants to pin every negative aspect of our society on undocumented immigrants, and forgetting about the real culprit, Osama binLaden. The GOP should consider changing it's name to the SIP; the single issue party!!

SPMM, calling a thing "tenuously supported" does not make it so. Also, this is not really a GOP thing - just ask George Bush, Mel Martinez or Lindsay Graham. Lou Dobbs is a Democrat.

zimzo said:

I know how facts annoy you, Joe, but I'm a afraid I must point out that Lou Dobbs once described himself as a "lifelong Republican" and is now registered as an Independent.

And you know as well as I do that the vast majority of people in the anti-immigrant movement are Republicans. Bush's moderate views on immigration have to do with the fact that he comes from a border state and has a long history of amicable personal relations with Latinos in his state. The same with McCain. Mel Martinez is of course Latino. To say that Republicans are not primarily behind the anti-immigration movement is like saying Democrats are anti-abortion because of Robert Casey.

Jack said:

Can't be much of a "lifelong Republican" if he's an independent (unless, of course, he's dead).

Zimzo, the facts do not annoy me in the least, although you do. The only anti-immigrant movement I am familiar with is the one led by some liberals, some "conservatives," and disingenuous persons such as yourself.

Immigrants are those who come to this country legally. Those who are here illegally are "illegal aliens." (Employing the terminology of the U.S. Code).

Those of use who favor lawful immigration - a bit of a redundancy I admit - decry the movement to allow the gate crashers to cut in line. The recent Senate bill would have pushed everyone who filed for legal immigrant status between May 1, 2005 and the present day to the back of the line behind all of the illegal aliens.

This approach, which you favor, is 100% anti-immigrant. It is shameful.

You are correct on the GOP - thank goodness the majority of one party seems to be waking up to reality. Because of my disappointment with certain powerful factions within the GOP, I am quick to say that enforcement of our immigration laws is not really a "Republican" position. Our Republican president, after all, has presided over a wholesale abandonment of law enforcement which I consider treasonous.

RE: Lou Dobbs, you are correct. What I should have said is, at the present time very wise and insightful people have floated his name as a Democratic candidate for president.

stay puft said:

If i had a nickel for every time someone here has said, "SPMM, calling a thing "X" does not make it so." ...

can we take it as given?

now, the reason I said that is that the whole history of our immigration discussion here has revolved around the question, "what effect is the wave of immigrants having on the US?" people make claims, for instance that, "they are drunk drivers" we debate it, after several rounds the conclusion is always, "based on our limited data it's difficult to say for sure"

then someone starts a new discussion about how immigrants are drunk drivers as if it's been proven definitively. the only "proof" we have of any of the alleged negative effects is that people have been making those allegations again and again and again so that now they're accepted as gospel.

so I will say to you, "calling a thing "X" does not make it so."

zimzo said:

Wise and insightful people? And you link to right-winger Glenn Reynolds? I guess if the Daily Kos said Michael Moore should run for the Republican nomination that would make him a Republican.

SPMM, you are mischaracterizing the debates, I daresay; to your own benefit, I might add.

I do not recall "they are drunk drivers" being a central thesis anywhere. I think the point was "there are drunk drivers" and, as in the local cases in VA and elsewhere, they keep being let loose until they kill somebody.

That issue has to do with law enforcement or lack thereof.

There are a diversity of problems surrounding the general topic of illegal aliens in the U.S.

Zimzo, I was linking primarily to myself.

stay puft said:

OK, maybe my last comment wasn't the most accurate characterization. Let me rephrase: none of the claims that illegal immigrants are adversely effecting our country are verifiable.

Ah, thank you, that is much clearer. Now I see what you are saying.

I shall be preparing more of the innumerable batches of evidence on this matter forthwith.

zimzo said:

So if you say someone is a Democrat, then they are a Democrat. That makes so much more sense.

Maybe instead of sounding more and more ridiculous, you should just say you were wrong in first place.

Absolutely everything hinges on my initial characterization of Lou Dobbs so I certainly will not back down from it.

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