Proof of God?

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I heard a fascinating sermon on the Fourth Commandment yesterday.

For the heathen in our midst, the Fourth Commandment is in Exodus 20, verses 8-11:

8 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. 11 For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

It has now been found that we are, if you will, designed to rest on the seventh day. Not just we, as in humans, but we as in living beings. According to recent research in chronobiology, a seven-day cycle has been observed in creatures, both plant and animal, all the way down to amoeba. We are even commanded to rest our cattle on the seventh day.

And thus God commanded us to rest on the seventh day, because it is good for us to do so.

"The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath...." (Mark 2:27)

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Eric the 1/2 troll said:

Or...just playing "deveil's" advocate here. The "God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh" myth has its roots in the natural seven day cycle. Another variation of the "which came first" paradox.

God can not be proven of disproven. To do so would completely negate the concept.

Jack said:

What's a deveil? (Just kidding -- I know it's a typo.)

Anyway, it seems the seven-day week was unique to the Hebrews. If it "[had] its roots in the natural seven day cycle," wouldn't other cultures have done the same?

The Hebrews were never known for their science, you they figured out this seven-day cycle, which we are just now discovering? They figured out complex anti-biotic salves that no other tribe did? They knew, through their advanced astrophysical knowledge, that light really did precede the Sun, as it says in Genesis, and which our science has only recently concluded?

Amazing people, those Hebrews.

JMU Duke said:

I heard the same sermon, and I too found it to be interesting. Efforts to support religion with science and vice versa are dicey at best in my humble opinion, but I will admit that the facts she provided were interesting.

Jack said:

Historic or Contemporary service?

JMU Duke said:


Jack said:

Same here. We were the (large) family all the way forward in the left balcony. (I had four of my kids and two of jacob's. Two others were in the nursery!)

Jack said:

"God can not be proven of disproven. To do so would completely negate the concept."

That makes no sense to me, Troll. Please explain.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"The Hebrews were never known for their science, you they figured out this seven-day cycle, which we are just now discovering?"

No, Jack, if (and I was not privy to the sermon you guys were so I am baseless in my speculation here) the idea is that the myth has its base in the natural 7 day cycle, the Hebrews would already be on the 6 days on one day off cycle and would naturally fold that into their religious creation story. Who is to say where the six day creation story really has its roots? Even in the Hebrew religion its early days were verbal so who knows where it REALLY started. Its kind of like the line from "Inherit the Wind" - in the beginning God created a human and Man, being the gentleman, returned the favor. Or something close to that.

stay puft said:

nice one, Anselm.

I read something similar (which I can't find now) about a study that showed that eating dairy with meat somehow reduced your body's ability to absorb protein from the meat. I guess God was right about the Kosher thing, too. Go figure.

I don't mind sleeping in on Sundays, but I'm keeping my cheeseburgers!

Jack said:

Troll -- why was no other culture on that six-on-one-off cycle?

Amen on the cheeseburgers, puffy!

'Course you know the one about the rabbi and the priest....? "Sure beats ham, doesn't it?"

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


If God's existence could be PROVEN - without a doubt. IT would negate the concept of "free will". Of course if God could be disproven without a doubt, it would negate the concept of God - I suppose that COULD conceptually happen.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"Troll -- why was no other culture on that six-on-one-off cycle?"

That question can be turned back to you, Jack. If the 7 day cycle is based in our biology (even in the plant and animals of the earth) why did no other culture independently develop that calendar? Only the Hebrews developed this calendar.

It IS an intriguing concept, though, I'll grant you.

Jack said:

"If God's existence could be PROVEN - without a doubt. IT would negate the concept of 'free will'."

Why? God gave us free will. How could his existance negate it?

jacob said:

Interesting point regarding free will.

Could you then explain why the Israelites in the desert who were lead by a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night, were still rebellious doubters?

I do not think knowledge that God exists will stop free will. It is always our choice to love or hate God.

I've told my Sunday School classes for years that the Holy Bible is God's Owner's Manual for Humans.

The first 11 chapters and Job are timeless. The rest of the Bible from Abraham (2000BC) forward is history - and instructions for how to live from the designer, manufacturer, and supervisor of all humankind.

Jack said:

It is not an IF. There is a seven-day biological cycle in may creatures -- both plant and animal.

The reason the Hebrews have a seven-day week is because God told them to have one, for their own benefit.

zimzo said:

Sorry, Jack. The seven-day week was used by Hindus, Babylonians, Egytians and Persians, who all developed the seven-day week independently of the Hebrews. Romans got it from the Egyptians before the advent of Christianity and then Christians and Muslims spread it around the world to places that were not using it. So your sermon doesn't really prove anything.

Jack said:

The Hindus got it from the Babylonians:

The Babylonians did divide the lunar cycle into seven-day quarters, but the omission of the days around the new moon breaks the cycle:

The ancient egyptians did nt have weeks and the Assyrians had a five-day week:

The Romans used an 8-day "nundian cycle":

Tom said:

To me the irony is that after church every Sunday it seems like everyone heads straight to a restaurant where they expect people to be serving food and working for them on the Sabbath.
I guess our service employees need to worship and rest on a different day so as to satisfy your appetites of biblical proportions.

ACTivist said:

Virginia used to have the "blue laws" on the books when I was a kid. I don't know if they still exist and are just being ignored or whether they were repealed. I do believe that the sabbath is for man as it says. If we haven't got our provisions during the other 6 days of the week then too bad. It would be nice to have that break from a hectic week were you could visit friends, enjoy the family, recreate as you might want (fishing, hiking, biking, etc.). You don't need establishments being open to do these kind of things. Although there are those professions that have a need to be in business (medical, fire and police) on the sabbath, those people are helping their fellow man as directed. One day a week for calm, peace and quiet is essential for our well being. That is why the directive was put in place. Would you agree?

Jack said:

The Blue Laws were repealed in VA. They still have them in Nova Scotia.

Jack said:

The Blue Laws were repealed in VA. They still have them in Nova Scotia.

ACTivist said:

Thanks, Jack. Thanks, Jack. Are stealing zimzo's meds?

jack said:

No, I was having computer problems -- it was not responding, so I hit the Post button again.

Tom said:

Yes, I totally agree a day of peace is essential for our well-being. I think we would benefit more by having 3 a week. there is very little-beyond as you point out the fire, and emergency services-that we couldn't do without for a few days every week. I'm all for the four day 10 hour work week.

Betty said:

God (if that’s what you want to call him/her) of some form exists – however, Jesus was NO son of god, never was never will be. The bible was written by man, not God.

Jack said:

If He was "NO son of God," how did He raise the dead? How did He Himself rise from the dead? If He did not do these things, why were His followers willing to suffer imprisonment, torture, and death for what they KNEW to be a lie?

ACTivist said:

"God....of some form exists".

Looks like the only reason you capitalized "God" was because it was the beginning of your sentence. What "form" does He exist for you? For me it is Father, Son (yes, that's right- Christ Jesus) and Holy Spirit.

As far as the Bible being written by man, that is correct. God, as all other Holy people of the time, used scribes. The Bible was dictated by God. He did write one thing though-and it is on stone tablets with the Ten Commandments.

The realist said:

Did you not know that thousands of years ago the Bible said the Earth was a "sphere suspended in nothingness"? Columbus wouldn't have had to worry about falling off the edge of the Earth if the Christian's had let him read the Bible now would he? The Bible says "do not follow the traditions of men", "call no man Father(as a spiritual title)", and "there is only one intercessor between God and man(Jesus)"

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