Scenes from the campaign trail

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Saving civilization, one race campaign at a time.

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zimzo said:

And after you've saved the white race, then what?

First we save America from the America-haters. The white race will be just fine. Guess I should have said "campaign" though.

Gstone said:

Good Work by ALL at the Gun Show. It was good to talk to you Joe. I am sorry I missed seeing Eve. Eve is a smart one, Ken is lucky to have her.

The realist said:

Saving America from the “America haters” won’t happen until Bush and his arrogant administration is out of the white house, we are counting the days..

zimzo said:

Freud would say there are no accidents. But then Freud was probably just an America Hater, too.

jacob said:

Mind blowing. You say 'one race at a time' everyone who is not looking through a racist's point of view would understand you mean a political race. zimzo deliberately misreads it in terms of 'race' (color) and you are dumb enough to humor him? Shame on you!

Jack is right, it is all about race to you. How pathetic and tiresome.

I guess I've been Zimzofied - what can I say.

Jack said:

Well, were I to be Zimzofied, I would say, "I demand that you shoot me now!"

Loudoun Conservative said:

Look who's obsessed with race. Last I checked, we were all one race -- the human race. I couldn't care less what color your skin is. I do care about the your beliefs and your character. That's what matters about a person.

Wise man said:

It is all about the white race on this blog; Read deep into what they say and feel, you will see their true colors; they aren’t as red, white and blue as they want you to believe.

Hey, wow, Wise Man, that's really .... like, wise .... hey, don't bogard that thing, dude!

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