Wedding Day Blues

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The comic and tragic diverge on the point of whether the subject is I or thou.


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I don't know Joe, I looked at that, and thought it was about the saddest things I'd seen in a long time. The one day a woman wants to look her absolute best, and have her hair ruined by an incompetent hairdresser would be tragic. This isn't me; I don't know the person. But all I could think was how tragic it was. There is no saving the day for this. There is no redemption -- and can be none. It is impossible from this clip to know if the bride gave explicit instructions to the hairdresser, and did not like the result, or if job was botched (something done incorrectly during the process) or if the instructions were vague. So one cannot say if there was fault in the hairdresser or if the bride made a poor decision (in one sense, she most definitely made a poor decision to have her hair done the day of the wedding!)

What is obvious is that a woman's wedding day was changed from what she assuredly was thinking would be one of the happiest days in her life to one of the saddest days of her life.

One of the reasons I like puns and think of them as the highest form of humor is it can be clean, and without tragic meaning to even imaginary people.

Well, I did not mean my comment to be superficial when I said comic and tragic. I merely meant to point out the thin dividing line between the two, since both are based on a contradiction which can be interpreted differently depending on where one stands.

The scene in question IS, undeniably, tragic. I have two daughters of marryin' age. I have attended many weddings of sisters and cousins and such.

I don't see the video as a pun of any sort.

The point is, this scene really does show the *demarcation* between the comic and tragic.

Getting the wrong haircut, THEN CUTTING YOUR OWN HAIR AN HOUR BEFORE YOUR WEDDING, is, by any objective standard, comic.

Hair and everything else are supposed to be perfect just prior to a wedding. When the haircut is not up to snuff, and then the subject goes about making it immeasurably worse, we have to say, there lies a contradiction.

If you are on the outside looking in (like some of the "friends" in the video) it is comic. If you are on the inside, it is tragic.

But, honestly, to chop away at one's hair an hour before the wedding - that's pretty unique.

The only options would seem to be, to either take it ALL the way down to Sinead O Connor, or wear the veil for all it is worth.

Lord I hope my daughter doesn't have any of these problems. She is close to the date (her hair is already where it is supposed to be, so I doubt it will change much).

Brian is relieved, I am sure.

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