287g Petition to Governor Kaine

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This is a new online petition posted by a Help Save Fairfax member urging the governor to direct state law enforcement agencies to enter into 287g agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Go sign it now!

It appears that one of the many problems with Newark, New Jersey law enforcement is there was no clear concept of when ICE should be called for an illegal alien detained for a local infraction.

Statewide participation in 287g would be the first important step toward a unified Virginia policy of immigration enforcement.

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Dan said:

Joe, glad to see you plugged back in after your few days absence..

TLB said:

FYI, you may or may not be aware of this older TK quote:

"I don't believe immigration is one of the top issues in Virginia if you ask Virginians... It does matter to a number of people, but compared to jobs, education, health care, transportation, it's pretty far down."

Had Enough said:

TLB, illegal immigration affects every concern that you noted.

Legal immigration (HB-1 visas, etc.) and outsourcing also play a major role.

You should not take the issue so lightly because it will affect you and yours at some point. However, you may not be aware until it is too late.

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