Dispatches: Help Save Fairfax Kick Off

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Virginia's socio-political revolution continues apace as another jurisdiction rediscovers self-government, and those of us who get their kicks from this sort of thing spend the last lazy, hazy days of summer in a public work-session on a Saturday night. At a police station, no less.


Blog Khan counted 100 participants at tonight's initial meeting of Help Save Fairfax. That's pretty impressive for a meeting arranged with minimal advance notice in a county whose government has given advance notice that little is planned by public officials to address the local effects of illegal immigration.

Numerous elected officials and candidates were in attendance.


Among them was Virginia Senator Ken Cuccinelli (right), currently the strongest advocate citizens have in the state Senate on the issue of illegal immigration.


Representatives of each of the state's "Help Save ... " groups participated in the program. Above are Greg Letiecq (Blog Khan), (left) president of Help Save Manassas, and masters of ceremony Phil Jones and Aubrey Stokes of Help Save Virginia/Help Save Herndon. I spoke on behalf of Help Save Loudoun.


Delegate Tim Hugo


Springfield Supervisor Candidate Pat Herrity


Virginia 33rd District Senate Candidate Patricia Phillips (left) and Loudoun County Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann.


Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

(Also present and conversing with the attendees was Fairfax County Supervisor Candidate Gary Baise - picture to follow in a later post).

The presentation and discussions covered many aspects of the illegal alien problem, including the bad things that cause citizens to take notice, the good things citizens have been able to accomplish to help solve the problem locally, Virginia Senator Ken Stolle (without whom no such discussion would be complete), and other items that will be elucidated at a later date.

More than anything, the evening featured extended opportunities for citizens and would-be elected officials to share ideas and concerns. This type of cross-pollination has been a hallmark of Help Save Loudoun's activities and has resulted in some significant political accomplishments. Although in our membership we are non-partisan, so far the only candidates we've gotten the time of day from have been Republicans (and some Republicans have blown us off entirely).

This is somewhat curious and amusing, because our membership composition continues to be pretty bipartisan, but the power-brokers who will talk to us are largely of one party. Don't the Democratic candidates realize they are missing the boat? No, they do not.

We also had a few interlopers, filming, taking notes and photos, seeking intelligence.

Memo: Here's your intelligence, guys: Calling us racists will not slow us down.

And as the venerable Nelson says on the Simpsons, Haaaa Haa!

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Had Enough said:

The democrats still do not know the difference between Immigrant and Illegal Alien.

They still do not know what Sovereignty or law means.

Most of them do not want a fence at the border, but they have fences around their yards.

bush is putting a big fence at his ranch in Crawford because he is afraid of Cindy Sheehan (he may be using her for an excuse, afraid to admit it is the boogy man or the big bad wolfe), I guess we paid for the fence.

Had Enough said:

I wonder when these elected officials are going to put a end to Illegal Aliens obtaining Business Licenses?

Before obtaining or renewal you should have to prove your legal status.

Illegals starting a business and hiring nothing but Illegals and under-cutting and driving the Citizens out of business, what a country!

Kevin said:

What pallor has befallen old dear Fairfax!

Dan S said:

One thing that is becoming more and more obvious, the "racist, xenophobe" labels being hurled at random by others definitely does not stick to these guys. This meeting was facts, facts, and more facts.

The point that this is a non-partisan issue was very well made, as it needs to be. The illegal immigration issue does not discrminate against Republicans alone. Where there is no respect for the law of a country, there is no respect for that country or her citizens, regardless of party affiliation.

Personally, I feel the Democratic party is aso divided on this issue. The Democrats are just much better at sweeping their own internal strife under the rug than the GOP. The other difference that I see, the national level of the GOP appears divided on this issue, but not the local. The inverse appears to be true of the Democrats, they are espousing the party line with predictable regularity at the nation level, but at the grassroots level, schisms are becoming more frequently apparent. What this says to me is "We, The People", the absolute governing body, has had enough, and the grassroots politicians are taking notice and acting. There is an old axiom that states that stuff rolls downhill. What this really means is that it can also go uphill, but justs needs someone to push it. At the grassroots level of the illegal immigration problem, stuff is not just starting to roll uphill, it is gaining momentum.

Fairfax taxpayers, afraid and or unable to use public facilities that THEY pay for is absolute nonsense, and any politician that does not dedicate themselves to fixing this immediately needs to be history. We need real solutions, not more "studies" or "commissions". What will be proposed next, resurrecting Al Gore's infamous lockbox ? I don't need a study to tell me those are gun shots I hear out my back door, no focus group to tell me the dead bodies in the shopping center parking lot two blocks away were in fact human. No more of the "it's a complicated issue" rhetoric. Nothing complicated about it, it is a very simple matter of lawful vs. unlawful.

We need real public servants to stand up and say "I will fix this". We need to stay on their backs to ensure they do. We need more forums such as this to ensure that occurs.

jacob said:

Frankly airing this kind of thing out in the long run is healthier than sweeping it under the rug. The Democrat party has been suffering from this for years. The used to have a permanent majority in both houses of congress. In the early 80's it began to slip in the senate, as the house margin got thinner and thinner, then they got nailed in 94 because the "Reagan Democrats" finally became moderate Republicans.

They won back both houses two years ago, because the Republicans acted like corrupt idiots, who did not deserve the vote. Even still the margins in many of the house and senate races were very thin. Nowadays when the DLC offers an opinion the Kos dwellers nail them to a tree. Guess we soon will have Kos Republicans as well.

Dan S said:


>Guess we soon will have Kos Republicans as well

No disrespect intended, but after browsing that site, the pendulum there appears to be a long way from equilibrium..

I do agree with you that the 2006 election results were first and foremost about poor governance, and what the incumbents did with the public trust. I suspect the same again in 2008 as politicians appear to be very slow learners.. In their parlance, once is an anomaly, twice is a trend.


LibertyU=GOP said:

What?! No Congressmen Davis. You think a "good" republican like him would have been their.

Singleton said:

excellent post, Joe

jacob said:

I was not implying that Kos dwellers will be voting (R) anytime soon. What I was saying was that the nutroots will be driving the DLC-ers into the Republican party.

This will be a repeat of the late 70's early 80's shift due to abortion, taxes, and spending. Those three issues are what got Reagan his Democrats.

The hilarious part is this time, it will be the Democrats doing it to themselves.

novamiddleman said:

Thats a common theme throughout history

Whenever one party has control inevitably corruption/greed/incompetence
becomes the norm and the moderates switch to the other party

The party hacks cry but this is actually the best option for the good of the country

Now personally I'm all for the democrats to continue "leading" so that there power cycle only lasts two years :-p

Dan said:

jacob, novamiddleman,

Your points are very insightful. I think I can safely say that if the Democrats do not get on the anti-illegal immigration boat, they will be left at the dock. Time to put some new planks in their platform. Those planks that were installed in the 70s are getting old, tired and weak.

Loudoun Conservative said:


Your Stolle parady was hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan said:

Sexy Joe sez:

"We also had a few interlopers, filming, taking notes and photos, seeking intelligence."

Did they find any?

David said:

"We the people",have a long history to be proud of! Let's not forget Korea ,the march on Atlanta , Kent State, Vietnam,etal. I believe it was Ben Franklin that said "we" must all hang together or hang seperate.Let's all take it to the polls!! Remember our troops! Thinkin' and feeling for you in Ohio....

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