Dispatches: Herndon and Loudoun Events

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No time for the usually trenchant level of analytical reporting tonight, because I am a busy, busy man. Tonight all you get are some pictures.

First, from the historic events in neighboring Herndon, Virginia earlier this week:


Citizens gather prior to Tuesday's Herndon Town Council hearings on the future of the Herndon day labor site. The Council voted to require the next operator of the site to verify that all who use it for ad hoc employment are legally permitted to work in the U.S.


Aubrey Stokes of Help Save Herndon speaks with a Fox News reporter.


Senate candidate Patricia Phillips with members of Help Save Loudoun and Help Save Herndon.


Washington Examiner reporter interviews local citizens.

Next, at an event held tonight by La Voz of Loudoun, designed to distinguish facts from fiction in the immigration debate.

The panelists were La Voz Executive Director Laura Valle (left), Sheriff Steve Simpson, and representatives from an organization that provides legal assistance to immigrants, and from National Council of La Raza (sorry, but the first draft of history does not always include the names of everyone involved).

There was a GREAT question asked which I do not have time to transcribe right now, but which essentially linked NOVA TownHall, Help Save Loudoun, candidates Greg Ahlemann and Patricial Phillips, and even Tom Tancredo, for goodness sakes, into a nefarious web of conspiracy. It was absolutely friggin' inspiring. Just magnificent. All I need now is to get my picture posted at the Southern Poverty Law Center and I can die content.

(By the way, if you care about immigration enforcement, please go right now to the Web sites of all three of those candidates and give them some money. Right Now!! No dawdling!)


Finally, also at the La Voz event, the man Loudoun Insider has deemed worthy of a man-crush, Potomac Supervisor candidate Ken Mikeman (left) with our good buddy Jonathan of Equality Loudoun. Mikeman is pretty nice looking, I must say, but I have spoken with the man and Zoolander he ain't.

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Jonathan said:

Nice Picture!

LibertyU=GOP said:

getting your pic on the Southern Poverty LIE Center. lol. Its good to know you folks in Nova are putting up a fight.
Getting your pic on their site should not be hard. Your a conserative. and if your are a Christian, they will really have it out for you.

It's not as easy as you might think. But if you can put in a good word for me I would really appreciate it.

LibertyU=GOP said:

Lol. I'm trying to get on that list myself.

It should be every conseratives goal to get on that list.

Sounds like a worthwhile project ...

Jonathan said:

If you abuse your child, if you dress a brother and sister up in hot formal wedding gear on a sweltering summer day and have them marry in a mock incestuous wedding, your picture may appear on a pro-equality site.

If you're a sexy candidate or king maker, you may have your photo posted on a Too Conservative "love fest".

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