Follow-up on Joe's entry

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Ben Tribbett and the 'Macaca' Machine caught with their proverbial pants down.

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The Shadow said:

I suspect that we are going to have a controversy of our own closer to home over at Too Conservative. The Loudoun Insider has been removing posts that reveal his identity to be none other than Jeff Wolinski, Lori Waters\\\\\\\\’ water boy.

In his zeal to get rid of anybody who questions Waters conservative status, he\\\\\\\\’s starting to get really careless and mighty hypocritical. His latest thread attempts to make Firetti a bad candidate because his wife was at a party attended by gay men! His compatriot BlackOut posted fraudulent links over at Broadlands but the admins on the site got smart and removed them when it became obvious. A google of BlackOut quickly reveals the identity of this conservative hater too.

Earlier this year we saw a teaming of Wolinski and Democratic candidate for the Sterling district, George Hidy in a catch me if you can game.

It is time that this NOT TOO CONSERVATIVE site gets stripped naked for all to see!

RWN said:

Looks like a lot of Republicans have been fooled by WoLInksi.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Looks like both of you numbnuts have been fooled by Wolinski, too. He's not LI..... as has been pointed out before.
In broad daylight.
Loudoun Insider is actually a rather trusted Delgaudio district conservative in her day job.
And at this point, I don't think she'd actually mind me mentioning that, because this crew is LIGHT YEARS from even guessing her real identity, and they demonstrate that with more and more blatant idiocy everytime we play this stupid game.

Staton and others are smart enough to back off of the guessing because they were becoming the laughing stock of those who know LI... (and there are many...we're just that good at keeping the identity to ourselves)..
You guys are prooving that it is funny all over again to watch dumbasses on a gameshow guess about what they actually have not the first clue about.

Furthermore, I am also aquainted with Wolinski, and I can tell you that while he is pretty active (keyword is active....when he's had his fill, mountains do move... ask Paul Protic and the RPV)
his business is his first priority and I can seldom reach him during the week because he's out of town so much. The probability of his having time to do anything upon arriving home so late is that of eating and sleeping arrangements.

I know that working folks are a strange concept to you guys, because a good hard days labor would actually kill both of you.

Jack said:

Pardon my being a bit rude here, but why does anyone give a d@mn who Loudoun Insider is?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Only Shady and RWN. They fixate on it daily.
While the rest of us are actually discussing issues like grownups. I like YOUR posts, Jack. I regularly follow along when time allows.

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