Ken Stolle Gets A Pass

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As hinted at earlier, Ken Stolle has officially gained a free pass in the upcoming election because his presumed opponent for the 8th District Senatorial seat, Craig Hudgins, has pulled out of the race.

It's a shame, because Craig Hudgins is one of a very short list of public figures who I think could have proved truly inspirational at a time when so few of our elected officials inspire anything at all. He is a Marine vet, jet pilot, extremely intelligent, honest, and articulate guy, and a person with vision about what needs to change in American politics ... a message that would have resonated.

Ken Stolle is perhaps the one public official most responsible for the abysmal state of immigration enforcement legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. And he is a "Republican!" Three cheers for the brand!

Hudgins apparently had money promised that never arrived, and with the summer over he decided the hour was getting late. People can say there are dollars coming, but if you can't print flyers or bumper stickers by Labor Day the situation starts to look bleak. I think it could have worked because Virginians really do want to take back their state ... but the GOP establishment reportedly frowned on the concept. Three cheers for the brand!

No big surprise there but, befitting the spirit of the occasion, I skipped the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting tonight. And what I missed was guest speaker, Attorney General Bob McDonnell! A big supporter of Ken Stolle! Hey, three cheers for the brand!

Hudgins could have put up a good fight, in my view, just on the basis of citizen outrage over the blatant move toward usurpation evident in the pro-illegal advocacy effort by some American elected officials, with Stolle at the top of that list.

Below is the official Hudgins press release:

Craig M. Hudgins Virginia Beach August 27, 2007

Statement of Withdrawal
from the Virginia Senate Race

It is with great regret that I have concluded that I must withdraw from the race for the 8th district of Virginia Senate seat currently held by Ken Stolle.

Although Senator Stolle's capacity to raise an enormous amount of campaign money is formidable, it is by no means a guarantee of success. A well-organized grassroots campaign could have now, as it has often in the past, provided a glorious affirmation of the true tenets of democracy. Grassroots campaigns require time to build a strong foundation. The absence of time - as we faced in this campaign - can only be countered with large amounts of money.

Promises that were made by individual(s) to financially support this campaign were not fulfilled. My decision not to go forward is directly due to this lack of provision. As it became clear to me that this commitment would not be kept, and after further assessing the prospects of winning, I decided not to put my supporters through the sacrifices of such an uphill battle.

Yet, God's gift of democracy will not be mocked. The zeal and patriotism of our grassroots supporters reflected the finest aspects of American patriots who have defended democracy throughout our history. Like other battles for the principles of democracy, some prevailed, some did not, but the defenders of liberty lived to fight another day. We will as well.

I am deeply thankful to all who helped me: Those who gave financially, and just as importantly, those who gave of their time. They are the truest of patriots. I will continue to share with them the highest hopes and expectations for our God's dominion and His blessings of liberty. And I will remain with them in Virginia's battle against special-interest politics and for constitutional government, accountable to the people.

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BetterKateThanEver said:

C'mon, with all the HelpSave's networking, couldn't we have Hudgins as a write-in candidate and work for him grass-roots style?

Yes, we can, and we should.

Jacob said:

Stolle is a disgrace. The process that whitewashed his behavior is equally disgraceful. It this kind of antics that will cause a huge 'throw the bums out' backlash. I hope, I hope, I hope ...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but to the extent Ken Stolle personifies everything that is wrong with American government, he and all his stated endorsers should be held up as THE PROBLEM and they should all be shot down. There's something to focus on for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 elections.

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