Let the games begin

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It appears that Fred Thompson is set to announce on Thursday 9/6 with a historic webcast. Former Senator Thompson has proven once again that he is the most web saavy candidate for President.

At this point, he has a lot of ground to make up, but no one has sown up this nomination yet. I don't believe that Rudy Giuliani is just going to disappear and has the chops to turn this race into a nail biter like McCain did in '00. Let's hope that it stays friendlier than 2000, and the deeply hurt feelings from that race are not reenacted.

The real battle will be between Mitt Romney and Thompson for the conservative base. Mitt has sown up many conservatives who have invested too much to just flip to Thompson and further don't believe that Thompson has the intestinal fortitude to capture the nomination.

I believe that these opinions are unjustified, but I also must admit that I don't have any proof to back up my assertion at this point. However, Fred can prove them wrong, and we're waiting to see him do it.

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Sanity said:

Go Fred! He's the one easiest to beat in the fall!

You're right that it is Fred's to win and win to the end.

Fred's Federalism is better than my Conservativism. It is appealing to folks who realize that states have local majorities that should govern over social issues - rather than everything being absolutely win or lose at the Federal level.

I am ready to be with Fred for Virginia.

Mark Slatter said:

The Dems might own the house but the republicans own the bathroom!

RWN said:

I'm still waiting for Craig to pull a McGreevey: come out of the closet/bathroom, call out gay lover, and leave his wife.

zimzo said:

I actually feel sorry for Craig. I don't think he has a gay lover, which was why he has spent all these years seeking furtive, anonymous sex. Sadly, he has internalized the hatred and homophobia that have been drummed into his head by people like some of the denizens of this blog and that has left him unable to find happiness and love. The police stung operation that entrapped him was specifically set up to catch self-hating closeted gay men like himself. Listening to the policeman badger him on the audiotape of his arrest, it's hard not to feel some sympathy for him. Although his hypocrisy is deplorable, just as contemptible are the people who fight against gay marriage and then condemn people like Craig, who might have lived a happy fulfilled life with someone he loved if he had not been told all of his life that there was something wrong with it. How any Christian can believe that denying someone love, happiness and fulfillment is what God intended is beyond me.

Jack said:

That's because you are not a Christian, zimzo.

zimzo said:

Again with the assumptions. I never said I wasn't a Christian.

Dave said:

Jack, just because someone doesn't interpret the bible the same way you do, doesn't mean they're not a Christian, and it doesn't mean their interpretation isn't just as correct.

We all pick-and-choose which verses to take literally. Some of us pick-and-choose differently.

Sanity said:

I don't think JAB got my post. Let me be clear: I hope that Thompson gets the nomination 'cuz the Dem's will have the easiest time beating him!

I absolutely disagree with his views on states controlling social issues. The UNITED states of America constitution is all about protecting minorities from the oppressive majority. If states rule, guess what, minorities will lose big time.

Of course, you white, mail, Christian, hetero's would love that! You're just ticked 'cuz you keep getting to be a smaller and smaller percentage each year and you're losing power to women, blacks, hispanics.

Betty Black said:

Sanity I love you - right on the money!!!! Amen my brother!!!! AMEN!

Jeff S said:

The republicans are loosing control and they just can’t handle it – boo hoo – they caused this themselves – they went too far right and that is wrong, Americans are starting to get it - thank GOD!

Jack said:

You haven't been reading enough of zimzo's rantings, Dave. He's no Christian.

Dave said:

Point taken Jack. Just because someone doesn't agree with your interpretation doesn't mean they ARE a Christian either! :-)

Singleton said:

Honestly, I can't figure out why the gay activists don't have something better to do with their time than read our blog.

I'd tell y'all to leave, but that just seems to summon more of you.

I'm going to start putting pictures of young (straight) couples getting married like Soph does and find other ways to get on your nerves.

Also, don't bother responding because I just skim through anything from the usual suspects.

Jack said:

Actually, I enjoy having them here. The liberals feed my superiority complex!

Alick said:

And we enjoy reading your ignorance and intollerance Jack, it justifies our fight.

Alick said:

And we enjoy reading your ignorance and intolerance Jack, it justifies our fight.

Dave said:

Good Christian attitude Jack!

I'm not a gay activist. Perhaps you might call me an "Anti-hypocrisy activist", so it's the "Christian" right that gets most of my attention. Jack's "superiority" comment is a perfect example.

I still don't think Singleton wants me around, so maybe I'll try a different blog. I sure don't mind seeing pictures of young couples (straight or not) getting married, though.

One last thought: Singleton, my advice is to figure out WHY we ("we" being used very loosely here) spend time reading your blog.

ACTivist said:

How did I miss all the homosexual activists on this one? They ALL congregated for a duck shoot while I was after dove. Singleton, you sure know how to attract 'em.

It would be nice to go back to states' rights and leave the feds with the national security thing. A lot more would get done and correctly at that. With state rights, if you don't like what the state has to offer, MOVE! I could see a mass exodus from Virginia to places like Washington, Oregon, Connecticutt and espescially Massatwosh*ts! The lib/lefties would still be on the net but they wouldn't be next door. ;-)

Singleton said:

amen, brother, amen

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