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Appropriately enough for a really slow news day in August, there is fresh heck brewing anew in the "Guess the Loudoun Insider" department.

Apparently our comment section served as unwitting conduit for the proposition LI is actually my countryman and distant relative, Jeff Wolinski. As a bona fide Loudoun outsider, I haven't a clue about the significance of this.

We had great fun back in the cold, dark days of January batting this around (more here). Of course, as always happens with those guys, it devolved into a drinking game faster than you can say "jagermeister" and no one remembers how it all ended.

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Greg L said:

I know who LI is, and it's not Jeff Wollinsky. These folks are going to have to keep guessing.

Careful making an admission like that! You might have people poking through your trash can.

The Shadow said:

Wolinski IS the Insider!! He has removed posts that reveal his identity because of the obvious problem it creates for him as Lori Waters chief water boy.

The site is a joke. It is the furthest thing from CONSERVATIVE. It would more appropriately be called the Not Too Conservative site. They bash every Republican candidate out there except for the golden child of the anti-growth VLF, Lori Waters.

Joe, I hope you see through his ass kissing. He needs you not to turn loose a world of real conservative hurt on him.

At one point, he declared that the LI was more of a consortium (then denied saying it a month or so later when the absurdity became abundant). He has revealed his hand to the wrong people. One thing is for sure, politics in Loudoun is full of duplicitous characters. Wolinski has stumbled onto one of them.

Greg, LI might have been somebody else at one point, but it is Wolinski now.

They are back to the multiple postings by a couple of people.

I remember how it ended. With the revelation that Wolinski was in bed (figuratively speaking only) with George Hidy using the site at that point to oust Delgaudio. There is not a single R that they like.

If I had a can of real conservative whup-ass in my back pocket - and I'm not sayin' I don't - I'm not sure I would open it on LI. Has he really done anything to deserve such a fate?

The Shadow said:


Naw, he is not really worth much consternation.

The whole pretending to be a conservative thing sort of wears a burr, and censoring people who get too close to his identity, and the lying is sort of annoying, but he shows a lot of deference to you so I could see why you might just let him be.

I appreciate the chance to out him. Granted it does not compare to the outing he tried to do to Firretti but few can compare with his antics.

Thanks for not censoring my comments. Blog on CONSERVATIVE MAN!

See, deference is something I just don't get much of in my normal life, including from our chihuahua. Come to think of it, even the gerbils are sort of high and mighty lately.

So you see the fix I'm in. LI is sort of the surrogate kid brother I never had. (If my actual brother happens to read this, I know he will understand a price would eventually have to be paid for the lack of deference).

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Shady....Joe is good people. I aim to meet him one day.
You...on the otherhand, slept thru the Guessing Game (which was pretty good entertainment value for January...)because most saw what I put out as the actual identity (and subsequently was compelled to delete before she caught greif for it)

But you're kinda like that new friend who just discovered the intraweb, and keeps sending me the chain e-mails five years after I saw them the first time. Therefore, I really can't take you seriously, because your online persona, and your faulty firing are just a little too close to a reference of retarding an engine's timing, if you know what I mean.

Dean Settle said:

I just reread this and I think I'm going to save it for posterity. I love it when such smart assed holier-than-thous step out there on the cliff and proclaim shit that EVERYBODY but them knows better than.
This is too hilarious to let go, although I'd rather not hash it at your site, Joe. You're too swell for that, and it actually sidelines other topics that have just taken on a wee bit more importance that this retard's romper room time.

Welcome back, Sir Dean. It has been awhile, hasn't it.

All I can say is I feel fortunate to be graced with a seat in the peripheries of the crossfire of this most unholy row.

But a quick glance at the sundial tells me winter approaches, so I rest confident we shall be spending more time together in relatively short order.

Dean Settle said:

Damn, Joe. Stop that. You know I've got to look up the big words!!!!!


10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

In other matters, what's the best Whiskey? I'm actually a converted Turkey man. I now partake of only single malts.And even those require the very season you mention.

Ah, I am but a simple man. Dewars in the rocks has always provided all the warmth and satisfaction I've needed. Some days it has been followed by dry wine, others by hearty beer, and still others by very cold Coors light. And some occasions it has been Dewars throughout the evening, with the only variable being how large a glass.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Dewars and an Imperial Stout. That's one high-classed Boilermaker.

The Shadow said:


Was it periphery that stumped you? That is an edge Dean.

Perhaps if you see it in a sentence.

Settle coveted the viewshed beyond the periphery of his property line, he wanted the government to help him keep it undeveloped by downzoning it or forcing the owners to put it in an easement. Settle did not care that it was stealing, he thought he deserved the view as a steward of the land . . . his neighbors land.

zimzo said:

Only on this blog would a day when everybody is talking about how an anti-gay Republican conservative Senator from Idaho was caught soliciting gay sex, adding his name to a long list of conservative Republican pro-"Family Values" hypocrites, a story that blew the resignation of the most corrupt and incompetent attorney general since John Mitchell off the front pages, be considered a "slow news day."

Only on this blog does such cold rationality rule the day.

So what is your preference in whiskey, Zimzo?

My first ever post at NTH! Here\'s a simple cut and paste response to \"The Shadow\" that I put up at TC:

Message to “The Shadow” - I’m not going to thrill you with a separate post about your gleeful “outing” over at NTH.

For the record, we never tried to do any kind of outing on Mrs. Firetti, please re-read the post and comments I’ve made. If this were David Poisson’s wife the Black Brigade would be going ballistic. The hypocrisy is overbearing.

You have been censored for continuing to play the Guess the Insider game, which we said was over after the George Hidy Affair. I’ve deleted one other person’s comment who took another guess different from yours. There is no significance in who your guess was, only that it was attempted in the first place. After allowing people to play Guess That Commenter for a while, I’ve now closed that chapter as well.

If you have a problem with the person you named, take it up with him personally. Get over it.

Hey, whoa: Welcome, LI! If I knew you were going to stop in I would have tidied up a bit.

Please make yourself at home. We don't have the elevated understanding of Loudoun politics, nor the blogging je ne sais quoi that results in bloodsport, and we don't do haiku, but we like to engage in agitprop as much as the next guy and many of our discussions end in Scriptural readings ... and we do occasionally enjoy downing a cold adult beverage. So you should feel somewhat at home.

Jacob said:

zimzo does not drink Whiskey.

He is more into whine.

Gonzoles is not corrupt. You and you fellow travelers want it to be otherwise but have no proof. Have a nice day. Don't forget your meds.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Shady, you'd be amazed (really amazed) at the vocabulary used in my house. It's quite extensive, and you'd probably need help with some of the words .

You're sentence and scenario is very fitting for a story book of FICTION.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

You say periphery---


The Shadow said:


The edges of your property probably COULD be characterized as containing the LUNATIC FRINGE.

I see that the Political thread on the Broadlands Forum that your good friend Glenn BlackOut Maravetz posted fraudulent links on has been removed entirely. Now THAT is interesting.

I would likely be more horrified than surprised by the vocabulary used in your house. After nearly blowing your bright red balding head over the silliest stuff, I can only guess what kind of rants your wife has to endure.

Your HEAD is ten feet tall and you are going to learn just how bulletproof you are not in the coming months.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Exactly who have you been ranting at that you think is me?
Your description leaves much to be desired...and I'm pretty sure that you are about to blow right as you typed that.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I actually be pretty happy when there are 6 "good" supervisors who will bring the will of their constituents back to Loudoun, instead of the developer's bidding.
I'd like to keep a couple of the biggest pricks on the board so I can watch them get overruled every week.
That's good solid entertainment that doesn't end.
Once the LCRC is blown out of the water in November, it'll be easier to toss the rest of the wingnuts out in March. Protic is as good as gone, now.
The stern warning by the office of the 10th District did not resonate with him . Perhaps his dismissal and shutting down the Committee here will remedy that.
The joyous occasions are just beginning for us, 'ol Shady. You'd better strap in and hold on, cause it's gonna get wicked fast with the majority of the board all in place to reassign alot of Loudoun priorities. Change alot of the ways things are done in Loudoun. Just a few changes in the ethics rules to keep crooks out of these offices, and the rules that would allow a developer to enter a CPAM proposal should get that ball rollin'. It'll all fall in shortly after that, so don't you worry about such things.
No matter how mad you get, or how nasty you have to address those of us who are having such a stellar time.
Did you know that TC just hit an alltime high for hits this month. Not bad for a lowly rag you make it out to be.
And anytime you feel like makin up anymore lies to feel good about your Profit Rights, let's sit in and discuss COCS ratios and your inability to discuss those with any other response than "they suck". They are FACTS. They work for every other county in the United States. But somehow Loudoun CPR types are above the use of them.
New houses do not pay for themselves. No matter how bad you want that to be true.

The Shadow said:


Did you forget where you are? THIS is a conservative blog, unlike the NOT TOO CONSERATIVE blog.

You are rambling almost to the point of being beyond comprehension. I THINK I know where you are going, because you are like a broken record. But it is hell to keep up with you following your last post.

The GOOD Supervisors are the conservative Republican Supervisors so I too hope that there are AT LEAST six of them when the dust settles (no pun intended). I think four of the current six will get re-elected. And one or two of the seats currently held by a D or a psuedo-D will go to their R opponent. I think Waters has a real battle on her hands.

I have told you before that I am not a member of CPR. I FIRMLY believe in the tenet of property rights in the Bill of Rights, especially as found in the Virginia Bill of Rights.

I have never characterized COCS ratios as \\\\\\\'sucking\\\\\\\'. (I suspect that you might have me confused with someone else). Not having ever characterized COCS ratios as sucking, that does not mean that I embrace them. They are not FACT, they are speculative at best. What they are is a TOOL for people lookig to rationalize the value of subsidizing a western economy. I do not need COCS ratios to support the idea that anybody in the west who wants to preserve their property should be ENCOURAGED to. The encouragement however should NOT include financial subsidies on the backs of the other property owners. By the same token, if a property owner would like to develop their property or sell it to someone else who wants to develop it, I do not think that they should be prevented from doing that with the THEORY that all of the rest of the tax payers will be OVERLY INCONVENIENCED as Wolinski has said. COCS ratios are a tool of the preservationists and a way to market preservation. I favor preservation that pays its own way. That is a conservative idea that I do not expect you to get.

You are correct that houses do not pay for themselves. The people living in them pay their way through property taxes. What currently does NOT pay in at all a fair way is the landed gentry. There are notable disparities b/w the east and west on property tax bills. Your property is a PRIME example. You have cozied up to the land use exemptions and you are free riding BIG TIME.

Finally NTC is the same 20 or so people fighting back and forth. You MIGHT get traffic but you imagine the traction. NTC and the antics might just be the proverbial nail in Waters coffin this Fall. People do not migrate toward excessively negative candidates and you and Wolinski are placing her right in the middle of your mud pit. Randall will benefit from the HELP you lend Waters.

BlackOut said:

Hey Shadow, you forgot to mention you're not Barbara.

RWN said:

Harmless Joe, (I did give you that nickname after all) beware of LI, Settle and Blackout (AKA stinky). All I can say is wolf in sheeps clothing.

RWN, I remember well who gave me the nickname, and I am still grateful for you recognizing me as I truly am.


My discourses with LI and Dean have been stormy at times, which is why we so treasure these rare moments of solicitude. Once my orange hat comes out again, all bets are off.

Regarding BlackOut, all I can say is we've been around the block a few times, and I've learned some things, and maybe he has also. I sort of ended up with the upper hand after the primary and convention. Now that we're in the stretch run, it's a whole new ballgame, a new season, and may the best man win.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

All I predicted in your lousy answer is right there.
No...the people in those houses do not pay their way, and their taxes do not even begin to pay for the children that attend the schools that we were forced to build two at a time.
What a sad commentary from someone who's never used a COCS, or even knows what they are. EVERY other County uses them. As I pointed out...when you cannot reasonably dismiss what they represent, just attack them.
Do you know why the dirty five do NOT WANT a COCS study in this county??
Because it will point (rather glaringly) at their malfeasance.

I do not care where you engage me. Here or at tooconservative, or any other blog for that matter. (Sorry Joe...I told you it was coming)

Do you feel safe over here?Stay here then. Have a real 'ol fashioned Good "Ol Boy's meeting over here... All 5 of you.

The election ain't gonna turn out how you think. I'm laughing at your blinders as I type this.
A lesser fool would see it.
The people (that's east, west, black, white, yellow, young, and old ....) are ready for the change. A mere 100 voters in two districts can't turn that around.
Lori comes back, as does York. Burton is fine, because albright has the personality of a thumb...(aside from being a desperate last minute plead case to run)
Kurtz is in like flint, and I'd bet that Miller gets in JUST BECAUSE he's NOT Snow.
Delgotta-go will be my choice of a leftover. He gets to stay on the board, but can't roll the majority stacked against him for the next four years, all the while , saying crazy things that make us laugh at him.
That's what a true court jester does.
Tulloch - Gone. Not low enough on the radar to get a pass for all the bread butterin' he did to both sides.
Staton...Gone. Scare tactics and reinventing a plan that 3 out of 5 were happy with won't win the contest. It doesn't hurt that Buckley is sharper than his kitchen knives, either.
Clem....liar, turncoat, and my second hold-on for the board...just because Burk has percieved problems in her own camp.

Read 'em and weep. I'm standing by those as of today.

The Shadow said:

Glenn Stinky Maravetz,

I have REPEATEDLY told you I am not Barbara Munsey. It does no good. You are either unable to read or unable to comprehend the written word.

Does it make you feel better if you can imagine that the only person in the blogging world who is on to your crap is your nemisis Munsey? Hold on to that thought if you must.

I live a lot closer to you than Munsey does. BTW, the good Mr. Klancher, PC of Broad Run typically votes right along with Munsey on almost every issue (as do most of the others for that matter). Is he evil incarnate too? Why is Munsey the focus of such vitriole from you. She does not even live in the district.

I would suggest that you go back and pollute the Broadlands Forum with more fraudulent info, but oh, I see that they took the whole political thread down. Hmmmmmmm.

The Shadow said:


Now that is what I wanted. A firm admission of what you see as victory. I see that it bears an strong resemblance to what you WISH would happen. You know what they say, wish in one hand crap in the other see which one fills faster. This little test will leave you with a lot of crap on your hands come November.

Now I will be able to remind you of what a loser you are after the elections in November.

RWN said:

Shadow - You notice the disclaimer at the end, "I'm standing by those as of today". I guess Settle has some rocks left up their because he knows come late October the Democrats will implode over illegal immigration. And that means 4 more years of a GOP majority on the board of Sups.

The Shadow said:


I did notice that Settle hedged his prediction made as of August 30 at about 1:00. His prediction expires at midnight. Later he can claim he was drunk and did not mean to type that BLANK would lose.

I think that the Dems are already imploding. BTW, the implosion of the LCDC will be Settles excuse for why the Republicans win. It will be that the Dems shot themselves in the foot, etc etc etc. He will NEVER acknowledge that he has seriously misjudged the majority of the people. He NEEDS to believe he is a kingmaker and that he can sway the whole County to his way of thinking. There is a psychological term for that kind of thinking. Narcissism with delusions of granduer perhaps.

BlackOut said:

Oh Sorry Shadow, I can't tell when you are posting as Barbara or as Stephanie Smith. You two kookie gals sure now how to confuse a guy.

RWN said:

Shadow - after November 6th, I predict his new nickname will be 10 feet Small and Shattered.

The Shadow said:


You amaze me with how thick you are. You definitely should not seek employment as a detective.

Maybe you are a better prognosticator. Wanna wow us with your detailed predictions for November?

Tired of playing at the Broadlands site after they shut you down? Nobody wants to play with you frauds over at NOT TC anymore.

Give them hell RWN.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Things are well in hand, so none of you need worry about me.
I am no kingmaker. The MAJORITY of Loudoun taxpayers are, and you have significantly underestimated their response at the polls.
I'm out there everyday stopping by a house of five and speaking with the people.
I pick a different district to focus on every week. Today, I rounded out a week in Sterling. Next week, I'm at the house just down the street in Ashburn.
I walk it like I talk it. Maybe you should do the same.

It sure is entertaining to walk in, stir the spoon one time and keep the stew brewing for a day and a half, fellows.
But then again...if you weren't this easy, it'd get old.

Same time tomorrow?

RWN said:

Knock Knock

Hi, my name is Dean Settle, I'm a volunteer with the (name the Democrat) for Supervisor campaign. I've been walking the neighborhood talking to voters about the importance of the Fall's election. As you know (name your GOP incumbent), is running for re-election, and I'm here to tell you why he must be voted out of office. He has voted against providing county budget dollars for any service to illegal immigrants, he has fought tooth and nail for lower property tax rates, and he voted for the housing development you're living in right now. It's time for new blood. By electing (name your Democrat) we can have a real chance to really raise taxes, to fully fund illegal immigrants, and shut down every business in Loudoun County. Can we count on your support?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Not even close, RWN. You see, I am as much Republican as you are. We agree on 80% of the issues.
It's just that I'm smart enough to fixate on the ones that actually matter to the county race, and our tax rate here.
Buildout and traffic are actually the most important issues to everyone I talk to. Immigration kinda takes a back seat to that, but what I've found is that most households are actually supporting watching what kind of money we put out that actually benefits any illegal behavior.
I have never identified myself as a democrat in the past 26 years of voting, and I'm not ready to start now.
Supporting straight-laced Independents over dirty trick republicans might be in my immediate future, but not democrats.
I'm still a monetary supporter of several republicans and their district offices, so your charge is actually baseless and kinda funny.

RWN said:

Your Good Dean, you're slickness is reaching Clintonian levels. So let's lay the facts out, if I have something wrong, please correct. Delgaudio, you oppose, Snow, you oppose, Clem, you oppose, Stanton, you oppose, Tulloch you oppose, Firetti, you oppose, Waters, you support. 6 out of 7 Republicans you oppose and those are just the incumbents save Firetti. Do you support Albright or Higgins? If someone told me they were supporting 1 out of 7 Republicans, I'd ask how long they've voted Democrat.

The Shadow said:


He does not support Albright (he made fun of running into him while putting up campaign signs) and although he likes Higgins, he and Wolinski were disappointed to see him copied on a Milari Madison e-mail.

At best he is supporting 2 of 9, possibly 1 of 9. Do not let that fool you, he is a Republican, just ask him. He posts ad nauseum that he is one. He does not understand the concept of action speaking louder than words.

Do not buy the monetary supporter bullshit either. VPAP shows Settle is all talk in that category too.

He and his friend Wolinski are not too Republican, not too honest, not too intelligent, not too funny and perfect for the NOT TOO CONSERVATIVE blog of shame.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

No need to stir here today. You're still working off the last one.

Oh....newsflash. I don't give a rat's ass what you two losers think of my Republican standing.....but if I did give one, I'd give it to you.


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