More Loudoun County Government Incompetence

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An acquaintance spent some time visiting with the Loudoun County Zoning Department yesterday and learned the following:

During inspections of overcrowded housing complaints, if the inhabitants profess to having no identification, and claim to be either A) "extended family" or B) in a Bible study, the Zoning Department inspectors automatically give everyone a pass and cease the investigation. Case closed.

There's some food for thought there, especially regarding how the excuses are being coordinated. These certainly seem to be very common stories, both from anecdotal and press reports. Might there be agencies or NGO's facilitating illegal behavior?

The neighboring town of Herndon, population 24,000, has three times as many inspectors as Loudoun County, population 200,000. In the past, I have stated this is a problem and Loudoun needs to have many more inspectors.

In light of the current revelation, I wonder if Loudoun's Zoning Department might actually deserve to be cut back further. Who needs 'em?

In a related story, someone I know just filed a report to the Sheriff's Office on a house nearby for residents who were switching license plates among cars. A deputy came to the reporting citizen's house during daylight hours and knocked on the door to "discuss" the supposedly anonymous complaint. The citizen said they definitely did not want to publicly discuss the complaint.

The deputy then walked across the street to the allegedly offending residence. The complainant watched through the window as the deputy knocked on the offender's door, and when it was answered the deputy pointed back at the complainant's house.

More on the Sheriff's Office here. It seems like everyone on Sterling Park has stories like these.

Hey, ever wonder why Sterling residents are so reticent about filing zoning or other complaints?

Between Zoning and the Sheriff's Office, the Loudoun County government has done a remarkable job elevating official indifference to an art form - a drive around Sterling Park illustrates this fact quite impressively.

In my view, these and other instances demonstrate why we need a change in mindset among the Loudoun County Supervisors - with Eugene Delgaudio and Mick Staton as good indicators of how the entire Board should be focused - and a change in leadership in the Sheriff's Office, with Greg Ahlemann as the man for the suit.

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Eric the 1/2 troll said:

How has Mr. ED or Staton shown any leadership on this matter? Where are their calls (and yours) for police sweeps of illegal alien employing businesses?

And what kind of police state are you advocating here? Should my neighbor be calling the police because they see me changing my license plates? And should the police actually come knocking at my door for the same complaint? Or am I exempt from such informant activities because I am not hispanic?

Dan said:

I am very curious to know if the "inspections" as they are calling them, are even checking to see if bedrooms meet the criteria specified in the overcrowding ordnance ?

It would seem on face value that these folks are being coached. Do they even ask these bible study groups "where's the bibles?". To think that we give these guys an automatic pay increase year after. We need no further proof that Loudoun County agencies are incapable of overseeing Loudoun County, time for change.

Dan said:

Eric the troll - if it appeared to me over time that you *may* be engaged in suspicious activity, and were changing the plates on your vehicles as part of that suspicity activity, yes, I would report you to the Sheriff's Office. Your race or ethnicity has nothing to do with my decision.

What is your definition of being a good citizen, stick your head up your ass and hope everything comes out ok?

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


I'm sure if you came to my house and started watching my typical evening or Saturday activities, you might jump to the conclusions that I'm up to something suspicuous. Nothing could be further from the truth. I dare say that in the US that I was brought up in, the policeman you call would have no right to demand of me what I am up to - not without a warrant. So all denials aside, I suspect that you the informant would not report me for having nightly gatherings in my house because of my race. It is only the fact that these people are hispanic that elevates the observation to a suspicion of impropriety.

To answer your question, then, minding your own business meets my definition of being a good citizen. Informing on your neighbors met the definition of a good citizen in Germany circa 1939.

Contimued silence on the illegal employers - where is the leadeship?

No Eric, regardless of your ethnic background I would gladly turn you in for switching plates if you were doing it constantly with a constant flow of different cars.

Dan said:

Eric, the America where law enforcement has no right to ask you to explain what you are doing without a warrant exists only in your mind. I have the right as a citizen to ask you what you are doing!! You should wiki Terry Stop. If the Supremes say this is Constitutional, surely asking you "why are you switching tags" is entirely permissible.

Oh yeah, in the state of Virginia any vehicle driven or parked on a public thoroughfare is required to be lawfully registered. If it were me, and a Sheriff's deputy came out to look at continually nuisance vehicles , I would demand that he run the plates. I would further demand that if the tags don't match the vehicle that he ticket it.

anon said:

It is my understanding that it in PWC the occupants need only say they are related and the case is closed. There is no attempt whatsoever to ascertain whether or not they really are related.

In PWC, any number of relatives can live together in a house.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


I've read the "Terry Stop material and it clearly refers to stopping and questioning a citizen in a public area. If a policeman comes to my door, I do not have to grant him entrance (and shouldn't) nor answer any of his questions. If he has "probable cause", he can go get a warrant.

A little about your rights in this situation:

"If The Police Ask To Search Me, My House, Or My Car, Do I Have To Say "Yes"?

No. You can refuse the police permission to conduct a search. Remember this - the only reason the police officer wants to perform a search is for evidence of criminal activity, and the fact that he is asking reflects an expectation that he will find some. You are entitled to say "No." If the police officer has the legal authority to perform the search, he will do so whether or not you agree. However, if he does not have the legal authority to perform a search, your consent gives him that authority."

What I do on my own property is my business and neither you nor the police have the right to know what I am doing - not without judicial oversight.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


Have you been enjoying your stakeouts in Sterling? Looking for the wily (yet deadly) illegal migrant worker and his nefarious vehicle registration switching plot?

I am sure that you can find MANY MORE improperly registered vehicles by simply driving across the WV border. Of course, there aren't nearly as many hispanics out there.

As actions speak much louder than words, and you don't appear to be staking out homes in west by-god, I think your denial of targeting hispanics is frankly a lie.

My point stands, encouraging neighbors to spy on neighbors and report their "suspicuous" activities is as anti-American as you can get. Next you'll be claiming that they might be terrorists. The evil hispanic Muslems, eh? Put 'em up against the wall.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

And still no answer on how the Eugene Delgaudio, Mick Staton, and Greg Ahlemann are leading us in our fight against illegal employers. What do they suggest we do? Study the problem? Or are you suggesting that nothing should be done about the root cause? As long as the illegals live in a different county, illegal employers can continue to hire them all they want. "Purify Sterling" can be their rallying cry.

Jack said:

"What I do on my own property is my business and neither you nor the police have the right to know what I am doing - not without judicial oversight."

Quite correct. That is one difference between us and the socialists to our north. In Kyllo v. United States(99-8508) 533 U.S. 27 (2001) 190 F.3d 1041, the SCOTUS ruled (5-4) that IR surveillance of homes (to detect grow lights or to count people, for instance) could not be done without a warrant.

In Canada, however, such IR surveillance was ruled legal (6-3) in R. v. Tessling, [2004] 3 S.C.R. 432.

Still, upon witness from a neighbor (and the neighbor can make a quick video as evidence), an officer can get a warrant.

Jack said:

"As actions speak much louder than words, and you don't appear to be staking out homes in west by-god, I think your denial of targeting hispanics is frankly a lie."

How's that again? Joe's concern, primarily, is for his family and the neighbor in which his family lives. That's what being a husband and a father is all about. Misdoings in West by-fraud Virginia have far less impact of his family, and so are of little concern to him.

Jack said:

BTW, Dan, I completely agree that employment of "unlawful aliens" (the term used in the U.S. Code) is a root cause of the problem, but it is not THE root cause.

Considering how crappy Latin America is, I suspect some would come here just to eat the crumbs that fall from our tables. I imagine our garbage disposals eat better than half the people in Latin America.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


Joe's primary concern is to identify,turn in, and punish illegal aliens. Make no mistake. And you make my point. Joe is not investigating misdoings in West Virginia (or even western Loudoun) because there are far fewer hispanics (and thus in his mind illegal aliens) to prosecute there.

But you would think if Joe were REALLY interested in fixing the illegal alien problems, he would go after the illegal employers instead of encouraging a police state in Sterling. Since he is not actively advocating a vigilante employer sweep (as he is a vigilante neighborhood sweep), I can only conclude that he is more interested in "cleaning up" Sterling and less interested in fixing the problem.

Eric, I am not personally staking out anything - these are reports from residents witnessing violations in their neighborhoods - and the main action I've advocated, besides tarring and feathering of public officials, IS a sweep of employers. And, I am guessing you have spent zero time in either Sterling or West Virginia.

Apart from those minor qualifications, I am sure your comments are right on the mark as usual.

If you have any fantastical ruminations on the topic of why my car is hard to start lately, please share them as it may save me a trip to the shop.

Jack said:

Eric -- Back to the "conservatives are all racists" canard, are we?

Joe -- Replace the fuel filter.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


Not at all. I'm sorry if I've left that impression. What I am saying is in the fervor to stop illegal immigration, many of the immigrant-focused methodologies are rank with racism. It has nothing to do with conservative vs. liberalism.


If employer sweeps are the main actions you have advocated, can you cite the actions that have been taken by the "leaders" you laud in this post to that end?

As to my remarks (your ad hominem attacks aside) they are clearly on the mark as much of your post praises the vigilante and his "complaints" to police and zoning officials about his neighbor. I simply state that encouraging that sort of "neighborly" behavior in pursuit of the suspected lawbreaker runs counter to the liberties on which this country was built. And I repeat, I doubt very seriously that any police reports have been filed on a non-hispanic neighbor in Sterling for similar offenses.

Jack said:

You are accusing Joe of targeting Hispanics. That sounds like an accusation of racism to me.

BTW, a viginalte is, by definition, "a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily."

The individual is, apparently, not a member of such a group, nor, more importanly, is he trying to punish crime summarily. He called the police. When one sees someone engaged in what looks like criminal activity, calling the police is the right thing to do.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"You are accusing Joe of targeting Hispanics."

There is a difference between accusing Joe of targeting hispanics and claiming that "conservatives are all racists". One is hyperbolic the other is not.

"When one sees someone engaged in what looks like criminal activity, calling the police is the right thing to do."

Which is true for instances of that criminal activity truly endangering others - as in terrorist activities. Calling the police for vehicle registration issues is not the same thing.

As soon as you can cite sources where non-hispanics (better yet - whites) were turned in by their neighbors for changing the tags on their vehicles in Sterling, I'll gladly cede your point. Until then it is simply non-violent ethnic cleansing at work, imo.

Now what exactly have Eugene, Mick, and Greg DONE on the employer sweeps front?

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

I'll put it another way. Joe wrote:

"Hey, ever wonder why Sterling residents are so reticent about filing zoning or other complaints?"

Maybe it is because much as they do not like illegal immigration and the problems associated with it, they know that reporting their neighbors to the police is the wrong course of action. Or maybe they are simply following the old Golden Rule. They don't want to see the day where their neighbors are turning them into the police because of some supposedly suspicious activity.

Half-pint, you certainly have a broad concept of "vigilantism" but then in fantasy world I suppose anything is possible. If you ever visit the real world let me know and maybe we can do lunch.

Let's do this: Howsabout you drive into our neighborhood with only a rear license plate or without a county sticker, and we'll turn you in. I think that will make everything balance out.

Jack said:

Are you not accusing Joe of racism?

"Calling the police for vehicle registration issues is not the same thing."

Jesus tells us that "he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much." (Luke 16:10) Violent crime in NYC was reduced by cracking down on petty crimes. Busting an illegal for switching license plates may keep him from vehicular homicide, too.

Sterling Park Resident said:

Perhaps the reason we aren't turning in non-Hispanic neighbors is because they don't pretend to not understand the language when we try to talk with them.

I get the sense the Eric doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the housing situation. Maybe Eric should come and live in Sterling Park and experience having 2-3 "flophouses" as neighbors and experience the following: drivers coming by at 6:00 AM and blowing their horn to signal to one of the occupants that their ride to work has arrived; the landlord coming over on trash day with half a minivan full of trash to stack up with the already overflowing trash bin because he's not willing to pay for the service at his own home; parking in front of your house is gone because the flophouse has the driveway filled with inoperable vehicles without plates or inspection stickers for months at a time in violation of Building Code Ordinance 500-8(c)(3); lawns going unmowed for weeks as a time because the occupants won't do it and neither will the landlord; watching the deterioration of the flophouse as minimal efforts are put into its upkeep, thus dragging down property values in the neighborhood.

I don't mind the immigrants who come, buy the home for their family, and respect the neighbors and the community by taking care of their home and participating in the community. I have problems with the immigrants who treat the neighborhood as a hotel zone and landlords who do the same.

Come on over, Eric, and be a homeowner in Sterling Park. It's easy to badmouth the residents here while your neighborhood is immune to the flophouses for whatever reason.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


What you describe could be any number of houses in many areas of the country and has nothing to do with illegal immigration. And while you do have a right to complain to authorities for true nuisances, you do not have the right to demand to know what your neighbor is up to at 6:00 am just because he woke you up or why he is switching his license plates on a vehicle.

I've had problem neighbors before so I can understand the dilemma. Frankly, it is the arena of HOA's in most areas.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"Busting an illegal for switching license plates may keep him from vehicular homicide, too."

Oh, that's just GREAT, Jack. Can't argue with logic like that.

Linda B said:

Thank you for being frank, Eric.

Unfortunately, in many SP neighborhoods the HOAs went defunct years ago. To reinstate them now would take a majority vote of the residents. Kinda hard to get that majority vote when most of the homeowners are now slumlords. The recourse for these folks is to report problems to zoning or the sheriff's department ... which is getting them exactly nowhere. Maybe you can understand both the dilemma and the frustration.

stay puft said:

"Considering how crappy Latin America is, I suspect some would come here just to eat the crumbs that fall from our tables. I imagine our garbage disposals eat better than half the people in Latin America."

-Someone who gets all touchy if anyone suggests his attitudes are racist

Jack said:

Explain how my statement is racist, puffalump.

Jane said:

Eric, racist is not the right word. Ignorant is much more accurate.

Jack said:

OK, Jane, you want to jump in? What, exactly, am I ignoring in making that statement?

Had Enough said:

The only ignorance I see on this blog is people who do not know the difference between Illegal Alien and Legal Immigrant.

Legal Immigrants tend to obey the rules for the most part so not to violate the laws and jeopardize their status.

On the other hand, Illegal Aliens are not suppose to be here to begin with. There is no reason any Citizen of this country should have to tolerate their lawlessness. Over and over you read articles where a Illegal is quoted that they prefer to be illegal that we have too many laws and rules if you come legally.

Illegal Aliens no matter what country they come from have and continue to break the law and continue to do as they please.

Would you call social services on your neighbor taking turns pouring kerosene over their kids heads in the front yard to try and get rid of the lice, It happens all of the time?

You do not see starving mexicans or otherwise crossing the border. A report from the Pew Hispanic Center stated "Unemployment plays a minimal role in motivating workers from Mexico to migrate to the U.S. Only 5% of the survey respondents who have been in the U.S. for two years or less were unemployed while still in Mexico."

It is a different economy, they don't make $30.00 a week and pay $1500.00 a month rent. They need to stay home and work on their own countries. But they would rather make a scene in our streets and call us racists and everything else in the book because most would end up in jail or otherwise in their homelands. ICE should round them up at every protest and ship them home.

The Citizens of this country are not obligated to be the social services agency of the world and to ignore lawlessness and their actions which in many cases ends in harm or death of our Citizens.

I've had enough of the sob stories and excuses for them breaking the law, THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

The people and organizations that coach amd educate them around our laws and system should be prosecuted.

The whole world can not come here, if we allowed that we would be living like india or china with billions of people sucking every resource we have dry and living on top of each other and each other's dirt.

ACTivist said:

It appears that you wouldn't know illegal activity if you were the one commiting it. Either you truly are ignorant or your just being an idiot for reaction.

Try this. You have a neighbor who brings home a load of wood, cabinets, stove, refrigerator. You hear construction going on for near a month. You never see a building permit in the window. NOTHING comes out of the house. All of a sudden you have 2 never-before-seen vehicles with never-before-seen people now staying at that house.

Now lets say YOU decided to build some addition inside your house and you got the proper permit. After finishing the job you now find out that your house assessment has just increased by $80,000 that YOU now have to pay tax on. Are you going to feel all cozy because you did it right? How about your neighbor not having to pay taxes on his handywork? Wouldn't you feel cheated for having to support all these county services that this other neighbor uses freely? That is what policing your community is all about REGARDLESS of race or ethinicity! Is that plain enough for you? (and before you ask, no, this didn't happen in West Virginia. That's a free-for-all territory where nobody cares.)

Dan said:

Eric the troll, this is correct regarding the curtilage of your home or business. But the cars in the original post were parked on a public street ? The original post was not about a search, it was about simple validation of auto registration ?

I would also imagine that WV has an illegal alien problem also, or are you making a social slur against U.S. citizens in deference to illegal aliens ?

Illegal alien is a status, not a race. Do you live in Ashburn, part of the "It doesn't affect me directly so therefore it does not exist" crowd ?

Dan said:

"Busting an illegal for switching license plates may keep him from vehicular homicide, too."
To borrow a line from the liberals "but if it saves just one life, isn't it worth it ?"

Come on Eric, you know you want to say it..

Billy said:

Sterling Park Resident:

You bring up some points that definitely should be addressed. The unnecessary honking of the horn seems to be a violation of Virginia Code 46.2-1060, so call the cops. If they fail to address the issue, find out why, and what needs to be done so they will address it.

As for the minivan loaded with trash, sounds to me like a free-market economy issue. If a private company can make money picking up unlimited amounts of trash, they probably will continue to do so. On the other hand, if it can be proven that the excessive trash endangers the public safety, health, and welfare, some kind of law could be passed to address that problem.

The other problems mentioned either seem to be covered by existing laws/ordinances, or new legislation could be created to address those problems.

A couple things stand out in my mind regarding these problems. First, many of these problems have been associated with U.S. citizens in the present and in the past. Jeff Foxworthy has made many jokes about "Rednecks" and broken down vehicles in the yard. So, I acknowledge that these are problems worthy of being addressed, but they are not anything new, and the connection with "illegal immigration" is questionable.

Secondly, nowhere in this list of problems is there any evidence of the neighbor's legal status. (Or any connections between legal status and the problems being complained of.) So, my opinion is that these are some good problems to take action on, but in most cases we don't even know our neighbor's legal status and it might have nothing to do with the things that bother us.

In conclusion, let's address the problems we know exist, and we know we can address on the local level. Assuming that there is some connection to illegal immigration when we hear a horn honking at 6am is pretty far-fetched. Let's get involved in the dialog of how to solve these problems. Lets make sure that the enforcement arms of our local government (zoning and police) are properly trained and funded to accomplish the results we expect.

Billy, this ranks as one of the most nonsensical posts we've ever enjoyed here. All we in Sterling Park are saying is let's enforce the laws and regulations we have. Zoning and other rules were set long ago without regard to legal status of the offenders. We want those rules enforced.

The gist of your comment seems to be: Why don't you ask for those rules to be enforced?

Thanks, dude, for the enlightened suggestion. That is a big help.

Jack said:

Billy, first, your neighbor may not know that honking one's horn at 0600 is illegal. The neighborly thing to do is to tell him -- nicely.

Billy said:

Okay, Joe -- So speaking in support of what your group supposedly stands for is nonsensical? I thought your group supported having the local government enforce immigration law since you're not satisfied with the job the feds are doing -- silly me, guess I was wrong there. What happens when you call the cops about the horn-honking? I'm guessing they'll tell you that they don't have sufficient manpower to have a plainclothes officer waiting for the daily illegal horn-honk. So, has your group done any high-profile protesting about insufficient police staffing in your area?

Jack, I definitely agree with you on that one. I'm sure that many here would have a problem speaking with their neighbors due to language barrier though. My whole point is that I would prefer that the Budzinski crew encourage local government to use the tools they already have in their toolbox (i.e. state code and zoning ordinances) before they go out and buy expensive new tools that may or may not work.

Billy, you simply repeated what we've been saying in the guise of providing a new approach to the issue. That is nonsensical.

And, my yes, we have complained about police indifference. Some of those complaints are reflected here if you dig around. Welcome to the conversation.

Billy said:


Since you are a supporter of Eugene Delgaudio, have you asked him what he has done to help fill vacancies at the LCSO? Have you asked him why he voted against an annual raise for deputies? Of course none of the cops will sit around waiting for your neighbors to honk their horns -- they are too busy dealing with more urgent matters. LCSO has a lower staffing ratio than surrounding jurisdictions and lower pay. If you want outstanding results with the cops, you have to have a well-staffed agency, and you have to attract the most qualified people -- in other words competitive compensation. Eugene simply prefers not to spend money. He might be full of anti-immigrant rhetoric, but he is not the law-and-order candidate in the Sterling BOS race.

Also, please address my previous question. Since your group supports enforcement of existing laws, what has your group done to address the perceived shortcomings in this area? I would suggest compiling a list of addresses, each address having a detailed itemized list of perceived violations, and turning it over to your community policing deputy for enforcement.

Billy, I used to think as you do, that allocating more money is the answer. But this ignores the fact the Sheriff has control over his budget. He buys a $1 million+ mobile breathelyzer unit. He has deputies doing landscaping.

This parallels what is happening with the school system. Not approving every requested budget increase for the black hole that is the public school budget does not in any way correlate with one's commitment to improving education.

There are major questions that need to be answered about the Sheriff's budget priorities before we nail the problems in Sterling on Eugene. That being said, I would not hesitate to apply heat to the Board on this matter.

Your proposal about tracking complaints is a great one, one which we have thought of and have done on a limited basis - however our "group" is just a bunch of people with full time jobs so our ability to implement this type of thing is limited. Calling in complaints is about all the people of Sterling Park have managed to do at this point.

Billy said:

Joe, we can criticize the sheriff when there is good reason, but let's be fair. The mobile intoxilyzer unit is a retrofitted bookmobile that was going to be sent to county vehicle heaven; I don't think it cost anywhere near $1M. If you're referring to the mobile command vehicle, that was paid for largely by grant money, and it, too, cost substantially less than $1M.

I do not agree with using numerous law enforcement officers for landscaping endeavors; especially when very cheap labor is in abundant supply. However, such a symbolic gesture of partnership with the community is not inconsistent with the theories of modern community policing.

I KNOW that my idea of working with a community policing specialist to enforce existing laws is a "great" one. It's probably even better than trying to create new laws that have all kinds of potential problems associated with them (i.e. will they be accepted by the courts, will they negatively impact legal residents, etc.) Why doesn't your group show a commitment to working toward enforcement of existing laws before you try to create new ones? Sorry, one call to the cops, followed by a rant online when things don't go your way is unacceptable.

Regarding the above whining about police not solving this anonymous complaint immediately: Has that friend of yours ever called a doctor's office and explained his problem to the receptionist, but refused to speak to the doctor, then went online to publicly complain that the doctor did not solve his problem? That's essentially what happened here. Hopefully this illustrates that communication is an important part of the community-police partnership necessary here. If your friend doesn't want the neighbors to know he's calling the police, he can meet the police somewhere else. Let me know when your group finds time to try this; I know they're very busy trying to redefine the roles of local and federal government.

Billy, your heart seems to be in the right place but you are out of your league on this issue. I'll try and create a "summary" post when I get a chance so you can see everything that has led up to this point. There were numerous conversations with the Sheriff's department, including Mr. Simpson himself, before this issue blossomed into a crisis that passed the tipping point of discussion and negotiation.

Residents of eastern Loudoun have had enough. Mr. Simpson is a decent man, as I have stated here many times, but he is out of touch with what is happening is this part of the county.

Billy said:

Joe: The response of "I'm right, you're wrong, and I'll try to get back to you on why" is pretty weak. I'm eagerly awaiting your summary of why this is issue has become a crisis that can not be resolved through communication.

Ok, Billy, here ya' go:

On the right hand side of the page is a section called "Categories."

Under that heading is a category called "Immigration."

Click on it.

Read everything including comments and especially the materials linked to.

You will learn from a variety of perspectives what has gone on, what has been tried, and why people are saying the things they are saying now.

Dropping in here and demanding a "summary" of a conversation that has been going on for a year and a half is pretty laughable.

Laura V. said:

Hey Joe- where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
Oh sorry, wrong Joe. Joe Budinsky (sp? sorry, I'm not good w/foreign names), let me just first say that I am not working for La Voz right now, not that my comments are political, but since you are concerned. I'm off the clock.

Do you really think your blog is "it" in terms of everything that has been said and done relating to this issue for the past year and a half? If you say yes, I am afraid that I will just have to cease reading your blog as it would be a complete waste of my time. I know you are going to lose sleep over that.

I have been involved in a small organization that has been trying to initiate a neighborhood mediation program that, amoung other things, could send trained volunteers to homes that have recieved complaints and try to work through the issues, in whatever language necessary. That has not been tried yet and I think it would be very helpful.

No, I just think this blog is "it" in terms of everything I and the groups I am involved with are doing. That's the basis of what this guy is asking me to spell out for him.

I will gladly concede you are "it" in terms of everything you are doing.

Laura Valle said:


Laura V. said:

thanks for clarifying;)

Had Enough said:

Mediation not necessary, law enforcement, employer sanctions and deportation are Necessary

Had Enough said:

As usual a distortion of the Issue. The Issue is Illegal Aliens (they entered this country Illegally without authorization).

I don't see the need for more oragnizations to coach, network or assist Illegal Aliens how to further beat and undermine the system.

Illegals falsely believe that the citizens of this country owe them something, services, medical, education, etc. We owe them nothing, we have no responsibility to Illegals, but there are organizations erroneously pounding it in the illegals heads that they are the chosen people

Organizations such as "The Voice," claim they are not political, but have a need to read and draw attention to themselves on a political blog.

It is against the law to aid and abet Illegal Aliens, those who do should be prosecuted and the churches should lose their tax-exempt status for aiding and abetting and their political involvement and interference.

Billy said:

Joe "Waffle-Man" Budzinski,

Your short-term memory is fading fast. You offered the "summary" on 8/27 at 1:48am, but apparently, the summary is not a priority for you.

So, for those keeping score at home, Joe's information on the mobile breathalyzer unit is inaccurate, he failed to deliver on the summary he brought up, and in a desperate attempt to come out on top Joe made an unsupported claim that I'm "out of my league."

I'm still wondering what happened between you and the sheriff's office that has created "crisis that passed the tipping point of discussion and negotiation." Before you came up with the "crisis" idea, you said it was a great idea, but complained that working with a community policing deputy would be too much of a commitment for folks who hold full-time jobs. Which is it?

Billy 1, Joe 0.

Jack said:

You jes' keep on thinkin' that, Billy Boy.

Billy, you are correct, the summary is not a priority for me. I'll put it on my calendar for around November 7. Have a nice day.

Billy said:

I don't care about the election, Joe. I came to this site with the belief that the perceived immigration problems can be resolved through creative enforcement of existing law. Some of the information you provide in support of your arguments is simply false, and other information you're too busy to provide. Therefore, thanks for helping me reinforce my belief that you do not care about a conservative solution to this issue -- you want a radical solution, regardless of what is right for the community; and you don't want to let the facts get in the way of your agenda. Also, I'm glad that you found plenty of time during your busy schedule to ponder the origins of words like "irregardless." Much like Mr. ED, Joe has learned effective ways of ducking out of a good discussion.

Linda B said:

Joe's probably gonna get annoyed that I'm chiming in here, cuz I know he can fight his own battles, but I can't help myself.

Billy, I appreciate what you're saying. What we're saying is, we and our neighbors have tried resolving things through the existing laws. We have stacks of zoning violation complaints that have been filed and calls to the sheriff's dept that have been made. The response, especially in regard to the zoning issues, has been less than satisfactory.

Joe is working to get people elected who are promising to better enforce the existing laws and, yes, enact new laws that will further address some of the problems.

Radical, man.

Dear Billy,

There is no false information here. It is all in your head.

We actually spend a great deal of time discussing all sorts of issues related to the illegal alien problem here, in great depth. If you follow my earlier reading assignment you would learn more than you could ever wish to know.

Bu while I initially attempted to be civil, you have turned out to be a bit of a d*ck, so beyond the above advice I am especially disinclined to spend any time and effort on you.

In any case, you, I fear, are not really interested in learning anything at all, and you don't have a particularly well developed work ethic, so you want everything spoon fed, which is not how we do things here.

In sum, you just don't fit in here, Billy.

Pity, that.


Your Friend,


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