Once Again, Loudoun Supervisor Candidates Stand Up For Immigration Enforcement

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The Republican members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors took a stand we should all be grateful for when they sponsored the strong immigration enforcement resolution on July 17.

Thanks to Mick Staton, Eugene Delgaudio, Bruce Tulloch, Steve Snow, Jim Clem and Lori Waters for sponsoring the resolution.

The resolution ended up passing 9-0, with the Board's Democrat and two Independents joining the Republican majority.

This action followed the Loudoun County Republican Convention - well over a thousand people - unanimously passing its Resolution In Support Of Legal Immigration on June 9. That resolution has not gotten nearly the publicity it deserves, because with it the largest political convention ever held in Loudoun County delivered an extremely strong statement for immigration enforcement at all levels of government.

In Loudoun County, at least, the GOP is standing up for the citizens.

Now, as the Virginia political season ramps up, those battling for the seats up for election in November are speaking out further on this issue. Here are some statements delivered this week by our pro-enforcement candidates for office:

1) "As supervisor ... I would take action against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants," and "partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement so that our Sheriff's Office is authorized to enforce federal immigration laws ... shut down document mills that illegally produce phony identification, and enforce zoning ordinances to prevent the overcrowding of homes."

2) "The main 'service' an illegal immigrant comes to Loudoun for is a job ... I oppose illegal immigration and want to see effective measures to fight it. That's why I want to see an end to the employment of illegal aliens in Loudoun."

3) "The most important power localities may possess is the ability to penalize employers who knowingly employ undocumented workers. The local response to the problem might just lie in penalizing the Americans who are breaking the law."

4) "Put simply, illegal is illegal. Our first priority must be to deport any illegal immigrant who commits a crime and shut down the document mills ... We must crack down on businesses that lure illegal immigrants to our community ... People come here because there is work and money to be found. This situation is not fair to honest businesses that hire legal employees and must compete with unscrupulous businesses, which hire illegal immigrants for low wages."

(See if you can guess which local conservative made each statement - answers are below the fold)

The first thing to point out is that each of the above statements was made by Democratic challengers against sitting Republican supervisors. The speakers are:

1) Susan Buckley, Democrat running against Supervisor Mick Staton in the Sugarland Run District

2) Stevens Miller, Democrat running against Steve Snow in the Dulles District

3) Phyllis Randall, Democrat running against Lori Waters in the Broad Run District

4) Andrea McGimsey, Democrat running against Bruce Tulloch in the Potomac District

From this we can say with certainty that we have passed the tipping point in Loudoun County: The continuing influx of illegal aliens has resulted in such a substantial population of illegals that citizens of every ideological bent are demanding that their prospective representatives, for once, show some concern for the legal residents.

Toss transportation, development and taxes out of the discussion for the November elections. Regardless of our differences on these and other public policy issues, we the citizens of Loudoun are united in our desire for rule of law.

And it isn't just Sterling Park exemplifying the problem anymore - Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio is no longer the voice in the wilderness trying to get the rest of the Board to act. Every district in Loudoun County is feeling the effects and many, many citizens are seeing the visible symptoms of the problem on a daily basis. The debate over illegal immigration is no longer over hypotheticals: It is a discussion of facts that everyone sees with their own eyes.

As candidates of both parties go door to door in their districts, they are hearing the message loud and clear.

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Eric the 1/2 troll said:

A couple things:

You wrote:

"The continuing influx of illegal aliens has resulted in..."

Seems to me the focus in the quotes you provided is on the illegal employers (as it should be) and other businesses profiting from the illegal alien demand generated by them.

"Toss transportation, development and taxes out of the discussion for the November elections."

Well, I'm sure you would like to do just this as the republicans would surely loose on those issues but THINK if we all AGREE on illegal aliens, how does that issue differentiate us? It doesn't. The issues that SHOULD be debated are the ones we disagree dramatically on - those would be development (and its influence on our government officials), transportation, and taxes (like how mine have grown by double digits year over year while Snow, Tulloch, Eugene, and Stanton have supposedly tried to get us to fiscal health through more development.)

You yourself even said that the ESL program at least had very little monetary effect on our budget - over development and the associated infrastructure DO account for the lion's share of the budget - I think we continue to discuss those issues for now, thank you.

Eric, I guess it depends which district you live in. You go right ahead and keep discussing the issues that are most important to you.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:


Your response does not answer how, if we all essentially agree on this issue, it diffentiates the candidates in an election.

Eric, you are 100% correct. My response does not answer the question.

suburbanite said:

Joe, I would just about 100% venture that each of the Democratic candidates' statements about hiring illegals, and illegals seeking jobs, went on to say that "greedy developers" knowingly hire illegals and that's why we have a problem in Loudoun.

While it is true that many illegals are employed in construction (which may also have something to do with the fact that most skilled stonemasons seem to be Central Americans these days, illegal or not. It just doesn't seem to be taught here anymore, and trade schools are all going hi-tech. Even Monroe has stopped teaching bricklaying), look up where the largest illegal bust in Loudoun was: Waterford.

True. A truck crammed with people was discovered at the Clarke's Gap gas station on Route 9 several years ago. An article in the Times Mirror quoted a woman who had property in Leesburg and Arizona, stating that many come across the border with some kind of contact info for where their likely job is.

According to the woman interviewed, many have been detained on her Arizona border property with slips of paper bearing 540 area codes, and that isn't developer country in many cases.

No, it is labor-intensive farm country.

In fact, organic farming is some of the most hand-labor intensive there is. You don't have to look too far to find articles on what crackdowns on illegals might do to organic farmers and the price of their goods.

Many of those with Hispanic names (who seem to be the most-profiled ethnic group in discussing illegal immigration in the DC Metro area) killed on Loudoun's ridiculously unsafe and unimproved highways are in rural areas. Are they commuting to construction jobs from living space only affordable miles away? Or are they farm laborers?

Probably some of each.

So yes, I think immigration is in fact a larger issue than growth. But let's not throw transportation out the window!

Laura Valle said:

Does anyone in their right mind disagree that illegal immigration is a problem? Can we get past that point and on to dealing with the solutions?

It is completely unfair and unintelligent to assume that just because someone is anti-illegal immigrant that they are then racist, anti-immigrant bigots. Likewise, it is unfair and unintelligent to assume that just because someone objects to the Loudoun County Board Members resolution that they are "pro-illegal alien" and have a "plan to throw open our communities to an invasion of illegal aliens and turn neighborhoods across the country into dangerous, crowded slums" quote about me courtesy of Eugene Delaguadio.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, we need to close down on borders. Yes, we need to deal with overcrowding in houses. But I submit that there is a better way to deal with those issues than passing local immigration ordinances.

For the record, I am both against illegal immigration and against the resoultion that would attempt to make our local government defacto immigration enforcers.

La Voz of Loudoun has been working for 3 years on providing education and integration assistance to recent immigrants. We continue to do so even as politicans are having a field day with this issue. We are not in the streets protesting. We are out every day educating people in our community (the Loudoun Community)in the most objective way possible about what the real issues are because we believe that an well informed individual can make his or her own decision.

Now could all the name callers and hysterics please leave the room so the rest of us, on both sides, can get to work on this.


From what I can tell your organization seems to be doing good work, but your perspective on this is clearly different than that of many residents - perhaps because you don't live in eastern Loudoun? (just guessing). Anyway, thank you for stopping by.

Laura Valle said:

I am very familiar with eastern Loudoun and I lived for 4 years in a very similar neighborhood in NE Leesburg. I know the issues. I also know that if you deport every illegal alien in Sterling Park you are still going to have those issues. La Voz needs support. Why don't residents who are fed up donate money to La Voz so we can continue to do our integration education and develop programs like neighborhood remediation, etc. That would make a difference and it's tax deductable too!

Thanks for having me.


Silence said:

How does one know if someone walking down the street is legal or illegal?

Immigrants have come from all over the world. What about illegals from eastern Europe? In the DC suburbs, how can you suspect that someone is an illegal? Here, anyone could be working for an embassy or could be an illegal Canadian.

BTW, do you carry proof of your citizenship? If the government is required to ask for proof of Citizenship, I would not be able to comply. Would you? Anything else is racial profiling.

Or are you calling for a National(big brother is watching you)ID card?

Let us not create a police state. We like our freedom. That includes the freedom for any legal immigrants to live next door to you.

Jack said:

Are there a lot of illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe? When I go to the grocery store, I do not here Russian (the lingua Franca of eastern Europe) but a lot of Spanish.

I do not carry my proof of citizenship (well, I do, but it's a DoD card) but I have my birth certificate in my safe at home, and also my social security card.

So what's wrong with racial profiling? An acquaintance of mine was held by airport security because his name matched one on a terrorist watch list. His name is the same as that of an IRA terrorist! When most of the illegals are Hispanic, you investigate the Hispanics. What's wrong with that? My ancestors got profiled in WWII because they were Germans.

If the Hispanics stopped coming in illegally, they wouldn't get profiled.

Laura, I'm sure if residents were convinced ANY organization was helping to solve local problems they would be inclined to support it. We should continue the conversation.

Silence, I'm not sure what you are talking about. I am not aware of anything being considered by the supervisors or requested by the citizens that would have any impact whatsoever on anyone "walking down the street." You should read the resolution linked to in this post.

Also, it might come as news to you that this part of NOVA is chock full of legal immigrants and has been for probably 30 years. I have not heard much complaining about that nor anyone at all trying to restrict who can "live next door." You may be getting information about some other part of the country, perhaps?

Had Enough said:

I'll never contribute or support anything "LA"

La Voz, La Raza, La Anything do nothing but support illegal aliens and educate the illegal aliens how to get around the system.

I will support anti-illegal groups or media who work hard to expose the people and groups that aid illegal aliens in any way.

I don't care if you are chinese, german, irish, hispanic or any other group or race, if you are a illegal alien, you are breaking the law and you are not supposed to be here. I don't care who you are. The people that aid them are just as guilty and should be prosecuted instead of getting tax breaks.

Had Enough said:


I spoke to someone affiliated with Monroe Tech last week and they were shocked when I asked when they stopped having bricklaying classes.

The bricklaying classes are as full as ever.

I hope the students do well in life, not everybody is born to be a rocket scientist or computer programmer. I just wonder what effect the illegals will have on their future and wages.

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