Prince William County Shopping Guide

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It's a rare occasion we can match consumerism with civic duty, but now is one of those times.

For the next week, these bozos are attempting to impose a boycott on Prince William County businesses that adhere to the rule of law. The effort is a reaction to the immigration enforcement resolution passed by the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

Here is more information on the boycott and the group responsible, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras.

Here is today's Washington Post story about the "strong, but divisive" frontman of the group, Ricardo Juarez.

Juarez -- who refuses to disclose his residency status -- calls these policies "a new apartheid" and "racist." And in a move Juarez's critics say is typical of his overheated rhetoric, radical politics and strong-arm style, the businesses in the county subject to the boycott will be those lacking green placards provided by Mexicans Without Borders. Hispanic-owned or not, any business without one will be shunned.

And here is a running list of businesses displaying the pro-illegal placards.

So the next six days are an ideal time to spend money in Prince William County - it is worth the short drive. Also, as it turns out, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is targeting businesses in Manassas and Manassas Park, which have not passed any type of immigration enforcement resolutions. Go figure. The bottom line is this group is attempting to use strong arm tactics to force businesses to profess defiance of U.S. immigration laws. We need to reward businesses that resist the pressure.

For the next six days, go to Prince William and Manassas to shop. Here is a map of the relevant areas.

Here is a list of many stores in Prince William.

If you don't want to navigate through all those links, let's make it simple:

Do your major shopping at Potomac Mills. Whether for back-to-school, end-of-summer, or any other milestone you wish to concoct, Potomac Mills is one of the best and largest shopping areas in the country. Just head down I-95, or take 123, or any number of other routes. Patronize the stores without the green placards.

Or, go out a short distance on I-66 and take either 234 business or, a few miles further, the exit for 29 west. They've got supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, used car lots - everything you might need on a daily basis. You can buy all sorts of stuff out there.

Or, drive south on 28 past Centreville into Manassas. It's a pleasant ride ... in some respects ... and in any case there are plenty of places to grab a cold brewski once you finally arrive.

If you are driving south on 95, wait to buy gas until you cross the Occoquan.

The important thing is: internalize the map, and make every effort to adjust your itinerary and come up with excuses to go a little bit out of your way and drop some buckage on businesses that have not caved in to Mexicanos Sin Fronteras.

For my own part, I have a trip south which will afford numerous opportunities to spend money along I-95, and I will also load up on canned goods, blank DVD disks, and cases of certain fermented essentials at one of the supermarkets on 234. Walmart's here and here might also be good places to stock up on cases of sporting goods-related items from Winchester and Remington.

Go shopping, friends, it is your duty as citizens.

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Had Enough said:

I'll shop in Manassas if it is Illegal Alien Free! There are some nice stores there.

A Fairly new A. C. Moore, Michaels's, Barnes & Noble, Giant, Shoppers and a ABC store.

I won't be eating there since nothing but hispanics work in just about every fast food place there, I sure don't want to support the stores that hire them and at the same time they are boycotting them (Figures).

There has been a huge attitude in Manassas for a long time. It will be nice not to be stared down, elbowed (Gee! I wonder if they were trying to pick my pocket?)

You won't believe all the stores with mexican flags and spanish signs.

One thing is for sure, hispanics open businesses in heavily hispanic populated areas so that hispanics don't spend their money at other stores, hispanics only support hispanics in every way.

I also found it interesting that in several stores there on more than one occasion a small hispanic child made a gun with ther hand and shot at me, parents just glare out of the side of their eyes. When hispanics walked by the kids did nothing.

PW has been long overdue to enforce the law, I stopped going there a long time ago except on some occasions when I rode with a friend.

Take Back Manassas

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