Public Service Announcement -- Stop the NAU

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The coming North American "framework" that would eliminate hard borders between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. Such a plan would also hasten the demise of the United States as we know it, and usher in a North American Union--similar to the European Union!

That is why I am again asking readers of Novatownhall blog to take immediate action by adding your name to a national petition opposing any and all efforts to establish a North American "framework." This is not the same deal as NAFTA, it is far more intrusive. In the EU unelected bureaucrats make social and economic policy without oversight. This is not a democratic way to govern and is something all Americans should reject. The NAU is something that George W. Bush wants to foist upon us. This is not a right v. left issue, it is a freedom and sovereignty issue.

Please click here to add your name to the petition.

UPDATE!! (see below)

In reference to the first comment (hat tip SPMM)

Look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

If you are looking for MSM to give this event coverage well ...

Granted the Colbert may eventually become the most credible part of MSM.

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Marshmallow Man said:

it's a little bit funny that I've only heard about this NAU stuff from this blog and the Colbert Report!

America as we know it is going going gone, and there's only one person to blame for that; Barry Bonds

jacob said:

Barry Bonds is the epitome of modern American Sports. Juiced, arrogant, ill mannered and self centered. You are right, America the beautiful is gone.

Jack said:

I am no Barry Bonds fan, his godfather was a far better player. But do remember that his home-run production essentially mirrored that of Hank Aaron through their careers, until Bonds switched from ash to maple. He is hardly the only batter whose home-run production has improved with maple.

stay puft said:

you're right, Jack! ...and I see you survived in that bi-lingual communist utopia to the north!

besides, Bonds doesn't deny having taken steroids, he only claims not to have known. I can see how a personal trainer would have an incentive to slip a client some 'roids without the guy knowing it. either way, I don't think it's proper for all the blame to fall on Bonds. This is something that the wide world of sports is dealing with, and I think sports is just the first venue for the "should create a GM ubermensch just because we can?"

...what does this have to do with the NWO? Everything!!

ACTivist said:

Now is the time to secede from the Union. And if all states follow suit, then Bush will only have a distict with a bunch of monuments to govern. The only thing I would miss is the Nationals playing the Giants. The sacreficies we make!

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