Radio Interviews on Loudoun's Immigration Enforcement Resolution

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There were a couple radio interviews this week:

This was on Washington Post radio.

This one was on PBS station KCRW. (My part is the second half, about 15 minutes in, but the first part is worth listening to).

In what I'm sure is pure disinformation meant to dampen my overwhelming zeal, the Washington Post blog is spinning that I was not the first choice for the one interview, but was only selected because some public officials supposedly turned it down. In reality, I'm quite certain that the public officials were only considered because of my legendary busy schedule, and everyone was quite delighted that I was, in fact, available after all.

If you listen to either of those, I am certain you will agree that my tactic of never interrupting my counterpart, and allowing them to speak for two or three times as long as I speak, will, in the end, prove to be the most effective approach. It's all about winning the war, baby, winning the war.

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BlackOut said:


I admire your efforts for promoting your view of this issue. It is certainly important to bring forward "your side" of this issue. But I must say, with all due respect, don't over inflate your own importance in this cause, for the benefit of Mr. Delgaudio, as it's really not about individuals.

I suggest you talk directly to the radio producer about the guest list. Mr. Delgaudio was the first choice, had agreed to appear on the show and blew a gasket when he found out it was a debate format and dropped out.

I certainly can see why a producer, in damage control mode, would want to make you think you were the one and only. Maybe that has lead to your misunderstanding; or it may be a defensive move attempting to protect Mr. Delgaudio from the embarrassing situation.

I admire your unflagging defense of our friend Mr. Delgaudio.

I've listened to your comments on the radio and find them to be well presented. The balance of your views with Ms. Valle's is good for this issue and one that can lead to reasonable solutions.

I suggest you talk to your good friend Mr. Delgaudio and explain to him, avoiding the "other side" is not a noble position. It is a position that exposes a motive only related to self aggrandizement and not a motive to improve our neighborhood.


Dude, I'm kidding. :-|

Laura Valle said:

Joseph- Tell the now. The NPR To the point was et up in such a way that guests could not interupt each other even if they wanted to. The microphone was only turned on to the phone line of the guest to whom the question was asked. The producers deserve the credit for the civility of the program.

Laura Valle said:

I meant to type "tell the truth now" Good typer I am not.


My comment was mainly about the WTWP interview, in which Mr. Hossain went on and on and I could have interrupted.

But I also would like some credit for how the other interview was conducted, so I say to you: I'm sorry, but here I must draw the line.

Maintaining the fiction that I am responsible for all sorts of wonderful things which are in fact none of my doing, is one of my few joys in life, and as proprietor of this blog I will continue to reserve that right. Stay tuned for more of my illustrious accomplishments.

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