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It appears that Iraqi's and other Middle Easterners are paying big money ($20K a pop) to get across our southern border. One would imagine that this is part of some operation to wreak another 9/11 style terrorist act. In spite of the nay sayers there is little that an open border is an open invitation to nail us again.

This is the security dimension of what we face in light of a border out of control. Smuggling of drugs, weapons and aliens is going to come back and bite us. Al Qaeda won't be sending in an Arab plumber into the US at $30K a head. It will be a bomb maker, a pilot, or something worse.

What if a nuke is brought across the border? This is an idea is one the US government is concerned as are ngo's . What is amazing is how little press these concerns get. We are asleep and the bed really is burning. A reporter recently wrote it would take another 9/11 to wake us up. I hope that is not going to be the case.

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Jack said:

I'm sure if someone DOES bring in a nuke, the libs will say that BUSH not only ALLOWED it, but ARRANGED it, so that he could get Congress to grant him more power to conduct the War On Terror.

ACTivist said:

What gets me is there is suppose to be a security head disseminating information to ALL agencies as far as national security is concerned. Sounds like we are back to the days when each agency wants to take credit or not get spanked for crying "wolf". The left hand surely doesn't know what the right hand is doing. We had better start sharing information because "bad" information is still better than NO information at all. Will someone please check the alarm bell and make sure it still works?

stay puft said:

Jack, you're mixing up liberals and conspiracy theorists.

jacob said:

Are you kidding?! Some yahoo on moveOn or Kos blamed bush for the in Minn. bridge falling into the river.

You want to tell me that the Kos and its ilk won't blame Bush. And yes, since the the Democratic Presidential candidates go the Kos yearly spew-athon, then we can link the party with the website. Its not my fault the jackass party candidates went to Kos, I would have advised against it.

I also would have advised Republican party candidates from going to ...

OK, whats the name of a right wing websie that does not allow liberals to post comments, beleives in conspiracy theories that the govenrment either well name some yourself, I post one:
a. Reagans asassination attempt was a left wing consriacy (the JFK analog)
b. Foster did notcommit suicide
c. name some yourself

Show me a right wing sight that uses the f-word some 7000+ times? Not to mention has Democrats or liberal in sexual poses both homo and hetero sexual posted on the sight. Do you have a name? Oh one more thing, it has to be as big as Kos, OR, moveOn, or the DU.

Oh, and if this web sight could be backed by a foreign born Billionare facist, that would be good to. It would make the comaprison beleivable.

Homer said:

Faisal Mohammad Gill, a terrorist sympathizer, and lobbyist for the now imprisoned Alamoudi is attempting to infiltrate our political system with the help of Prince William Chairman Corey Stewart.

In the VA 51st House of Delegates, a GOP convention was held in June. The local party Chairman Tom Kopko was identified on as receiving $2,000 from candidate Faisal Mohammed Gill after his announcement to run for Delegate.

The Convention was a disaster, perhaps it was intentionally so, but with the help of his paid staffer PWCRC Chairman Kopko, Gill won the endorsement.

The Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors Corey Stewart is Gill's biggest fan, why? For $10,000 and Muslim votes? Arms deals with Pakistan?

Faisal Gill must not win a delegate seat in November, we cannot allow this infiltration into our government.

Sharia law and genocide against Jews must not be tolerated in America.

This is a very real threat happening in
Prince William County.

spmm said:

...ah, thank you technorati


"Show me a right wing sight..." How about myspace? It needs all or your... requests. It may not be a conservative site per se, but I do believe it's a subsidiary of News Corp.

I think anyone with an email address can post on Kos. Moveon is an interest group, whaddya want? I knew I guy who worked for the Bush campagn who had to do an hour of phone-banking before he could get tickets to see the guy give a speech. How's that for having to toe the line?

How many people are on Kos? half a million or something. So if the debate had been in San Fransisco, the Democratic party would be endorsing everything that anyone in the city has ever said?

jacob said:

Interesting take on the situation, but ...
1. Murdoch is not puring money into the site, he is making money (but very good, I am impressed)
2. myspace allows ALL views and in effect advocates non per se. moveOn bans all non socialist/commie thought.

Still an interesting take on the matter., When myspace says it owns the Republican party then Murdoch will take on the roll of the anti-Soros.

As for the having a convention in a particular town, in some way reflecting the party platform, please explain the Republicans in NYC. Its a false comparison you are making, and you know it.

The Democrats are notorious for going to EVERY special interest group that supports them. NOW, NAACP, ... and now Kos etc. Nutroots have taken the party over. Which explains why the rhetoric is even farther to the left during the primary season than usual.

jacob said:

Unfortunately guys like Gill are not that uncommon.
They seem to think we cannot really be harmed by terrorism. This is hubris.

zimzo said:

"A reporter recently wrote it would take another 9/11 to wake us up. I hope that is not going to be the case," Jacob wrote, shaking his head sadly at the thought of another 3000 liberals in New York dying in a terrorist attack. But if that's what it takes to prove that my paranoid delusions are correct then so be it, he thought, sighing. It was his willingness to make that kind of noble sacrifice -- the deaths of people he didn't know in a liberal city -- that showed what a good, decent, patriotic American Jacob was. If only there were more Americans like Jacob, willing to risk the lives of other people -- people he didn't particularly like, but people nevertheless -- in order to prove a political point, what a great country this would be.

Anonymous said:


moveon is a private interest group, not a discussion forum. get over it.

the cities aren't really a false comparison, the point is that the candidates can't be held responsible for what some yahoo says on a web forum where anyone can say anything they want.

...and the democrats have to address different groups because their base is made up of all these diverse groups. All the republicans have to do is get up in front of a bunch of white Christians and say they're going to go after the terrorists and they just addressed 90% of their core constituency.

zimzo, I heard about that article. I haven't seen it, but it sounds nuts! not to mention a little oximoronic: "the only thing that will make us safe from terrorism is more terrorism"

...I DO know that in 1998 Paul Wolfowitz wrote that a "new pearl harbor" would help Them persue Their agenda. That brings us back to conspiracies...

jacob said:

I grew up in NYC. I do think you are blind to the problem, and blind with spite and rage. I think you are a hatefuly spewing out tripe. You annoying little man.

jacob said:

"moveon is a private interest group, not a discussion forum. get over it."
Your kidding right? It is open to thousands of left wing loons, its about as private as a urinal at a Redskins game at halftime. Head on over there, or the DU or Kos, they all are the same. Like zimzo, they suffer from terminal BDS and CDS.

While I agree that the candidate cannot be held responsible for what some deranged yahoo writes, the candidate is responsible for whom he associates with. Thousands of hateful personal attacks occur on these sites each week. It is a place devoid of debate. Each loon is singing from the same page. They differ in volume or spite and not much else. I do hold them responsible for going to Kos, because Kos is chock full of deranged yahoos. How would the nation react if a Republican when to a KKK rally? I see no difference.

Not all of the Republican candidate go to the NRA or places like Liberty U. Look Rudy G., or Fred T., the positions are different, far more so than Hillary C., or Barrak, the Breck girl.

as for ...
"...I DO know that in 1998 Paul Wolfowitz wrote that a "new pearl harbor" would help Them persue Their agenda. That brings us back to conspiracies..."
If you are saying or even implying that our own government attacked its own people, committing mass murder, then you are an utterly deluded, if you are saying something else, please explain.

Homer said:


North American Union

Responsibility for Iraqi Immigrants Act- H.R. 2265 from passing Congress

Block all Muslim's from holding public offices regardless of their Party!

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