The First Victims of the North American Union?

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[Following is a guest editorial by Nan Matthis of American Daughter]

The First Victims of the North American Union?

The bridge that collapsed in Minnesota yesterday carried United States Interstate 35 over the Mississippi River. And, as we pointed out in a previous article, the proposed NAFTA superhighway will use the I-35 corridor.

Inspection reports had raised some concerns about fatigue in the metal components of the span. Such indicators should have triggered retrofit beyond the rather cosmetic efforts being made at the time of the catastrophic failure, particularly for such a critical component of our highway system. So the question arises, Why was this bridge not repaired or replaced in a timely manner?

Since this is a federal highway, garden variety negligence and incompetence by Congress is one obvious answer. The federal transportation budget had enough money, but the funds were squandered on pork barrel projects designed to buy votes for the incumbents (recall that bridge to nowhere in Alaska).

But there is also a more sinister possibility. It is possible that repairs were deferred, in anticipation of complete replacement with a wider bridge when the North America Supercorridor Coalition (NASCO) project reached Minneapolis. The 2001 report to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, prepared by the University of Minnesota, contains the following statement:

....The approach spans have exhibited several fatigue problems; primarily due to unanticipated out-of-plane distortion of the girders....Concern about fatigue cracking in the deck truss is heightened by a lack of redundancy in the main truss system. The detailed fatigue assessment in this report shows that fatigue cracking of the deck truss is not likely. Therefore, replacement of this bridge, and the associated very high cost, may be deferred.

Translation: The probability of catastrophic bridge collapse is low. Based on a cost/benefit analysis, we can gamble with the lives of our citizens. So those poor people who died in this disaster could be the first fatalities of the globalista cabal.

Some data points:


Design Magazine -- Minneapolis' I-35 Bridge Collapse: Is Structural Failure or Metal Fatigue to Blame?

USA Today -- Big cities reluctant to target illegals:

Despite a federal effort to enlist help from local police to catch illegal immigrants, some of the USA's biggest cities are declining to enforce immigration laws.

Police chiefs, mayors and city councils are ordering local cops not to get involved as federal agents crack down on people in the country illegally.

"Vulnerable people have always needed to see the police as being there to protect and serve, and that can't happen when the first words out of a cop's mouth are, 'I need to see your papers,' " Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said....

Minnesota Public Radio -- Pawlenty outlines plan to fight illegal immigration:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has released a series of proposals designed to crack down on criminal activity by undocumented immigrants. The governor wants to form a team of state agents to enforce federal immigration laws, enact stiffer penalties for using false documents, and increase monitoring of illegal immigrants who have been arrested. Pawlenty says the proposals will protect the public....

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stay puft said:


Joe you didn't write this, did you? I don't know exactly what the point is, but it's clearly nuts!

"But there is also a more sinister possibility..."

The bridge collapsed because of our immigration policy! HO HO HO HO, oh, mercy! I can't take it!!!

Wasn't it only yesterday you said I was mischaracterizing the debate when I pointed out that you guys try to blame everything on illegal immigrants? now this!

you said, "I shall be preparing more of the innumerable batches of evidence on this matter forthwith."

and now,

"So those poor people who died in this disaster could be the first fatalities of the globalista cabal."

'oh and guess what, there are undocumented workers in Minneapolis!'

HahAhaHA seems like anywhere there is pain and suffering, there are illegal immigrants!!! Ouch! Damnit, I just stubbed my toe on a Mexican!


I know you mean well, but for christ's sake,

Had Enough said:

Total Negligence! The safety of the Citizens of this country is not a issue with this administration. I wonder if bush will suspend the Davis-Bacon and send haliburton and the illegals to clean it up? Cheney's stock keeps rising between disasters and the war. I guess it payed for his new mansion on the Eastern Shore.

Remember Katrina? More Negligence. Then more than a year later they installed faulty pumps to promote another flooding situation.

They also don't mind that we have criminal invaders, unknown to us with no knowledge of their intent sneaking over the borders 24/7 in droves terrorizing Citizens along the border and throughout the country. They are filing lawsuits right and left against citizens and making it clear that they are going to do what they want to do.

How safe can anyone feel when Homeland Security is operated on "Gut Feelings."

What the hell will be left in another year and a half?

As far as the Super Highway, I read somewhere that we are footing the bill for all sorts of road improvements in mexico so that the chinese can ship more trash and products to kill our pets and maybe children to their new port in mexico that the mexican truckers and trains will deliver to the new mexican customs station in Kansas City and then ship north. The station was to be run by ex-preseidente foxes stepsons that are under investigation in mexico.

Never in my life have I been so disgusted with the so-called leadership. Our main problem is that we have none.

SPMM, No I did not write it, it is a guest editorial, and I guess Nan can be as "out there" as anyone. Almost as out there as me.

You certainly know by now that I do not run this show as a unified message sort of deal. I let certain, ahem, liberals post here once in a while, after all.

But I don't set all the guests with their own login accounts because they don't all want them - whereas I want pretty much any copy I can get.

With Nan, we have someone who follows issues I do not follow at all. She is dead-on enough of the time that I will repost her submissions without any moderation. I do not edit her stuff.

So if you have questions, by all means click through to American Daughter and engage her there.

Kevin said:

"Ouch! Damnit, I just stubbed my toe on a Mexican!"


ServantOfMankind said:

I agree this may be the result of the NASCO NAU Conspiricy. EVER HEARD OF THE DELTA METHOD? Its a procedure in intelligence where you cause a problem and then come in from another direction as the savior.

Jack said:

The flip side of that is "insurance."

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