When the Symbols Lose Their Meaning

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Kevin said:

ok but only if you watch all the videos, cause seriously. . .

Jack said:

I watched the videos. Please tell me you're joking. I know I've been saying that liberalism is a mental disorder, but I only meant it in jest. Please tell me you're not THAT crazy?

Jacob, does the guy in the hip-hop Yankees hat remind you of Greg?

Jack said:

BTW, after 18 months of delays and $1B in cost overruns constructing the Denver Airport, I really wouldn't worry about any conspiracy -- the construction of the Denver Airport was a model of incompetence.

Furthermore, the conspiracy theorist on the tape is worried about BOTH multiculturalism AND genocide! The National Socialist Party was not too keen on multiculturalism, and if all the races are represented, where is the genocide?

If you're going to be insane, your insanity should at least be internally consistent.

stay puft marshmallow man said:

haha. you gotta admit, those murals are creepy.

I remember seeing one of those "haunted houses" shows on the discovery channel or whatever right after the Denver airport opened up, and they did a piece on how while building the airport they unearthed some indian burial sites and all these ceremonial artifacts used in rituals for communicating with the spirit world (which I believe are also on display in the airport), and how the architectural layout of the airport was designed to channel this spirit energy for ...purposes unknown...

now it's all so clear! ...thank god for the one thing the illuminati didn't anticipate; youtube!

Kevin said:

Of course I'm not endorsing the views in those videos. That's what I meant, "cause seriously. . .they're f'd up". The internal consistency thing in particular. And it's the most schizophrenic (in the correct sense) conspiracy theory I've heard! Well, not the most, I've heard plenty other more schizophrenic conspiracy theories but. . .and what IS with the woman with the tic-tac-toe dress on?

stay puft said:

dude, Loose Change-schmoose Change, this DIA airport conspiricy is awesome!

check out this site:


starts out as an innocent travelogue, but as soon the guy posts some pictures of those murals it's all over!

"New World Airport Commission?" There's no such thing, man!

Kevin said:

"The evil symbolism doesn't stop there, its even in the floors with little bronze demon like figures and bronze German writing such as this one group of words I must mention in the story DZIT DIT GAII meaning the 'Master of Death' a slogan that the U.S. German secret societies such as the Skull and Bones have used for many years."

heh heh heh

Jack said:

Kevin, I'm relieved to hear that you are not THAT crazy. (Would you please reassure me that you don't think Bush was involved in the 9/11 plot?)

I looked up DZIT DIT GAII. It seems to mean "White Mountain" in Navaho. I doubt the National Socialists (racial purists that they are) are using the language of a stone-age civilization.

stay puft said:

Jack, I thought you were into these NWO conspiricies, what with all this talk about the grand plot that involves building a highway between canada and mexico.

You don't think anything is going on at the airport? Fine, prove it. until you post some evidence that there isn't a NWO HQ 8 stories benieth the DIA, that youtube clip is the best info we have and we have to assume it's true!

Kevin said:

haha hahahaha! Indeed, SPMM. Indeed.

Jack said:

Well, that's what you get for thinking, puffalump. Refresh my memory, please, because I don't recall either posting or commenting about the highway.

Actually, I have shown inconsistencies and fallacies in the airport BS already. As you have pointed out, one cannot prove such a negative. One can, however, discredit the evidence presented that something IS happening.

And as I have pointed out, the construction of the Denver Airport was so incompetent that I cannot see being worried about such buffoons even if they ARE plotting something. They would probably be more dangerous if they were NOT preoccupied with such impossible goals.

Kevin said:

No I don't think Bush planned it. I think I've told Joe as much in person. Some time later did everyone get a twinkle in their eye and decide to harness the population's anger for action in Iraq? I think that's a question anyone has a right to ask.

I hope that's reassuring.

Jack said:

Well, Kevin, I am glad to see you are not insane, just irrational and illogical.

Kevin said:

You don't think anyone has the right to ask that? Typical conservative!

Jack said:

Sorry, Kevin, but what are you talking about? I never said or implied anything about your rights, only about your logic and rationality.

Anonymous said:

There's nothing illogical or irrational about the idea if you consider that in 1962 the DOD outlined a plan for hijacking airliners, blowing up ships and blaming it on Cuba.
Perhaps, you've never seen the Operation North Woods documents?

Jack said:

What does that have to do with anything? Were the same people in charge of DoD 45 years ago? I do find it interesting that people accuse a Republican administration of doing what a Democratic administration did. Sort of like the Democrats work to keep the Blacks down, then accuse the Republicans of being racists.

Anonymous said:

I was only positing that there is nothing unusual about governments creating terror for their own purposes.To suggest that considering such possibilities are illogical and meaningless, or to make it a GOP or Dem thing is ridiculous. Both parties have a long record of subverting freedom and public safety.

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