You Are Making A Difference

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It appears that the county, state and federal governments are starting to get the picture; the citizens have had enough and we want the power back in our hands. Illegal Immigration is truly becoming a sweeping issue across the land and there are many changes starting to take place and issues discussed. Even the "Old Guard" is turning 180 degrees because of the consequences of elitist pomp raising the ire of the populace. This isn't due to the Republicans, Democrats, Christians or even you godless individuals ( calm down. I was just having fun). It is due to the left, right, middle, moderate; all idealogies coming together as one.

I am sincere in saying thank you to all who get involved. I believe if we stay away from the issues of most controversy (homosexuality, abortion, global warming, etc.) and relate to the real issues at hand; illegal immigration, american sovereignty, North American Union, China's death grip on the economy-that we can really get alot done and turn this political fiasco around. Blogs, phone calls, media editorials and interviews are getting peoples attention. You people are making a difference.

I may sound naive in what I believe but I do believe with a passion. Keep spreading the word to others to take back our governments. Let's make it the "We, the people..." land again. Yes, we will always continue to have those diverse discussions on issues but let's have more of the issues that count. Elections are coming oh so soon.

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Tom said:

When I was in Canada last week the Halifax paper had a very angry piece about the North American Union and how it would put the health of Canadians at risk because, since the US will run the show, our food/health standards would govern Canadian standards. The example the writer gave was that apparently our USDA is much more liberal on the amount of pesticide that can be in our food than the Canadians are. He was saying the Union would force Canadians to eat poison.
It wouldn't surprise me if the real plan isn't Mexican style standards where we will all be giving our kids candy laced with lead and green onions crawling with E Coli.

ACTivist said:

Tom, to take it a step further, it seems that there will be a direct pipeline going thru our country where we will have no control over the products or their contents (whether they be harmful or not). That is what scraes me. Not unlike the fear of the European Union where everone was scared of the devaluation of their currency (compared to the French franc) and the lowering of cultural standards. I think Canada and America has so much more to lose.

jacob said:

Tom, Act,
We have made strides, but we are still swimming against the tide. Just today on FOX actions like the recent ones in Pr. William where folks have decided that the immigration laws need to be enforced, the commentator referenced to this legislative action a vigilantism. A spurious allegation, but one that will have to be fought tooth an nail.

Tom said:

I think it is a tide that will most likely drown us all, particularly the North American Union deal. I'm not sure if it's organic to Western culture, but it seems like this has been building slowly ever since the last global government fizzled out with the fall of Rome. The trend over the centuries after the chaos and fallout ended has been toward greater and greater consolidation of power and geography. The map of Europe (pre-EU) represented a massive consolidation of peoples and governments together to form the modern nation state, which many of us seem to sort of regard as the apex of political evolution, somehow disregarding all the smaller nations that were gobbled up before.
Look at Germany or Italy. A couple hundred years ago you had dozens, if not hundreds, of semi-autonomous states.
I kind of feel like we take a shortsighted view in seeing the 19th-20th century conception of a nation as the be all/end all. In a way the European Union is the logical next step in a progression that has gone from barbarism to feudal baronies to nation states. While I think almost all here are in agreement that the NAU or EU are not good things for human freedom they seem almost like they were pre-ordained by the course the drivers of history took. Unfortunately no one gave us a choice whether to even ride.
There has been significant pushback against global governance, but mainly only where it was being foisted by force-the Nazi and the Soviet empire come to mind, and of course the overt colonial era did come to an end. But for some reason when it's being done in the boardrooms and offices of Brussels or New York no one seems to really mind, except those on either the left or right edges who either turn to Alex Jones, the Minutemen, or to dressing up as turtles and marching in Seattle when they realize the whole game is stacked against them. Since the same elite bringing you world government brings you your news it is easy to marginalize and ignore dissent. I can think of no better example of media in bed with the elite than the creepy marriage of Andrea Mitchell and Allen Greenspan. That's what makes sites like this so important since none of us sleep with Fed Chairmen/ Ayn Rand love slaves.
I think, despite all the agitation coming from the democracy that is the internet, whatever party comes to power next year will continue to push forward an agenda harmful to all of us. Let's face it, Ron Paul isn't going to get nominated. It just isn't allowed, and he doesn't have the wealth to mount an independent challenge a la Ross Perot to highlight issues the other candidates run and hide from.
If Hillary or Obama or Dodd is elected the path of globalization, open borders, and loss of sovereignty will be followed. Same thing if Giuliani, Thompson, or Romney gets in. There's a reason these people are given all the attention and media and defined as frontrunners- it's because the people and companies funding them use them as a proxy force to destroy our country. A candidate like Paul or Kucinich (yeah, I know. Most of you reading this probably have no respect for Dennis), out there stumping for peace doesn't stand a chance.
I think any of you that are latching onto Fred Thompson will be sorely dissapointed. Despite only one senate term, he was a true Washington insider/elitist. Surely conservatives, one of whom has already declared that conservatives are not pragmatic, would vote for this guy just because they thought he could win with his celebrity and faux-Southernness even though you know in your heart he will not keep this country free of the coming entanglement with Canada and Mexico, and maybe after that all of Latin America???

Damn, Tom, this is good. The Kucinich reference I will write off to youthful inexperience, but in spirit I think you are on the right track. Sorry I was offline while the conversation was taking place.

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