A Time for LCRC Redemption

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[Pardon me if this is old news to some of you, but it's new to me and falls in the "What fresh hell is this?" category so I am going to write about it.]

My introduction to local politics of any type occurred in early 2006, soon after we moved here, when I joined the Loudoun County Republican Committee. A central topic of my first two meetings was a bunch of people trying to gain membership in the LCRC, some of whom were considered personae non grata by some members of the committee because these applicants had worked for or supported an Independent or Democratic candidate running against a Republican candidate in local elections years before.

Having been informed that to work against the party's candidates is a major no-no, and enjoying retribution and lifelong grudges as much as the next guy, I cheerfully voted with the majority to keep these scofflaws out of the LCRC.

Fast forward to June 9 of this year: Greg Ahlemann defeated Steve Simpson for the Republican nomination for Sheriff. Obliterated, actually, because Ahlemann defeated the incumbent Simpson by more than a 2-1 margin at the Loudoun County Republican Convention. Ahlemann was the victor fair and square and undisputed nominee of the party.

All participants in the Convention had been required to sign a "pledge" to support the Republican candidates in the November election. This, I can tell you, was a bit of a pain because in signing up delegates for the Convention many of us encountered citizens who had serious moral qualms about whether they could honestly support all local Republicans on the ballot in November. It was rumored there might be an additional pledge required - and perhaps videotaped - as delegates showed up to register at the Convention. This did not occur but the general sense we first-timers had was: We were on our honor to support the winners from the Convention.

After the votes were tallied, the losers were given the opportunity to make a motion to nominate by acclamation their respective victorious opponents, and Sheriff Simpson came to the podium to call for the nomination of Greg Ahlemann.

Then, in less time than it takes to read The Art of War, Simpson reversed himself, broke the pledge, and announced he was going to run for Sheriff as an Independent. This is pretty serious business because Simpson had appropriated some of Ahlemann's key campaign positions related to illegal immigration, and splitting the Republican vote created a very real possibility of handing the election to the Democratic challenger.

Soon after this, it came to light that a prominent member of the LCRC, Dale Polen Myers, assisted Simpson in gathering signatures for his application to the state election board to be placed on the November ballot.

At one of the next LCRC meetings - which I missed because of the press of Help Save Loudoun business - a petition was apparently circulated to have Ms. Polen Myers removed from the committee. This seems, to me, a perfectly logical step, and it seems strange that a petition would even be required. But as the Connection newspaper reports, the petition failed. (Link found at Too Conservative).

Some observations:

1) A bunch of people come to mind who really ought to consider re-applying for admission to the LCRC, now that the standards have been relaxed.

2) I REALLY wish the true meaning of "pledge" had been explained earlier in the year, because it would have made the delegate sign-up process so much easier. ("Oh, you needn't worry about that, Mrs. Smith. Allow me to cross out the word 'pledge' and write 'joke' in its place.")

3) I have to try not to miss any more meetings, because I would have loved to hear the rationales for not bouncing Ms. Polen Myers out.

As most everyone who reads this blog knows, I am a big Greg Ahlemann supporter, because he is light years ahead of the other two candidates for Sheriff on addressing the illegal alien problem in Loudoun County. He understands the problem, he has a broad plan for fixing the problem which includes telling the Board of Supervisors what they need to do to fix it (which will get massive citizen support), and he is truly a stand-up guy who has been running with a consistent message since the campaign began. Greg Ahlemann is someone the citizens of Loudoun will be able to trust.

Since he is not only a great person and great candidate but also the Republican nominee, I would expect the party leadership to get behind him.

Now comes apparent evidence that, in addition to Ms. Polen Myers, a few other key Loudoun Republicans may be opposing Mr. Ahlemann. I'm not going to name any names just now, but there is an important event Tuesday night - a fundraiser for Greg Ahlemann featuring film director Ron Maxwell - which provides a singular opportunity for the LCRC leadership to show up en masse to support Ahlemann's candidacy.

Those who, in a moment of weakness, might have toyed with the idea of following Ms. Polen Myers, have a great opportunity for redemption, to rethink their positions and make a public showing of support for Greg Ahlemann. Show up Tuesday night, guys, and give us some photo ops and statements of support for the Republican nominee for Sheriff.

And, uh, after our sitting Sheriff and a major Republican power broker abandoned theirs, please try to convince us the pledge is not a total joke.

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10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Thanks for the breath of fresh air, Joe Bud.
I like Greg, and I think he's going to do well in spite of the few who are trying to muddy his name.
And your'e absolutely correct in the bringing the 11 back into the fold, if in fact DPM isn't thrown out on her arse.

There's enough hypocrisy to go around to a great number of the LCRC builders. I'm finally relieved to see some sort of a wedge between them and the valued Social Conservatives in the LCRC.

The LCIC (IINOs) is full of turncoat jackasses who used the Republicans for their own personal playground for far too long before they got the boot. As far as I'm concerned, when White Trash w/ Money gets the boot, the local committee will stop falling on the opposite side of the scales from the RPV and the 10th District office.
Her name is one of two that always finds it way into any malfeasance that originates from the Committee.

Thanks, 10 ft. It's a committee in transition, the gauntlet thrown.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Is 7:00AM to early for a bolt of Glenfiddich and a wash of Imperial Stout?

Aleksanderavich said:

Joe said it all. Good job!

Let's bring some integrity back to the committee!

ACTivist said:

Let's rebuild the committee first with those of integrity. It will be supported thereafter.

10 ft: I hate to say this but, yes, yes it is. Unless you've been up all night, in which case, as you know, the time is perfect.

RWN said:

Well said Joe. Your respect for truth and facts sets you leagues apart from the not too conservative posse that respects only their version of the truth.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

When all of the e-mails that were shared to put this thread in Joe's head were derived from that site?
You ARE lost, RWN.
Good Gawd, man....can you read, form a sentence or even piece together thoughts for a paragraph?
This is an issue that comes from LI's defending Ahlemann, as well as discovering a kindred sprit in Joe ...(it's true, Joe....It just didn't sound right, given our history) :-)

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I mean...Joe has been defending Ahlemann for much longer than we....but the dirt on who else DIDN'T support Greg came from LI's info. Joe is now running with that info (as well he should)
Greg is fine people, and I do support him.

RWN said:

Dean - Harmless Joe's is light years ahead on the issues than the TC posse. I haven't seen Nova Town Hall call for the defeat of elected Republican office holders like you and the TC posse have. I haven't seen him attack the leadership of the LCRC like you have. So if I'm lost, where the hell are you?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Spot on in the removal of "dirty" republicans. (or those that use the party to further their own progress, but drop it in a heartbeat the minute it has no use to them)
You see, we agree on the "clean" guys, but you blindly support a bunch of crooks simply because they attach an "R" to their posterior. I'm more careful about who I endorse.

Greg is good people, has a clean nose (to every corner of his campaign that I've looked into)and I fully support his bid. I'll be out at his gig tonite, so have someone point me out and come on over and introduce yourself.

You, too...Joe. I'd consider it a highlight of the evening to meet you in person. You are a bit more animated in your offerings here than the average "joe", and I have always enjoyed your prose, even when we disagree on the subject matter.

jacob said:

10 foot,
a house cleaning is overdue. we got some characters who protected simpson for years. they need to pay for that, especially now that they are supporting him in the general election.

RWN said:

Dean - I'll be doing the Party's work tonight at a back to school night, but my check is in the mail. Greg is a stand-up guy, and he's the Republican nominee. Just like Steve Snow, Mick Staton and Eugene Delgaudio.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

You have no place at the back-to-school nite, if you are indeed pushing the "Party's" agenda. I hear from numerous parents about the sleezeballs showing up on back-to-school meetings.
If you actually have a child there and are attending in that capacity, more power to you.

And Delgottago, Staton and the "Snow-job" have not represented the interest of the majority of the voters at all in the past four years. They've carried the developer special interest flag pretty well, however. Time for a change.
And before you start, I'm backing the only two offices that I can legally vote for in the election.....thereby honoring my pledge to the Party. I never signed a pledge that inferred a vow of silence to the candidates for other offices.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I actually mis-typed and couldn't add to my support list.
I also can legally vote for a Sheriff with integrity(Ahlemann), and Roger Zurn. So, any other Republican who has faithfully executed his job FOR the citizens of Loudoun , and demonstrated integrity will also get my vote if contested by a Democrat.
Just not the gang of 5, or the DPM influence behind them.

RWN said:

Dean - I think of you as someone much more mature to use childhood monikers like Delgattago and Snow-Job. How sorely mistaken I am.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Sorry you don't understand what a joke they've made of themselves without help from us. Unfortunately, the citizens are going to pay for that joke.

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