Breaking News: Herndon Day Labor Site To Close Sept. 14

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No further information yet - this was sent from the press conference which is still taking place.

This provides closure of a sort for everyone who has been asking for the past year, since the new town council took office, "Why haven't they shut that thing down yet?"

UPDATE: Regarding the question of how the town will avoid getting back into the same situation it was in before, with an informal day labor site at the corner of Elden St. and Alabama Ave., Aubrey Stokes of Help Save Herndon reports "The Town will be working with businesses to help them enforce no trespassing."

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Donny Ferguson said:

Glad to hear it. There's no need for a taxpayer-funded job center when simply enforcing trespass and loitering law does the trick.

Jack said:

Back to the 7-11!

G Stone said:

Good news for Herndon.
I was present at the news conference. The town does not now have to concern themselves with staffing this facility. They can now concentrate thier efforts on policing private property via existing tresspass laws.
The current mayor and majority of the Town council are in a much better position to deal with this than the previous

Jag said:

Aubry Stokes is dreaming. HelpSaveHerndon and the Chamber of Commerce aren't exacly friendly with each other. There's also going to be a tricky business for the police to tread the fine line between harassing and enforcing.
And - what is loitering. I often stand out on the street chatting with my neighbors and sometimes friends who don't live there come by, and we can spend an hour or more "loitering". It's definitely a judgement call. I say, we're back to square one and the dominoes began to fall with the vice mayor's unfortunate letter to the state attorney general, asking for help. P.S. Why is it necessary to type the word 'dobbs'? Does Lou Dobbs have anything to do with this? Just nosy.

No, Jag, it's not Lou, it's Bob.

Google Bob Dobbs, and it will all become clear for you.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

I heard a news report on this last night and what caught my eye/ear was a bit about policing private proterty. Now here again we have a poster saying, "They can now concentrate thier efforts on policing private property..."

Add to this the previous thread calling for an increase in neighbors turning in neighbors for "suspicious activity" and I am beginning to wonder what has happened to the rightwing. Are you guys REALLY for the police state you seem to be advocating? I guess none of you are Libertarians. Maybe that is the difference between Libertarians and Republicans. Republicans prefer the government intruding into and regulating what we do on our private property. I wouldn't have thought it.

Sanity said:

Eric: Yes, it's a common misconception that Republicans are libertarian and like smaller government. If you look at spending over the last 25 years you'll see that Republicans increase spending faster than Democrats. They're just "borrow and spend" rather than "tax and spend". At least "tax and spend" doesn't put us in hock to the Chinese.

You'll also notice that they propose more government regulations. They're just anti-individual rights ("police state" as you say) rather than pro-group rights (which is more of a Democrat bent).

Jack said:

Troll, by "policing private property" they are referring to the 7-11 at the corner of Elden St. and Alabama Dr., which is private property.

Dan said:

Troll, Time for an other lesson in reality. Trespass on private property is determined by the property owner. If you are within the curtilage of my home or business, and I ask you to leave and you do not, you are trespassing, and the police can enforce this. If I have a no trespassing, sign, and you are present, this too is trespass. If you have 10 illegal aliens standing in your yard, you request them to leave and they don't, you call the police and therefore authorize them to police your private property. Trespass common law has been around since the middle ages., and I sincerely believe that there were no Republicans back then.
Now loitering :

§ 15.2-926. Prohibiting loitering; frequenting amusements and curfew for minors; penalty.
A. Any locality may by ordinance prohibit loitering in, upon or around any public place, whether on public or private property.

"RightwIng", that is a term that those on the far left use to describe anyone to their political right, including moderates of all parties. Thee other difference between Dems and GOP is that when the GOP runs amok with spending, they do not get voter support and they lose their elected office. When the Dems run amok with spending, they are canonized by party supporters.

Republicans more anti-individuals rights than the Dems ? That's precious... I'm beginning to wonder if Sanity is Janet Reno's nom de plume ?

Dobbs looks a little like the Enzyte guy doesn't he ?

Ted said:

I couldn't help but notice that in a segment on the center this morning on channel 5 the spokesman for the workers who used the facility couldn't speak English and had to use a translator.

Sanity said:

I use the term Rightwing to mean anyone just to the left of (or further right than) the Kaiser. Seems to include many of the bloggers here.

According to Dan, the Republicans are going to get crushed in Loudoun County this November and in the Congress next November, considering that they've been spending like drunken sailors.

My apologies. You do support individual rights when it pertains to guns unlike your "brethren" to the left (of the Kaiser?). How I forgot that, I have no idea! Hope you'll forgive me. :-)

Bruce said:

It is about time someone stood up and defended the taxpayers. We have the same problem in Montgomery County MD, probably worse now that we are supposed to be a sanctuary state for illegals. Taxpayers money is pouring in from the state, maontgomery county, Sens. Mikulski and Cardin, cgsmn Van Hollen, etc. Millions of dollars to Casa of maryland who are getting fake drivers licenses, voter registration cards, etc. All with ties to Hugo Chavez and other socialist groups.
Let the police do their job and enforce the law. By the way, if these people were legal, they could always got the the UNEMPLOYMENT office to find a job.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

Dan, your ad hominem attacks aside, I agree that I (the property owner) can call upon the police to enforce my private property rights. Is that what is being called for here? Has Southland Corporation asked for the police to step in at the 7-11?

Regarding loitering:

"A. Any locality may by ordinance prohibit loitering in, upon or around any public place, whether on public or private property."

According to this, if Loudoun County has a loitering ordinance, then the police can come to my driveway and arrest me and my neighbors from having a Sunday morning chat. Even worse, my neighbor (say his name is Joe) reports us for having a Friday afternoon beer (he is "suspicious" that we are breaking the VA open container law) and the police use the loitering statute to come inspect our beer bottles to see if any seals are broken. Yeah, I can see why you all support the enforcement of such laws. Can't have people congregating and being neighborly now can we? Just wouldn't do.

I wouldn't call the police for the beer, Eric. It would be for the stacks of porn on your front porch.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

You one funny guy, Joe!

Jack said:

Troll, your ignorance is appalling. Most 7-11's are franchises: The owner is most likely a resident of Fairfax or Loudoun.

Sanity said:

C'mon Jack. "Apalling" ignorance would be if Eric didn't know what a 7-11 was.

Besides, even for many franchises, a large percentage are owned by group or area, so in those cases, the owner may not be anywhere close. Eric certainly can be forgiven for not making a bunch of phone calls to find out.

Even with all that, just replace the words "Southland Corporation" with "the 7-11 owner" and his post reads fine.

You're definitely in a snit today! Barometric pressure falling?

Sanity said:

of course, I meant "appalling". What's appalling is my keyboard. Definitely need a new one.

Jack said:

My blood pressure does not have an inverse relationship to the nearby barometric level, but to the surrounding intellect level.

What you need is Google Toolbar -- it has a spell-checker. :-)

Sanity said:

As far as the blood pressure, I'm not sure a diuretic will be enough. As Liberals get on your nerves, a good alpha blocker might help (though I'm sure it will have to be a strong one to counteract Zizmo, Eric, and I). :-)

I do have Google Toolbar. I'll try to use the spell-checker from now on. I checked this post and it only flagged "Zizmo" (no surprise there).

Jack said:

First, you should have used the objective pronoun "me" not the nominative pronoun "I".

Second, his name is zimzo not zizmo. I have added the proper spelling to the dictionary.

Third, "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Jacob said:

WOW!!, your September 6, 2007 4:09 PM is something I can actually agree with. I have marked my calendar. Now I need some pain medication. Oh the pain, the pain ...

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

Thanks for the defense, sanity.

Hey, Jack, way to divert attention from an issue with another ad hominem attack. At least Joe was funny...sheesh!

ACTivist said:


We aren't looking for a police state. We just want them to get off their asses and do something other than eating donuts. Loitering laws enforcement would be a good thing. And yes. I would call them on you and your neighbor (Sanity?) talking in your driveway. Don't you know that it is a crime to waste perfectly good air on the Sabbath?

Sanity said:

What about loitering on a blog? Seems to me that should have stiff penalties. :-)

ACTivist said:

It does. We have to endure inane comments from the left!

Jacob said:

The penalty for loitering on a blog is 6 months in a spelling rehabilitation clinic. Please send your actual address and other aliases to the appropriate authorities. This is a citizen arrest. Turn yourself in boy.

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