Go Maryland!!!

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Maryland stands strong for traditional values!!! I wish I could be watching the reaction of all of our homosexual activist readers when they open this link.

By the way, they still need an amendment...

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ACTivist said:

It seems that the homosexual community will use any avenue to prove that they are due the same consideration. It's a shame that they don't understand what things like the ERA are all about. And the ACLU? I wonder if they will back me when me and my ewe show up for equal marraige rights as the straights get! Be prepared for another hornet's nest, Singleton.

Anonymous said:

Finally, some good sense from the judicial system!

Still, relying on the courts is like playing Russian roulette, much better to have an amendment.

Sanity said:


I think they'll back you if you show up with a horse's front end. :-)

skeppmo said:

ACTivist's comment about his ewe is sick!

We cheer a sane court decision based on common sense reading of the law.

But, what is wrong with the 3 justices who voted wrongly?

The grave error is that the Maryland legislature doesn't impeach those 3 justices swiftly. That would be something to cheer and mean it.

stay puft said:

the article goes on to say:

"I think the fact that same-sex couples are excluded form the hundreds of protections of marriage indicates they are not politically powerful."

yes, it's so satisfying when Goliath defeats David. Don't you just love seeing the underdogs loose ground in their struggle against narrow-mindedness? Sleep tight, ya morons!

zimzo said:

Such a resounding victory, 4-3, with some of the justices in the majority asking the legislature to act. I guess when the world is moving inexorably away from your position you have to take what you can get.

And ACTivist if you can find a ewe that's willing to marry you, I want you to know that you have my support. I'm glad you made it clear that it is a female sheep you want to marry because a male sheep would be perverted. Here is a little something to tide you over until you gain your civil rights:

ACTivist said:

Homosexuality is sick! Homosexual love is sicker! Homosexual marraige is sickest!

It's all in the perception, isn't it?

stay puft said:

it certainly is, ActiFascist

ACTivist said:


That hurt! But then again I understand your political viewpoint of things. If it's againest that lib/left mentality, it must be fascist (you sure you don't mean NAZI?)

btw. Did you happen to catch "The View" the other day? Seems they were upset about GOP candidates not making it to a black forum and made the bold statement that they (GOP candidates) must have been going to an important Klan meeting instead. These are your people, puft. Birds of a feather.

stay puft said:

no I do not think that anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist. I think you are.

what you said above about homosexuals isn't the opinion of a conservative, it's the opinion of a bigot. are you going to own up to that?

skeppmo said:

My No. 1 granddaughter, a lovely young woman with a degree from St. Andrews in Scotland, is a lesbian, and I want to tell ACTvist that it isn't by choice. Why would anyone in his right mind choose to "become" a homosexual having to live with people like to who spew evil comments about them without having ANY idea of who they are. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

skeppmo said:

...AND, she isn't asking any special privileges from anyone, nor are her friends. Just to be treated with respect like everyone else wants to be.

ACTivist said:

Homosexuals are people too. There are some good ones who I associate with and there are some bad ones who I refuse to. This is not a radical or conservative view. This is MY christian view. We are all God's children and I try to give that weight on a regular basis. I feel that homosexuality IS a choice and nothing good comes of it. I have shame but not on this issue. Call me bigot if you want. My beliefs. My view. Live with it.

skeppmo said:

To each his own. If your Christian belief allows you not to accept the way God made certain people, then YOU have to live with that!

skeppmo said:

To each his own. If your Christian belief allows you not to accept the way God made certain people, then YOU have to live with that!

Jack said:

God did not make them that way, skeppmo. God made them male and female. Everything else is corruption.

ACTivist said:


If God made everyone the way they are then He is having a good laugh on us having to deal with responders on this blog site. I know that the lib/left debaters on here (names withheld for compassionate reasons) can be cured of their insane radical/social infections. If that is not the case then God has already initiated armageddon upon us! :-)

Alick said:

If it wasn’t for the “activist judges” here the ban on same-sex marriage would have been overturned..

Sue said:

It amazed me that people here are celebrating ignorance, intolerance, bigotry (yes that’s what it is) and hate towards people that are not like them. To those people I say you’re pathetic human beings with nothing better to do than put people down in order to pull yourself up. It is YOU that should not have rights, ignorance breads ignorance and for that, you should not be able to breed.

Jack said:

Does the ignorance knead the bread, too?

Amusing that you say those who oppose the homosexual agenda should not be able to breed, when it is the homosexuals who cannot breed.

Sue said:

Jack, you are the epitomes of ignorance!!

Homosexuals can breed, they just choose not to.

And remember this, we didn’t win MD today, but we will long after you’re gone!!!

PS you made us!!!

Kline said:

Activist judges, I love it!

Jack said:

"Jack, you are the epitomes of ignorance!!"

Do you hear that, people? I am not just "the epitome," but several.

"Homosexuals can breed, they just choose not to."

So it IS a choice!

Well, they cannot breed when they're doing what homosexuals do, can they?

"And remember this, we didn’t win MD today, but we will long after you’re gone!!!"

It will, indeed, take that long.

"PS you made us!!!"

God made you. Satan corrupted you.

Had Enough said:

What a sick society we have become. I am so glad that I grew up before "anything goes."

The only disturbing thing I remember when I was in young was a pretty girl with bi-racial parents who was picked on and whispered about.

People raising children in this day and age are facing situations as never before.

Alick said:

Jack, grow-up!

Jack said:

Legion, you're back!

The person with 20+ names is telling ME to grow up!? That's rich.

ACTivist said:


If the homosexual lifestyle is NOT a choice, why haven't they bred (sounds like bread) an army of little homosexuals so that they can grow and change the world to their liking? Are you afraid to think that this breeding may create "straight" children? Or could it be that the off-spring will be so confused as to which gender-role they are to play that they become self-satisfied/gratified (would that be a or bi sexual to one's self?).

Epitomes is what the stalagtite organ plays at Luray Caverns. Jack are not one.

Jack said:

It's not an organ, really. It's more of a xylophone with microphone pick-ups. :-)

sue said:

Intolerance and hatred is a choice, Christianity boating and golfing are lifestyles, homosexuality is how God created some… assuming you are straight, when did you choose that “lifestyle”?

Jack said:

Legion, can't you just pick one name? I don't care if it's Sue, Alick, Betty Black, John L., laughable, or any of the other 20-odd names you've used, but pick one and stick with it.

Intolerance and hatred of sin are part of the Christian lifestyle.

God did not make people homosexual. "God made them male and female." Homosexuality is a corruption of that design.

ACTivist said:


God made man (that is you and I). So I have now established that I was made. God gave us the word and the word was God. I have now established that the "lifestyle" was given me by the word of God. This was at a very early age (I thank those who showed me the way early). I was baptised so that I could be saved and with the word of God enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have now established for you that I had a choice to follow and live with God or without God. The religion I "chose" was just that. I also "chose" not to be homosexual since that is a sin and appeals to me not.

Your turn. Show me anywhere (other than "Satanic Beliefs of the Weak and Feable Minded") it states that God created homosexuals? Pick your God, pick your religion. When you can show me that, we'll talk about not having a choice of being homosexual. Refraining from citings automatically proves choice.

Sue said:


I have no problem with you believing in what you want to, even if it’s correct or not, that’s your own business. What I have a problem is when those believes interfere with the well being of others.

If your religion tells you that you can’t eat shell fish, then don’t, if it tells you it doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage, don’t have one – fine. Neither one effects you if another chooses differently then your religion dictates.

Harvey said:

Homosexuals are still male or female, both created by God. Love is never wrong, but hate is.

Jack said:

"Homosexuals are still male or female, both created by God."

And corrupted by Satan.

"Love is never wrong, but hate is."

Love is never wrong, but sex outside of marriage is.

Harvey said:

Corrupted by a fictional character?

Who ever said anything about sex?

I’m am glad to hear that you approve that two people of the same-sex can have sex as long as they're married – you’re not the close-minded man I thought you were Jack...

Jack said:

You are hardly the one to be talking about fictional characters, Harvey.

Satan is no more fictional than God is. If you choose not to believe in God, that is your problem. I do, and I will not condone actions that He says are sinful.

"Who ever said anything about sex?"

Uh, maybe the homoSEXuals?

"I’m am glad to hear that you approve that two people of the same-sex can have sex as long as they're married...."

Exactly -- they just can't get married, either.

sue said:

Neither are you Jack!


Believe all you want in fairy tales Jack, just don’t push your make believe stories onto others.

I haven’t figured out why God made people like you.. guess it must be a corruption of Satan..

Jack said:

Legion, a.k.a. sue, you're contradicting yourself. (What a surprise, you've only got 20-odd personalities in there.) Did God make me, or is He a "fairy tale"?

Yes, homosexuality is a corruption. The people of Virginia, and may other states, have spoken clearly that they do not want gay marriage. If you don't like it, you can go to Massachusetts or Canada.

ACTivist said:

Legion, this is the point where you here the "AMEN"! Every nation will have its Massatwosh*ts (I can never spell that right). When you are conflicted with all the others within you, and you can't get back to Satan quick enough, go there. They will take ANYBODY! Just don't give me anymore of your "live and let live" garbage. It doesn't hold up.

Jack said:

When you cannot spell Massachusetts, just write Massinsanity.

Harvey said:

It's worth noting that the state with the lowest divorce rate, Massachusetts, is also the only state where same-sex marriage is legal.

I find it significant, however, that a state with a low opposite-sex marriage divorce rate also felt confident enough to legalize same-sex relationships. Clearly, same-sex marriages don't threaten strong opposite-sex ones.

One last note, the highest divorce rates can be found in the bible belt!

Sounds to me that these bible beaters (really only gay haters hiding behind it) need to look at there own people.

Jack said:

"It's worth noting that the state with the lowest divorce rate, Massachusetts, is also the only state where same-sex marriage is legal."

How many times do you libs have to put out that ignorant BS? In 2002, Massachusetts TIED Georgia (which is in the Bible Belt) with 2.5 divorces per 1000 people. However, Massachusetts also has one of the lowest marriage rates. People don't get married, they don't get divorced!

"Clearly, same-sex marriages don't threaten strong opposite-sex ones."

How long has that judicial fiat been in effect? It's a little too early to tell.

"One last note, the highest divorce rates can be found in the bible belt!"

And some of the highest marriage rates. If you bother to analyze the data (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/mar&div.pdf) you will find that, when comparing states' marriage and divorce ratios, neither Massachusetts nor the Bible Belt are exceptional.

Smartmass said:

Clearly the people of Massachusetts are smarter than the bunch of you inbred, cousin marrying cousin, rednecks! Get a life and get off your smelly computer chairs and actually do something. Oh, and when I say do something, I don't mean going out back and having sex with the barn animals!

jacob said:

you are a pathetic worthless hateful bigot. go away. don't go away mad, just go away.

PLEASE said:

Jack and ACT,

One of the strongest arguments I’ve heard in favor of gay marriage is that by taking away a person’s right to get married, you are interfering with their pursuit of happiness. Isn’t that one of the promises our nation was founded on. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution guarantee all citizens the right to the pursuit of happiness, equality, tolerance, and the separation of Church and state. Therefore, whatever the Vatican’s stance on this issue, it has no place in law-making. The idea that homosexuality is immoral, if rooted in religion, cannot be used as an argument brought before the government.

Above all else, it is inappropriate for the government to meddle into our personal lives so greatly. Certain aspects of our lives should not be controlled, and this includes who we choose to fall in love with and marry. It is the government’s job to provide us with security and protection, but not to mediate our relationships. Whatever the case may be, America should be concentrating on the countless other problems that exist: unemployment, homelessness, hunger, crime. I don’t see how our nation expects to prevent hate crimes when it is teaching its people to hate homosexuality. Legislation opposing same-sex marriages would further alienate and persecute homosexuals, as well as create deeper rifts and differences within this country.

Though America has made lofty promises of equality and open-mindedness, it is other countries like Canada that have taken steps to legalize same-sex marriages. Gay marriages are already legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, and Denmark. Individual states within our nation have also shown opposition to Bush’s position. New Jersey and Massachusetts are seeking to legalize same-sex marriages in their states. Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas sodomy law, saying both gays and non-gays have the right to privacy. Our lawmakers should promote tolerance and acceptance. If we stop pointing fingers and allow people to be happy in their love, we would be taking a step toward creating a better and certainly more peaceful environment to live in.

The issue of same-sex marriage is divisive. It threatens to split the church, as well as the public. In these cases, it is best to allow freedom to some then to take it away for all. We are able to choose what lifestyle we want to lead. We are able to choose who we want to marry. If you are religious, you may live your life according to your beliefs and remain moral. But, we must accept that not everyone shares these values. You may not be gay, but it’s not fair to prevent other people from carrying out their own choices.

So please, Jack and ACT, work on developing your own lives and spirituality.

ed c said:

Christianity is a lifestyle choice. Being gay is not.

Jesus may not have said anything about being gay. But he said that he supported the old laws and followed them. The old laws were not wishy-washy on the concept of homosexuality. It was a mortal sin, meaning punishable by death. The same chapters that condemn homosexuality as a mortal sin also condemn many other behaviors as mortal sins--behaviors that most if not all Christians consider perfectly fine. Other mortal sins are not considered "that bad" by Christians. Hypocrisy..

Jack said:

Actually, Jacob -- Smartass is Prince.

Jack said:

"One of the strongest arguments I’ve heard in favor of gay marriage is that by taking away a person’s right to get married, you are interfering with their pursuit of happiness."

The same argument can be made for polygamy, bestiality, and incest. In fact, every argument you make can be made for them, too. Do you want to go there?

"The idea that homosexuality is immoral, if rooted in religion, cannot be used as an argument brought before the government."

That's just pure nonsense. Government cannot ESTABLISH A GOVERNMENT RELIGION, but it can certainly take religious views into account when making law.

Smartmass said:

Jacob, you spelled my name wrong. It must be difficult to learn due to all of that inbreeding. I feel sorry for ya, buddy!

sue said:

Hey Jack, I never said I didn’t believe in God, I was referring to your bible as being the “fairytale”

And by the way, the “activist judges” in MD did get it wrong!

PLEASE said:

Hey Jack, I am not referring to your fetishes of having fabricated relationships with your southern cousins or your farm animals.

People are so frightened of and intensely hostile to the idea of homosexuality, of course, that they're afraid they might be gay themselves. They're terrified that if one of "those awful homosexuals" does make a pass at them, they just might like it. After all, everyone has homosexual tendencies, this is a fact published in many scientific reports. That does not necessarily make everyone a homosexual any more than the fact that everyone has homicidal tendencies from time to time makes us all Charles Manson. Not to compare homosexuality with helter skelter, but I think the analogy is a good one. At some point or another we all have thought to ourselves--at least for a brief moment in the heat of some rage--"I could just kill that person." And we all, for at least some split millisecond of our lives, have (gasp!) felt an attraction towards a member of our own sex. Anyone who denies having experienced either of these thoughts is either a liar or Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, because it is simply human nature.

There is no good reason whatsoever to deny gay couples the right to marry. The movement against the instatement of same-sex marriages is a purely malicious one motivated by the ignorance and fear outlined above, and hidden behind the thin veil of the fallacious "family values" argument. You say that allowing two people to enter into the most sacred and beautiful of unions in order to consummate the trust and love they've built between each other is a detriment to family values. You've been smoking too much crack. The only traditional American values threatened by same-sex marriages are the ones that also require you to dress up in your old bed sheets and cut eye-holes in the pillowcase.

But back to our society's much-heralded family values. The real problem with family values in America today is all the people running around worrying about everyone else's family values instead of their own. If everybody--gay, straight, black, white, purple--just concentrated on doing right in their own lives and own homes, then all these amorphous family values about which we constantly fret would be neatly taken care of. When everyone minds their own business, they have enough time to properly mind their own. Hence, everyone's business gets taken care of.

Jack and ACT, are you gay? It's okay, society is changing and is more accepting today.

Jack said:

Whether I am gay or not is irrelevant to the discussion. Whether homosexuality is a choice or not is irrelevant. Homosexual ACTS are choices, and are sinful.

Sue said:

Jack, Simple answer from a simple man…

Sue said:

Jack, Simple answer from a simple man…

Sue said:


JACKS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack said:

Well, Legion, I see the demons have not left you.

Legion said:

And I see you’re still as pathetic, ignorant and homophonic as you have ever been…so what’s it like being trapped in a gay male’s body?

PLEASE said:

JACK, can you tell us all how you suppress satan and your homosexual urges? Please coach us on how to live sin free. What was that other sin, oh yes,

We created this website because we believe the historical, Biblically documented teachings of Jesus
Christ clearly show that Jesus is a Liberal. His philosophy, based in compassion, equality,
inclusion, forgiveness, tolerance, peace and - most importantly - love, is 100% Liberal.

Webster's dictionary defines a Liberal as one who is open minded, not
strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional or established forms or
ways. Jesus was a pluralist Liberal who taught that one need not
conform to strict and orthodox views of God, religion, and life. He
rejected greed, violence, the glorification of power, the amassing of
wealth without social balance, and the personal judging of others, their
lifestyles and beliefs.

Over and over again, He taught us to believe in and live a spiritual and
ethical life based in our essential, inherent goodness. What Jesus
promoted was succinct set of spiritual principals and a way of life
based upon the of love, compassion, tolerance, and a strong belief in
the importance in giving and of generosity to those in need.

While not Biblical scholars, our common sense understanding of His
lessons as philosophically and politically Liberal is founded upon Jesus'
own words, modern interpretations of Liberation
Theology, and in the positive, loving and compassionate application of
His teachings - from the many early Saints to Mother Theresa and
Liberation Theology.

Certainly, Jesus brought a radically Liberal theology to the Orthodox
believers of his time. Jesus IS a Liberal even today because now more
than ever, His principals align with the very core of Liberal Beliefs.

Equality & Social Programs: But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed,
because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

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