Interesting hubbub floating around the internet today...

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Queen Hillary?

Sometimes, politics is just downright confusing.

H/T: Drudge

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Jack said:

That was an image I did not need right after lunch.

Dan said:

I guess this is better than her doing a naked PETA ad..

Ted said:

Given the way GQ caved on pulling a less than flattering article on the Clinton's it will interesting to see how the rest of the MSM will react to hints of her Majesty's royal displeasure should she actually be elected.

Anonymous said:

Are her boobs really that big?

Ted said:

"Are her boobs really that big?"

I bet Bill wishes they were.

Jack said:

Why would he care?

ACTivist said:

Looks more Egyptian with a mummification factor of 5000 years! Gross.

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