It's Litter Season Again!

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The signs have begun appearing on the VDOT right-of-ways. Me, personaly, believe it nothing more than an eyesore. If you think that I don't understand your name by the first sign and you must remind me every five feet for a quarter mile, I am assuming that you believe me to be a moron and you don't need my vote if that is the case.
A sign like "Kerry/Edwards-For A Stranger America" has great truth but doesn't really tell you much. Find a sign, write down the name, and when you get back to your computer find out what he/she is all about. The sign won't tell you that. Also, if the sign shows up in SPANISH, time to nix that candidate. If you can't understand English, you can't vote. This sign would be considered pandering.
Be careful with your contributions. When a candidate uses his funds to obliterate the countryside with signage, that is ill spent. The bigger the sign, the bigger the eyesore. If older people need something that big to read then they are probably already reading Braille. Remember, the one with the most signs, LOSES!
I find that VDOT has found a way to tax every utility I get to keep the right-of-ways clean and maintained. Yet there are always signs left over from winners and losers for months to come. Put the signs in your yard. Keep the right-of-ways clean. And do your research BEFORE you vote for a sign!

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BlackOut said:

Outstanding commentary. Fight Road Spam!

You best pass on the suggestion to Mr. Delgaudio.

Ted said:

Signs on state owned property are not only an eyesore, they are against the law. See page 2 of the bulletin.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Somebody pass this on to Firetti. Not only does he litter, but he doesn't tell anyone what he wants to run for.
Perhaps he is attempting to reuse those signs to run for county dog-catcher.

You seem to forget that many of the people who vote do so for anything but well informed reasons. It *might* be that many of the voters make up their minds on the way to the polls based on who has the most signs. (I don't know that to be true, but I wouldn't put it past the general population that votes E. Kennedy into office every six years -- more people died in his car than at Three Mile Island.)

Sanity said:

Brian, can't you come up with something better by now? It's only been, what 37 years?

How 'bout something like "More people die from guns in one year in the U.S. than all the people from terrorism in the entire world over the last 10 years." (Assuming, of course, you don't count our foray into Iraq as terrorism.)

Or how 'bout "More people have died while Bush drove into a parking garage than at Three Mile Island."

Or how 'bout "More people died from American torture at Abu Ghraib than died in the Ted Kennedy's car."

Or even "Ken Reid violated the sign ordinance all over Leesburg, but still got voted in."

Potential advantage from signs in the median: Large.
Likely penalty: Small.

Jacob said:

how about more people died in the Clinton White House ...


more women were raped or molested by AK Bill ...


fled the country to avoid testifying for laundering money to the Clinton's


went to prison because of their activities in the presence of the Clinton's


there is so much more

Donny Ferguson said:

You have to love Loudoun Democrats. "So what if we openly embrace illegal immigration, complain that taxes are too low and refer to the Unites States as a 'first strike invader nation?' We don't have signs!"

ACTivist said:

Black-out and Bullet,
I guess you believe Republicans are the only ones about signs. This isn't a party thing. It is a litter problem that all contribute to (including maid service, lawn care, houses for sale). It just gets real ugly during silly season (I mean election time). By the way. Unless those signs are ON private property, you do have the right and civic duty to remove them from PUBLIC right-of-way. Just don't be discriminating. It is all or none!

AFF said:


You should come out to Western Loudoun more. The developers keep litter season going all year long. Campaign signs only spring up a few months a year- Toll Brothers and Company post illegal signs every weekend.

For a good laugh try giving Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman (GOP) a call. He'll get right on it for sure.

ACTivist said:

You being in Western Loudoun explains alot. Hard to see our plight on the east side from where you are. Hopefully, Toll Brothers will be your new friend as they have been ours. Their houses haven't been selling much lately and that is probably why you are seeing more signs.

If I was you, I would complain to Jim Burton (D) and see what he will do for you. THAT will really be laughable!

AFF said:

ughh- it's not Burton's job dude. Besides- no more knows more than Burton what a tool Plowman is.....

BTW -you might want to do a little research before posting for all the world to see.

Beside being a retired Colonel with 27 years service Jim Burton has been an Independent since 1999 (formerly GOP)

ACTivist said:

Yes, it is Burton's job. And I am glad you saw that (D) which I did leave to the whole world. There are many candidates that have changed to an (I) from something else. I call you what I see you. If you are a wolf and wear sheeps clothing, are you not still a wolf....dude?

AFF said:

Silly me -and I thought the Commonwealth Attorney was responsible for enforcing the law. I had no idea a member of the BOS could prosecute law breakers.

Now that you learnt me about county government I’m gonna see what you got on them big city Richmond folk.

Keep on calling it like you see it….dude.

Oh yea- Toll Brothers ain’t my friend. They been littering for years and AFF don’t take to litterbugs

ACTivist said:

I forgot who you are. I just remembered that you were part of the "loon squad". Unless you have the gift to change my thread or the comments posted within, you'll have to show me were you "assumed" I said ANYTHING about enforcement of law! It's good to see that you have again come out of the dark into the dark. "BTW -you might want to do a little research before posting for all the world to see." Those are YOUR words, remember?

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