My Man is Back! Alan Keyes for President!

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I supported him in 2000, and he has my support again.

Alan Keyes 2008!

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Ted said:

Keyes is a wonderful speaker but was an absolutely terrible candidate when he ran against Obama and received a whoppping 30% of the vote in the Land of Lincoln. He should stay on the speaking circuit.

James Riggid said:

Alan Keyes Recieved 30% of the vote against Obama in a Liberal state with Liberal values and a media which tore him apart for things he never said.

look into it and you will see the truth of my words.


jacob said:

Keyes has NEVER been given any serious backing or endorsement from his own party. Of course he got killed by Barak Hussein Obama. He got massively outspent and had no feet on the ground. It is a shame too, he is brilliant.

Isophorone said:






I will grant that Alan Keyes is a smart guy and a great speaker. But he is just NUTTY. I used to live in Maryland, and he's had more than his fair share of chances. Next!

While I agree with a lot of what Keyes says, I find his demeanor and speaking outside what I believe the majority of the country would elect. Do I disagree with what his philosophy states? No. But I do have a problem with grandstanding speeches. I no more want emotional appeals than I would want mandatory abortions a la China.

TheHowesieg said:

I concur on Keyes. Eloquent, enthusiastic and inspiring, I voted for him in the Republican Primary in, I believe it was 92. Not so good as a candidate. He should be recruited as a cabinet member or something to that effect once a Republican is elected as President in 08.


BJD said:

I believe Dr. Alan Keyes conservative values speak highly enough for him. I believe Dr. Keyes should be the nomination for the GOP in 2008.

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