My Name Is Legion

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There is a story in the new testament of a man who lived in the tombs of the dead, in caves in a cliff side. The man was not in his right mind. It begins thus …

From Mathew, Ch5:1-2
1They came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gerasenes. 2And when Jesus had stepped out of the boat, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit.

The conversation in which Jesus cured the madman was …

From Mathew, Ch5:8-12
8For he [Jesus] was saying to him, "Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!" 9And Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" He replied, "My name is Legion, for we are many." 10And he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. 11Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside, 12and they begged him, saying, "Send us to the pigs; let us enter them."

Many here get down right huffy when it is implied that liberalism is a mental disorder. However, we apparently have one liberal who is many.

We get many demonic liberal howls from one or two IP addresses. How can 20 plus people share the same IP address? They all are of the same political bent, and make the same spelling mistakes. I know! This liberal is suffering from a multiple personality disorder or has been possessed by the pigs from Matthew 5 above. The names of the pigs are:
Betty Black
Alick, Still a fallen gay Catholic?? Or, are you now an Ultra Orthodox rabbi? Or, are you channeling the Dahli-Lama(sp?)
A past blogger,
Wiseman (or is it men, or is it WOMAN?)
Tom (there are Tom’s who are not part of Legion)
Mark Slater,
Jeff S,
Linda L
John L,
Peter Wolf
The Realist
Chris M.

However, considering that IP addresses are known by all those who have administrative privileges, my only question to the Legion of voices coming from the same person is, “What ever are you thinking?!” (I will NOT list the IP address’ for reason of privacy and safety.) Did you expect to remain anonymous, you ignoramus? To top it off, your scarecrow and laughingstock personae were loud and obnoxious. A little hint: to be effective, try not to draw attention to the messenger.

This is some more evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder, as per the wisdom of Dr Savage. How nuts can you get? This is like being lonely and inviting your self many times to your own birthday party. Talk about multiple personality disorder.

Betty, BEEEeeettee. You in there? How is your imaginary gay daughter doing? I thought you were full of it, but I always give the benefit of the doubt. I will continue to do so because not every one on the planet needs to invent personas just to make a half baked argument. Nina, smoking gun indeed, more like blowing smoke. Are you Betty’s daughter? John and Linda L, are you two a married couple in there? Does the ‘L’ stand for Laughable or Loser? Type-O (typo?), are you blood, or a fat zero?

Realist?!? How about moonbat instead ...


Julie, Harold. Harold, Julie. You two might want to go to the movies. It will be half price. You two will have plenty to talk about for you two have a lot in common (trust me).

Scarecrow, your song really should be, “If I only had a brain …”

Laughingstock, allow me to use your much worn but all the rage “HA HA HA HA.”

Look, whoever you are I think I will call you Legion. You are pitiful. At NOVA Town Hall all are welcome, even the obnoxious ones. The idea is that if we have those who disagree with us pointing out the weaknesses in our arguments, we learn. I hope all those who come here can get a better idea as to why they believe what they believe. I do not expect to convert anyone. But try to show some integrity; no one has perfect integrity all the time, but this is nuts.

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Jack said:

Would anyone else like to come forward? Prince?

BTW, the above-mentioned idiot also posted as "jack" once. I changed that post to be from "some other jack" and asked him not to use that name again.

prince said:

no can do Jack. couple of reasons why. for one thing, Prince is not 1 person but 2, and not due to split personality disorder, but rather to a shared computer. Second, one of us enjoys posting anonymously and often is commenting more on the medium itself and not the issue. the other might prefer to use a name but is closely affiliated with an organization who may not share his/her views and so is better off not. that may not always be the case. prince (or at least one prince) may one day be able to come out of the blogging closet. i'm sure you all care so much that you'll be holding your breath until that day comes.

Jack said:

I can respect that answer, prince. I cannot speak for the others, of course, but I will not reveal the association, and I encourage the others to also respect your answer.

Do be aware, though, that whenever the two of you comment on the same blog (any blog, not just this one), the admins can see the association if they suspect enough to look.

For the record, Jacob and I really are two different people. We are, however, good friends, and I have posted from his house on occasion.

prince said:

thanks Jack. that's the nicest thing you have ever said to me:-)
and yeah, I know about that IP address thing. No worries, for the most part this prince really means what he/she/it writes and is not not too worried that someone would suspect a true identity.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

I guess this guy/persons/man/woman...whatever...learned from John Grisby....or is it Tom...he is the original multiple personality poster.

Jack said:

I only see three names there, and all variants of John.

zimzo said:

Who is crazier? Someone who posts under multiple names on a blog, or perhaps uses the same proxy server or library or AOL or whatever, or the person who spends so much time spying on them because of a paranoid belief that someone who disagrees with them must be part of a conspiracy or is in fact one person!

Jack said:

Methinks he doth protest too much. Do you know this nut, zimzo?

Even AOL or a library would not switch names back and forth within a few minutes. (Anyway, it's not an AOL address, and I don't know many libraries open at 12:16 is the morning.)

In any event, do you want us to block the address from which you were spoofed? (I don't have the priviledges to do that, but Joe does.) Upon using a reverse DNS look-up, the address appears to be from Germany!

If you want more detail, I will email it to you.

I think even crazier is someone who posts as someone else.

zimzo said:

I wasn't spoofed, Jack. The explanation is a very simple one and you can see it in the other thread about this nonsense:

As I said there, when paranoia is combined with technical incompetence the results are very frightening.

jacob said:

Legion's aim was to bring many voices with one view to the argument.

Jack and I do tag team a bit, not by design, but by the nature of our friendship. You and insanity are doing the same thing. This is democratic and above board as Jack and I do let everyone know we are friends.

But showing up with 22 separate personae, many of which are just throwing insults is obnoxious, annoying and dishonest. The are many occurances of legion trying to get at an issue with a vote, posting the same thing (with some minor changes) every 10 minutes under a different name.

zimzo said:

What this is about, Jacob, is your inability to win an argument since you often have your "facts" mixed up. And when you get called on it, you resort to personal attacks and false accusations.

jacob said:

I did not accuse you of anything. So what are you talking about? You say got spoofed, okay. I believe you. Please note I did not put you into Legion's list.

As for name calling, it is usually in response to you or some other. I do not initiate it. You know that.

I would prefer a more civil discourse.

jacob said:

As for winning arguments, if you ignore questions and spouts the party line you are not winning any arguments. You are just talking past someone.

I said this before, discussion is not about insults or compliments its about asking and answering questions AND making observations. If the observation is not flattering, that does not make it a rank insult.

Jack said:

You would know paranoia, zimzo. Why are you using an "anonymizer" anyway? What are you afraid of? What are you trying to hide?

stay Puft marshmallow Man said:

...I'm actually channeling a spirit collective

stay Puft marshmallow Man said:

don't act all high and mighty, as if you've never deliberately fucked with anyone Jack. I'd remind you that Jesus said something about throwing stones, but I'm sure you have a unique interpretation of that passage as somehow justifying the war in Iraq.

Weren't you just saying that it's harmful to assume that the other side is always lying, etc.? How does this liberalism is a mental disorder narrative fit in with all that? (I'm looking forward to your twisted rationalization!)

seriously, why don't you guys take this "deviation from our point of view is evidence of insanity" rhetoric and shove it?

(sorry if this effects the g rating, Joe.)

--Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda's LRA, wants to set up a biblical theocracy in that country. ...just more evidence that all christians in the world are hell-bent on creating a new holy roman empire.

--you have evidence that one guy was pulling your leg, + some bible verses, and apparently you think that indicated that liberalism is a mental disorder. ...just more evidence that all conservatives are full of crap

--Larry Craig, need I say more?

jacob said:

"Weren't you just saying that it's harmful to assume that the other side is always lying, etc.?"
Yes I did, and I always try to give the benefit of the doubt. Other we just talk past one another.

"How does this liberalism is a mental disorder narrative fit in with all that? (I'm looking forward to your twisted rationalization!)"
OK. I'll start twisting ...
Why can't one be earnest, and yet deluded? The old "useful idiots" paradigm from the cold war fits this to a tee. :-)

jacob said:

As for ol Larry being full of malarkey. We are in agreement.

What bout ol' Hilary not knowing there was something fishy about a guy who she has co-hosted dinners with and has recieved $850,000 from?

Kevin said:

Just so you know, Multiple Personality Disorder is currently termed Dissociative Identity Disorder. . .that is. . .if you actually believe in that sort of malaise.

Great pic of a moonbat.

It's good to disassociate my buddy Tom from your list of fauxs. That is, unless, of course. . .

ACTivist said:

I don't think that the paranoia of having sooooo many of the same opinion (and mistakes, and like rants, and EXACT thoughts, etc) was the driving force for this research you did. I do believe, as I have seen in MANY threads, that the constant similarities are too common to be random. Tricks like this do tend to load a particular side in any discussion and someone that doesn't frequent this blog often may get the wrong interpretation of the people who constantly rant here.

I don't understand why Zippo or Puft are angry of late? They are starting to bite back before even being bitten! And Puft. We are trying to keep this site rated for all. As a matter of fact, after your last diatribe (blood pressure meds run out?) where you used the Lord's name in vain in another thread, I didn't see any postings from you for a bit. I was worried that you might have been struck down. I now know that that was not the case and it is good that you are still around for bantering.

stay puft said:

what are you the goddamn word police?

stay puft said:


jacob said:

I was wondering when your going to fly into the booby hatchery.

We have several Tom's here. Only one of them is part of Legion.

Hope I have not offended all the Tom's on the site. ;-)

Jack said:

"don't act all high and mighty, as if you've never deliberately fucked with anyone Jack."

ACTivist, don't worry, puffalump's just losing his arguments for socialism and gun control again.

He's also upset that his smiley lost its nose! :-)

ACTivist said:

:O My ears!

Kevin said:


"I was wondering when your going to fly into the booby hatchery." By booby hatchery I hope you mean NVTHBlog. Unless of course you know of any actual booby hatcheries. . . ;)

(I'd think the rating on this blog would have to have turned sour by now)

Tomas was offended long ago. Nothing anyone can do about that.

Cheers, mate!

stay puft said:

whatever, Jack. you can't blow someone off just because they're schizophrenic when the other day you used an article from a guy that was so bigoted you wouldn't even post the link. How does being schizophrenic discredit anything the dudes said?'re usually right on top of it when it comes to calling out the ad hominem attacks!

Sanity said:

Still "G". I guess they haven't found the bad words yet.

Jack said:

Puffalump, the racist's data analysis was done properly. If you would like me to reproduce it, I will. However, his assertion of inborn inferiority in Blacks is so disgusting I refuse to link to his site.

When someone pretends to be myriad different people, for the purpose of misleading the readers to think that his opinion is widely supported, it is hard to take her claim of having a gay daughter seriously. It is hard to take seriously any claims made by such a person.

In the case of the racist, he provided data and legitimate sources for it, and his statistical methods were clearly detailed. Legion provided no data or sources for any of his claims.

Kevin said:


Common misconception (for some odd reason. I think it's media related.) is that Dissociative Identity Disorder is the same thing as Schizophrenia. One is clearly a medical issue while the other is fabricated by self important clinicians. . .Or I meant to say that the other way around.

Linda B said:

Wow, I think you should have some sort of warning on the front page about the picture. I'm going to have nightmares. I had no idea that's what a moonbat looked like.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"As for name calling, it is usually in response to you or some other. I do not initiate it. You know that."

He started, HE did!

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"I only see three names there, and all variants of John." that you?

Jack said:

Nope, I only post as Jack.

stay puft said:

right on Kevin

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