Not to ruin Joe's decency rating but...

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Just had to link this video montage about Mark Warner (worst governor ever, other than Timmy Kaine). Enjoy.

*WARNING* The linked video contains a movie clip with the F-bomb in it.

UPDATE: Timmy Kaine is at it again. I've never seen a man work so hard to earn title of "Worst Governor Ever."

UPDATE #2: Here's more from Bearing Drift with video.

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Had Enough said:

Missionary Kaine should have stayed in South America.

Did you know he spoke spanish in his inaugural speech?

Illegals are killing more US Citizens each year than the war.

Warner didn't like any bills aimed at illegal aliens.

ACTivist said:

" And in Governor Kaine, it seems that the forces of radical Islam have found a willing, although perhaps unwitting, accomplice. "

I think that "unwitting" is too kind. It should read "nit-witted"

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