Ratings Are In: We're A Family Blog Here

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HEY! Some good news, finally.

The Blog Rating site has just returned our application package and we won a "G" rating!

Our review notes "This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: gun (1x)"

Presumably, if not for that one word, we would have gotten an "A" - the only possible less threatening rating - which means not only "General" but "All" audiences are permitted, including your grandma and your puppy.

I am so relieved to learn that my project here will serve as a counterbalance to the notoriously tawdry little dark corner of the Web my wife presides over, which earns a solid "R" rating.

I am also relieved we've gotten over the whole faggot thing. The push-back on that really did seem like an overreaction.

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Jack said:

You just blew our rating, Joe.

ACTivist said:

My dog likes guns. My grandma does too. Even the grandbabies like um. My squirrels don't! Guess you can't please everyone.

P.S. Why didn't you get an "X" rating? We do use the word "LIBERAL" (oops, I mean the L word) and often.

TerryM said:

That's MR. Faggot to you, Joe. ;-)

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