Shame On Me

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The interesting thing is all along I thought Jonathan was the instigator in that crew. Maybe that was all a feint.

In any case, this is going to be fun.

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ACTivist said:

See what you have caused, you instigator you. It was from Weintraub for heavens sake. What do you expect.

Dan said:

It would seem that the "I Hate Eugene Club of Loudoun County" is expanding their mission. The silver lining, if there is one, they are becoming less narrow minded..

jacob said:

There is a difference between exanding your hit list and the unnarrowing you mind.

David's behavior has not changed a bit, its just that Joe is a tall enough target now for David to engage in smear on him as well.

G Stone said:

This must have been take an illegal alien to lunch week at the Loudoun Times Mirror. Aside from the Shame on Joe piece by David, there were three other op-eds taking the pro-illegal immigration side. Of the three two of them have been published before. If I am not mistaked Patrick Lynsky, the confused fellow from Ashburn has had his artical publised three times. At this rate old Patrick can pick up his Pulitzer next week. I have written no less than two articals in direct response to this specific piece and somehow there is just not enough space for me.
Maybe if I take an Illegal alien to lunch.....

Congratulations Joe.

Dan said:

Jacob, thanks for the correction you are entirely correct !!!

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