Sheriff's Race About Keeping One's Word

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Republican candidate for Loudoun County sheriff, Greg Ahlemann, left the following note in one of our comment threads. Mr. Ahlemann makes some important points so it belongs on the front page.

(As always, there is an open invitation to the other candidates for sheriff to submit their own posts, and I will also put them on the front page and edit only for punctuation, about which I am frighteningly zealous.)

Somehow these blogs seem to get side tracked by personal attacks. It is quite amusing. Ron Maxwell is a gifted speaker with a unique perspective on the problem of illegal immigration.

I believe most of us agree the federal government (R's or D's) does not care to do anything significant to solve this issue. It seems there are two schools of thought on how to proceed. We can, as the Democrat for sheriff believes, leave this to the federal government. Or we can, as I believe, use the tools the federal government (ICE) has given us to do something locally. I guess there is a third school of thought, that would be what the Independent for sheriff believes, you should go with which ever way the public opinion is going.

The first plan is what we have been doing for at least 12 years under the current sheriff without much success. The second option is one that I believe strongly in.

Now here is the fun part. We can all have a say in this. Go to the sheriff's candidates debate on September 25th (location to be determined) then go vote on November 6th. I hope the passion that is expressed here and other sites translates to a high voter turnout. Clearly, there are many more issues to the local races than immigration, which is why I encourage all to go to all of the League of Women Voter's debates and decide for yourself. Clearly, I am biased in my opinion of this race and the candidates. I believe the Democrat represents what some people believe is the appropriate way to deal with this issue. If so, he is your candidate.

On the other hand I have had recent discussions with current friends in the Sheriff's Office which revolve around keeping their word. As delegates to the Republican convention Mr Simpson and I had to sign a pledge which stated we would support the winner of the convention. I may be old-fashioned but I still believe that if you expect people to trust you, you need to honor you word. My friends and our deputies have to sign their name everyday on tickets, criminal complaints, search warrants and reports. By doing so they are expected to tell the truth and mean what they say. This is clearly a foundation for our system of enforcing the law.

The question has been raised as to whether or not the deputies need to keep their word or mean what they say when they sign their name if their sheriff and leader of the department does not have to keep his. I must admit this issue is more disturbing to me than what side of the immigration issue you are on. Is it important for our law enforecement to tell the truth and keep their word? I look forward to November 6th for the voters of Loudoun County to have their voice heard.

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jacob said:

Greg has impressed me from day one. The guy has is a straight shooter, and respects all the laws of the land. I am looking forward to the debate.

BlackOut said:

I am truly undecided on this race. One of my questions is about educational background, degrees and schooling. Can anyone fill me in on where Greg Ahlemann went to school etc.

I can't find it on his website. I have the same question about the other two candidates.

Just a little insight I really have to try hard if a person went to UVA. :)

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

C,mon in Blackout...the waters fine.

jacob said:

Ahlemann went to college and graduated. I do not recall ifs is was a bachelors or not.

Why does it matter? Simpson is no towering intellect. Does HE have any education beyond HS?

Ahlemann has far more field experience then Simpson, working as a deputy. Simpson has experience as a general contractor getting his home built in Western Loudon

BlackOut said:

It's an honest question. It certainly isn't the only criteria I use to decide on who I support. I think it's one area that is concrete that can be compared amongst the three candidates.

There are numerous other "categories" important to me, education is one. And now that you mention it experience is another.

I must say, I wouldn't play the Ahlemann experience card when it comes to George. I am not even sure your statement about Simpson having less experience is legitimate.

Experience being Sheriff of Loudoun is certainly something Simpson has over the other two. Just having "field" experience is definately important but I am not sure it prepares anyone to be Sheriff of Loudoun.

BlackOut said:

OK, I got curious about education and experience for the three Sheriff candidates and pulled data from their respective websites. Certainly the information may not be complete, or I may have mis-interpreted some of it. If anyone has additions or corrects feel free to comment.

Here's what I found:

Simpson does not appear to have a college degree, numerous police and management courses are cited including courses at NOVA in political science. Looks to have been a patrolman for 9 years and then was promoted to Sergeant and has five years of Sergeant and supervisor experience. 11 years of experience as Sheriff.

Ahlemann attended Indiana Wesleyan University. Does not say how long he was there but says he was studying Psychology. No Associate or Bachelor's degree is cited. 10 years of patrol experience five of which were on the motor squad.

George graduated from State University of New York with a BS degree in Political Science and a minor in criminal justice. Appears to have 5 years of experience as a patrolman; 2 years as a detective; 6 years as a sergeant; 8 years as a Lieutenant. 9 years of private industry investigative services management experience.

I guess that shows us where an education can get you.

Mike George made one of the dumbest statements of this campaign, after he first publicly said he supported ICE training, apparently the Democratic party's powers-that-be took him out behind the woodshed, so he backtracked and told a Post that training more than one officer would be "overkill."

This gave everyone at the Republican candidate's debate a good chuckle ... but imagining this guy in office is not very funny at all for the residents of Eastern Loudoun County.

The is called trying to play both sides of the issue, and falling on one's face.

Hey, David Weintraub probably has more years of education than all of them put together. What does that tell us.

Sanity said:

That maybe David should be running for the Board?

Dan said:

There is no candidate in this race who has more LCSO field experience than Greg Ahlemann. Greg knows LCSO, the names, the faces, the personalities, the places, and LC law.

Having seen and heard all the candidates, Greg strikes me as the one candidate with the focus, the energy, and the desire to dedicate himself to meeting the challenges of today's LC, and more importantly, tomorrow's.

He probably should; it's better for voters to have a well defined choice.

jacob said:

The position of sheriff requires integrity; first and foremost.

Simpson by his numerous actions in the past, the most recent being his breaking of his pledge to support the Republican candidate has shown me he has none.

George's public back pedaling is not an auspicious start. I cannot say I know much about the guy. What little I do know does not bode well. He is educated but for the position of sheriff that only goes so far.

BlackOut said:


You bring up another issue that is important to me and that is how the three candidates approach immigration. ICE being a component of it.

Immigration is a big concern to me but I'll admit it's probably not as high up on my priority list as it is for you.

I brought up education and experience because it is certainly joins immigration as components that will determine who I vote for.

I think the website evidence on education and experience is compelling. I would like to make sure what was published on the web is complete, or mis-interpreted.

From the data available I'd have to give George the edge in both categories, Simpson second because he has experience as Sheriff, and Ahlmann credit for being a deputy for ten years.

That's not enough for me to make a decision. As noted there are just as important areas that can help establish a favorite for Sheriff.

Test comment, is this thing still on?

BlackOut said:


I re-read your 11:28 post and also read the WaPo link. I read the information as George and Ahlmann being on the same side of ICE. And also on the same side when it comes to criticizing Simpson for the flip flop. There may be a difference in how Ahlmann and George would approach the use of ICE but that comes from inferences in the "read".

I don't want to appear as I am supporting George here, but I do note that his website reflects, what seems to be a lot of experience with ICE. (Personally I am still on the experience education analysis stuff) Here's the text from George's website, it's from his endorsement section:

"Ten years ago Mike George was the first police supervisor in the Metro Area, to assign an officer to the Immigration and Natualization Office, in Falls Church, VA. The assignment was to identify, locate, arrest, detain and deport criminal aliens actively engaged in on ongoing criminal activity, with an emphasis on 'gang related crimes'. The program was highly successful."

At the time, I was the Assistant District Director for Investigations (basically the SAC) for the Washington District of INS.
James Goldman, Interim Director, ICE Miami, (Retired)

Yes, I have had a personal conversation with George (early in the campaign season, before he got his marching orders) and he knows what the deal is with ICE - just as Sheriff Simpson does. The key is what will the next Sheriff have the will to achieve? I have written a good amount about it and will be posting more on this issue in the near future.

BlackOut said:


I am not sure I would give Simpson much credit associated with ICE, other than a keen understanding of the political impact of NOT supporting it.

It appears both George and Ahlmann are very strong on the support of ICE. A good thing in my mind.

The edge would have to go to George based on his field experience with implementation of ICE. Neither Ahlmann or Simpson have any "field" experience with or managing internal ICE resources. Ahlmann gets accolades for the early identification of the importance of using ICE, in context of the immigration issue.

prince said:

My understandng of the issue is that there are 3 Methods. Method 1 (state police), Method 2 (field level law operating as part of a task force) and Method 3 (corrections). Loudoun has had a Method 3 MOU(8 participants) since 2005. So as BlackOut notes, both George and Alhemann are in favor of ICE training (Method 2) but they may disagree in the details that are negotiated as part of the MOU, such as limits on duties, # of officers to be trained, etc.
What I don't understand is the following, if Alhemann states that he will only seek to deport criminal illegal aliens, that is after they have been placed in custody either post-arrest or post conviction, then why would he want to pursue Method 2 which allows interrogation in order to determine propable cause for an immigration arrest. I guess my question is, how does he define a criminal alien and how many officers would he hope to have trained?
Also, how does he plan to deal with ICE when they only pick up for deportation what they consider to be the "worst of the worst".

insiderichmond said:

I know the immigration issue has been the major emphasis, but there are several other factors to consider. Especially when you read the correlation between criminal reports and illegal immigrants. They really aren't related. What is more interesting is homeland security. With Dulles and other vital institutions in Loudoun, George's experience and connectedness with this issue seems to far outweigh Ahlemann. Irregardless, the Sheriff's office is one that should be outside the partisan bickering of all the other races.

BlackOut said:


You bring up another one of my top issues.

There are a lot of similarities between homeland security and immigration. One similarity is a major issue SaveLoudounNow talks about on a regular basis. That being perpetrators are going to study, exploit and attack a weakness. I am not sure, but my instincts tell me DC, Montgomery County and Fairfax County have spent more time, energy and money on this issue than Loudoun County has. My guess is a terrorist would face less resistance in Loudoun than other localities.

That concerns me. I'd like to know we are "inside the wire" against terrorism, and not sitting on the outside unprepared.

It's not that we don't lack attractive targets for terror exploitation. Mt. Weather, AOL, Dulles and of course Mr. Delgaudio's house (sorry couldn't resist :)

The point being I see this as a major election cycle issue. I've not heard much from the candidates on this issue. I am not sure how to evaluate which candidate offers our best chance to fend off terrorism.

This sounds like a good topic for the upcoming debate.

G.Stone said:

Ladies and germs, Sports fans and anyone else with a vote in this race.

This Contest is a NO BRAINER. Greg Ahlemann is without a doubt the best qualified candidate in this race.

Listen up Loudouners this is your chance to get a real stand up guy in local office. This is a candidate who can and will effect change. Not change for the sake of change but the type of change that improves communities.

Greg has experience, intellect, and a willingness to actually do something. He wants action. Greg wants movement on important issues.

Greg Ahlemann is Integrity personafide.

insiderichmond said:

I have no doubt that Ahlemann is willing. Nor do I doubt his integrity. What I don't agree with is that he is without a doubt the best candidate. He has no supervisory experience. In fact, he would not be qualified to apply for a police chief position. The office of Sheriff requires an in-depth knowledge of the law, but also proven experience heading up law enforcement divisions. If the immigration issue is of so much concern, issues like gang violence should be more prevalent than they are. We all know where Steve "There are no gangs in Loudoun" Simpson comes down on that. Mike George has a wealth of experience in that issue, as well as DEA and FBI relations that could help promote the safety in the county we all want.

G.Stone said:

The Current Sheriff is tone deaf on the issue of illegal migration. Sheriff Simpson got caught flat footed and on the wrong side of citizens demanding change. He was and remains the Status quo. This will no longer work.

Mike George is probably a nice guy to have a beer with, but he is not who we need running the sheriffs dept.

Anyone who shifts positions as quick as he has is not to be trusted with an entire Sheriffs department. This is not about being a good cop. I am sure Mr. George was a good cop. Running a sheriffs department is about leadership and core beliefs. It is not about how fast you can shift positions after wondering off the reservation to the displeasure of the liberals running the Democrat party in Loudoun county.

Mike George sounds more like Gerry Connelly everyday. The only thing worse than a nit wit is sounding like a nit wit.

ACTivist said:

There is a stark difference between police department and sheriffs department. When you try to slide from one to the other you tend to carry that department's style and policy with you. I know many deputies who become police and even more police who become sheriffs. It rarely EVER works out right without total indoctrination. That is why there are two different departments and although I dearly love Fairfax County Police (of old), I believe very highly in the sheriffs' approach. Unless you have been a sheriff before, the candidate will always be New to the position and have to learn.

There are plenty of information sources and agencies that are there to help each other so that there are always "contacts" available. You don't need or want "special friends" in these agencies to get things done. You just want the agencies to do what they do and they will share the load and experience when requested.

That said, I'm sorry to say that with what is available in candidates for the position of sheriff can only be filled by someone with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and DEVOTION (passion). Someone who has not been already corrupted by different policies or set ways. The ONLY person that can fill this bill and help this county is Greg Alhemann!

Dan said:

My big concern with Mike George is his record. Three years here, two years there, followed my another two years somewhere else. The private sector refers to this as job hopping and is customarily a red flag on a resume.

Linda B said:

I think Mike George is a great guy. But why would he say training more than one officer in ICE would be "overkill." How could training more than one officer in ANYTHING be overkill?

BlackOut, you have established that it is not for lack of education or experience. Therefore, we are left to question either his judgment or his convictions.

prince said:

I hope that Alheman will get around to answering the questions I raised in my earlier post considering he gave a mini campaign speach with no details about his plans in another totaly unrelated thread. Is he doing a little research before he answers? Even if he doesn't answer I am sure that one of his supporters should be able to answer, unless they support him based on his integrity alone. They were reasonable questions, in a friendly noncombatitive tone.

Also, Can I just remond you that Mike George did not flip flop on his postion re. ICE. He just specified the limits of the MOA that he feels is appropriate for Loudoun.

prince said:

and it could be concieved of as being overkill given that the deputy only recieves training to prepare notice to appear for ICE supervisory signature, prepare immigrtion detainers, prepare affidavits and take sworn statements, transport undocumented under arrest, and detain the undocumented in ICE approved detention centers In other words, a lot of paper work and leg work. That deputy is not going to be out on the street enforceing anything while he is taking care of all those details. And all for what if again, ICE is only going to deport the worst of the worst? So I think that undocumented immigarnst, or illegals, that commit crimes and have been arrested should absolutely be deported, but I am not a fan of our tax payer money going to the sherrif's departjment so that they can do paperwork for ICE when DOS takes officers off of enforcment and transfers them to Customs, at the same time saying they don't have the manpower to deport any more than the worst of the worst.

Linda B said:

Deporting the worst of the worst is a big deal, IMO.

And, really now, having ONE trained person? C'mon. Is that poor guy or gal going to work 24/7/365? You may not think the whole department needs to be trained, but one person?!? In the unforgettable words of laughable: It's laughable, hahahahahahahaha!

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Wow....Prince is either a democrat plant, or a developer lackie. I just can't put my finger on it.

Greg Ahlemann said:


This is why we have elections. Some people will choose to believe what they want no matter how it is explained to them. Since I am not trying to sway your vote, I will at least try to direct you to where you can find answers for yourself.
First, we do not have a "method 3" as you describe. As a part of the NOVA Regional Gang Task Force, set up by Frank Wolf, we have access and have had access to 2 ICE agents assigned to the task force. None of our correction deputies have gone through the 5 week course put on by ICE. A good example of this failure can be seen on Nov. 20, 2006 when a Herndon resident was struck and killed by an illegal alien from Sterling all while being wanted for deportation. During this time Loudoun had him 5 times. Please "google" it for yourself (Jose Sibrian, Joseph Passarelli) or you can find it on my website. I can tell you without a doubt that if you only used the ICE program in the jail (which would require about 12 deputies to be trained) it will save lives like Joseph Passarelli. Of course, this is if it is used and not just another program "in name only". Your "worst of the worst" quote is a Simpson phrase! The fact is under current agreements like Herndon's they deport for Dui and Misdemeanor assault. These are daily events in Loudoun.

So, as I have explained to the Town of Lessburg's council, this means all will benefit from the use of ICE. Now, on the other hand, if you believe the direction we have been going is the right course, I am probably not the candidate you should vote for in November. This issue seems to get the most press, but there are other areas in the Sheriff's Office which need to be changed as well. I could go on for too long but here are a couple. Did you realize that while we have approximately 18 state troopers assigned to Loudoun their radios do not work with our's? We have given them 4 portable radios, this is a problem. Ask me how often some of our specialized units train with Fairfax Co. None! Correcting issues like these have been part of my platform since day one. They don't make the papers like the immigration debate does. Call my campaign line and I'll share more with you or come and ask at the debate. Unfortunately, everytime I propose something Mr Simpson says "me too".

prince said:

Linda- thank you for addressing the question. 10ft, nope and nope. I usually consider myself to be a Republican though I am having an identity crisis with that because I am an agnostic (that will explain everything to you) and I would never have sign a pledge that requires me to vote along strict party lines, and I am not a developer lackie.

But, until Alhemann addresses what segmant of the illegal immigrant population he is targeting we don't really know if 1 is enough or not nearly enough. Is he limiting his MOA to those who have been arrested and charged with another crime (and if so what kinds of crime), in which case 1 should be fine based on the past few years data, or is he going to request ICE training for deputies who will seek to demonstrate probable cause for less serious crimes, in which case he may want to train more, though the prospect is a little scary (to me anyway). And if so, we will be paying for jail space for those illegals who are not the worst of the worst, or else we will just let them go.

I am just asking for more details about what kinds of specifics he will try to negotiate with his MOA.

prince said:

so, has Herndon deported all of the undocumented immigrants that they have charged with Dui and Misdemeanor assault? BTW, I support deportations in those cases. Would you limit the ICE enforcement to those cases, or would you category be broader?

And by the way, I am not sure if lives can be saved in the way that you say until our border becomes less pourous. In my experience it is about a three to six month turn around for an undocumented immigrant (less for one with gang ties as the gang is able to finance a speedy return) to return to Loudoun after having been deported. But I would actually favor only using it in jail. Is that what you propose?

The worst of the worst is actually an ICE phrase.

And thanks for correcting me on the level 3 thing.

Greg Ahlemann said:

I have stated to the press months ago that if I were pursuing an MOU with ICE I would ask for an accumulation of lesser offenses to be included. Examples, multiple charges of tresspassing, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, driving on a suspeded license. This can be asked, but ICE would have the say on it. Ironically, 2 months after my statement was posted in the media Mr Simpson said at the La Voz meeting he was going to do this. By the way, I fully expect an agreement to be reached with ICE before the election as it would be politically prudent for Mr Simpson.

The jail will make the most impact. This is why; under my administration driver's like Mr Sibrian who have no license or ID will be arrested and brought before the magistrate as should be done under state law. Therefore, that individual could be run through the system. This is one example of how ICE can be more than just another ineffective program. I will also want our gang units to be trained.

I believe I share your frustration with the governments failure to do anything. However, instead of throwing up my hands and blaming everyone else (gov't , board of supervisors, big business) I believe in trying to make a difference where I can. In my case, that meant quitting my job to try to make these changes locally. If enough voters in Loudoun believe as I do, then I will be elected and do what I can locally to make a positive change. everything

My biggest question related to MG is how he stands on civil rights, and in particular the 2nd amendment. Fairfax county is particularly noted for being obnoxious in handling the right of the people to bear arms -- and MG appears to have been in that organization and supported by people who oppose the constitution on that point. I believe GA is the only candidate that supports that right whole-heartedly. That he also shows integrity and honesty would tend to have me support him over MG. Experience is something one achieves through time -- character is the substance of the man. I would welcome MG's open, full support of the constitution -- I'd just be surprised that his background did not color his view. In this case, experience in Fairfax counts against him.

prince said:

OK, so you are going to arrest all drivers without an id or liscence and run them through the system (which has flaws BTW). What about passengers?
What about immigration status of a victim?
What about working with community groups and community policing?

Remember that ICE has placed priority on "certain" criminals and terrorists. When you sign an MOU does ICE guaruntee that they will detain and deport (assuming they actually are deportable) all of those categories of alians that you have specified? For example will they deport every unliscened driver? And if they say they have limited capacity and manpower will you be inadvertantly diverting their attention from finding and detaining terrorists?

G.Stone said:

To those wanting specifics on this race just look !

Greg Ahlemann and his campaign have done a terrific job of ID'ing what needs to be done relevant to Illegal aliens and the role law enforcement plays.

Greg has done a very good using recent failures in the system to illustrate the need for new leadership, change as well as an injection of integrity into the office of sheriff.

The sherriffs office is only as good as its leader.

This guy is a leader.

For those at all concerned about Greg's position on the 2nd ammendemnt rest assured. Greg believes like I do that our society is a safer place when Law abiding, honest and capable citizens exercise their constitutional rights.

G.Stone said:


This kind of crap that makes peoples teeth itch.
Unnamed sources, rumors and more rumors. I heard this from a guy who heard it from another guy who overheard it on the street.

It is crap and you know it. You are being dishonest and acting like just another partisan hack.

If I were the candidate I would not even respond to such nonsense.

If you have a legimate issue bring it. But if you are going to play these brainless sophmoric games go away. This is not

This is a place of serious discussion on serious issues for serious poeple.

Jack said:

"OK, so you are going to arrest all drivers without an id or liscence and run them through the system (which has flaws BTW)."

If one is pulled over and does not have his license with him, the officer can run the plate on the car from his computer. Provide him with your social security number or driver's license number, and he can pull up your picture. (The state police can, anyway. I don't know about Loudoun County.)

If the driver does not have a valid license or ID, then he will be taken in for processing anyway. Unless there is another person with a valid license, the car will be impounded.

"What about passengers?"

If the driver is a teenager with a carload of teenagers, and the car smells of alcohol, should not the officer test all of them on suspicion of underage drinking? There is certainly probably cause. Similarly, if an officer pulls over a car and the driver is an unlawful alien, does the officer not have probable cause to check the others? After all, if there were a legal driver in the car, he would be the one driving!

"What about immigration status of a victim?"

I do not think there is any proposal to check a victim's status.

"What about working with community groups and community policing?"

What about it?

"Remember that ICE has placed priority on 'certain' criminals and terrorists. When you sign an MOU does ICE guaruntee that they will detain and deport (assuming they actually are deportable) all of those categories of alians that you have specified?"

The may, they may not. The queue may be full, and it may not be.

"For example will they deport every unliscened driver?"

Just the unlawful aliens.

"And if they say they have limited capacity and manpower will you be inadvertantly diverting their attention from finding and detaining terrorists?"

Only in the short-term, I think. With strict enforcement and deportation, the unlawful aliens will start to leave of their own accord.

prince said:

How I wish that those were the answer of Alhemann. He would lose the election for that.

And gstone- assuming that you are assuming I am a liberal, it is not partisan in that the rift between the social conservatives/religous right and the rest of the GOP is one of the things that is ripping up the local party.

Jack said:

"How I wish that those were the answer of Alhemann. He would lose the election for that."

Why do you think he would lose the election if he gave those answers?

prince said:

Well to cite one example "Similarly, if an officer pulls over a car and the driver is an unlawful alien, does the officer not have probable cause to check the others? After all, if there were a legal driver in the car, he would be the one driving!"

How would the officer determine that the driver is an unlawful alien? All he would be able to determine is that the driver does not have a liscense and he could then be arrested. That does not give probable cause for inquiring into the legal status of the other passengers.

The fact is that statement puts you on some pretty unstable legal ground and the reason I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ok prince, I know what you're doing. You are carrying the water for some morons who are conducting a whispering campaign against Greg.

Everyone, what they are trying to do is create a negative public perception by spreading really foul rumors. I am not sure exactly where it is coming from although I've heard some troubling guesses.

It's all BS as anyone who meets Greg will quickly realize. He is the most open, honest person you will ever meet - and the only way this crap is going to work is if they get the word out to enough people before Greg has a chance to personally meet those people.

It ain't going to happen here prince, you a-hole. Nice try and go have a nice life.

Savor the moment folks: After almost exactly 2 years of existence NVTH has now deleted its second (non-spam) comment and banned its second user. Not a bad record compared to most other blogs that have unrestricted commenting turned on. I think this is partially a testament to our legendary open- mindedness, but more so to the civility of our visitors.

Say goodbye to prince, folks.

The other person banned from here wrote about pederasty. prince tried to use the comments to further a really odious whispering campaign that has sprung up in the past week or so by people who are terrified of Greg Ahlemann's tremendous success on the campaign trail. No one works a crowd like Greg - so his opponents have every reason to be shaking in their boots. Someone figures the only way they will beat him is via the rumor mill.

I'm surprised this is what prince was up to here. Just goes to show, you really can't tell anything about a person until you get to know them a little.

Fair warning: He/she will slink back a couple or few times from different IP addresses, and may post more scurrilous crap before I get it deleted. Ignore this freak of nature.

G.Stone said:

Stop assuming, it is getting you in trouble. I have no idea who or what you are, nor do I care. However, I do know you are wrong, and for whatever reason acting like a clueless partisan hack. Your underlying motivation, however rightous in your own mind, is no excuse for such wretched behavior. Whether you are D, R or I is not the issue.
Noone cares.

Having a serious political debate with you is like debating a high school sophmore after having just watched a Michael Moore film. However, the difference between you and the High School sophmore is the sophmore will at some point grow out of his ignorance. You on the other hand it appeares are stuck in perpetual stupidy.

Don't worry prince, we'll let Greg Ahlemann say whatever he wants as I am sure he will. The point is your loathsome innuendo is not going to be posted on this Web site. No nerves have been hit - believe me, I let people get away with all sorts of lunacy and direct attacks on me. You've simply managed to fall beneath our absurdly low standards.

Jack said:

"How would the officer determine that the driver is an unlawful alien?"

How would the officer do this back at the station?

Jack said:

"The fact is that statement puts you on some pretty unstable legal ground and the reason I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg."

What does that have to do with one's chances of getting elected? People want something DONE, and they will worry about firming up the ground later.

ACTivist said:

Glad to see you got "a round to-it". I was meaning to talk with you yesterday about prince but I can see that you figured it out for yourself. He started out subtle enough but picked up speed quickly. The tactics suck and I have seen like kind in other threads. Be nice to delete a few more.
I know that candidates are open for smear just about anytime but the avenues and tactics are increasing. I'm glad this base just won't tolerate being "used" as one of those avenues. Hats off! Greg doesn't deserve the dis-service.

Dan said:

Joe, Good move..

Greg A. is one of the most sincere and stand up guys I have met. Not often that I go to a political event actually looking forward to spending a few minutes with the candidate..

Brian raises a very good point earlier, will George try to Farifaxize LoCo wrt 2A rights ? Will he play the Farifax games with concealed carry applicants ? Will he load up LCSO with his Fairfax cronies ? Too many unanswered questions, and giving his two years here, three years there track record, not many answers..

Linda B said:

Suggestion to prince and the like: If you want to hide being disingenuous, don't go from "I'm just asking some questions to learn more about his stance" to "How I wish those were the answers of [candidate]. He would lose the election for that."

Good riddance, oh prince of pretext.

G.Stone said:

I had a dog named prince.

G.Stone said:

I share your concerns having to do with this sheriffs race and gun rights. As a member of the NRA and GOA, Virginias concelled carry law is very important. As you well know, it is the sheriffs office in Loudoun that conducts the required background checks in order to get your CCP from the clerk of the court.

So far, there have been but a few instances with the Sherriff and clerks office regarding those agencies operating within the letter of the law. However, Fairfax county is another matter.

We do not want to import the policies of the Fairfax county government into Loudoun.
It gives the slogan " Don't Fairfax Loudoun " a whole new meaning.

Jack said:

"I had a dog named prince."

So did I! (He was a poodle actually -- kind of a half-dog half-sheep thing.)

jacob said:

poodles are _not_ dogs, but prince is.

BlackOut said:


I support your decision on prince. For weeks now I've heard the rumor and discounted it for what it was.

I also appreciate the dialog here including the numerous appearances by Mr. Ahlmann.

I imagine some will associate me with other blogs and question my motive but it truly has been one to evaluate the candidates. As I mentioned I am not completely decided on whom to support in the Sheriff's race.

With that said, I would advice Mr. Ahlmann to start directing his dialog and comments towards the strengths Mike George has. Mr. Ahlmann needs to start talking about other things than immigration to round out his efforts for Sheriff. Mr. Ahlmann has won the day against Sheriff Simpson both on integrity and the immigration issue. I'd submit those two things will not put him over Mike Mr. George. Mr. George essentially has the same advantage Mr. Ahlmann does when it comes to integrity and immigration. Hence, my recommendation; Mr. Ahlmann needs to start talking about his differences with Mr. George and why he is a better candidate than Mr. George.

This exercise has left me with a good understanding of immigration, education and experience. I look forward hearing more from the three candidates on terrorism, community policing, management objectives, plans for working with other jurisdictions, and good ole fashion crime fighting. I imagine the upcoming debate will be a good forum for these items. I look forward to these topics dominating that discussion.

G.Stone said:

let me be the first to apologize to all of those dogs who take offense to being compared to prince.

Question , this make him the blogger formally known as prince ?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I knew it when he appeared in another thread a couple of days ago.
I know the people you speak of, Joe Bud.
And we told you what their game paln was, too...
Low and behold, they popped in.
Thanks for dealing with that.But mark my words...they'll be back.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:'s catching. First it was prince's "bolg"- now I'm spelling plan as "paln"...

When they turn the dogs loose for the hunt, just remember the bastard is dyslexic.

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