"This Election Is About Our Survival As A Country"

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The true significance of the upcoming Virginia elections was underlined in grand fashion by filmmaker Ron Maxwell at a tremendously successful fundraiser for Greg Ahlemann. Read Ron's speech below the fold. The Greg Ahlemann for Sheriff campaign held a public meeting in Leesburg last night, the best political event I've personally attended in the current campaign season.

Thanks!!! to Ron Maxwell, Redskins hero Dexter Manley, who hung out and signed autographs, and a multitude of local luminaries who showed up.


I counted over 120 attendees throughout the evening. Not bad for a Tuesday night when "Back To School" night appearances provided substantial competition for candidates.

Attendees included Treasurer Roger Zurn, Commissioner of Revenue Bob Wertz, Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman, Senate candidate Patricia Phillips, LCRC Chairman Paul Protic, and former Delegate Dick Black.

I was particularly gratified to finally meet my countryman Jeff Wolinski, and perpetual gadfly, the bulletproof one, Dean Settle. We did not have much time together, but I can tell the three of us could be trouble.

Ron Maxwell's speech traversed the illegal alien issue from A to Z, from the symptoms to the cause. He illuminated the problems citizens have experienced and the corporate interests that foster the influx.

Greg Ahlemann is the sheriff candidate who proposed FULL participation in the ICE 287(g) program, as well as putting a full court press on the Board of Supervisors to implement strict enforcement on zoning and businesses. Sheriff Simpson followed by parroting Ahlemann's proposals with a "me too" response, but Ahlemann set the agenda.

At the local level, everything depends on the WILL of our local officials to enforce the law, because there are innumerable escape clauses for those who do not wish to do so. As an example, Loudoun County receives $59.00 per night in compensation for federal prisoners held in our jail. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, receives $109.00 per night. As the Mecklenburg County PR person told us, the only reason for the better payoff is they demanded it.

What else are the citizens of Loudoun County not getting, because our elected officials do not have the will to ask for anything better?

Most importantly, electing Greg Ahlemann will put the guy in office who truly believes in immigration law enforcement. Both current Sheriff Steve Simpson and Democratic candidate Mike George are exemplars of the non-enforcement approach. We can all see where that has gotten us.

Following are portions of Ron Maxwell's speech. If you want to understand what is happening with the illegal immigration problem in America today, I strongly recommend you read all of Mr. Maxwell's remarks.

UPDATE: My bad: Board of Supervisors candidate Geary Higgins was in attendance for most of the evening. (In fact he was the ONLY supervisor candidate in attendance. Too bad for the rest of them, they really missed something). I spoke to him and shook his hand so I really should have included him on the luminaries list above. Hey, the first draft of history often includes major omissions ...

Americans have been intimidated by two decades of multicultural propaganda. They no longer see that they have as much right to their culture and their way of life as any other community; and that if people come to join them in their territory, and to share the good things that Americans have established here, the newcomers must come with an attitude of respect, and not with the kind of swaggering chauvenism that La Raza seeks to disguise as fashionable multiculturalism.

We should remind ourselves of the real victims of illegal immigration; namely, the indigenous poor, including those African-American communities which have only recently gained their rightful place in American society. Americans today are aware of the historical injustice suffered by their black fellow citizens. Only a racist would like to see African-Americans again deprived of the opportunity to enjoy their rightful place in American society.

Yet it is precisely those who cry "Racist" at their opponents who now wish to steal the jobs of law-abiding blacks, and to hand them over at a discount to illegal immigrants.

If the American people had been united in opposition to it, the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders would never have risen to its present level. Unfortunately, there are loud, large and powerful interests which benefit from this flow. And it is these interests that are putting pressure on our government to turn a blind eye to the massive hole in our legal order, and to the very real threat to the security and the stability of our country.

Who are these interests? The answer is contained in three words, the way they call themselves in fact: the essential worker coalition. This is the name of the pressure group established and funded by those large corporations that benefit from the labor of illegal immigrants. By using these words, they hope to hoodwink the American people into thinking that the cheap labor which benefits the corporations is also essential to the American people. In fact, it is the American people who bear the real cost of it.

Illegal immigrants have many advantages from the employer's point of view. They are cheap, and their low wages enable corporations to avoid paying the wages and benefits required by American citizens...

But the fraud on the American people runs deeper than this. An illegal alien may still obtain the benefit of free education for his children, free health care, and all the opportunities made available by the costly infrastructure of America. Those benefits are part of his wages, and they are paid for by the American people...

Let's put it simply: Most of what an illegal alien earns in America is paid by the American taxpayer. His employer merely puts the icing on the cake - meanwhile enjoying the immigrant's services virtually for free.

No wonder the corporations are trying to persuade us that these workers who are so profitable to them are also "essential" to America. To have their wages bill subsidized by middle America is every corporation's dream.

It is not only the illegal employers who benefit from illegal immigration. The providers of legal support, health care, education, and social services are also in on the deal. The many privileges that such people dispense are funded by government, and the population of needy immigrants therefore represents a huge gain in disposable resources both to the immigration lawyers and to the providers of social benefits - a gain which is another loss for the American taxpayer.

The essential worker coalition represents a massive corporate conspiracy agains the ordinary American taxpayer. It is an attempt by corporations to avoid fair competition in the labor market, while turning their backs on the ordinary duties of a citizen to his fellow countrymen.

This corporate betrayal of America is supported by the vast network of interests - lawyers, health care providers, social services and schools - for which illegal immigration offers an easy and lucrative avenue into the taxpayers' money.

The irony is that this assault on patriotic values is sold as something virtuous...

My friends, this is not just another election for another sheriff in another county in America. This election here is about our survival as a country. Greg Ahlemann will not be like the sheriffs I quoted earlier. Those pretend sheriffs who will make any excuse they can find to do everything possible to avoid enforcing the laws they were sworn to enforce...

We do not have to support their high-minded, sanctimonious sense of superiority over the rest of us. We do not need moral lessons from sheriffs. We need from sheriffs the enforcement of the law...

The good news is we have raised among us true patriots like Greg Ahlemann, and the good news is we can vote for him and put him in office, and save our county, and save our country.

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ACTivist said:

Joe, it was a great time out. I wish the Ron had put "mis-placed compaasion for others rather than our own" and that would have put the ICING on the illegal cake. It might be the employers starting the plight but it is those individuals that have misplaced sentiments that keep it going strong.

jacob said:

I am sorry I could not make it. I had to go to a scout meeting.

Dan said:

Mr. Maxwell's speech was very moving and a very good summation of how we got here, and why it is continuing.

The hiring of illegal aliens seems to have become the white collar crime du jour, and I believe that history will ultimately view this as Enron on a larger scale. Many in our society have given American business interests the ability to hide their crimes under a blanket of misguided humanity and compassion, sanctioning the creation of a permanent human subculture within our society. The major outcome of the Civil War was that Balkanization of the United States was prevented, why would we desire to go down that path today, led blindly by those profiteers who gain from this ?

Our economy funds the illegal alien problem, and we are being told that the economy needs illegal immigration. The one immutable fact in this debate is this; taxpayers at the root of our economy foot the bill for this "cheap labor" that big and small business, and our own governments, are taking advantage of.

We must also remember, the economy is just one piece of the American dream. When did we rewrite the preamble of the Constitution to read "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect economy.." ? The dream is to create and maintain a union, not segmented pockets of subcultures under the jurisdiction of a foreign nation. This not the America I was given by the generation before me, and this is not the America that I want to pass on to my children.

BlackOut said:

I hope Mr. Delgaudio's contribution to this problem is being examined. Mr. Delgaudio's ineradicable yes votes for development have to be taken into account.

There is no doubt employers are a big contributor to our immigration problem. It is no surprise that developers are employing a significant majority of the immigrants within Loudoun County.

I am certain the developer/building community is within the cross hairs of Mr. Maxwell's message.

How can Mr. Delgaudio balance his track record of support for development and developers and his strong stance on immigration?

In fact, why wasn't Mr. Delgaudio at the Ahlmann/Maxwell event? Come to think of it, Mr. Delgaudio has been very quiet since his vocal stumping on the subject.

Has his developer pocket- lining friends had a little sit down with Mr. Delgaudio? I would imagine the developers are not happy about the prospect of the, Delgaudio lead, immigration firestorm threatening a cheap and available workforce.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Delgaudio wasn't taken to the wood shed for a little chat.

Dan said:

There are nine on the BOS. Why do you single out Delgaudio ? Eugene by himself is not even a quorum..

BlackOut said:

Why single out Mr. Delgaudio? Well, he happens to be the poster child for the Loudoun version of this effort. Mr. Delgaudio also is the major benefactor of developer campaign donations.

It is a fallacy promoted by Mr. Delgaudio that his motion was unanimous. In fact, the Delgaudio motion was significantly changed. Changed to a resolution for study as opposed to action.

Maybe the other developer friendly BOS members were smarter than Mr. Delgaudio and engineered the change. Who wouldn't vote for the changed resolution? Who's against a resolution that asks for accurate information?

The fact is Mr. Delgaudio introduced a bill that was not supported by facts. For Mr. Delgaudio to support his original motion by making up a ridiculous $20 million dollar figure, is proof more information and research was required.

Thank God cooler heads prevailed.

But Dan, you ignore the major premise of my 1:34 post. I am sorry you missed the main point and picked out a small thing. I'll take the blame for that.

Dan said:

Hmm.. I thought 9-0 was unanimous...

Difficult to tell what exactly was the major point of your post ? Pretty much every sentence had "Delgaudio" and "developer"... Now your are telling me there is a pony in there somewhere ?

BlackOut said:

Dan, I think you've gotten everything you're capable of out my post. Have a nice day.

Yeah, 9-0 is considered unanimous in this neck of the woods as well. But we're old fashioned that way.

And next time I will bear in mind the Delgaudio angle in every report I write.

David said:

Let's try this again, for those readers whose capacity for discernment has not yet been exceeded.

The resolution that was unanimously passed, 9-0, was no longer Mr. Delgaudio's. Amendments that qualitatively changed its content were made by other board members.

Mr. Delgaudio may have introduced a resolution, but it most certainly did not pass muster with the rest of the board. To claim otherwise is dissembling.

jacob said:

The conversation here has mostly revolved around blackout's tirade in which he attacks Delgaudio, and then attacks the bill which was "saved by cooler heads" who then "passed it in a 9-0 vote". OK. Sounds contentious.

As for how much the bill changed via the ammendment was never really brought up here until now in your comment. I will not discuss that as I was not there to see the ammendments offered, or to see if Delguadio opposed them.

What do you care if the guy gets credit for the bill he introduced?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

That's me... "to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth." :-)

Sanity said:

Delgaudio is often singled out because he says the most outrageous things that can only be the outpourings of a lunatic. This gives Loudoun County a bad name and poor reputation.

We've had discussions of Socialists and Fascists (Democrats are both, I guess) but aren't we remiss in forgetting the "Communist invasion" from Dulles's non-stop flight to Beijing?

How can anyone take anything that Delgaudio says seriously? Help me here. He's the dictionary definition of a blowhard and IMHO should be completely ignored except when he's asleep.

How fascinating this discussion has become.

prince said:

Did anyone else read Maxwells essay that appeared in the new Piedmont magazine? He takes the most extreme anti-development position imaginable. He writes about modern suburban development with visceral scorn. Even though I wouldn’t want to live in a split level ranch house with plastic siding, I don't hold that against the folks that do, such as those that live in Sterling Park. As a matter of fact Sterling Park was one of the very first "communities" that came to Loudoun, paving the path for oh so many more. Maxwell doesn’t mention the folks that choose to live in these homes and shop in strip malls. "We have stripped malled yesterday", blah, blah, blah. The middle man, the consumer, gets a free pass. His scorn is limited to the greedy developers who are raping our native land and pocketing the profits. Oh, and also to the illegal immigrants who are conspiring to "reconquer" our nation.

How bizarre. Where does Mr. Maxwell feel that good old working class Americans should live, on 100 acre preservation lots? I got news for you Mr. Maxwell "quaintness and tradition" aint affordable as far as Virginia real estates is concerned.

"This time the conquering armies will not come in Red Coats or Blue Coats or Grey Coats. They will come disguised as friendly businessmen, as concerned neighbors, as disinterested politicians, as champions of free enterprise, as defenders of property rights, as professional planners, as the high priests as those that know what’s best for us"

So anyway, I just think it is so bizarre that this man is being embraced by Take Back Loudoun as though he was a genius, a prophet. Is Take Back Loudoun planning on joining the PEC, or what? Do you agree with Ron Maxwell in this area or do you let this slide because he is after all on your side as far as illegals go.

Take Back Loudoun? I think that was an essay by Laura Valle. Not a bad name, though.

None of the people I'm in contact with on the immigration issue have set up a litmus test related to the development issue, so whatever Maxwell thinks on that matter wouldn't really merit much consideration.

He's good on explaining the illegal alien phenomenon, though.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Ah....and the "Citizen for PROFIT rights" arrives.
You may now go back to your Loudoun County Independent(in name only) committee.
The social conservatives have set the Good Ol Boy Network aside and are rolling on without them.
It's about time, because the developers are the albatross around the party's neck....literally.

prince said:

Yeah, that's what I figured.
Help Save Loudoun, Take Back Loudoun, you say potato I say potata.
So as long as he is in step with you on the illegals you don't acre if he depises you.
"Folks who want to farm are moved out -- while the citizens whose land is expropraited get to pay for the new roads and the new traffic lights, the sewers, and concrete ramps that increasingly hem them in. Until they too want to leave. And soon, no one is left with any connection to the land that was.
Even the newcomers don't want to stay for long - and regard these souless places as temporary way stations to somewhere else."

When was the last time you plowed your field Budzinski? According to Maxwell you all should be moving along now. Not because of the illegals, but beacsue you live in a souless place.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

twisting that all over the place trying to find a perch, ain'tcha??

prince said:

Yeah 10 inches long and impotent, I am rolling in the dough. Whew! Filty rich!
Property rights, Yeah! C'mon boys. The good lord is a'speakin to me and he's a sayin "arrest and deport the illegals" No really, he speaks DIRECTLEY TO ME. What, you don't believe me? I have a tattoo to prove it.

Please keep quoting the Maxwell article because I am certain my outrage from wounded pride is on the verge of exploding.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Joe, May I introduce you to the less than spectacular DPM wing of the party. Ain't they great?? And oh...so ...tactful.
You see why we distanced ourselves?

prince said:

Of course you will not explode Joe, after all you are a souless, emotionless, out of touch with the land and red foxes and all that is good and natural man. I would not expect you to even have any emotion at all. You are only capable of clever bolgs and witty comments.
I was just curious what your take is on this side of Maxwell considering you have given his opinion and gifted writings such a prominant position on your bolg world.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

what... exactly IS a bolg??

prince said:

10 inches, you've got me pegged. Wow! How do you do that? WOW! I just don't know how you could have known that I was part of the Disfunctional Middleaged Men party. It's just uncanny. WOW!

prince said:

10 inches - a bolg is a mythological creature, you moron.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

It's a gift, really.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I'm no moron.
Google doesn't know what it is either.
And you used it out of context not once but twice.
You shouldn't be throwing around names after that misstep.

prince said:

10 inches - you have proven my point. Perhaps if you had another drink the bolg would work its mythological magic and transform into a....blog!

Sorry, prince, but I guess giving you a straight answer makes me feel sort of ... dirty.

But since you beg:

Maxwell has let on this aspect of his view of the world in another speech I heard him give. I'm sorry, but it does not strike me as having anything to do with me nor to say we should sell our houses and move to farms. It seems like a perfectly nice, idealistic vision of the world. It fits with what I know of him.

Saying it was better to live in the country than to sit in traffic on the way to the strip mall, as I so often to, doesn't strike me as all that disagreeable an idea.

But I'm sure my outrage is bubbling just beneath the surface ...

prince said:

Whew, I am glad that we cleared this up. So, Maxwell has different "aspects" of his view of the world. You are only concerned with the aspects that are conveniant to you and your noble cause. Ahh, Maxwell and his nice idealistic views of the world...
And Joe and his perfectly clean bolg (I mean blog) world. Ahhh.... Now I can sleep in peace.

I have not heard anything from Ron Maxwell that has left me feeling even remotely appalled, is what I am saying. The stuff you are reprinting here from his article does not bother me. You seem to be overthinking this.

suburbanite said:

Actually Joe, prince may have one thing pegged: ask John Grigsby about the sales tax referendum of 2002--the same year that a state "park" bond was passed with help from a lot of expensive lit from the Piedmont Environmental Council (which Maxwell serves as a director) talking about saving land for more public parks. What's not to love?

Well, how about the bulk of the money in the bond being earmarked for equestrian camping facilities, so that people could take their horses camping in existing parks? Or the grants for "interpreters" in existing parks? Re-enactors spend an awful lot of money being authentic, shouldn't they be paid with tax dollars to play let's pretend on the actual hallowed ground of the events they imitate?

And let's not forget the annual Scholastic Book Fair in our public schools, which prominently featured Maxwell's coffee table book about his movie the year it came out (and didn't do so well). Why not use tax supported events to support such a fine man?

Kind of like the Hallowed Ground summer camp offerred through the public school system for only five hundred bucks this summer?

In 2002 the anti-tax conservatives were unexpectedly joined by the no growth lobby against the sales tax referendum, and the tax conservatives seemed happy to have found some common ground in a good cause.

The only problem was that the rabid no growth minority was seeking an issue to ride on, as they always do. By election day it was no longer about taxes but about "sprawl"--evil development lobbyists had bribed Richmond to raise taxes just to build roads to increase development.

You had a thread about Mr. Weintraub's letter and who is the instigator? That's just the way the game is played here--coalition-building is often merely a fleeting opportunistic moment.

Prince may only be saying make sure your issue remains the issue. IOW, now that you've gathered the crowd, watch out because here come the bicycle salesmen!

prince said:


10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Finally we get a decent candidate who can probably better the county...and here come the naysayers who want me to support their guys or else I'm badmouthing the party. But as in all hypocrisy, it's perfectly alright to come here and badmouth Mr. Ahlemann.
He's TWICE the conservative and Republican any of the CPR is. The republican party was a convienant place to park and ride along until the social conservatives discovered that you'd gladly tear their house down to get what you want.
It's all about the money that you can get from the massive sellout of Loudoun County.....politicians and parties be damned.

Sorry to tell you, but this trainride is over, fellow. If the social conservatives in the party don't stop it cold, your fellow citizens will in November. One way or the other.
All you can do is flap your jaw and be assured it falls on twice the deaf ears today as it did six months ago.

G Stone said:

Mr Maxwell had it right. He takes the multi-cultural leftist social engineers to task. He calls them for what they are and they respond in their usual empty headed knee jerk manner. You see they are scared. The villagers are pissed and are making their way pitch forks and torches in hand up to the castle to toss the elitist nitwits out on their latte padded rear ends. The villagers have had enough !!

G Stone said:

Mr Maxwell had it right. He takes the multi-cultural leftist social engineers to task. He calls them for what they are and they respond in their usual empty headed knee jerk manner. You see they are scared. The villagers are pissed and are making their way pitch forks and torches in hand up to the castle to toss the elitist nitwits out on their latte padded rear ends. The villagers have had enough !!

suburbanite said:

Did prince badmouth Mr. Ahlemann? I didn't.

Mr. Maxwell has gotten a lot of mileage memorializing the plantation lifestyle, which still exists in parts of Loudoun.

Back then it was supported by an invisible army that DIDN'T have to be paid, although much breath was spent on how much it cost to care for them properly.

Do Mr. Burton's comments of record (now officially declared a "misinterpretation" upon their uniformly negative reception) refer to a current invisible army?

Can't be, because only developers hire illegal aliens, right?


Yes, yes, I know you have taken me to school on this topic before and we probably agree on most issues.

The thing is, there are plenty of people fighting other battles and that is fine, because personally I don't have time to even pay attention to them all much less fight them all.

I tend to be skeptical about jumping into fights that I don't have an immediate stake in because of not having thought through the issues.

From what I know of Ron Maxwell, he does not seem like the type to say tax the people to provide campgrounds for our horses. If he is saying that, I will stand here now and say, I disagree. You heard it here first: "No taxpayer funded horse campgrounds, declares Budzinski."

Liking someone, and not being 100% in agreement with everything they say, tends not to be a big deal to me.

After all, I find both Dean Settle and Eugene Delgaudio charming.

Anonymous said:

Alhemann? Who said Alhemann? Where in the world did that come from?

Anyway, I believe that Maxwell called Help Save Loudoun for what it is. "He takes the" gullable antiillegal immigrant groups and "calls them for what they are and they respond in their usual empty headed knee jerk manner. You see they are scared. The villagers are pissed and are making their way pitch forks and torches in hand up to the castle to toss the elitist nitwits out on their latte padded rear ends. The villagers have had enough !!"
I believe that Maxwell has rounded up an army!
And my, who are you suburbanite? I think I like you!

subrubanite said:

Peace Joe.

Actually, we have already been taxed to send horses to camp--five years ago this November. Mr. Maxwell may not have said it personally, but he serves as a director of the organization that spent a lot of money in untaxed in-kind contributions to get it passed.

You have picked your battle, no diffused focus. Cool.

As long as you "hold the reins", so to speak!

Blog on!

Sometimes, it isn't the issue that wins or loses, it is the presentation of the issue. The Sony/Betamax vs. VHS is a perfect example. Betamax was by far the technically superior format, but lost. The 68000 processors superior to 8086. Guess what? The best lost.

If someone reads what is posted here, they will see childish arguments that have an agenda that is clear being pushed by inarticulate people. I am finding that there are people posting here that I would ignore their posts, not for what they say, but for how they say it. I don't believe I am alone. I also believe that many people would make up their minds based on opposition to what these immature posters are supporting (if they are for "it" then I'm against "it").

Sigh. Sometimes I worry about our country. Often the children I teach in high school are more thoughtful than the people I see here. Perhaps some of the people I see here are younger? My worry is somewhat lessened by seeing children that can think.

prince said:

Sigh. Yes, I do so agree. I do so worry about our country when important issues are debated on blogs to such an extent that comments from anonymous individuals have significant sway over our opinions and interpretations of events. I worry when blogs, a form of electronic communication that eliminates traditional discourse that requires personal responsibility, thoughtfulness, and courtesy, are able to have a significant enough impact that people would formulate their positions, either for or against an issue. It is also of great concern to me that this medium would be regarded as having sufficient relevance that it would have any impact upon our community and upon individual lives, an overwhelming majority of which will never participate in or even imagine this most bizarre medium of public discourse.

Hey, YOU are the one exercising inordinate sway over others' opinions, my good man. Tell us your real name, prince, and we'll be well on our way toward making the world a better place.

BlackOut said:

Wow, it's amazing what Dan's shallow intellect will spur, facinating discussion. Sorry I missed it live.

Greg Ahlemann said:

Somehow these blogs seem to get side tracked by personal attacks. It is quite amusing. Ron Maxwell is a gifted speaker with a unique perspective on the problem of illegal immigration. I believe most of us agree the federal government (R's or D's)does not care to do anything significant to solve this issue. It seems there are two schools of thought on how to proceed. We can, as the Democrat for sheriff believes, leave this to the federal government. Or we can, as I believe, use the tools the federal government (ICE) has given us to do something locally. I guess there is a third school of thought, that would be that as the independent for sheriff believes, you should go with which ever way the public opinion is going. The first plan is what we have been doing for at least 12 years under the current sheriff without much success. The second option is one that I believe strongly in. Now here is the fun part. We can all have a say in this. Go to the sheriff's candidates debate on September 25th (location to be determined) then go vote on November 6th. I hope the passion that is expressed here and other sites translates to a high voter turnout. Clearly, there are many more issues to the local races than immigration, which is why I encourage all to go to all of the League of Women Voter's debates and decide for yourself. Clearly, I am biased in my opinion of this race and the candidates. I believe the democrat represents what some people believe is the appropriate way to deal with this issue. If so, he is you candidate.

On the other hand I have had recent discussions with current friends in the Sheriff's Office which revolve around keeping their word. As delegates to the Republican convention Mr Simpson and I had to sign a pledge which stated we would support the winner of the convention. I may be old-fashioned but I still believe that if you expect people to trust you, you need to honor you word. My friends and our deputies have to sign their name everyday on tickets, criminal complaints, search warrants and reports. By doing so they are expected to tell the truth and mean what they say. This is clearly a foundation for our system of enforcing the law. The question has been raised as to whether or not the deputies need to keep their word or mean what they say when they sign their name if their sheriff and leader of the department does not have to keep his. I must admit this issue is more disturbing to me than what side of the immigration issue you are on. Is it important for our law enforecement to tell the truth and keep their word? I look forward to November 6th for the voters of Loudoun County to have their voice heard.

Dan said:

I will ignore the personal attacks, as we all know, when the facts are not on your side, this is all that remains.

The hiring of illegal migrants has become the perfect white collar crime. Why do I say this ? The answer to this question is obvious, those normally opposed to the greed of business and government have let themselves become duped by the false compassion perpetuated by the profiteers. Those that have anointed themselves as the "intellectuals" have become the most vocal segment of our society in the defense of hiring illegal migrants, and the very same business community that they have traditionally held in contempt. I fail to see any rationale in this.

The same "intellectuals" point out to us every day that we cannot win in Iraq as we have become embroiled in a quagmire caused by a clash of subcultures. Iraq as we all know is a country of discrete enclaves of differing cultures, more commonly referred to as a multicultural society. The question I have for these "intellectuals" is simply this - If a multicultural society is demonstrably bad for Iraq, why is it also not demonstrably bad for America ? If we allow the establishment of non-assimilated multicultural enclaves here, then this too is our future.

suburbanite said:

More of the same in today's Loudoun Extra:


In the second letter it appears Mr. Sloyan (retired Newsday journalist of Paeonian Springs and chair of the Western Loudoun Stakeholders Group) is MUCH more comfortable with his own scary strawman of "evil developer" than with his construction "Manuel".

Throw in a little Republican bashing and a rehash of the FBI boogeyman (which he has the grace to admit won't play out until after the elections--two years since the fishing FOIA and still nothing but innuendo, but believe him and vote against Republicans anyway! ESPECIALLY since they are so mean to poor strawman "Manuel"!), and the issue tug-of-war continues.

Is it really all about illegal meaning illegal, or should we just fix the problem at the source and stop all development so the pristine world of the past can come alive again (for the few...the proud...the apologists...)

Stay tuned!

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Maybe Manuel will make us forget annual 28 to 40 percent increases in Loudoun home tax assessments from 2004 to 2006 after the Republicans took over. (Some anti-tax party.) Or the supervisors' near doubling of the county budget in the past four years, in hopes of keeping up with new development after new development.

Spin THAT, sub-blurb.
And tell me what you know about that investigation's progress. I could trump what you know.
It is looking AN AWFUL LOT like the Rbt. Claude Cotton case back in 1960....
Five developers went to jail with three former Supervisors. Larry Beerman's FATHER was one in the lot......of all people!!!
Proof that the apple don't fall awfully far from the tree??

suburbanite said:

10-foot, let's have the same conversation again!

When you and the rest of the choir talk about your taxes going through the roof (in the face of a steady ~1% tax rate), you are leaving several crucial items out of your argument.

The first is the huge appreciation of your real property assets since you acquired them, and the second is the grossly skewed tax structure in Loudoun.

Ergo, the lion's share of your tax increase is due to your increase in wealth. I know, I know, it's only any good to you if you sell (not really--you should have a hefty loan-to-value ratio going for you).

Now add in the possibility that you (like many people in the low density area) are getting a massive tax break through the land use program (no matter what percent of your income, if any, is produced on your very lightly taxed acreage), and you don't have much of an argument other than that you don't want to pay what your stuff is worth now.

I saw one of your screeds over at the supposed conservative playpen, where you were talking about how you had planned cost-of-living tax increases into your fiscal plan for retirement, and it was gone in three years.

I've read enough of your stuff to know you are the smartest guy alive, so it really struck me as sad that you had planned so myopically as to think nothing would ever change here. Really, I got worried about you, in case real money worries were what made you so angry and mean.

Then a while later you were sneering at some hapless soul about all the campaign donations you make through your various companies and land holdings in many counties, and how it takes some real looking to find them.

Busted, chum.

Let's talk about all your tax shelters and equalize the playing field with those poor sods you seem to hate so much (who pay straight rate, either on the new homes you despise or the older modest ones you patronize by proxy).

Then let's use illegal immigration to rant about the other people who moved to "your" county.

I remember the Fairfax case, and it was a lot more similar to the last board that ramrodded in exclusionary zoning and a skewed set of tax shelters for folks like you, only to see it thrown out in court because they were in such a hurry to start remaking the world for their buddies they couldn't even advertise it properly.

I repeat: fishing FOIA two years ago and nothing to report yet.

Funny, when two constituents FOIAed Burton (as is their right), I seem to recall the other blog being pretty outraged about it.

I heard a rumor that Burton even sent out the personal information of the two who submitted the FOIA and urged people to contact them, which it seems they did and none too kindly.

What are the cyber-stalking laws these days, anyway?


I don't know where you get your ideas, but they don't match me.

I live in a townhouse in Leesburg. I am the sole breadwinner for my family as a teacher in Loudoun county schools. I make less than 50k/year as a teacher (yes, I used to make a lot more, but I am giving back now). My tax increases are outrageous, but in one sense, the assessed value I cannot complain about (the houses here do sell for the assessed rate). What I complain about is that while you are saying my "wealth" has increased, I have nothing to show for it. My house is not an investment, it is where I live. That is true for most people that aren't in the top tier.

The loan to value ratio does me no good. I don't barrow against where I live. So what good does that do me?

Massive tax break for land use program ... on a 1/5 acre lot? Come on! Get real.

My argument is that what a person's taxes are for his home should be fixed at the time of purchase. If the county needs more money, vote to increase the tax rates, vote to increase other taxes. I do not approve of tax increases by default. If the government needs more money, the elected officials should have to vote to get it, not take it by back door increases of inflation (income tax bracket creep) or property valuation increases. If they need more money, fine. But they ought to have to vote on the increase.

When I contribute to a candidate, it comes from the food off my table, or the savings in my bank. I don't have companies, holdings in any county other than the home in which I live here.

Can I now say "busted chum" back at you?

I dislike tax increase by default. I dislike overcrowded housing and zoning violations. I tend to think there isn't a good solution to a lot of problems that are happening because of development past -- which implies a right to develop for those that now own land, but flies in the face of those that want reasonable commutes, and developers that cry foul at having to do more set-asides and up front costs for developing than prior developers. There are a dozen easy answers that are to simple to address all the inequities that have gone before.

There are some things that make sense that some folks are saying. *Illegal* immigration is just that: illegal. Those that are the stewards of the citizens are responsible for finding solutions that are reasonable, and as fair as practicable as possible. They also need to be able to show all concerned entities such as citizens, developers, and land owners that none of them is taking the entire brunt of the solution. How that would look I'm glad I don't have to decide -- even if I can do it, it would not be popular with any group, as all would have to cede something of their position to be fair.


You have my vote, and I have, and continue to support you as the best choice we have. If for no other reason, than you are honest -- and I really think your mom is great for teaching Abigail!


Jack said:

Re. the real-estate taxes: It is exactly for that reason that Adam Smith recommended taxes on the RENT of land. The rental prices did not go up nearly as much as the purchase prices. (That was the key to seeing that the market was overheated -- that the rents were not keeping up. When the rental prices get back above 1% of the purchase price per month, the market will rebound.) Rental prices track much more closely with income. Furthermore, under Smith's proposal, vacant rental property was not taxes, and one's home would be taxed at the rental rate for an equivalent house. (There are many more rent checks written in a year than there are home sales, so the rental assessments could be much more accurate.)

My advice for everyone is to read The Wealth of Nations: http://www.econlib.org/LIBRARY/Smith/smWN.html

Since so much of politics involves taxation, the spending of those taxes, subsidies, foreign trade, and welfare, it is almost impossible to have any understanding of politics without an understanding of economics. The foundation of modern economics is The Wealth of Nations.

suburbanite said:

Brian, I wasn't talking to or about you. You seem to be one of the people making up the difference in taxes that are NOT charged to anyone with at least five acres in excess of their homesite who is within a mile of an agricultural/forestal district and keeps their grass mowed, thereby qualifying for an open-space land use tax break. (What an oxymoron THAT is.)

There was even a Leesburg area subdivision in land-use under the last board, and it was Beacon Hill. It is no longer in land use, but plenty of properties that grow nothing are.

It seems we agree that the value of the asset has driven the increases, and that the value is real (as it always will be under supply/demand).

I too am on less than an acre, and I can think of quite a few people who have many times the land I do, and pay a fraction of the taxes for meeting a very low bar in a system of tax-shelters, all the while making a lot of noise about how growth (built by illegal aliens, now) has raised their taxes.

Exclusionary land use has raised the value of their property in the face of continuing demand. The tax-shelter "economy" continues, to the true detriment of people like you (and me).

Yes, illegal is illegal. It needs to stop and the whole ineffective system needs to be redone.

Making the problem about Loudoun growth won't fix it, particularly if one of the issues on the table is eliminating free rides for people who come here illegally.

Great smoke screen for people who get a whole set of free rides from the rest of us on taxes to try to make the issue about residential growth; if they knew everyone in every house in Loudoun was here legally, would they like and welcome new residents?

I tend to doubt it.

Sanity said:

Jack, interesting proposal. Do you know of any localities using rents as a taxation basis?

I agree about the economics & politics. When we were a much younger nation the vast majority of our politics was economics based (you could make a case that it's still true, but certainly more complex).

Jack said:

No, I do not think there are any localities that tax rent instead of property value.

I contend that politics is even MORE about economics than before. In the early days, it was mostly restricted to defense and courts. Now we have absurd detail in our taxation systems, socialized medicine for the poor and aged, social security, etc. As I pointed out earlier, in the 1950's, 57% of our budget was for defense, and 19% was for social programs. Those numbers have switched, even with the war costs, but everyone blames the war for our budget deficit.

Sanity said:

The Revolution was really fought over economics: The Boston Tea Party, restrictions on Yankee Traders, etc.

No, we blame Bush's tax cuts for the budget deficit. We blame the war for just wasting money and lives and making the situation worse.

I agree we have absurd detail in our taxation system, and we spend a much higher percentage of the budget on social programs. Some good in my opinion, some not so good.

We now place a much higher priority on health care. In the "old days" (like the first half of the 20th century) people had many more kids and expected to lose a couple. Now we have less expectation that anyone will die young (at least in the "majority" culture) and we also live longer. Lastly, we became a much richer nation after WWII.

All of this has driven an increase in social programs. The danger, I think, isn't in social programs, per se, but in thinking of them as "entitlements". I was pleased with welfare was radically modified in the early '90's. However, I think we're long past the point where we can travel back to the '50's. I wouldn't want to.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Suburbanite, again....you are wrong. You always are.
I planed for 15 percent rises in my taxes for every year till I'm 80.
That ain't myopic, dummy. That's realistic anywhere else.
I take it that you subscribe to the old "we weren't smart enough to find them, so you didn't make any contributions." crap used for the WMD in Iraq by dumbocraps.

And don't sit there and type about my superwealth on my land. Your type makes moneyt that way. I brought mine with me, thanks.
COCS ratios will set you right. And be sure, that even though you and your supervisor friends do not want a COCS ratio done in this county (because the KNOW that it'll show whatr they've known all along.) the day is coming in less than 60 days where the county will get the chance to vote thru a COCS study to determine the three respective rates and how far out of balance this board has been. It'll be a fitting epitaph for their careers.

Commercial use has dropped 18% under this board. Residential (the infrastructure killer) has doubled in approvals, and gone up significantly in actual builds, while the rural properties (the real equal contributor of monies to the commercial offerings)is diminishing. It's a recipe for disaster, and lays down the blame in solid figures and facts.
Rural properties only use 45% of every dollar they pay in. Residential units in the infrastructure use all of every dollar they pay in, and then come back for another .50 from the county treasury.
How hard is it to do that math, babs??

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Do not get me started on two old hags regarding FOIA requests. I've already contacted the DOJ to see exactly how far my privacy has been invaded and if the e-mails are used for any other purpose in the campaign, I'll ask to add voter intimidation to the lists of charges.

jack said:

"No, we blame Bush's tax cuts for the budget deficit."

Again you show your ignorance, inSanity. Taxes have gone UP under Bush, both in real terms and as percentage of GDP: http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/81xx/doc8116/05-18-TaxRevenues.pdf

Some tax cuts.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I also always enjoy the poor Citizen's for PROFIT rights arguments one day that we're driving DOWN the land prices, and then the next day telling us that we've driven the costs UP....all depending on the particular argument and the random feelings of the poster that day.

jack said:

"However, I think we're long past the point where we can travel back to the '50's. I wouldn't want to."

No air conditioning.

suburbanite said:

10-foot: why don't we cut to the chase?

The last time we had this discussion, it ended when I proposed exploration of a sliding scale of taxes for land use, related to percentage of income produced from use of the land (which would pretty much eliminate the open space private tax-shelter NON-use). You apparently saw no need for discussing it, and began your bleat about COCS.

I know it is a big favorite of the American Farmland Trust, but as such it cherry picks: i.e., let's back up from the conclusions and only use those facts which seem to produce them.

One fact is:

We have a skewed tax system here in Loudoun.

Another fact is:

Mr. Burton is not above FOIA, and may be in some pretty hot water for misusing the personal information of the individuals who had every right to request documents from his government account.

Tax-funded, remember?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Funny how the State's top attorney and the DOJ just don't see it that way.
You can't ask for someone else's private information, and then keep yours hidden. That's the biggest hypocrisy of all.

As far as a sliding scale?
Why? Everything that you presented that shows the necessity of it is bullshit. That's why I didn't bother last time either.
Love the new Firetti material , by the way. More direct misinformation by the (they think they are) pros.
I'll be glad when November gets here. I can actually stop trying to get the real message out to the voters that washes your crap down the ...well, you know... and start implementing steps to keep self-serving jackasses out of the offices....because they won't meet the ethical standards the next time they run.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Documents? Yes.
Mailing list. NO.
They can request every copy on earth of the newsletter itself. But individuals have to be given the option to opt out of their personal info being given to Godknowswho.

Ms. Madison is a mystery to me,(albeit, the girl ain't right).. but I know most people have figured out that Sally has a screw or two loose. Ask anybody who's met her.

suburbanite said:

Of course you don't want to talk sliding scale--it actually makes sense, rewarding real producers and closing shelter loopholes for big yards. As for COCS, even though American Farmland Trust made it up, if only 80 have been done nationwide (by smart growth advocacy groups working from the AFT model), maybe they don't have the track record yet to be THE method of government.

Unless of course you are advocating for Loudoun to be a test tube for this too, along with traffic calming and the other policy idiocies concocted here to protect a "way of life" (cue "Gods and Generals" music).

You sound pretty unbalanced over the FOIA; were you one of the threateners, like you do here, there and everywhere?

Naaah, you're too smart for that, and it's beneath you.

G Stone said:

Who is this Dan Guy ?

Man this guy is making sense while at the same time sticking his thumb in the eye of the " intellectuals"

Some of you might want to pay attention while putting on your safety goggles.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

I'm not unbalanced. I and a whole segment of the local population see the desperate hypocrisy that was revealed when these two nutjobs asked for personal information, but thought that their personal information was immune from such manuvuers.
They asked for the addresses, and they recieved ALL THAT COMES WITH THAT REQUEST...People are perfectly within their right to call them and write them to address their illegal request for personal information.
Who thinks they are high and mighty now? I think that if you demand one thing pertaining to people you regard as "beneath" you, and at the same time do not think that the sword can cut the other way because you are somehow "above" that, you're a hypocrite.

And as for your dismissal of the COCS...well, I expected as much from you. You have a vested interest in NOT performing the ratio study, as do five supervisors. It will immediately shine a light on their activities and put a blemish on their legacy for all to see.

I didn't hold a gun to their heads and tell them to service the developer's every need. Nobody told them to run over the little man's wallet in the county buildout in their rush to accomodate their own interests. They work for all of us, and they had no right to serve their interest while on "our" watch.
There is no sliding scale feasibility. That's what you and the dumbass Roherty want everyone to believe, because it somehow excuses those who want to make THEIR fortunes on the backs of the taxpayers who will no doubt have to pick up the tab for the houses that are jammed into those properties.
I support controlled building. I support the smaller builders who live here, pay taxes here, employ local help,and buy materials here. They make their money here, but they also spend it here.
Bringing in Toll Brothers, Centex Homes and all other companies incorporated in Delaware or other locations outside of our county is just insane. They come in, build out and then move on to the next county, leaving all of the county with the bill.
You keep trying the sad old story of "us against them". Meanwhile, support for a regime change has grown to three times the size it was in the east under your nose over the past three years. Those good people aren't dumb. They KNOW EXACTLY why the taxes keep going up, and they've joined us in massive numbers with the intent to get the bums out who caused this. Now, we have a fantastic opportunity to put in a few great republicans to those offices, and you're already here knocking a couple of them using a developer's litmus test?
You're not really a republican,because Ahlemann is the Republican candidate from an above board Convention (we saw to that) and as such, you either support him or declare your support for an independent candidate who can't keep his word, or you just vote for the democrat.
Those are your three choices, like them or not.
The fact that people like you have used the republican party as a convienance for the past 8 years is pathetic, but I'm certain that everyone in the county is seeing your kind's "true" colors emerge with every post that seeks to diminish Ahlemann's campaign.
You're the keeper of "The Big Lie" that is propogating the myth that we're the elites.
You and your buddies poured three times the money into an attempt to keep building in 2003, not us.

suburbanite said:

10-foot: Who are you talking to? There's just me here.

Calm down now, big fella. The FOIA on Burton was NOT illegal, or he wouldn't have had to cough it up. (Is that another law that will magically come into being if your good old boys get elected?)

As to COCS, this link is pretty interesting:


I particularly like how they will use "selected" data and year studies to "create the messages you need" to lobby for PDRs and "friendly" land use tax systems.

You really need to stop talking about this land-trust-created lobbying service as if it is a legitimate government budget tool everywhere else but here.

I know that Mr. Ahlemann is the Republican candidate. I also know you look ridiculous being holier than everyone on pledges.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Why do I look ridiculous?
I'm keeping my pledge on all that I can legally vote for.
Chairman, Catoctin District, Sheriff and the treasurer.
What did I miss?
And I'm supporting Jill, too.
I just can't vote for a crook. And Firetti just went out on that limb. I'm contemplating dropping him off my ballot.
And look elsewhere. You're fixated on one website that mentions COCS.
Never mind you didn't dare copy the reasons why COCS ratios have never been shot down.
I'm tired. I won't be wasting anymore of my precious time debating a dumbass who REALLY does believe everything that developers put in front of them, but cannot rationalize even the simplest cost analysis in real time for themselves.
I have an election coming up....one that you'll lose anyway. So your time might best be spent out there with me amongst actual voters.... cause I sure am.

suburbanite said:

10-foot, aren't you the same fellow who said he was gald to have a reason to break his pledge on Firetti? Or are there two of you?

Meanwhile, you and the rest of the playpen set bash on with the other Republican candidates.

I'm not fixated on this one teeny weeny site with COCS--this is the website of the lobbying land trust that MADE THEM UP.

This is THE source for COCS material.

Wouldn't that then be tTHE place to go to find out how to lobby our own government, through selected data, to craft a message of friendlier taxes for people with large lots?

You are one funny guy!

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Yup. If he starts singing Brian Roherty's crap, I'll withdraw my vote.
That is just intentional misdirection (you know all about that) and trying to use people's ignorance of who backs him.
Dale Polen-Myers isn't finished with her domination of the county buildout (in her mind) and she and all of her minions (of which I highly suspect you to be) are going into hyperdrive trying desperately to spin this into a discussion about us "rich folks" out here.
I paid around what most in the east payed for their lots. There was just more land around mine, and a simpler house that was perfect for me.
So drop the "elite" priviledged crap.
And I dropped in on my Sunday. Time is short on the computer, because I work everyday out here.
Keep piling your horsecrap. I'm mucking more of it out here. And I definitely recognise it when I see it.
I'm often attacked as a bully. Is that what you call someone who goes toe-to-toe with you when you attempt to bully them?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

One of the most important implications of the COCS literature is that proponents of farmland and open space preservation now have an important economic argument on their side. Some proponents of economic development have argued that a system that allows land to go to the highest bidder provides the most efficient economic results. The COCS findings, however, indicate that residential development often brings costs to the community that are not fully borne by the new residents, but instead are distributed throughout the community. Local leaders should be aware that efforts to "promote growth" in their communities will have substantial impacts on revenues and expenditures. They should be able to estimate these impacts when planning for the future.

Two things emerge when reflecting on the COCS issue. The first is that residential development in any area invariably leads to increased per capita demand for publicly provided services, placing increased burdens on local infrastructure and public agencies. As a result, increases in local tax rates to provide additional services tend to follow growth. Second is that members of each community should ask themselves the broader question, "How do we manage growth in our community, along with all of the impacts (both positive and negative) that it brings?"
You and your kind seem to think that farmland is a bad thing.
Loudoun has been farmland for over two hundred years.
Bedroom communities out this far have only been around for 20.
As an old Virginia boy, my perception is that you moved into my neck of the woods, and not the other way around. You don't understand rural...and it shows.

suburbanite said:

10-foot, I think farmland is a great thing. That's why I get riled when people who aren't producing agricultural goods other than as a hobby (or not at all) get a big tax benefit.

You ARE funny, because COCS was your bible, veiled as a GOVERNMENT tool, until someone (me) posted that it is a lobbying tool of land trusts. Even the quotes on the website (of the lobbying organization that created COCS, and runs them for OTHER LOBBYING ORGANIZATIONS to USE on governments) are hilarious: "this was such a big help to our county government"...signed ANOTHER LAND TRUST.

If you are "often attacked as a bully", maybe that should tell you something.

I've lived in this part of Virginia for 50 years now, so wrong tree to bark up on the "come here" dismissal.

If you are really concerned about bringing people together (other than the ones who already think you're right), maybe you could try a little attitude adjustment, coupled with a little party-building. All I see from you and the rest of the tough guys are efforts to tear down.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

If tearing down rids us of the foul-ups under FBI scrutiny right now, then I'm definitely in for the teardown....followed by a huge rebuild of the party completely free of special interest contributors and their moles in the LCRC.

You don't have to like it. You just have to swallow that pill in November.

50 years is nice, but as you've read somewhere, my roots in Va. go all the way back to 1641. I have a very vested interest in what's done with her.

As I've also said, but you've deliberately overlooked on a number of occasions, I don't think we should stop building houses in Loudoun, but I DO THINK it's time we looked at how fast that should be done and study how the infrastructure and my taxes will support that.
Going all out to satisfy the developer contributor's expectations for their cash is not how that's supposed to be done, because somebody gets shafted and is expected to pick up the tab that they didn't....usually the taxpayer.

Yup, I am tough, even in person, if you just happen to try to back me down or browbeat me. Just for giggles,try it sometime. I won't flinch first, if that's what your gettin' at. You know very little about my former bosses.

suburbanite said:

10-foot, thanks for owning up to a desire to destroy the local party. I guess you have to, if it is to be remade in your image.

Makes sense too, if you plan to persist that it is the natural order for others to make up the taxes you don't pay.

The newly manufactured status-quo of the last board must continue, so you can live the life you deserve at the price you prefer.

No more COCS-ranting?

What a maroon you are sometimes!

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

More people than me are ready to take it back from the nuts that run it right now. You can misdirect all you want with lil 'ol me, but you still have thousands of shunned and misplaced Republicans in all of the districts to to the same to.
They are anxious to come back, but they just won't do it while the jerks run the local committee.
No matter. In either March at the Mass Meeting, or possibly earlier, if the 10th District Chair sees fit, we'll be reconstituting the local committee. After the horrendous showing in November, I predict much of the memebership here to jump ship and get away from the Profit Rights crowd and vote them out, together with masses of disaffected Republicans who've been on the outside of the committee for 7 long years in some cases.

Your rambling on about my unfair advantage due to Agriculture use is fiction, and I REFUSE to even acknowledge stupidity if I can.

suburbanite said:

I'm curious how the 10th District is going to do that with a straight face.

With Warner (and someday Wolf) retiring I guess it makes good sense for the Green GOP to start their powerplay to take over RPV now, given that the Green GOP already runs the only part of the 10th that matters (the Chair, and headquarters in The Plains, as opposed to the real thousands and thousands of Republicans who live nowhere near that particular piece of real estate, or in that rarified income bracket).

Are the thousands and thousands of people who agree with you (even though the papers report you real insiders can't get a resolution passed to save your lives, first on the convention, then to throw people you hate out of "your" party) going to suddenly materialize when LI's contact at RPV and the 10th District Chair dissolve the committee for you and your buddies?

And of course there is absolutely no personal or professional benefit to LI, given his own state position within his organization, which has NO stake in such an outcome at all, right?

How bout those COCS? Are they a government budgeting tool used everywhere but corrupt here, or a lobbying tool by lobbying groups for lobbyists?

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

Your ignorance is truly astounding. I don't need to waste any more of my precious (and I damn guarantee that) time interfacing with anyone who thinks that the crap they've stated here is somehow put me on the ropes about COCS ratios. The fact is, I realize that you're very impressed with your own typing (while others will simply yawn at it)and that there is no "reasonable" person on your side of this screen. I thereby begin to ignore you right now.

Just sit back and watch the show, and have a nice life, or as much as you can when you see theresults in November.

suburbanite said:

Vaya con Dios, Jefe 10-foot.

Now how did I know you would respond that way?


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