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In an amusing little story in the Washington Post about why the Jews are more intelligent than the rest of us, there was this little tidbit:

Entine flashed a slide titled "Smart Jews" and another announcing "Mozart and Einstein IQ>160. What about yours?"

Wasn't Mozart Catholic?

More Romo-mania

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Ah, all is right with the world.

After weeks of wondering when quarterback Tony Romo will get a new deal, the wondering can cease.

Romo and the Cowboys have agreed in principal on a six-year extension worth $67.5 million, which includes just north of $30 million guaranteed, league sources told FOXSports.com.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled world crisis.

Telling The Truth Is Hazardous Business

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[My opinion: Heh. To the extent anyone pays attention to this story, it is ultimately going to work to Greg Ahlemann's favor. Dismissing tickets is a widespread practice, and Mr. Ahlemann inadvertantly, by simply telling the truth, caused his opponents for the sheriff's seat to take untenable knee-jerk public positions which anyone familiar with the workings of law enforcement will immediately recognize as BS. Mr. Ahlemann apparently did a fine job making his case more clearly on all of the local television news outlets this afternoon. This is the type of story that is only effective if it does not have the opportunity to percolate in public consciousness. Once people begin to think about it, they realize the guy telling the truth is on the much more solid ground. The Post sprang it a week too early.]

[Mr. Ahlemann also stated today: "Any voters who don't want to hear their Sheriff telling the truth shouldn't vote for me."]

Yesterday's attempted October surprise on Loudoun County Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann by reporter Bill Brubaker of the local "we try harder" publication has, unsurprisingly, turned into another signature boomerang piece by the Washington Post.

Discerning readers might have gathered from the original story that the contention of supposedly "experienced" Loudoun sheriff candidates Mike George and Steve Simpson that they never dropped tickets or asked for them to be dismissed does not quite ring true. As two officers interviewed in the story stated, it is a common practice. How could Mr. Simpson and Mr. George, with such long service records, have avoided the practice?

Former Loudoun County sheriff's deputy Dave Price (2001-2006) has an explanation: "Total hogwash."

"Dropping tickets" is, according to Mr. Price, "very commonplace."

Regarding the Washington Post reports of the statements by both candidates Mr. Simpson and Mr. George, Mr. Price said any law enforcement officers "read that, they know he's either straighter than any straight arrow they've ever known - or else he's lying."

Mr. Price said his father, a police officer for over three decades, confirmed he "did not know of any that haven't taken a call" to drop tickets.

Mr. Price recalled an incident in which he ticketed a teenage girl for speeding. Soon afterwards, a Fairfax County Police Department lieutenant asked Mr. Price to dismiss the ticket because the girl was on the local softball team. Mr. Price complied - which he said is the practice nearly all the time.

Another incident precipitated Mr. Price's resignation from the Sheriff's Office, about three weeks before he left.

On that day in 2006, Mr. Price was manning radar on River Creek Parkway in Landsdowne, where residents had been complaining of frequent speeders in the 35 mile an hour zone. He clocked a vehicle traveling at 55-60 miles per hour, and proceeded to pull it over. The driver became "belligerent with me, cursing me up and down," Mr. Price relates.

"He would not calm down. Finally his friend in the passenger seat told him to 'shut up, let's just go to court.'"

After writing the ticket, as he drove away, Mr. Price got a message from Sheriff Steve Simpson asking him to call Mr. Simpson's personal cell phone number. According to Mr. Price, Mr. Simpson asked him to drop the ticket, saying "The guy is some building contractor the county is trying to schmooze to get some building built. He said you were very professional with him. He has had lots of tickets and is worried that his insurance will go up. Would you mind getting rid of the ticket?"

Mr. Price agreed to drop the ticket and reports this is when he begain looking for another job.

The Post's Mr. Brubaker elected to just now release a story that would have been breaking news in January of this year.

At that time, former deputy and candidate for sheriff Greg Ahlemann issued a press release detailing an incident that took place in September, 2006, when Lt. Colonel Randy Badura pressured a deputy to agree to drop charges against Bruce Zurschmeide, who the deputy had charged with the triple misdemeanors of DUI, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test and attempting to elude police. The deputy was asked to agree to the charges, which might have resulted in a sentence of year in prison, being dropped to a petty "drunk in public" which only carries a $50 fine.

Sheriff Simpson reportedly backed Mr. Badura in seeking the reduced charges.

Mr. Ahlemann took an interest in the incident as symptomatic of corruption which was hurting morale within the Sheriff's Office. He proceeded to investigate the details, some of which were divulged in the press release.

He was interviewed by Mr. Brubaker months before he won the nomination.

The Post reporter elected to sit on the story until this past Friday, October 26, when he called Mr. Ahlemann with some follow up questions.

Today, Mr. Ahlemann released to the media some background data which adds a layer of important information to the story. First is an audio recording of Mr. Ahlemann's interview with an internal affairs investigator.

The interview is worth listening to a couple times through, because it demonstrates the IA investigator is not investigating at all, but is in fact attempting to fix the story of what happened to match what would be in Mr. Badura's and Mr. Simpson's best interests. The investigator attempts to ascertain from Mr. Ahlemann that Mr. Ahlemann has not let out any information that would be damaging to the department.

Another interesting note is that the Zurschmeide family now appears to be actively promoting the false idea that the arrest of Bruce Zurschmeide was invalid (the IA interview above affirms the "arrests were good," putting the lie to the Zurschmeides' contention). A recent e-mail circulated from a member of the family argued:

Last Fall my brother was erroneously arrested on his own property by the current Sheriff's department for a DUI. After investigation, the Commonwealth Attorney reduced the charge to a misdemeanor.

In an effort to support his platform, Mr. Ahlemann claims and recently reported in the October 28th issue of the Washington Post that my brother received special treatment "by a high-ranking sheriff's official". The truth is that the arrest took place on private property and after an unsolicited investigation, the Commonwealth Attorney decided to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. My brother does not have a relationship with any high-ranking official from the Sheriff’s office, nor has he ever met Sheriff Steve Simpson. At no time did Ahlemann bother to speak to the arresting officer or to my brother about the facts of the arrest. Instead he chooses to falsely cite this incident as a platform for change.

The data - in particular the IA interview - accompanying this post, clearly shows the Zurschmeide family should have let this story die.

Regular, non-connected residents of Loudoun County know that for similar behavior they would be behind bars.

So while the Post's front page story attempted to paint Mr. Ahlemann as engaging in unusual practices, the truth of the matter strongly appears to be that Mr. Ahlemann is the only one telling the truth. Mr. Simpson - by advocating for lessening charges that would have any normal citizen facing extended time in detention - has some explaining to do in the case of Mr. Zurschmeide.

As the former deputy Mr. Price noted about Mr. Ahlemann, this entire story should "put Greg up higher because he's actually being honest about it. What's the point of lying about it?"

Supporting the original press release from Mr. Ahlemann, below the fold are copies of the original complaints in the Zurschmeide case filed by the arresting officers.

This story from the FRONT PAGE of yesterday's Post - along with the Loudoun Times-Mirror, certainly among the area's foremost political advocacy organizations - deserves thoughtful comment which I unfortunately am not yet in a position to provide.

(Day jobs are a killer, and this is one of the periodic weeks when I can't break away to do a lot of "free" work such as this blog surely can be.)

But I will try and get to it late tonight.

Just on the facts contained in the article it should have raised eyebrows among careful readers about what exactly the reporter, Brubaker, or his editors were trying to accomplish. It should also raise SERIOUS questions about why anyone would trust either of the old guys running for this office. More later ....

In the meantime, below the fold is a response from the Greg Ahlemann camp.

A New Bulwark in Centreville

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The Centreville Citizens Coalition is a brand new civic group formed to address the illegal alien problem in that area, which has become especially notorious at the library - a de facto day labor center for illegal workers. Please contact the Coalition if you are concerned and want to find like-minded people committed to solving such problems.

Referred by Blog Fu.

Fanning the Flames in Fairfax County

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Mukit Hossain, Gerry Connolly and Mahdi Bray speak about illegal immigration at a Muslim political event in Reston in August, 2007.

Actually, they don't really talk about illegal immigration, but rather they invoke fearful straw men and proceed to condemn them: Opposition to illegal immigration is "intolerance;" anybody who is not "white" will be "profiled" and "targeted"; it's "open season" on EVERYBODY.

Not the most helpful messages, to be sure. But they are worth listening to to get an idea why there is so much confusion about an issue that, at its core, is relatively simple. Luckily, most legal residents of Virginia are now far beyond being susceptible to this sort of rhetoric.

Over 50 politicians from across the political spectrum spoke before the Muslim audience. Most of the speeches were fairly tame and uncontroversial. Senate Candidate Patricia Phillips was one of the few who stated clearly her position on the rule of law with respect to illegal immigration.

Patricia actually may have been the ONLY candidate who spoke in favor of immigration enforcement - I have not had a chance to review my notes. But I do recall an attendee whispered to me "man, this woman has more stones than most of the guy-politicians here."

Here is the link to hear Patricia's address:


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giuliani and brownback.jpg

I'm not sure what to think of the result of this meeting. I've struggled with the idea of whether I could vote for Rudy Giuliani for President if he wins the nomination, but with my boy Fred Thompson and the rest of the supporting cast failing to catch Rudy at this point, this thought process moves further into my everyday contemplation.

This comment by Luis Kuhelj is one that I think deserves more prominence than buried at the end of a long string of comments, so I'm posting it here ... you may wonder why. I believe what he states is that those that found Mr. Watson's comments as bigoted made an implicitly bigoted slime against those that are less intelligent.

Louis Kuhelj said:

The outcry of those who are against the statement made by Dr. Watson clearly show how little value they place on a human being. Since when has the intelligence or the lack thereof been the sole determination of value of a human being or a particular racial group? It seems to me that even if he is right, it in no way diminishes the value of both the black community and the individuals comprising it anywhere in the world. They are as valuable as any white counterpart because we are all made in the image of Him who created us.

What is not to like about this man?

Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling District Supervisor, has stood by the legal residents of Loudoun County and is one of our few advocates for immigration enforcement on the Board of Supervisors. He stood by the residents of Herndon during the 2005 imbroglio over the day labor center and ensuing, mildly resonant 2006 elections.


He is the hardest working supervisor in Loudoun County, overseeing the Sterling District from dawn till dusk till dawn. The many residents on his e-mail list get constant updates on everything from crimes, to emergency situations, to store openings, to volunteer opportunities.


He is, frankly, beloved by the Sterling residents. Countless residents have saved his letters of congratulations and thanks - for making the honor roll, or for displaying the American flag. They know that nobody else, not even as nice a lady as Jeanne West, would cheerfully put in the time and energy that Eugene Delgaudio contributes day after day, year in and year out, advocating for this district. He has a personal connection with so many members of the Sterling community and the residents of Loudoun County.




He personally championed the immigration enforcement resolution the Loudoun Supervisors eventually approved unanimously in July - at a time when the media were excoriating any politician who dared to breathe a word about local immigration enforcement.


Small wonder all of Eugene Delgaudio's public events draw huge audiences.


Some people disapprove of his irreverent style: Oh yes, he appears to enjoy his job too much - that I will grant. But in the effort to bring a common sense approach to local government it sometimes becomes necessary to laugh certain things off. Or rather, to laugh a LOT of things off - and this is a way he particularly connects with his constituents. We all know the way the government uses our tax dollars is often ridiculous. It is refreshing to have a Supervisor such as Eugene Delgaudio who is not afraid to say when that is the case.

Illegal Hiring Discussion Continued

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Our newly emancipated friend Laura stopped in with an interesting comment in this thread, which began as follows:

I know for a fact that the last two times I hired American stonemasons neither one lasted more than a week. The first showed up at 10 am for two days, then he asked me for an advance to help him buy a car because his was broken down. Fired!

The second was an awesome stonemason but he worked a week and then ended up in jail for domestic assault. Fired!

No other Americans have applied for the job.

To which I made the following reply:

Laura, you are a hard one to decipher. Substitute any another nationality for "American" above and you have the precise formulation to get yourself publicly excoriated if not thrown in jail. In fact, I have a studiedly politically incorrect friend who just the other day made a similar observation regarding the quality of plumbing work performed by persons who might have been patrons of your former organization. But I am old school that way, and I have absolutely no problem with either my friend's generalization or yours. Because sometimes stating the truth is politically incorrect, I lean towards the truth anyway.

I am sure you would gladly allow similar blanket observations with regard to Mexicans, for instance.

And if I read you correctly, you are making the exact same type of argument guys in contracting and other trades make regarding their competitors who hire illegally.

So you seem to be a kindred spirit with some people on the "other side" of the debate from you, - except your proposed solution to illegal immigration is to simply apply a semantic trick: change the world "illegal" to "legal" for all those who have cut in line? ("comprehensive immigration reform")

You must have gotten to know SOME people who are following the legal pathway to U.S. citizenship or employment status, right? Do you honestly think it's fair to allow people who break the rules to be simply given the privileges that others have to work for? Because comprehensive immigration reform, in every form it's been proposed so far, makes those who follow the rules look like chumps.

And here is a good question that Jack used to trip Zimzo up with back in the day: Do you believe the U.S. has the right to set any limits whatsoever on how many people come into the country? If so, take the limit, the line of demarcation you consider fair - how many people are allowed in - and tell me: What do YOU say to the next million people trying to get in? What do YOU say if they just sneak in?

I would love to hear your thoughts on that question.

Help Save Loudoun is pleased to present Starletta Hairston, former councilwoman of Beaufort County, South Carolina, and Rich Kelsey, a local attorney, author and expert on illegal immigration who has been following the issue since 1994.

October 25, 2007, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Founders Hall, Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department
20688 Ashburn Road
Ashburn, VA 20147

The overall topic will be "Illegal Hiring and Illegal Migration" - how to address the root cause of illegal immigration into the U.S.

Ms. Hairston will discuss the evolution of Beaufort County's Lawful Employment Ordinance, one of the very few examples of local legislation aimed at immigration enforcement that has a) been passed, and b) avoided successful legal challenge. Help Save Loudoun has encouraged the Loudoun County Board to pass a similar measure (and has urged our lawmakers in Richmond to pass enabling legislation if needed).

Mr. Kelsey will discuss several topics, including the legal and legislative ramifications of local and state level immigration enforcement.

There will be ample time for audience question and answers. Often this is the most valuable portion of the program, where audience members can gain a great deal of information in a short period of time.

For example, some people, such as our good friend Zimzo, argue that the damage caused by illegal hiring is a myth, and that no American worker or American business owner has ever been damaged by companies hiring unauthorized workers. Others disagree with Zimzo. Who is correct? Come to the meeting and find out.

....On second thought, don't come to the meeting to find THAT out because I can tell you right now, Zimzo is dead wrong and everyone who has not been DEAD for the past five years should know it.

The only one who gets to make that absurd statement is Zimzo, and the only reason I would permit him to show up and make it is because I would have a bucket of water ready to pour over his head.

But feel free to show up and ask any other types of questions.

(Just kidding. We allow ANY questions and never even bring a bucket to these meetings.)

cuccinelli banner 2.jpg

The Fairfax Times has endorsed the right honorable state senator from Fairfax, Ken Cuccinelli or, as I like to call him, "The Man." Even the Washington Post refused to make an endorsement in this race and called Ken, "a highly intelligent and capable Republican."

The fact that a liberal editorial board can honestly say that they have to overlook how much they dislike conservatives and endorse a smart conservative like Ken Cuccinelli doesn't just say a lot about how terrible Janet's campaign has been, but it also says a lot about how much Cuccinelli deserves another term.

This blogger intends to head out to Cuccinelli headquarters and volunteer during the 72 hour program just before Nov. 6, and you should too. I say we build a firewall around Ken's district in NoVA so that we can hold onto the state senate.

Cuccinelli in 37th District

The 37th Senate District seems to be a moderate, swing district – not an ideal home base for a hardcore conservative like Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R). There are a number of things in his tenure that we find problematic – particularly his lack of support for transportation funding in the 2006 special session and his "no" vote on the governor's amended transportation bill this year – however, his opponent has given us no reason to support her.

Democrat Janet Oleszek, a school board member, had essentially nothing to offer The Times' editorial board in the way of specific ideas for the state's future. Similar to her performance in public debates, she answered questions about specific proposals with generalities. We feel it would be irresponsible to back such a weak candidate.

Cuccinelli, on the other hand, knows state issues inside and out. While we may not agree with him on a number of topics, there is no doubt as to where he stands. And, on occasion, he will go against his party on issues he feels strongly about.

He also listed a number of interesting, specific proposals for mental health reforms in the state, sure to be a top issue next year as the General Assembly tries to address the problems highlighted by the shootings at Virginia Tech earlier this year.

The 37th Senate District includes Centreville, Burke, Fairfax and parts of Springfield.

Although the vote was an extremely positive result, here are the ugly details about how some prominent senators voted. Notably, the top Democratic candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, once again demonstrated their pro-amnesty position.

Also, we saw some key Republican defections. A friend writes the following:

Senator Sam Brownback - a lost cause

Barely days after dropping out of the presidential race Senator Sam Brownback showed his true colors and voted AYE for the Amnesty. He never fooled many of us. Hopefully from this day on no one else will be fooled by this open borders/amnesty advocate. This duplicitous Senator should simply be ignored from now on. He is not to be trusted.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - needs severe chastising

Senator Kay Baily Hutchison voted AYE as well - on this AMNESTY bill that had NO enforcement provisions whatsoever. Even the very flawed so called "comprehensive amnesty bill" defeated this past summer had some enforcement provisions. This bill had none. Senator Hutchison showed that she cares more about illegal aliens than she does about her own constituents and the law abiding citizens of the United States. Senator Hutchison is not however a lost cause. She does however, need to be reminded who voted for her and whom she is supposed to serve. She needs severe chastising by the people of Texas.

Further evidence we need to take a close look at candidates demonstrating radical changes of heart on illegal immigration - both of these went through some gyrations over the past two years on the previous amnesty measures. This also brings to mind that quisling-like fellow ...

The Nightmare Act has failed a cloture vote, 52-44!

Hope in Iraq

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Maybe the death of the Republican Party will produce a birth of freedom in another country. I guess only time will tell.

Kill the bad DREAM now, as in right now

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Harry Reid is trying to push through the "DREAM" act in S 2205 while he thinks no one is looking.

This is a bad, bad bill. See the reasons below. Main reason, it is a front-door amnesty which will lead to immediate reward for illegal behavior while millions are waiting in line to enter the U.S. legally! It is an outrage. Because of chain migration it will result in a new flood of under-educated and unskilled immigrants when social services at every level of government are unable to provide adequate benefits to existing citizens.

We just received word that a group of U.S. senators' staffers are right now in a meeting with a contingent of illegal aliens pleading their case.

We also heard that the phone calls are largely against the "DREAM" act. Let's keep that momentum going!

CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW: Ask them to commit to voting "no" on cloture tomorrow on S 2205 in order to keep it from coming up for a vote in the full Senate.

DC Office of Senator John Warner
Washington, DC

Midlothian Office of Sen. John Warner
Midlothian, VA

D.C. Office of Sen. James Webb
Washington, DC

Virginia Beach Office of Sen. James Webb
Virginia Beach, VA

If you are in another state find your senator's contact info by clicking here.


  • S. 2205 would do what all amnesties do -- entice millions more people to become illegal aliens here. The word across the world would be that immigration crime pays.
  • The DREAM Act amnesty doesn't just offer U.S. citizenship to illegal alien teenagers, it also provides amnesty to the parents of most of them. Once the amnestied teens become citizens they can obtain an amnesty for their parents.
  • Plus, anybody who can claim to be under the age of 30 can also make a claim to have arrived before the age of 16 and make a move for the amnesty (plus all of their relaties through chain migration).
  • S. 2205 provides for no extra enforcement to help ensure that families around the world don't risk their teenagers' lives by forcing them to enter the U.S. illegally across the deserts. Passage of this amnesty likely would increase deaths of illegal aliens in the desert as more and more people attempt to get into the country in preparation for the next amnesty.
  • Many of the advocacy groups pushing the DREAM Act amnesty openly say it is intended as a way to break the barrier and then to push for several more amnesties and rewards for illegal aliens.
  • Many of these teenagers weren't brought to the United States illegally by their parents. Rather, many of them came on their own and found illegal shelter with legal immigrants who were from their country. Passing this amnesty will encourage millions more families to consider forcing their young teenagers into dangerous journeys to America to become illegal aliens and hope to get similar rewards.
  • If there is a compelling story for giving amnesty to any of these high school students, it should be told only after the rule of law has been restored, including a fully functioning entry/exit system at the border and mandatory verification of all new hires by all businesses, governments and non-profits.

More background info here and here.

The Washington Post, god bless 'em, has this marvelous knack for unintentionally putting the dime on people it actually intends to cast in a hagiographical light.

You may recall the priceless case last year when the Post relayed the purportedly heart-warming, inspiring tale of an illegal-alien-boarding-house magnate named Jorge Morales.

Now we have this story, about which it's hard to know where to begin. I encourage everyone to go read it. Here is a highlight:

But a slowdown in the construction industry has forced Ventura to cut his workforce to 15 people. Meanwhile, his plan to buy a new house and offset some of the mortgage by renting some of the rooms backfired after county residents called for a crackdown on overcrowding.

I mean, the nerve of those county residents...

This is exactly why we need to ramp up the crackdown at the local level. As many legal residents suspect, there are people who have no intention of following the current rules for what you can and can't do in a neighborhood. Therefore, we need to add more and more teeth to the regulations until they have the desired effect of forcing acceptance of the rule that you are NOT ALLOWED to run boarding houses in our neighborhoods.

The Loudoun County supervisors REALLY should have gotten some ordinances passed this month.

The whole point is to send the message that this is not the place to be if you are here illegally or hiring illegally. It is as simple as that. The "foot dragging five" (those not endorsed by HSL-PAC) caused this board to miss a great opportunity to follow Prince William County's lead.

We Don't Need No Steenking Pledges

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As all of our regular visitors know, few institutions are more effective at ticking me off than the Republican Party. So now get this:

I just heard a report that, this week, Mark Albright - the Republican candidate for the Blue Ridge supervisor seat - was seen by the side of the road picking up Greg Ahlemann signs and throwing them into the back of his truck!

While I don't have hard evidence the actions took place, I do know that Albright held an event several weeks ago, and invited Steve Simpson and introduced him to the audience. No big deal - except he had not invited Greg Ahlemann (Ahlemann go wind of it and showed up).

So putting these reports together, I tend to give some credence to the report of Albright stealing the signs.

Which means apparently now we have another guy, in addition to those already outed, who signed a pledge to support the Republican ticket and instead is actively opposing the Republican nominee for Sheriff.

As discussed here previously, the local party has within it a questionable contingent which seems intent on driving a wedge between itself and some fairly conservative, politically active people, who have absolutely no personal loyalty to any of the prominent individuals within that faction. It will be interesting to see what sort of effect this behavior has on the party following the election.

Or before the election, for that matter.

It's Working!

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The Washington Times Washington Post reports that the Prince William County laws against illegal immigrants is having the desired effect. Illegal immigrants are "self-deporting," and moving to jurisdictions that cater to them, such as Maryland.

Matthew Cordell: Fuzzy Ears and All!

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[In case you think you've accidentally stumbled onto some sort of frilly women's blog, you have have not; you are in the right place. As a public service to my wife's blog, which is experiencing technical difficulties, I am publishing a recent post of hers here to ensure the cause gets adequate public attention and to allow her to point to the images from her blog until it is fixed. WARNING: This post contains no vitriol, sarcasm, personality destruction or raucus hoo-hawism such as our readers have come to expect here, and therefore I will not be held responsible if you become dizzy and fall off your chair while reading it. If you find you enjoy this sort of thing, please remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I encourage you to spend more time at my wife's blog which, at the end of the day, is probably doing the world much more good than this one.]

What a pleasure to "cap off" the first full week of blog posts for the Robert's Snow snowflake benefit auction with this feature of Matthew Cordell's darling contribution, "Snow Caps."

First, the snowflake:

Check out the front:

And the back:

Next, the bio:

Matthew Cordell is an illustrator of children's literature, newspapers, magazines, and many things in between. Though he spent most of his life in small town South Carolina, in 1999 he migrated midwest to set up shop in Chicago. It was there that he met his soon-to-be bride, his passion for children's books and deep-dish pizza.

Matthew's children's books include: Toby and the Snowflakes, Righty and Lefty, and The Moon is La Luna. Currently he is working hard on forthcoming picture books with Candlewick and Feiwel and Friends. Matthew now lives in the burbs of Chicago with his exceptional wife, picture book author and YA novelist Julie Halpern, and their squeezably soft Siamese cat, Tobin.

And, the self-portrait:

Julie Halpern and Matthew Cordell (as illustrated by Matthew):

Now, onto the Q&A:


Warrenton - - In a candidate forum hosted by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce [last week], Karen Schultz informed the audience she supports "broad-based tax incentives as well as direct support for new tolls and hot lines [sic]," when responding to a question regarding what she would support changing in transportation legislation.

Schultz's comments on raising toll fees come during a time when the owner of the Greenway Toll Road is under scrutiny for financial records showing the State Corporation Commission (SCC) relied on a flawed analysis of the financial profits for the toll road's private owner, raising toll fees 60%. Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell has agreed to launch a review of the financial records of the Macquarie Infrastructure Group and its affiliates, the Australian based operator of the Greenway as those records relate to the SCC approval.

"I am shocked and disappointed to hear Karen Schultz supports toll hikes at a time when the owners of the Greenway are already gouging Virginians," said campaign spokesman Mike Spellings. "Citizens should be able to trust their representatives to know the issues and to protect them from these kinds of excessive fees and shoddy oversight, not enable it."

"Northern Virginia is the economic engine of the state," stated Vogel. "Our families, businesses and students rely on affordable transportation to survive. Our drivers should not be forced off Virginia's highways because they cannot afford the high toll cost. The impact of the new Greenway toll, approaching $5 a trip, will force many drivers off that highway and onto to other roads that are already over capacity, making congestion worse. Regular families need a representative who understands the issue and whose response to everything is not to raise taxes or raise tolls."

Vogel is a nationally recognized attorney and native Virginian. She has twice served as a Trustee of the Board of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, appointed in 1999 by the Governor. Vogel is a member of the Board of Trustees of Massanutten Military Academy and Co-Chair of the capital campaign for the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum. She resides in Fauquier County with her husband and children.

# # #

Help Save Loudoun PAC Endorsements

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Help Save Loudoun PAC candidate endorsements for the November 6, 2007 elections have been announced.

Loudoun County Sheriff: Greg Ahlemann
Senate, 37th District: Ken Cuccinelli
Senate, 33rd District: Patricia Phillips
Senate, 27th District: Jill Holtzman-Vogel
Delegate, 86th District: Tom Rust
Delegate, 13th District: Bob Marshall
Delegate, 50th District: Jackson Miller
Delegate, 52nd District: Jeff Frederick
Broad Run Supervisor: Lori Waters
Sterling Supervisor: Eugene Delgaudio
Sugarland Run Supervisor: Mick Staton
Leesburg Supervisor: Jim Clem
Catoctin Supervisor: Geary Higgins

Review the details by clicking here.

Illegal immigration this time

h/t: BVBL

Chapman = Tax man

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While no fan of the Davis machine (referring to Congressman Tom Davis and his wife the state senator), I do enjoy seeing our party catching up to the Dems in the funny video department. So in line with my post from the other day and the fact that I'm too busy today again to blog substantively, here's another funny video about Democrats posing as moderates.

h/t: Mason Conservative

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has urged the State Department to close the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax.

The commission does not specifically criticize the school's teaching materials; it said Saudi officials would not make them available. But it said it is concerned about the textbooks used in the school because those used by schools in Saudi Arabia promote violence against Christians, Jews, Shias and polytheists.

What astounding hypocrisy. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom wants a school shut down for exercising its religious freedom.

Disclaimer: I interviewed for a teaching position at ISA some 16 years ago. Despite my obvious "Caucasianness," I never felt unwelcome during the interview, and was even given a campus tour while classes were in session.

Despite that pleasant experience, I do not know whether ISA is promoting violence, nor do I care. Their religious freedom extends even that far.

I realize that many on the left think that religion should not even be allowed to offend anyone, much less promote violence, but religious freedom must extend to even the most vile ideas, because they are only ideas. Ideas should be combated in the open with other, better ideas, not with censorship.

When the ideas become plans to commit violence, then there is a problem.

2007 VA General Assembly Immigration Bills

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We've addressed this matter innumerable times since March, but as the election approaches and the next General Assembly as well, it seems worthwhile to post some reminders.

Twelve House bills dealing with illegal immigration, most of which passed by overwhelming - if not veto-proof - majorities in the General Assembly, were killed in Senate committees this past session.

If you want to research bills yourself, you can of course go to the GA Web Site and type in the bill number or search by representative.

To save you a little time, here are some research aids produced by friends at ANCIR and Help Save Herndon:

Some good bills which died in Senate committees.

Details on some of the bills.

This is why a number of us were saying, after the session had ended, that this Senate needs to be burned down and replaced. It looks like we did not succeed in getting rid of Ken Stolle - but who knows, maybe he has seen the light. It certainly means we need to dump some career politician types and replace them with people committed to implementing immigration enforcement measures in our state.

More to come.

Normally, I would have just left this as a comment (here).
As setup, the discussion was about illegal immigration, but something touching on education (Laura had mentioned teaching and pay; I don't know if she knew I am a teacher, but I felt a couple of things about teaching were worth mentioning.)
Joe thought it worthy of posting as an entry and asked I do so. Here it is:


I do apply that same rubric to all labor. What is really difficult is when companies can outsource the labor to a different country (for example, software) which allows lower wages to be used, it is very difficult for those in that industry to compete. Doing the same with other industries would also mean that meaningful wages would have to be paid, but not as long as illegal immigrants are filling the positions.
Now something that will probably take you back a little. I think illegal immigration should be fought at every level of government, but as I teacher, I sometimes know when a student is in the class as a child of a legal immigrant, and when they are in the class as a child of an illegal immigrant -- and I am bound not to reveal that information by privacy in education laws. I've also worked in a district that was nearly pure naturalized citizens -- people that have lived in the country, who's parents lived here, and grandparents lived here (sometimes for many generations). Guess which district has more respectful children: Loudoun -- by far. People that are immigrants (legal or otherwise) have seen first hand how good the education is here for their children, and they demand respect of those that teach. Go somewhere that the parents have always seen good education, and there isn't necessarily the same level of respect.
That said, I still believe the laws should be enforced.

The Tax Song

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Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table
At which he's fed.

Tax his tractor,
tax his mule,
Teach him taxes
are the rule

Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,
Tax his shirt,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he
Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,
Tax his beers,
If he cries, then
Tax his tears.

Tax his car,
Tax his gas,
Find other ways
To tax his ass

Tax all he has
then let him know
that you won't be done
till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers,
Then tax him some more,
Tax him till
he's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in
Which he's laid.

Put these words
upon his tomb,
"Taxes drove me
to my doom..."

When he's gone,
Do not relax,
It's time to apply
The inheritance tax.


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A must see!

What If He's Right?

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79-year-old Nobel Prize winner James Watson, who received the award for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, has a tenancy to dip his toes into very troubled waters. In his most recent book, he has remarked that, "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so."

Dr Watson told The Sunday Times that he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really". He said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true".

What if Watson is right, and the genes responsible for differences in human intelligence are found?

A little trip down memory lane, back to June 9, 2007:

Mr. Ahlemann got quite the ovation from the Loudoun County Republican Committee Convention, that is for sure.

If you want to hear his earlier speech at the Convention, which evoked an even more thunderous response because there were triple the number of people in the room (and left Steve Simpson visibly shaken), click here to hear it - scroll down to the Hipcast media player bar.


PLEASE posted an interesting comment right before the blog went down. (On Sep 29, 2007, PLEASE commented on Go Maryland!!!) I liked it, I did not agree with a lot of it, but I did like it. PLEASE’s theology has an interesting ideological streak as the bold statement below demonstrates:

"love, is 100% Liberal."

Such a statement causes me to ask for someone to explain the entire nutroots movement, the black panthers, the SLF, the ELF etc.

I am sure PLEASE was and is thinking about M.L. King. King was about love, but there is a whole set of baggage that comes with him. One cannot, though PLEASE would like to, divorce King from the SLF, ELF and moveOn.org. Since the left is stuck with all of these groups of self identified liberals the above statement does not hold water. Furthermore, since the nutroots make up a huge block of the liberal party, I think it safer to say that today liberalism is in a dark and angry place.

vogel family picture.jpg

As much as I hate to copy and paste from the Washington Post, they've got it right about Jill Vogel (other than throwing the word moderate at her...Jill is conservative to the bone).

For the Virginia Senate Control of the upper house is in the balance, and some key races are in Northern Virginia. Monday, October 15, 2007; Page A14

AFTER A DECADE of Republican control, the Virginia Senate is up for grabs this year in a state that has tilted Democratic in several recent elections. With all 40 Senate seats (and much else) on the ballot Nov. 6, several of the key races are in Northern Virginia, whose political muscle in the General Assembly has not kept pace with its economic weight and exploding population. It's vital that the region field a strong legislative delegation for the coming battles in Richmond over transportation and education funding, illegal immigration, deficit-cutting, and more. The Post's endorsements in contested Senate races appear below in bold type.

District 27 : In this open-seat race, we support Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel, [emphasis added] a lawyer who made her name as counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign during the Florida recount of 2000, as chief counsel to the Republican National Committee and as a political appointee in the federal Energy Department. She's also been heavily involved in state and local affairs, which has given her a solid grounding in the issues facing her largely rural district, comprising parts of Loudoun and Fauquier counties and points west. Articulate, fast on her feet and pragmatic, she is the sort of moderate Republican that has become scarce in Richmond. Her opponent, Democrat Karen Schultz, is a respected, hardworking educator, school board member and community leader but lacks Mrs. Vogel's spark and command of state issues. [emphasis once again added-Singleton]

How rich. Employers of illegal aliens attempt to convince business reporters that they cannot function without the cheap labor.

We have heard this sob story before: Work will not get done and, oh my, fruit will rot on the vines. This Post reporter, at least, attempts to answer the obvious questions.

Local and state enforcement of hiring laws causes illegal aliens to leave and legal workers to earn better wages:

"They will not stay here if they know they will get no taxpayer subsidy, and they will not stay here if they know if they ever come into contact with one of our fine law enforcement officers, they will stay in custody until they are physically deported."

Hispanic business groups, citing school enrollment losses and church parish figures, say the laws, which start going into effect later this year, have caused as many as 25,000 undocumented workers to flee the state in recent months. The loss is being decried by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association.

"In major metro areas we are seeing people leave based on the perception that things are going to get bad for them and that this state doesn't want them here," said Mike Means, executive vice president of the association. "Now we're looking at a labor shortage. I've got builders who are being forced to slow down jobs because they don't have the crews. And it's not like these people are going back to Mexico. They're going to Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, anywhere where the laws aren't against them."

Means said that while construction wages haven't yet gone up in Oklahoma, they are likely to do so if the shortage worsens. Advocates of such laws say that is precisely how strict regulations on illegal immigration can help American workers -- by forcing wages higher. But construction industry leaders counter that a wage increase in Oklahoma, where builders are already paying $15 to $20 an hour for labor in a state with low unemployment, would lead to a net loss of jobs as some businesses are forced to close, particularly if other states allow less stringent hiring practices.

Of course, SOME companies would eventually do the construction work in Oklahoma, being as how you have to be there to do the building. These companies would obey the law. And if no states "allow less stringent hiring practices" then we would be back to the rule of law everywhere. What a concept.


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Guess I can't drink Miller anymore...

Strong words from Loudoun County Republican Committee chair Paul Protic:

These folks are the Republican nominees and endorsees; they've earned the right to carry the GOP banner either through a primary or convention victory, or endorsement and thus, they are not only entitled to, but expect the Republican Party's support. The two independents running were once members of the LCRC and made a pledge to support whoever won their race. At that convention, after losing their races for nominations for Sheriff and Broad Run Supervisor, respectively, Steve Simpson and Jack Ryan publicly conceded defeat offered motions by acclamation affirming their support for the Republican nominees and representing their public withdrawal from the race.

Moreover, both candidates, as required when filing to participate in the Convention race, had signed pledges to support the full slate of Republican candidates chosen by the voters at the convention. These pledges were, in effect, contracts with the Committee and the Convention delegates. Yet less than 24 hours after the convention, Simpson and Ryan broke their pledges and chose to run as Independents.

In this day and age of declining public trust in government, it is especially important that our elected representatives be true to their word. It is time for Mr. Simpson and Mr. Ryan to pull out of their races, renew their pledges to the Republican candidates, and restore their own personal integrity as well as respect the integrity of the party process.

Well said, Mr. Protic.

We're Under the Valle Microscope!

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It took a ridiculously long time, but we have finally arrived:


We got Laura Valle's undivided attention:

In a brief interview, Valle said she left La Voz for personal reasons and to become more "politically active" in light of the county's tougher stance on illegal immigration.

"I'm going to keep tabs on Help Save Loudoun," she said, referring to a group that supports local governments enforcing immigration laws.

In response, Help Save Loudoun spokesman Joseph Budzinski said: "I salute Laura for everything she has done and I can't think of a better person to keep a close eye on Help Save Loudoun."

Notwithstanding the fact we all could have avoided so very much unpleasantness if Ms. Valle had simply made this decision a couple weeks earlier, I am pleased to welcome her to the realm of free and open debate.

All snarkiness aside, I think we got off on the wrong foot with Laura because she took a cursory overview of the playing field and decided Help Save Loudoun was her enemy - without spending one single second finding out what Help Save Loudoun actually was. As happens so often in cultural disputes, the La Voz folks imputed their worst fears onto their presumed opponents, and before you knew it we were all blood-enemies without having learned a thing about those on the other side.

Laura seems particularly mixed up about the relationship between Help Save Loudoun and tbe initiatives that have moved through the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors' proceedings since July. There is an evident lack of historical knowledge.

It might surprise her to learn the only formal proposals that Help Save Loudoun has brought to the Board have been 1) support for county government participation in the ICE 287(g) training program and 2) a crackdown on illegal hiring.

Does Laura actually have a problem with either of these proposals? If so, I'd love to hear the rationale.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy, but then sometimes I think that regardless of what people think of me, they need at least a seed planted.
What would it take to convince you? Convince you of what, would be a good question. The answer though is startling: What would it take to convince you that your pet view of the world is wrong? For some, it might be what would it take to convince you that what you think the Bible says is not what it says. For others, what would it take to convince you that your view of civil rights in not what the constitution says.
Many of the "pet views" of people can be challenged in many ways. I'm going to address two categories, and for one, I'll address two different radical points of view.

As difficult as this may be to believe, it is apparently so, judging by Steven Pearlstein's article of Sunday, September 23, 2007; Page F03:

Tobacco Road, Redux

The Wall Street Journal last week had a wonderful article about the revival of tobacco farming in the United States in the three years since the government stopped subsidizing it.

The lead of the story was about an Illinois farmer, Martin Ray Barbre, who was doing better than ever with this year's corn crop, netting a record $250 an acre. But what Barbre is really proud of is his 150-acre tobacco crop. Each acre nets $1,800.

How could this be? It turns out that the subsidy program generated so much supply that it drove prices down below the cost of production, making it appear the subsidies were essential for the farmer's survival. Once the subsidies ended, however, so many subsidy-addicted farmers got out of the business that supply fell below what the cigarette companies needed, creating the $1,800-an-acre windfall. But don't worry: Before long, the market will do what markets do well, which is bring supply and demand back in balance at a price that allows a reasonable profit.

So tell me this: Why is Congress -- a Democratic Congress, no less -- about to renew a farm program that wastes $15 billion a year on market-distorting subsidies?

As hinted at here last month, there appears to have been a bit of back room treachery going on among a clique of local Republicans for the purpose of getting Steve Simpson re-elected as sheriff, after Mr. Simpson got clobbered at the Republican Convention in June and took about four hours to break his pledge to support the party nominee.

The chicanery seems to have included a really pitiable whispering campaign which a semi-prominent local Republican even attempted to disseminate here but which has gone absolutely nowhere - especially now that the superior candidate, Greg Ahlemann, has decided to confront all the allegations directly (more here).

Tough luck for the weasels: Greg Ahlemann is no shrinking violet.

Now comes the revelation via a leaked e-mail exchange - just posted by Loudoun Insider - that some prominent GOPers may have basically leaned on the Ahlemann campaign to shut up about the activities of Simpson supporters within the party. So rather then being thrown out on their arses, the turncoats were permitted to stay, and - if the e-mails are genuine - they counterattacked.

No one I've spoken with has confirmed the e-mail messages are for real, although the lack of response suggests to me they are. Read them for yourself and you'll see they have the semblance of authenticity.

What this means is some people supposedly in the party are really not going to make it easy for the party nominee, Greg Ahlemann, to win this election. What this says about the party is, in my opinion, not much, but then, I have a REALLY cynical view of human nature. There is no reason to think the natural snakiness inhabiting the human race as a whole would not also inhabit the Loudoun County Republican Committee in precisely the same proportions.

More significant is what this episode portends for the public perception of Steve Simpson.

My take on Mr. Simpson from the beginning, since I began following the illegal immigration issue last year and the campaign at the beginning of this year, is he is a decent guy, a little on the feckless side, who happens to have so interest whatsoever in doing anything proactive about discouraging illegal aliens from coming to this area. In Mr. Simpson's words, it's a federal issue, end of story. Until Greg Ahlemann stepped onto the scene in February, Mr. Simpson's entire stated philosophy on the issue was a litany of excuses for why his department will NEVER do anything more than it was currently doing. (You can read the Sheriff's take on the issue, and some of the flack he took from locals, during the February townhall meeting here and here; a little more citizen flack here.)

Mr. Simpson's response to citizens' complaints has been, in essence, you really have nothing to complain about because things are getting better, and in any case there is nothing I can do about it.

Naturally, this approach has not endeared the sitting sheriff to many local residents, and the current controversy will sully his reputation even further while providing quite a bit of motivation to those who want him out of office. QUITE a bit of motivation, I would guess.

I can imagine that local activists who might be getting a bit weary of the campaign season, which has been going on for nearly a year, might get a fresh blast of energy if messages begin circulating to the effect "Hey look at this outrage! Are we going to let them get away with this? Do you need any MORE reasons to work to get Greg Ahlemann elected?" Getting Steve Simpson out of there, while also knocking his supporters down a few pegs, could provide the inspiration to take a few more hours off of work, get up a little earlier on a Saturday, knock on a few more doors.

In a low-turnout election, a few more motivated people three weeks out could make a difference, if such messages were to circulate. Hypothetically.

Greg Ahlemann Interview with Equality Loudoun

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Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann talks with Equality Loudoun's David Weintraub after September 25 candidates' debate.

Our buddies at Equality Loudoun just conducted a fascinating, in-depth interview with Loudoun County Sheriff candidate Greg Ahlemann, no holds barred and no punches pulled. As I've said before, Mr. Ahlemann is at his best in one on one personal interaction. His forthrightness is what won him an improbable landslide victory at the June Republican Convention, and the same quality shines here. Thanks to the EV guys for the detailed and undoubtedly laborious transcription.

Go read it now! If you are not very familiar with Mr. Ahlemann, this discussion will definitely help fill in some of the gaps.

And so all I’m talking about doing is a program that the federal government has already said, hey, local jurisdictions, you can use this in your own community to help deal with, you know, the criminal aspect of it. They don’t give us the authority to go in businesses and check IDs and deport people, because they’re not going to take those people. That’s not our job, and that takes away from what we as law enforcement officers need to be doing, which is dealing with crime and the criminal element. Probably the biggest thing that a group like La Voz could get out, and different community groups, is to get this information out, that having the ICE program here is not going to target people who are here illegally who have not committed crimes. We will not have the authority to deport you, to separate you from your family - obviously there will be a deterrent value, there will be a lot of people who will say, Loudoun is hard on it, so maybe I’m not going to go there to drink, maybe if I live in Centreville I’m not going to come down to Pepe’s and drink, and if I get caught drinking and driving I might be deported, so you can’t put a price tag on that.

Absolutely brilliant.
For Immediate Release October 10, 2007

Contact: Ahlemann For Sheriff Campaign Office
571.223.7661 (telephone)

Greg Ahlemann on Illegal Immigration, Religion and His Tattoo

Leesburg, VA - Republican Nominee for Loudoun County Sheriff, Greg Ahlemann, is planning to discuss his stance on illegal immigration, the role of religion in his life as well as his much talked about tattoo in a press conference with the media.

The press conference will be held on Monday, October 15, 2007 at 10:00 AM at the Loudoun County Government Center Courtyard located at 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg, Virginia.

# # # #

For more information, contact the Ahlemann For Sheriff campaign office at 571.223.7661 or via email at info@ahlemannforsheriff.com or visit the web site at www.AhlemannForSheriff.com.

Besides being the only candidate in the Loudoun County race for sheriff to have the slightest appreciation for the importance of local immigration enforcement measures, Greg Ahlemann has the added advantage of being disarmingly personable and straightforward - so much so that he can unflinchingly state his views and beliefs in front of any type of audience and the audience invariably ends up liking him.

He has been the target of a whispering campaign, and this press conference is the perfect avenue to address it.

My recommendation: Be there Monday morning at 10:00 am.

Accomplishing swiftly what Prince William and Loudoun Counties have not yet been able to pull off, and which the town of Herndon is on the brink of, the city of Chesapeake, Virginia has just passed the most far-reaching legislation in the state to limit illegal hiring practices.

The City Council voted 6-2 Tuesday to adopt an ordinance requiring city contractors and vendors to certify that they are not hiring illegal immigrants.

Officials say they think Chesapeake is the first city in Virginia to support an ordinance like this, although other cities also are taking steps to regulate what has largely been a federal issue.

"It makes companies think twice about hiring illegal aliens," Councilwoman Patricia Willis said. "It puts them on notice that somebody is looking..."

Edge was approached by a group of citizens calling themselves Help Save Hampton Roads. Members of the group say they have met with city leaders in Norfolk and Virginia Beach and have redoubled their efforts after a Virginia Beach crash that killed two teenage girls. An illegal immigrant named Alfredo Ramos was charged.

"It's against the law for them to be here, and we know they're here," said group member Pam Gordon of Chesapeake. "We hope this is going to be the door-opener for Norfolk and Virginia Beach."

Congratulations to the folks in Help Save Hampton Roads! While all the media has been focused on the efforts in Northern Virginia, these guys have quietly moved the ball further down the field than anyone could have expected.

And thanks from the entire state to the forward-thinking City Council members of Chesapeake, who have now demonstrated it is possible to get something like this done in a short time. It is fully within the authority of a municipality to set conditions for businesses operating with their jurisdiction. This is the first, most effective step that every local government should have already taken to reverse the illegal migration trend.

Maybe some Chesapeake Council members could come up here and give a few lessons lessons to our local government officials.


October 10, 2007 Contact: Michael Spellings

Washington Post to Correct Story Tomorrow Clearing Vogel

DC Government Admits to Error on Vogel Tax Documents


Warrenton - After printing a story accusing Jill Vogel, Republican candidate for Virginia's 27th State Senate District, of receiving DC homestead exemption while living in Virginia, The Washington Post has confirmed the error was the fault of the DC government and that Vogel filed her paperwork correctly - never claiming the homestead exemption. The Post has confirmed it will be printing a correction to the story in tomorrow's paper (10/11/07) outlining the details.

The Post contacted Vogel with information that she was receiving DC homestead tax exemption status while residing in Virginia. Had the proper research been conducted by the Washington Post and sufficient time been granted to Vogel to produce documentation, the story would never have gone to print. Vogel produced a "Real Property Recordation and Transfer Tax" form proving she had, in fact, not filed for the DC homestead exemption.

"It is quite v indicating to see the truth come out," stated Vogel. "This entire ordeal was an error on the part of the DC government, the error has been fixed and I will be reimbursing DC for the money they did not charge me. I want to stress, had I been given time to produce these documents, this article would never have been printed and my good name would never have been questioned. In these times of media attacks, the onus is on the journalists to know every bit of what they are printing has been strictly vetted and is categorically true."

Vogel is a nationally recognized attorney and native Virginian. She has twice served as a Trustee of the Board of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, appointed in 1999 by the Governor. Vogel is a member of the Board of Trustees of Massanutten Military Academy and Co-Chair of the capital campaign for the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum. She resides in Fauquier County with her husband and children.

# # #

Will Razing Kaine apologize now?

bolling report.jpg

Roll Call is reporting that current Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has emerged as the leading candidate to fill the late Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis's 1st congressional district seat in the upcoming special election. The author further stated that party leaders across the Commonwealth have been pushing a potential Bolling candidacy.

I, for one, am ecstatic. I think the LG could provide the energetic campaign we will need to hold onto this seat in a difficult political environment. Further, having LG Bolling on the ticket would avoid the divisive intra-party battle that would likely ensue with other candidates. Finally, Bolling has the conservative vision that we could use in Congress to lead what will someday soon be a new Republican majority to fulfill the promises made in 1994 that were never fulfilled.

The only issue would be whether the LG is interested in this race, and I think we need to start a draft movement to see if we can convince him!

*As a side note, since I was not able to post when the Congresswoman passed away, my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.*

Help Save Loudoun PAC

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A PAC has been formed to help end illegal hiring and illegal migration into the communities of Northern Virginia. Visit the Help Save Loudoun PAC Web Site for more information on how to assist in this effort:

Help Save Loudoun PAC was formed on behalf of the legal residents of Virginia, with the goal of ending illegal hiring here and illegal migration into our area. We want to elect public officials who will work to address these problems by implementing local and state immigration law enforcement measures and increase restrictions on hiring unauthorized workers.

Over the past seven years, because of corrupt business practices and neglect by our public officials, eastern Loudoun and western Fairfax counties became a landing zone for illegal aliens seeking work. This resulted in a "win-win-lose" situation, in that the employers benefited from cheap labor, the unauthorized workers found work, and American blue-collar workers and subcontractors saw their wages drop and opportunities disappear.

Yes, the federal government is to blame for failing to secure our borders and enforce existing laws against illegal hiring. At Help Save Loudoun PAC, however, we believe the solution to the problem must begin at the local and state levels. When local communities act, those at higher levels of government will eventually follow.

We have seen examples already where just the threat of increased enforcement has resulted in a reversal of illegal migration. Within the past year, several states and local communities - including Herndon, Virginia - have passed measures aimed at discouraging illegal hiring, with the result that illegal aliens have begun to depart.

Some of our public officials and candidates for office seem to grasp this principle but many do not.

Polls indicate that over 80% of legal residents of the United States support an "enforcement-first" approach to immigration reform. Help Save Loudoun PAC provides an avenue for promoting people to public office who are dedicated to implementing enforcement at the ground level rather than waiting for the feds to act.

Your contribution to Help Save Loudoun PAC will help in this effort.

All Is Right With The World

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Like all of you, I was thrilled to see the Dallas Cowboys overcome a terrible performance and win tonight against the Buffalo Bills.

Tony Romo continued his learning curve through a very rough stretch, being personally responsible for six turnovers, but the Cowboys' amazing rookie kicker Nick Folk iced the icers by kicking two consecutive personal-best 53-yard field goals with two seconds left to win the game.

Here is the background: A few weeks ago Denver coach Mike Shanahan called a last second time out on veteran Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski just as Janikowski kicked a long field goal attempt, and Janikowski missed the second attempt. A week later, Oakland coach Lane Kiffin employed the same tactic against Cleveland kicker Phil Dawson and Dawson also missed his second attempt.

Tonight, it went a different way. After the Cowboys stunk up the field for about 50 minutes, the 'Boys mounted an unexpected comeback, culminating in an onside kick recovery in the final minute, and put their rookie kicker in position to win the game. But Bills coach Dick Jauron pulled the same trick and called time out just as Folk kicked the ball for a personal best successful field goal from 53 yards out.

After the time-out, Folk kicked again, and drilled it through the uprights, and the 'Boys won 25-24.

"Un-frickin'-believable" seemed to be the prevailing sentiment among my esteemed colleagues in the august chamber of the local sports bar where I witnessed such goings-on as I have here reported.

NOVA TownHall is a serious political blog, and we focus on issues of broad importance, but at the risk of straying into the parochial I will say the Cowboys' victory is to be commended. I thank you all in advance for joining me in this dedication.

The Blog is Back

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I think it is basically working.


I just left a test comment and it showed up.

There is some weird code that comes up with the old entries when you go to their entry pages, but the new ones seem to be working just fine.

This is a new version of MT and it is supposed to allow much easier changes to the templates, and we are now on a server with much greater capacity and something like 30 times the bandwidth allowance, which is ironic since our traffic has completely tanked with the overhaul and the apparent loss of all our google links.

But what the hey.

Also ironically, I can change styles easily and to test this out I must have clicked on the silliest looking style sheet available. Next I will try switching to a less frilly one, but I have some work to finish first so, in the meantime, I hope this one grows on you a little.

Fellow bloggers, take heart, as soon as I get this figured out I will explain it to you and you will be back in business. In the meantime you should be able to comment.

Oct. 25, 2007, 7:00 pm

Help Save Loudoun, PO Box 371, Sterling, VA 20167 - www.helpsaveloudoun.com

Contact: Joseph W. Budzinski

Public Townhall Meeting

"Illegal Hiring and Illegal Immigration"

starletta_hairston_sm.jpg Starletta Hairston, former Beaufort County, SC, Councilwoman

If you want to learn how to protect American workers and legal immigrants and reverse illegal immigration into your neighborhood, please plan to attend the October 25 public meeting of Help Save Loudoun.

The root of the illegal immigration crisis in Loudoun County is corrupt hiring practises which provide an advantage to companies that break the law. Loudoun County residents and public officials are invited to a townhall-style meeting on Thursday, October 25, at 7:00 pm, at the Founders Hall of the Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department, 20688 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, VA 20147, to discuss solutions to the illegal hiring epidemic which has transformed so many American communities. Our panel of speakers will discuss positive steps that local governments can take to alleviate this problem.

Featured speakers include Starletta Hairston, former Beaufort County, SC, councilwoman, a pioneer in the effort of local governments to reverse the influx of illegal aliens into their communities. Ms. Hairston sponsored the Beaufort County "Lawful Employment Ordinance," the strongest local immigration enforcement legislation to date which has avoided successful legal challenge. As Ms. Hairston explains, the issue is a simple matter of fairness: "It is just trying to find a way that we can all be regulated by the same set of rules."

Help Save Loudoun is a grassroots citizens' group focused on ending illegal immigration into Northern Virginia. For more information, pleast visit www.helpsaveloudoun.com.

Housekeeping update

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What has happened here is the rebuild did not go so smoothly and there are still some bugs in the links. Thus permalinks and comment links do not work. Fixing the many problems took up all the spare time I had which left no time to get our other authors back online, and now my regular life is going to keep me away from the computer for awhile, so it could be days before any of them have access to write new posts.

The "more" links don't work, so the only way to make the masterful but very long posts by a certain author here readable was to bring them entirely onto the main page, which strikes that certain author as how the posts deserved to be displayed anyway, he must say.

(And no point in setting up commenting until you can see comments, right?)

Where this leave us is with sort of a perfect storm. I am the only one who can post, and I also am going to be VERY busy with regular life stuff - and in the past, as many of you know, this sort of situation has resulted in me posting about really off the wall stuff like Mexican ladies hanging out with beings from outer space, and what I am about to have for dinner.

So you might want to read the newspaper the next few days if you want to find out what's happening in the world, because you definitely ain't gonna find that out here.

Hope to have all the problems fixed soon.

Still testing

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Not too pretty, is it?


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Still testing .....

We've Got More Maintenance Issues

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We've got more maintenance going on right now which may cause some hiccups throughout the weekend. Please rest assured that all changes are being conducted with YOUR best interests in mind.

I need to request my fellow bloggers to STOP BLOGGING NOW, open up Notepad to finish that ponderous thought, go mow the lawn, then head out to the country somewhere where you can breath the fresh air and blast away with your shotgun. Sitting in front of a keyboard all day is not healthy.

I hope to have all the behind the scenes work done by tomorrow. In the meantime, I leave you with an image I know all of our readers will savor as you return here over and over this weekend to see if we are back up and running yet.

You're welcome.

It was enjoyable, I must say, to spend a few hours on a recent weekend with supporters of Eugene Delgaudio and Greg Ahlemann walking the neighborhoods of Sterling. Really a nice way to spend a morning.

Oh, also, in order to facilitate the upgrade I have had to turn off comments so none will be lost in the transition (I do treasure each of them so) and consequently I will not be able to hear any of your opinions on this excellent photograph of Eugene Delgaudio out talking to the folks, doing what he does best.

Pity, that.

UPDATE: Obviously, this blog is not bearing the maintenance experience with perfect aplomb. It has turned out to be, in fact, a cluster you-know-what. I cannot promise any imminent improvement.

Good day.

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