2007 VA General Assembly Immigration Bills

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We've addressed this matter innumerable times since March, but as the election approaches and the next General Assembly as well, it seems worthwhile to post some reminders.

Twelve House bills dealing with illegal immigration, most of which passed by overwhelming - if not veto-proof - majorities in the General Assembly, were killed in Senate committees this past session.

If you want to research bills yourself, you can of course go to the GA Web Site and type in the bill number or search by representative.

To save you a little time, here are some research aids produced by friends at ANCIR and Help Save Herndon:

Some good bills which died in Senate committees.

Details on some of the bills.

This is why a number of us were saying, after the session had ended, that this Senate needs to be burned down and replaced. It looks like we did not succeed in getting rid of Ken Stolle - but who knows, maybe he has seen the light. It certainly means we need to dump some career politician types and replace them with people committed to implementing immigration enforcement measures in our state.

More to come.

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G.Stone said:

Let us all hope that Delegate David Poisson is shown the door of the Capitol building in Richmond and asked not to return lest he inflict the same level of damage on the 2007 aggenda as he did on the 2006.

This guy is simply out to lunch on this issue.
See for yourself:

Poisson Voted- NO!
House Bill 1618- Immigration Laws; Governor to enter into agreement with federal immigration officials to implement the 287g program allowing Virginia State Police to enforce civil immigration laws.
Poisson Voted- NO!
House Bill 1970-Illegal Aliens; It is unlawful to be in Virginia if in the United States illegally.
Poisson Voted-NO!
House Bill 2687- Unfair Employment Practices; discharging employees when unauthorized aliens are employed. States that it is unfair employment practice for an employer to knowingly employ any unauthorized alien within the commonwealth.
Poisson Voted-NO!
House Bill 2688- Workers Compensation; Benefits paid to unauthorized aliens- Makes an employer rather than the employers workers compensation insurance carrier liable for payment of workers compensation benefits payable to an unauthorized alien.
Poisson Voted- NO!
House Bill 2937- Certain Aliens; Eligibility for state and local benefits
This law would prohibit any organization from using public funding to provide benefits or assistance to persons (illegal) who are otherwise ineligible for assistance.
Poisson Voted-NO!
House Bill 3130- BPOL Tax; Refusal to grant and revocation of business licenses. Prohibits the issuance of a business license to any individual who cannot provide legal documents proving such individual is legally eligible to be employed in the United States.

David Poisson cares more about the rights of ILLEGAL ALIENS than he does about the rights and safety of the law abiding, tax paying, legal citizens of his district. Out of all 100 members of the House of Delegates, only 13 house members rank or score lower than David Poisson on the issue of Illegal migration. David Poisson’s positions on illegal migration are naïve and dangerous.

David Poisson’s voting record on Illegal Aliens suggests he is out of touch with the vast majority of voters in his district and Virginia.

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