A New Bulwark in Centreville

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The Centreville Citizens Coalition is a brand new civic group formed to address the illegal alien problem in that area, which has become especially notorious at the library - a de facto day labor center for illegal workers. Please contact the Coalition if you are concerned and want to find like-minded people committed to solving such problems.

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Jerry Foltz said:

As a Centreville resident I do not believe we need this kind of hate-filled and racist oriented lies. This web site does more to undermine the quality of life in Centreville than a small number of day laborers on the street corner. No one can say how many, if any, are undocumented.
They have never been accused or charged with molesting or assaulting children.
Centreville is an open community where people from many countries can live and work and go to school in peace. We are a model to the world, and I guess that is just hard for bigots like you to handle.

Linda B said:

Jerry, you are obviously new to this blog, so you can be forgiven for not knowing that it was determined months ago that the "R" word (and in your case, also the "B" word) no longer has any effect in discussing an issue that is in reality about legal vs. illegal.

Also, you appear to have missed this link from the CCC Web site:


Laura V said:

Linda - you should have told that to the attendees of the last Help Save Loudoun meeting. I seem to remember that Scarlatta claimed that just because she is African American she is immune to the charge of racism and then she later went on to talk about the fact that in tallying the cost of (here I will assume she was referring to undocumented immigrants - though if I heard correctly is sounded like she was saying hispanics in general) the kids at the mother's heels, the babies on their hips, and the guaranteed baby in the womb are not included.

LInda - I always admire your well reasoned posts but in this case you are not being entirely fair. Just because a bigot claims he is not a bigot he is still a bigot. There are some bigots and racists lurking around here and I am sure that you know it - at some level.

Jerry- take heart. Help Save Loudoun was not successful in Loudoun, indeed this approach is losing ground on the state and national level. There is a way to combat this strategy of fear, misinformation, and vigilantism and it is through information, reason, perspective, and yes, compassion - which is another word that many who post here feel doesn't have a place in the debate.

Linda B said:

Laura, I missed that meeting ... I understand it was a humdinger.

Yes, there are racists of every stripe out there, and maybe even lurking here. But that doesn't mean people will be able to throw around that label to suppress discussion or to intimidate anyone here from continuing to work toward making sure our laws are enforced.

Laura V said:

I am sure that throwing that label around will neither supress discussion nor intimidate anyone here from doing anything.

Jack said:

Then why throw it around at all?

jacob said:

Laura did not throw the label about, but some fruit loop by the name of Foltz came in and did the liberal rumba calling us bigots, racists and hate filled. A real level headed guy and and ever so persuasive.

ACTivist said:

"Help Save Loudoun was not successful in Loudoun, indeed this approach is losing ground on the state and national level."

Curious remark. In which ways were HSL "not" successful? And where did you find the "indeed" proof for the state and national level? The illegal issue seems to be gaining in candidate headlines as of late.

We need justification for your statements Laura. And please don't council liberal lunatics on this site. The cum-by-ya (or whatever it is) will put us in a bad light with correct-minded people.

Laura V said:

I am referring to the elections in Loudoun, which removed all but 2 Republicans, and one remained because of her positions on growth, not immigration. In particular I am referring to Burton, who took the strongest and most vocal stance against much of the legislation proposed. Both Burton's and Kurtz opponenets expressed strong positions regarding illegal immigration and local responses, both lost. In addition, I am referring to the fact that the Dems took control of the Senate. Finally, I am referring to the reversal of all but two of the GOP candiadtes decisions to not participate in the Univison debates, which has significant implications in terms of courting the "Hispanic vote"

Oh, good one, Laura. Some more stories you can tell your kids, I suppose?

Yeah, Mark Albright really led the charge on local immigration enforcement. He was an inspiration to us all.

Same with Geary Higgins - a major leader on this issue. Notwithstanding the fact he removed all prominent references to it from his Web site a month before the election.

Laura V said:

When I heard them speak they expressed strong opinions on the issue. They were also ludicrous assertions and probably got good advice to shut up on the issue. My point, which I don't think anyone can deny, is that the issue was certainly not potent enough to get anyone elected in Loudoun, despite Help Save Loudoun’s views that it was THE issue.

As for my kids, I don’t tell them stories as much anymore. We are really into rhymes though. Want to hear one? I’ll tell you anyway:

There once was a man named Joe
Whose nose had an alarming propensity to grow.
You see he was very concerned about a "reconquista"
Because he was no longer enjoying his vista,
So he’d say whatever he needed
To make sure the seeds of fear were well seeded.
Alas, Joe was unable to sway
The voters to think in his way
So he grew a little lazy
and soon all the booze made him crazy.
He now spends most of his days in a fog
which is clear to all those still reading his blog.

Hey, I love it! You're multi-talented!

Ah the fun we two shall have together ...

She had a hankering to incite her mob
And could spin yarns to make grown men sob
And though quick to adapt
She was so full of crap
They told Laura "go get a real job."

Laura V said:

I have to admit, I came home from working expecting something better than that Joe. Boo hoo.

ACTivist said:

Let's see what happens when the "new" board takes over. I think that when the transportation issue doesn't get resolved without lots more money, and the growth issue doesn't get resolved without established resisdents paying alot more money, and the illegals get so out of control that it will turn crisis, that we will see what this board is made off and if they picked the "right" people on the "right" issues (no pun intended).
As far as your second vocation goes; tit-for-tat! You get what you give. I think Joe's rhyme was more substantive. As you say, you can't expect more from us then you already expect.

Cathymac said:

Joe's limmerick was well written and much wittier.

Laura, your poem was hard to read and needed better stanzas, the syntax was off. If you want to teach your children rhyming perhaps you should use an outside source.

Laura V said:

Geez - I think mine was not bad for a 15 minute improvisation.

Cathy - you remind me of some teachers that I had that unkowning sucked the joy out of learning.

Perhaps this blog should shift its focus to literary analysis. You may fare better in that area than on public policy regarding immigration :)

ACTivist - this is certainly not an issue that will be resolved by inaction. Before we make predictions we have to wait and see what happens at the national level over the next four years.

Cathymac said:

Don't worry Laura, I will be around to irritate you whether it be on immigration or poetry 101. You brush up on those skills! There is your encouragement.

We Mc's love the limmericks!

ACTivist said:

Your statement made perfect sense and no sense at all. It won't be resolved by inaction as with the national mindset. Wait to see what happens at the national level over the next 4 years? Isn't that why it isat the LOCAL level? We don't need 4 more years of waiting. Read your papers and watch the debates. Can't you see the focus the illegal issue is commanding? It is a shame that we missed the initial boat at the local level and now have to wait for our politicians to "get it"! The majority of people in America aren't going to wait any longer.

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