All Is Right With The World

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Like all of you, I was thrilled to see the Dallas Cowboys overcome a terrible performance and win tonight against the Buffalo Bills.

Tony Romo continued his learning curve through a very rough stretch, being personally responsible for six turnovers, but the Cowboys' amazing rookie kicker Nick Folk iced the icers by kicking two consecutive personal-best 53-yard field goals with two seconds left to win the game.

Here is the background: A few weeks ago Denver coach Mike Shanahan called a last second time out on veteran Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski just as Janikowski kicked a long field goal attempt, and Janikowski missed the second attempt. A week later, Oakland coach Lane Kiffin employed the same tactic against Cleveland kicker Phil Dawson and Dawson also missed his second attempt.

Tonight, it went a different way. After the Cowboys stunk up the field for about 50 minutes, the 'Boys mounted an unexpected comeback, culminating in an onside kick recovery in the final minute, and put their rookie kicker in position to win the game. But Bills coach Dick Jauron pulled the same trick and called time out just as Folk kicked the ball for a personal best successful field goal from 53 yards out.

After the time-out, Folk kicked again, and drilled it through the uprights, and the 'Boys won 25-24.

"Un-frickin'-believable" seemed to be the prevailing sentiment among my esteemed colleagues in the august chamber of the local sports bar where I witnessed such goings-on as I have here reported.

NOVA TownHall is a serious political blog, and we focus on issues of broad importance, but at the risk of straying into the parochial I will say the Cowboys' victory is to be commended. I thank you all in advance for joining me in this dedication.

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Jack said:

This is just beautiful. I'm an Eagles fan, Jacob is a Giants fan, and Joe is a Cowboys fan.

Does anyone here like the Redskins?

CR UVa said:

As a Redskins fan, I can definitely say that Dallas's win does not deserve to be commended. They did everything they could to throw that game away. If they were playing a better team, Dallas would have lost.

My wife is also an Eagles fan. I think we should take pride in having a multicultural community.

TheHowesieg said:

What the heck is wrong with you people??

Oh, yeah!! Go Bills Go. Exposing Da' Boys as having many a fault.

Joe, please don't tell you're one of 'them'.


Linda B said:

Jack, you just rose a few notches in my book. We Eagles fans have to stick together ... misery loves company!

RWN said:

Joe - That truly was an incredible finish. This team is destined for greatness. Champions always find a way to win, and that's what we did. Let's have a Cowboys party for the battle of the Unbeaten's this Sunday. Are there any more Cowboy fans out there?

jacob said:

Linda B,
You and Jack a poor suffering souls. The Eagles are the most aggravating team in football. Never has so much talent done so little for so long. We all need to get together for a game. Any NFC-East game will do.

Linda and Jack ...
Quick poll, if Dallas was playing the Skins, who would you root for?

Ever since Gibbs came back I'd cheer for Washington?

This poll is open to ALL Eagles and Giants fans. If you are a Dallas or Skins fan, whats the point?

Jack said:

"Quick poll, if Dallas was playing the Skins, who would you root for?"

An earthquake.

Linda B said:


I root for Dallas. Our common disdain for the Skins is the only thing Joe and I share during football season, so we make the most of it.

Of course, if it's the end of the season and the Eagles and Dallas are both in the hunt, all bets are off.

RWN, well said, sir. That finish did evoke the concept of destiny.

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