Bolling for Congress?

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Roll Call is reporting that current Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has emerged as the leading candidate to fill the late Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis's 1st congressional district seat in the upcoming special election. The author further stated that party leaders across the Commonwealth have been pushing a potential Bolling candidacy.

I, for one, am ecstatic. I think the LG could provide the energetic campaign we will need to hold onto this seat in a difficult political environment. Further, having LG Bolling on the ticket would avoid the divisive intra-party battle that would likely ensue with other candidates. Finally, Bolling has the conservative vision that we could use in Congress to lead what will someday soon be a new Republican majority to fulfill the promises made in 1994 that were never fulfilled.

The only issue would be whether the LG is interested in this race, and I think we need to start a draft movement to see if we can convince him!

*As a side note, since I was not able to post when the Congresswoman passed away, my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.*

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James Young said:

It would certainly be humorous if Bolling were to face Connaughton for the GOP nomination.

Perhaps Bolling can b****-slap that twerp again.

Not Russ Moulton said:

You miss the REAL beneficiaries of this play: The consultants who want to run George Allen for Governor, but already work for Bill Bolling. This solves all their problems and gives them unexpected money in the pocket this year.

Of course, Bolling is then probably done statewide and he'll still have to fight for the nomination in CD 1 from the right and left (though I agree he'd be favorite). His lack of opposition to the Transportation Abuser Fee fiasci will hurt him, too.

RWN said:

If Bolling runs and wins, does Kaine get to appoint a successor or is there a special election?

Singleton said:

From what I've seen on other blogs, the President Pro Tempore has two votes in ties until the next election.

Anonymous said:

Bolling would stand very little chance when the dust settles because he "quit" his position as Lt. Gov. after less than 1/2 of his term. "Party leaders" probably means Bolling people who are shopping him around because he will be left out in 2009. In the end, Bolling will not abandon his position just because it will look really bad.

Dennis Lister said:

I am a State Central Committee member from the 1st CD. I would like to know which Party Leaders are pushing Bill Bolling for the seat. I have been a Bill Bolling supporter for a long time, but I do not like anonymous "party leaders" trying to impose a solution on the First District. The First district is a very conservative district and most (not all, but most) of the party leaders in the First support Bill Bolling. However, most of us conservatives are rapidly tiring (understatement) of the elitists in the Party and officeholders trying to run the party from the top down. Let the First District decide who the nominee for Congress is. Believe it or not, we could actually accomplish this from the bottom up.

Skeptical in Manassas said:

Of the many Republican candidates running for the 1st Congressional District, my real concern is Paul Jost. Although he claims to be pro-life and has supported conservative candidates in the last few years, this is a complete flip-flop from his earlier pro-abortion, pro-homosexual positions.

For example, he received an “A” rating from the Gay and Lesbian Community Association during his 1997 unsuccessful bid for Alexandria City Council, gave $2500 to Republicans for Choice, and opposed parental notification of minors, according to National Review Online (

Deceased pro-life Congresswoman JoAnn Davis observed in 2000 (, “When he [Paul Jost] ran for the Council in Alexandria, he was unquestionably pro-abortion, but now says he’s for banning partial-birth abortion, but won’t utter the words ‘pro-life’.”

Is it possible that Paul Jost totally reversed his position on abortion and homosexual issues from 1997 to 2007? I’m skeptical.

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