Eugene Delgaudio Is My Choice For Sterling Supervisor

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What is not to like about this man?

Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling District Supervisor, has stood by the legal residents of Loudoun County and is one of our few advocates for immigration enforcement on the Board of Supervisors. He stood by the residents of Herndon during the 2005 imbroglio over the day labor center and ensuing, mildly resonant 2006 elections.


He is the hardest working supervisor in Loudoun County, overseeing the Sterling District from dawn till dusk till dawn. The many residents on his e-mail list get constant updates on everything from crimes, to emergency situations, to store openings, to volunteer opportunities.


He is, frankly, beloved by the Sterling residents. Countless residents have saved his letters of congratulations and thanks - for making the honor roll, or for displaying the American flag. They know that nobody else, not even as nice a lady as Jeanne West, would cheerfully put in the time and energy that Eugene Delgaudio contributes day after day, year in and year out, advocating for this district. He has a personal connection with so many members of the Sterling community and the residents of Loudoun County.




He personally championed the immigration enforcement resolution the Loudoun Supervisors eventually approved unanimously in July - at a time when the media were excoriating any politician who dared to breathe a word about local immigration enforcement.


Small wonder all of Eugene Delgaudio's public events draw huge audiences.


Some people disapprove of his irreverent style: Oh yes, he appears to enjoy his job too much - that I will grant. But in the effort to bring a common sense approach to local government it sometimes becomes necessary to laugh certain things off. Or rather, to laugh a LOT of things off - and this is a way he particularly connects with his constituents. We all know the way the government uses our tax dollars is often ridiculous. It is refreshing to have a Supervisor such as Eugene Delgaudio who is not afraid to say when that is the case.

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Billy said:

In reference to Eugene's numerous orange signs in the medians of roads in both Loudoun and Fairfax -- I would use a favorite HSL quote by asking, "What part of illegal doesn't he understand?"

Also, how does Joe and his crew feel about Eugene accepting over $91,000 from the Real Estate/Construction industry (according to Should our community trust him to represent the citizens, or just the developers?

While Eugene would like to maintain the image of a "law and order" candidate, the truth is that he has hurt Loudoun law enforcement by voting against authorizing raises for all county government employees, to include deputy sheriffs. At a time when area police agencies are scrambling to hire new cops, and our new jail is grossly understaffed, Eugene voted to make our cops' compensation packages even less competitive.

Eugene publicly claimed to have a letter from the FBI exonerating him from possible illegal activities being investigated. Will he ever share the mysterious letter with the public?

Most importantly, Eugene has had years and years to address the perceived immigration problem. But he wants people like HSL members to believe that he can only help you out if you get him elected for one more term. Don't you guys want to know why he hasn't done anything significant to address this in the past?

Laura V said:

Here is some classic delgaudio, absolutely hysterical!!!

Gee, Billy, you ought to read the NEWSPAPER once in a while, you'd probably find it very interesting because it is full of news and information for people just like you.

Or maybe you should just read the POSTS you comment on before you write your comment. Reading them first would allow you to sound oh so well informed.

Eugene, as mentioned in the post and indicated in the link, and explained here numerous times, has been working on the illegal immigration issue for years. He was helping the Help Save Herndon people before Sterling residents even realized the problem was headed in their direction. He got Steve Snow involved in mounting a legal challenge to Herndon's right to place the day labor site on the Loudoun County border.

Years before that, Eugene got the zoning ordinance passed which was the first step in tightening restrictions - primarily because of the phenomenon of illegal aliens turning single family homes into boarding houses.

As I explained at the HSL meeting the other night, this whole idea that accepting money from "developers" is somehow a contradiction for public officials who support a crackdown on illegals is a canard. Most members of the Board of Supervisors, for example, accept money from developers. Some of them voted for the immigration enforcement measures discussed in September by the committee of the whole, and some of them voted against the measures. The ones who voted FOR are our friends with regard to this issue. I don't care where their money comes from; all I care about is how they vote.

And Billy, I guess you're going to have to go somewhere else if you want to evoke horror over "voting against authorizing raises for all county government employees." I will agree that more money needs to be spent on the Sheriff's Office, and I would be advocating for that in the upcoming budget session (and advocating for taking money AWAY from other areas), but there are some "government employees," such as some of those who conduct overcrowding inspections, who need to be completely DEFUNDED because they are worse than incompetent. I would tend to believe any of the supervisors might have reservations about across the board salary increases.

While I'm sure you have a perfect record in persuading people to make public letters that law enforcement agencies have sent to their attorneys, I guess in this case you are just going to have to admit defeat, Billy.

I am certain that Eugene was greatly conflicted over whether to do this for you, if that's any consolation.

Wow, Laura, Eugene better hope nobody watches that video or he is toast on Nov. 6. Whatever you do, please do NOT circulate the link. And if you ever decide to dig up dirt on me, please give me fair warning so I can head for the hills.

Laura V said:

I would not describe that as damaging at all. Just hysterical.

g.stone said:

Those who dislike Eugene are those who dig style over substance. They dislike Eugenes schtick so therefore they ignore the content.

Eugene like me always asks the following questions -Is this worth doing and who is going to pay for it? Those who usually answer these questons as yes and the taxpayers, don't like Eugene. Tough.

Eugene is a fiscal and social conservative. That unto itself brings out an army of libs, enlightened social engineers to include the politically correct chattering class.

Eugene takes care of his district, is on the right side of issues and actually cares about my tax dollars.

Delgaudio wins ! get over it!!

John said:

Joe - You've got to be kidding when you say that Delgaudio is "beloved by Sterling residents". I and many of my Sterling neighbors couldn't disagree more. He has given lip service to requests for help from our homeowners association, has promoted rapid growth in the county, opposed extending rail service to Dulles which would alleviate traffic on Route 7, and I could go on. He is a one issue candidate - he believes that all of Sterling's problems could be solved if we just locked up all undocumented immigrates. He is all style and no substance. In short – a buffoon. I'm embarrassed to admit that he’s my supervisor.

Dan said:


Eugene has been very responsive to my HOA, he has helped us out many times.

There are many that feel that metro to Dulles is not a good fiscal move. $2-3 billion dollars to build, and $46 million per year to operate, for 268K residents, many of which would not be regular users. Not to mention the resulting urban style development that typically accompanies a metro station. No thanks..

Anyone that would say that Eugene is a single issue candidate, doesn't know Eugene. Even if he were, I would not say this is misguided as illegal immigration IS the number one quality of life issue in eastern Loudoun. Some candidates actually do listen to their constituents.

RWN said:

John - you and your "neighbors" might be the few Jeanne West supporters. Drive around Sterling a bit more and you might realize the Delguadio support is real. If Delgaudio's support is indicative to the amount of yards signs people are displaying (and it usually is), Eugene wins with 60%+ of the vote. The only thing I can figure out Jeanne West stands for is 1) she is not Eugene Delgaudio, and b) she's lived in Sterling for 35 years. The Democrats sure know how to pick 'em.

Billy said:

We shall see who wins. I don't think *yard* signs are an accurate predictor of who will win -- especially when many of the *yard* signs are in a Fairfax County median strip; while others are posted in yards of folks who don't even understand what's going on and have no right to vote. Of course when you accept over $90,000 from the real estate and construction industry, you could end up with plenty of money to buy yard signs and not enough supporters yards to put them in -- so I guess I see where Eugene is coming from when his campaign does these things.

Laura V said:

Washington Post:

“I’ve fixed many tickets,” said Gregory J. Ahlemann, a Republican who is trying to unseat longtime Loudoun County Sheriff Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson (I) in the Nov. 6 election.

Ahlemann, a pastor’s son and former Loudoun deputy who promises to “restore integrity” to the sheriff’s office, said he also asked fellow deputies to tear up traffic tickets issued to his friends, but never for offenses more serious than speeding.”

I don't know if I should have posted this here or under the Implications and Values post. Anyway, I guess that supporting Alhemann has the added value of knowing you hjave a higher chance of your speeding tiket being "fixed". Nice to know given the new fines for speeding.

Friends of Greg Alhemann now has a whole new meaning to me.

ACTivist said:

I had to re-read the heading of this post to know what it was about. I thought I was sure at the beginning until I read Laurie's comment. The brain works in mysterious ways!

I have found Eugene to be very helpful to my and other Sterling residents' needs. I think the guy has more energy and works more waking hours than Joe does......and that is SAYING SOMETHING! No one is perfect and there will always be issues with our leaders but Eugene has been the best representative for our district in forever. I think that John might get farther working WITH Eugene on issues instead of againest him. And Billy; illegal signs are the rage for EVERY candidate running for office. If you don't like it (and I am one that surely doesn't), do what I do. Contact that bufoon in the governor's chair and tell him to quit taking taxes out of your utilities to keep the Right-of-Ways clean if he won't enforce Virginia code.

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