Fairfax Times endorses Cuccinelli!!!

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The Fairfax Times has endorsed the right honorable state senator from Fairfax, Ken Cuccinelli or, as I like to call him, "The Man." Even the Washington Post refused to make an endorsement in this race and called Ken, "a highly intelligent and capable Republican."

The fact that a liberal editorial board can honestly say that they have to overlook how much they dislike conservatives and endorse a smart conservative like Ken Cuccinelli doesn't just say a lot about how terrible Janet's campaign has been, but it also says a lot about how much Cuccinelli deserves another term.

This blogger intends to head out to Cuccinelli headquarters and volunteer during the 72 hour program just before Nov. 6, and you should too. I say we build a firewall around Ken's district in NoVA so that we can hold onto the state senate.

Cuccinelli in 37th District

The 37th Senate District seems to be a moderate, swing district – not an ideal home base for a hardcore conservative like Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R). There are a number of things in his tenure that we find problematic – particularly his lack of support for transportation funding in the 2006 special session and his "no" vote on the governor's amended transportation bill this year – however, his opponent has given us no reason to support her.

Democrat Janet Oleszek, a school board member, had essentially nothing to offer The Times' editorial board in the way of specific ideas for the state's future. Similar to her performance in public debates, she answered questions about specific proposals with generalities. We feel it would be irresponsible to back such a weak candidate.

Cuccinelli, on the other hand, knows state issues inside and out. While we may not agree with him on a number of topics, there is no doubt as to where he stands. And, on occasion, he will go against his party on issues he feels strongly about.

He also listed a number of interesting, specific proposals for mental health reforms in the state, sure to be a top issue next year as the General Assembly tries to address the problems highlighted by the shootings at Virginia Tech earlier this year.

The 37th Senate District includes Centreville, Burke, Fairfax and parts of Springfield.

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novamiddleman said:

Follow the polls closely

It might be more beneficial if you could help out Obrien in the 39th

g stone said:

Ken is the best Senator in Richmond, period !

Sue Brown said:

I would love to follow the polls. Just how do we do that? Where are the polls on local elections?
Thank you.

Singleton said:

State board of election website has the links you're looking for. Comment again if you can't find the link yourself.

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