Fanning the Flames in Fairfax County

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Mukit Hossain, Gerry Connolly and Mahdi Bray speak about illegal immigration at a Muslim political event in Reston in August, 2007.

Actually, they don't really talk about illegal immigration, but rather they invoke fearful straw men and proceed to condemn them: Opposition to illegal immigration is "intolerance;" anybody who is not "white" will be "profiled" and "targeted"; it's "open season" on EVERYBODY.

Not the most helpful messages, to be sure. But they are worth listening to to get an idea why there is so much confusion about an issue that, at its core, is relatively simple. Luckily, most legal residents of Virginia are now far beyond being susceptible to this sort of rhetoric.

Over 50 politicians from across the political spectrum spoke before the Muslim audience. Most of the speeches were fairly tame and uncontroversial. Senate Candidate Patricia Phillips was one of the few who stated clearly her position on the rule of law with respect to illegal immigration.

Patricia actually may have been the ONLY candidate who spoke in favor of immigration enforcement - I have not had a chance to review my notes. But I do recall an attendee whispered to me "man, this woman has more stones than most of the guy-politicians here."

Here is the link to hear Patricia's address:

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Laura V said:

Wasn't this the event where Delgaudio said somthing along the lines of: God blessed me with a good woman. Did he belss you with a good woman?
I think he may have even mentioned somthing about fertility. Joe, can you find the Delagudio speech?
I heard it was hysterical, along the lines of his "30,000 cows. I mean that's a lot of cows. How come no one told me about this?"

Loudoun Conservative said:

Wow. Very instructive. They are so using fear. Are there racists who are against illegal immigration. Yes. Is every person who is against illegal immigration racisist? Absolutely not. Are there Muslims who want to destroy America. Yes. Is every person who is Muslim anti-American. Absolutely not. It is a time honored concept that ideas ought to be judged by their logical consequents -- not by their worst proponents. The invectives in this video are a clear demonstration of the need to be very clear when we speak. Immigration status is not a race issue. It is a legal issue.

Laura V said:

I agree with you Loudoun Conservative. That is why I object to references to the "reconquista" which I had never heard of until I read Ron Maxwell's essay on illegal immigration and until Joeseph Budzinsky tried to link La Voz of Loudoun to La Voz de Atzlan.

David said:

This may also be why I get a teensy bit irritated when a few youngsters in a state of partial undress at gay pride parades are used to illustrate the imaginary "Gay Lifestyle" to the gullible (otherwise known as Eugene Delgaudio's mailing list). This could be a valuable reminder to your pals that what goes around comes around. Or something like that.

gstone said:

Again Laura and David dance about the real issue.

It is my hope that there comes a day when an issue can be discussed and we don't end up talking about Eugene Delgaudio.

Its seems the two of you have a paranoid fixation that disables your ability to type one paragraph without typing his name.

I think it's called spinning the thread. Start off yet again bashing Delgaudio while tip toeing as fast as you can away from the real issue.

I need to pay better attention, I did not see Delgaudio in the video. I will have to watch it again.

Laura V said:

Ask Joe to include the Delgaudio speech. Please!!!

Billy said:

Apparently Joe doesn't want to give his boy any free publicity for his great speech that day. Maybe they're on the outs now...

G.Stone said:

I have reviewed this video three times now.
I can't find Delgaudio anywhere. Am I missing something here ? Did this video of three shrill leftists race baiters morph into a Delgaudio video and back without me noticing ?

By ignoring the real issue and changing the subject, Laura and the other apoligists for illegals are again showing their true intentions as well as further illustrating their inability to discuss the subject with real reason and thoughfulness.

I would have hoped we would be discussing the over the top and wreckless rhetoric of the three actually in the video. Instead , we are again playing Where's Waldo with Eugene Delgaudio.

Laura V said:

Delagudio attended this event. Joe did not include his nut job speach in this post. I am guessing Joe didn't include it because Delagaudio comes across like a loonie. Myabe I am wrong. Maybe Joe didn't include it because he only likes to showcase one side of the over the top rhetoric.

jacob said:

Laura V,
DDS (delguadio derangement syndrome) is a condition that is treatable provided you first aknowledge you have a problem. There are DA meetings all over the county. It usual starts like this: Hi, I am "yourname" and I have DDA ...

Usually 100 meeting in 100 days is the first BIG step. Then maintenance meetings to help those who fall of the wagon.

Joe did not include the Delgaudio speech (or any others) because Joe is working on a big project that will keep him tied up most of the next week, and he does not have time to review all the material he captured back in August to see if A) he can find that one speech among MANY other files with meaningless numerical names, and B) if it is audible enough to post.

Joe did find the speech MAGNIFICENT however, to the best of his recollection. Delgaudio was on the chopping block from recent press reports and he went in there and shifted the focus, to say the least.

The Phillips material Joe had already ID'd a long time ago right after the picnic for a blog post, because it was the one of the few that dealt with illegal immigration, but like so many of Joe's plans that blog post turned out to be no more than the pipe dream of a man whose planning and organizational skills stopped developing in approximately 1973.

But Joe agrees the Delgaudio speech was singular and he hopes to eventually post it. He probably won't be spending a ton of time around here the next week and he apologizes in advance for that.

G.Stone said:


I was there and had an opportunity to witness first hand ALL of the speakers. All 100 or so of them.
What does ED have to do with the other 3.
ED's speech was Peace, Love and understanding compared to the radical Islamists and Gerry Connolly. Those people at the picnic were not well served by the over the top nitwitery served up up by this trio.

If the people of Fairafx County re-elect Connolly they need their heads examined.

Laura V said:

Joe thought the speech was magnificant. What more can be said?
Joe also picked a winner to come address Help Save Loudoun. Scarlatta! Why did she say that she went through the long and tedious visa process to get laborers when numerous accounts actually state that her husband knew he had undocumented workers? And she even went so far as to say she couldn't find her files when a reporter questioned her about them.
And boy did she fan the flames with her comment about illegals having a babies all around, babies on their hips, babies in the tummy on the way, baby factories.

And could it be that Greg Stone, the one issue wonder, is actually giving me a hard time about going off a post topic. Greg, you must be unaware of your own reputation.

Yes I could tell you and the LaRouche people did not appreciate Starletta's perspective. Everyone else seemed to have a positive, or at least interested, reaction to it.

Laura V said:

Oh, I was intersted. Who were the LaRouche people?

The film crew sitting right in front of you! Jiminy cricket, I just assumed ....

Laura V said:

So you are not referring to the folks to my left from Loduoun Force and my friend right in front of me?

Anonymous said:

I want a State Senator that I can trust!

Anonymous said:

I want a State Senator that can be trusted!

No, the guys in the yellow jackets with the film equipment.

gstone said:


Just let me know when you want me to tutor you on any of the other issues of intrest.
I want you to know I am here for you.

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