Greg Ahlemann Interview with Equality Loudoun

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Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann talks with Equality Loudoun's David Weintraub after September 25 candidates' debate.

Our buddies at Equality Loudoun just conducted a fascinating, in-depth interview with Loudoun County Sheriff candidate Greg Ahlemann, no holds barred and no punches pulled. As I've said before, Mr. Ahlemann is at his best in one on one personal interaction. His forthrightness is what won him an improbable landslide victory at the June Republican Convention, and the same quality shines here. Thanks to the EV guys for the detailed and undoubtedly laborious transcription.

Go read it now! If you are not very familiar with Mr. Ahlemann, this discussion will definitely help fill in some of the gaps.

And so all I’m talking about doing is a program that the federal government has already said, hey, local jurisdictions, you can use this in your own community to help deal with, you know, the criminal aspect of it. They don’t give us the authority to go in businesses and check IDs and deport people, because they’re not going to take those people. That’s not our job, and that takes away from what we as law enforcement officers need to be doing, which is dealing with crime and the criminal element. Probably the biggest thing that a group like La Voz could get out, and different community groups, is to get this information out, that having the ICE program here is not going to target people who are here illegally who have not committed crimes. We will not have the authority to deport you, to separate you from your family - obviously there will be a deterrent value, there will be a lot of people who will say, Loudoun is hard on it, so maybe I’m not going to go there to drink, maybe if I live in Centreville I’m not going to come down to Pepe’s and drink, and if I get caught drinking and driving I might be deported, so you can’t put a price tag on that.

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Jack said:

Where do I sign up for that Christians United for Israel group?

Is there some reason the Captcha characters are "kkkmtr"? Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

zimzo said:

Don't you guys believe that the Jews have to be "perfected" by becoming Christians? That's what your idol Ann Coulter believes:

By the way, Jack and Jacob, since I know you like snooping at my IP address, look where I'm posting from today.

And Joe, I like what you've done with the place since I was here last.

Jack said:


Those who accept Jesus' sacrifice are perfected thereby. What's the problem?


So what?

Jack said:

MikroTic. Did you get a job?

Ok, ok, a note regarding the IP stuff. Zimzo, as you should know, it takes about zero "snooping" to get the basic info because it is captured in the MT activity log, sent with the automated e-mail notification of every comment, displayed in every stat counter - where the basic network info is also prominently displayed (check out our SiteMeter report if you have not done so already). The idea there is any investigation needed to get someone's IP data is flat wrong.

That being said, unless they do something wrong I think we ought to respect the privacy of our visitors. I don't know if you two have a running thing going about "guess where I am now" but if Zimzo does not want his location or network information displayed I think we should accommodate that desire.

Jack said:

Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought he wanted me to look. My apologies, zimzo.

Jonathan said:

Who's the hot guy in the yellow shirt? Is he married? ;-)

Jack said:

No, and he probably never will be (at least in Virginia). :-)

Jack said:

Don't you have to be a retired old fogey to wear a shirt like that?

David said:

Jonathan, you are such a doofus. Jack, I prefer to think of myself as an Old Coot in Training. At least you now recognize that I'm not going to leave my husband. Progress!

Thanks for the link, guys.

Jack said:

Yes, I do recognize that your mental disorder is permanent.

Jonathan said:


Such venom. Are you no longer in Christ? I'll pray for your salvation.

Jack said:

Did _I_ call you a doofus?

Look to your own house, Jonathan!

(But thank you. I'll pray for yours, too -- and the alleviation of your mental disorder.)

arwillow said:

Excellent. I respect Ahlemann even further for his willingness to put politics aside and be forthright and open on his private, personal beliefs. I also commend Equality Loudoun's David Weintraub for taking time to sit down with Ahlemann to get the facts directly from Ahlemann rather than perpetuate any lies and misinformation about Ahlemann. Instead of buying into any kind of whisper campaign, perhaps wrought with lies anyways, David sets the record straight by going right to the source Ahlemann. Thanks David and Greg for the interview and for the transparency! We need more people willing to be as open and honest about their beliefs.

G.Stone said:

This is a very special day for me.

You know you have arrived when you get labeled a vigilant by Equality Loudoun. I have arrived ! I am somebody. Some might feel scorned, others might wear it like a badge of honor. I think I will start polishing my new badge right now. It will look good hanging from my brand new Lime Green help Save Loudoun Tee Shirt.

Of course this is not really about me being a vigilant. As David well knows, a vigilant is someone who takes the law into their own hands. No one at Help Save Loudoun, including myself has ever advocated that we take the law into our own hands as a way to address illegal migration. David is smart enough to know the difference between what we stand for based on our declared positions and vigilantism but those facts don't fit well into Davids story. Therfore, David and his ilk require an ever increasing amount of intellectual slight of hand in order to even stay in the same conversation with most of us.

You see folks, this is not about Help Save Loudoun's supposed vigilant tendencies. This is all about the fact that David and I do not see eye to eye on much of anything. This is really about David displeasure with the way I address him and others whom I disagree with. David, does not like my attitude, directness and choice of words when we discuss and debate issues on these many websites. I am direct, straightforward and opinionated on subjects for which I am passionate. The possibility exists that when engaging in debate with me someone who is hyper-sensitive may feel offended. David is far more concerned with sensibilities rather than content.To them how one feels in reaction to what someone says is far more important then what was actually said.

This is about Davids knee jerk reaction towards political conservatives such as myself, who will not spent one minute kneeling at the alter of political correctness. For those on the left taking a shot at guys like me by flinging around the usual phobias is as natural as breathing. I must give him credit for the introduction of vigilant, he is expanding his vocabulary.

I can see David now with his list of approved terms for anyone to the right of Trotsky. Let's see, we will be talking about Greg Stone today what are we going to call him ?

How about xenophobe ? No, I used that one yesterday.

How about Racist ? No, ever since Al Sharpton that one has simply lost its zip.

How about homophobe ? No, even though he probably is one, we are discussing illegal aliens here and .. oh wait a minute, did I say illegal Aliens ? I meant undocumented temporary citizens of the world. How insensitive of me.

I know how about we get him onto the subject of one legged lesbian midgits born in Brazil.
Then we can call him xenophobic and homophobic in the same day.

prince said:

"I am direct, straightforward and opinionated on subjects for which I am passionate."

Greg, really. You are the poster child for silly slogans and political cheese!

Your name is becoming synonomous with Help Save Loudoun and contrubutes to the commonly held opinion that it is a far right, nativist, fringe group that would rather do ANYTHING than nothing, to prove a point, no matter how innane -(such as asking employers to certify that they don't hire illegals - btw, did you read about the smackdown of the ss# no match enforcement by the fed judge because of the 10% MARGIN OF ERROR on the pilot verification system - let me guess Greg, the judge must be a liberal social engineer conspiring with the Mexican gov.) Even conservatives that have legitimate concerns about illegal immigration are trying to avoid assocation with your group, and that is mainly because of your "directness and choice of words." It also has something to do with the enthusiastic woman that claps wildly at every single debate and Board meeting whenever the Republican candidate makes any mention of illegal immigrants, even when they screw up. Illegal immigrants are BAD -CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! We should not pay for illegal babies to be born in our hospitals CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! We could save enough money to pay for our next jail with the savings from getting illegal out of the public schools CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! What part of illegal don't you understand CLAP!CLAP!CLAP and wild nodding of the head.
People whisper, "Who is that?" and the whisper back is, "Help Save Loudoun." and the response "oohhhh, I heard about them."

David said:

No, it's pretty much about how you talk to people.

Linda B said:

"I prefer to think of myself as an Old Coot in Training."

Ha! David, you and Joe have more in common than you'd imagine!

zimzo said:

I was just tweaking Jack and Jacob for their crack investigation on the IP adresses of my comments a few weeks ago. But Jack is right. This time I did want him to look.

Jack said:

Why? Has God answered my prayers, and you have moved to Latvia?

Prince(ess), I think most Loudoun residents who have not been living in a cave out west somewhere are much more concerned about the illegal aliens in their neighborhood than the angry woman at the BOS meetings.

I will admit, the angry people on our side distract attention from the positive steps we have taken, as the angry people on your side do for you, to say the least.

prince said:

I don't have a "side", that's the brilliant thing!
There is a rumor going around that I might actually be a Republican, Oh my God! Which happens to be true, though not by Loudoun standards.

Joe said:

Do you think that the East and West are seperated by a river that we have to swim for our lives to cross before packing emergency supplies and a change of underwear? My God man, have you no sense? Did you not know that due to our ever increasingly global economy we feel tremors from events that happen around the globe, we also are impacted by what happens in Sterling Park? Did you know that it takes about 15 minutes to get there by car from Leesburg? Did you know that someone may live in Leesburg and have a cousin or aunt that lives on Amelia Street, and that maybe they visit them? Maybe you were not aware, and that's why the last time we were all over to dinner at my Aunt's house the zoning department showed up and did a head and bead count because of the compliant of overcrowding.
Joe, your better off just ignoring me. Or banning me.

Laura, calling yourself "Joe" and posting from the same IP address as "prince" and "Laura V." will not get you banned here. Don't worry about that, you're doing just fine.

Interesting zoning story. So you are telling me Juanita counted heads at an event you attended? She did not recognize you? That seems surpising to me. How about some more details? If it was unjust did you file a complaint with Mr. Wharton? This is the third or fourth anecdote like this to come up in the last month - the others all involved supposed renegade law enforcement officers in Herndon and Sterling - but the common thread is no official complaints were filed in any of the cases.

Just saying.

David, Welcome to the Angry Old Man Preparatory Training Center, where middle aged men prepare for the next stage in life.

It may surprise you to know I am the president of this organization.

Congratulations on taking this first step. We have miles to go, but for now let me pass along some important guidelines which will help make the transition smoother and the upcoming lessons easier to follow:

1) Children and other small creatures can have a calming and uplifting effect, as long as you maintain an impermeable perimeter when you need it. They have their proper place, and it is not necessarily anywhere near you.

2) It IS ok to throw things at the TV, but we want to be throwing SOFT things, like newspapers and slippers, as opposed to boots and rocks glasses.

3) No, you are not going crazy: It is incredibly annoying to be interrupted when you are reading or trying to concentrate. This is why all of the famous old men through the ages have had an office or separate room where they could close the door and lock out the world. Get yourself such a room.

4) Yes, we want to get along with all of our neighbors, but the occasional life-long grudge is inevitable, and in fact to be celebrated. Don't fight the urge: It is part of who you are becoming. On the same topic, be wary of lending out your power tools.

5) You appear to be well on your way with this but I will make the point anyway: Tucking in your shirt is a fool's game, frankly, a sign of servitude. Congrats on stickin' it to the man at such a young age.

6) As you get older and angrier, you may find the need for more "space" as it were. Having a separate cottage, or wing if possible, or even a workshed furnished with television, refrigerator and indoor plumbing, can go a long way toward ensuring domestic tranquility.

Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to charting your progress.

David said:


Do you have meetings? Do we get to practice yelling 'You kids GET OFF MY LAWN'?

Laura Valle said:

My bad - I accidently put your name where I should have put mine because i was responding to you. I wasn't trying to pass as you. I'd have dumb myself down first to do that, or nobody would buy it.

Anyway, you caught me, it wasn't really my Aunt, it was just the story of a family I have been working with. True story though. And they did complain, but they were told that because it is a citizen driven compliant system they (zoning) have no choice but to investigate when there is a complaint. I did let the family know that there is no reason for them to let them in unless there is a search warrant.

Laura, you wouldn't have to "dumb yourself down" to pose as me, you'd have to FREAK YOURSELF OUT because that is how radically distant my perspective is from yours.

David, yes, and you need to bring your own cane to shake in the air, whether you need one for walking or not. They can be acquired for a fair price at most five-and-dimes and certainly at the local apothecary.

Jack said:

I recommend one of those metal ones with four little legs so it can stand on its own.

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