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A PAC has been formed to help end illegal hiring and illegal migration into the communities of Northern Virginia. Visit the Help Save Loudoun PAC Web Site for more information on how to assist in this effort:

Help Save Loudoun PAC was formed on behalf of the legal residents of Virginia, with the goal of ending illegal hiring here and illegal migration into our area. We want to elect public officials who will work to address these problems by implementing local and state immigration law enforcement measures and increase restrictions on hiring unauthorized workers.

Over the past seven years, because of corrupt business practices and neglect by our public officials, eastern Loudoun and western Fairfax counties became a landing zone for illegal aliens seeking work. This resulted in a "win-win-lose" situation, in that the employers benefited from cheap labor, the unauthorized workers found work, and American blue-collar workers and subcontractors saw their wages drop and opportunities disappear.

Yes, the federal government is to blame for failing to secure our borders and enforce existing laws against illegal hiring. At Help Save Loudoun PAC, however, we believe the solution to the problem must begin at the local and state levels. When local communities act, those at higher levels of government will eventually follow.

We have seen examples already where just the threat of increased enforcement has resulted in a reversal of illegal migration. Within the past year, several states and local communities - including Herndon, Virginia - have passed measures aimed at discouraging illegal hiring, with the result that illegal aliens have begun to depart.

Some of our public officials and candidates for office seem to grasp this principle but many do not.

Polls indicate that over 80% of legal residents of the United States support an "enforcement-first" approach to immigration reform. Help Save Loudoun PAC provides an avenue for promoting people to public office who are dedicated to implementing enforcement at the ground level rather than waiting for the feds to act.

Your contribution to Help Save Loudoun PAC will help in this effort.

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Laura V said:

Intersting website. Is this another opposition PAC? Given that the candidates who favor local legislation on immigration all recieve a majority of their $$ from the evil developers, I just don't see who you guys can support. Are you going to go with Ron Maxwell on this one and support a no growth slate?

Laura V said:

I am also curious as to whether or not you have any concrete evidence that undocumented immigrants have begun to leave Herndon. It certainly contradicts with the perspective that I have as a person who works closely with the community.

Laura V said:

There is however an example in one town where they enacted strict legislation and there really was a mass exodus. Interestingly, almost all of the individuals that enacted that legislation were booted out of office, there are pending lawsuits, the legislation has since been repealed, and the local economy has gone downhill.

Dan said:

Laura V.,

Not necessarily true. reports that Herring has taken in from the real estate and construction sector about three times what Pat Philips has. Poisson has taken about in four times what Chapman has received. I can't speak for Phillips or Chapman, but I were in their shoes, I might like to see Herring and Poisson thrown under this bus.

I heard this same rhetoric from a few young activists this weekend. I was left perplexed about how some so against development could be living in a 3 year old house in Ashburn. I would think that a person with this level of concern over growth would buy a 20 year old fixer upper. Or is this a simple case of "now that I've got mine" all development should stop. Makes one wonder doesn't it ?

Dan said:


Go talk to the folks in AZ, OK, and check back with Riverside in another year.

Shouldn't you get back to work ? As a taxpayer I do not like my tax dollars going to pay your salary at La Voz only to find you are spending all day on blogs..

Laura, If you look at the VPAP reports you will see most of these guys are taking money from developers.

From what I have seen, very few of the sitting board candidates seem to favor local legislation on immigration, or they would have passed something.

Regarding Herndon, yes, if you simply count the number of people who used to be at the Alabama Avenue site, then how many were at the HOW site, and now how many back at Alabama Avenue, the count went from roughly 60-90, then up to over 130, and now back to around 30 or 40. One of our members lives on Alabama a few doors down from the 7-11.

prince said:

So who are you guys trying to get elected anyway?
And Joe- the reason that they haven't done any thing yet is that there is not much that they can actually do. Also, your use of numbers seems very consistent, it's consistently questionable. So you have proven - proven is a strong word and doesn't fit - how about attempted to make the case - that there are less day laborers out looking for work, is that it? And that in your mind suggests that illegal immigrants are leaving Herndon?

Dan, you can let go of the death grip on your wallet. The Washington Post reports on Loudoun Extra that Ms. Valle has resigned. They gave it noticibly more attention than your press release regarding the new PAC.

Dan said:

prince, you are right about the death grip on my wallet, I feel pretty bad. To repent I will up my charitable cash contributions from $1000 to $1250 this year..


G.Stone said:

Had you spent any real time researching this you would know there is allot local jurisdictions can do. Lawful Employment Ordinances being only one. The legislative package being put together by the Republicans in Richmond now will certainly have an effect on what can be done over the coming years. For our group and others like us, this is a marathon not a sprint. We will attack the issue from many fronts holding politicians feet to the fire the whole way. For those who think this is an election year fad for us , you would be sadly mistaken.

We will support those who are right on the issue. Politicians getting on the wrong side of this issue need their heads examined. Every poll in the country shows massive support for our position. Yes, there is a vocal minority but they are just that, a minority. Some in the minority have a bunch of money to throw at this issue. However, even they will tire in the long haul when politicians realize that the numbers simply no longer add up. For now some politicians are playing both sides against the middle. That game only lasts so long.

As usual the Post is a day late and a dollar short. Reporting that Laura has resigned is week old news.

One thing we can do is advertise what a great place Montgomery County Maryland is to live if you an Illegal Alien. Montgomery as well as Prince Georges Counties are both begging for more illegals. They can't get enough illegals. If I was an illegal my law breaking rear end would be in Montgomery County right now. Get me in that line at Casa de Maryland. I would no longer waste my time in Loudoun County. The enlightened class over in Maryland is way out in front of us here in Virginia. These guys know how to compassion their way into an illegals heart. The social engineers and gate keepers to the welfare state have all the services and aid a good illegal needs. What illegal in his or her right mind would not leave Loudoun or Herndon and skeedattle on over to the best multi-cultural utopian county the state of maryland has to offer.

They won't call you dirty names like illegal alien. You will now be refered to as an undocumented temporary citizen of the world residing in Silver Spring. That is if Silver Spring is where you end up. However, you will not be allowed to live in Potomac, even liberals have their limits. You will be allowed in Potomac only if you are cutting grass or painting. You will need to out by dark, it is Potomac.

You see Maryland has a kinder,gentler more enlightened take on those who accidently stumbled into our country and found themselves 1000 miles from their home.

So Come illegals what are you waiting for ? A better life is just across the river. Come on lets go, time is wasting.

Contact Casa De Maryland today. 7 locations to service you ! Thats right, I said 7 locations. You can't swing a dead cat without without hitting a Casa De Maryland location. Call now bilingual operators are standing by.


Call today !!!

prince said:

Greg- I have spent considerable time studying the issue. Lawful employment ordinances are absolutely futile, if there is no enforcement behind them. Its jsut a fell good attemt to have an imoact, and Greg, brains are for thinking, hearts are for pumping blood.
Anyway, what I take your first paragraph to mean is that you guys know that you are going to get pummeled at the polls so you are planning to stick it out till the next election rolls around, or the next, or the next...

Anyway, who are your candidates? Who is right on this issue?

And on the surveys:

National Pew Hispanic Center said that 75% of Hispanics surveyed say the immigration debate will prompt more Latino's to vote in November, and you can quess in which way. But what tells me that you are not including the Latino vote as part of mainstream America?
"As the Senate reconsiders immigration reform this week, the Immigration Opinion Survey conducted for the American Friends Service Committee, the year’s largest opinion study on the U.S. public’s views on immigration topics, finds that the public is strongly in favor of immigration reform that includes a path to permanent residency for undocumented immigrants and keeps immigrant families together." American Friends Service Committee
"A narrow majority of the public (53%) believes that illegal immigrants should be required to go home, compared with 40% who feel they should be granted some kind of legal status allowing them to stay in this country. But when the option of a temporary worker program is introduced, the fissures in public attitudes toward immigration become even more evident." Pew Research Center
FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll
06/07/2007 67% of registered voters favor "giving illegal immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law a second chance and allowing them to stay in the United States."
Washington Post/ABC News
06/04/2007 52% of adults nationwide support a program giving illegal immigrants now living in the United States the right to live here legally if they pay a fine and meet other requirements.
CBS News
06/28/2007 65% of respondents said that they favored giving undocumented immigrants "a chance to keep their jobs and apply for legal status."

and on and on and on

My only point being that a mass support for your views is questionable. Depends on the question, how its asked, and who is asking it.

G Stone said:

Stay tuned you Little Red Corvette!

Endorsements are on the way.

Our accounting firm Budzinski, Budzinski and Budzinski is tallying the final scores as we speak. They will release the winners very soon.
Don't go anywhere. You will read it hear first.

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