Local Immigration Enforcement Works - Case Study Number 385

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The Washington Post, god bless 'em, has this marvelous knack for unintentionally putting the dime on people it actually intends to cast in a hagiographical light.

You may recall the priceless case last year when the Post relayed the purportedly heart-warming, inspiring tale of an illegal-alien-boarding-house magnate named Jorge Morales.

Now we have this story, about which it's hard to know where to begin. I encourage everyone to go read it. Here is a highlight:

But a slowdown in the construction industry has forced Ventura to cut his workforce to 15 people. Meanwhile, his plan to buy a new house and offset some of the mortgage by renting some of the rooms backfired after county residents called for a crackdown on overcrowding.

I mean, the nerve of those county residents...

This is exactly why we need to ramp up the crackdown at the local level. As many legal residents suspect, there are people who have no intention of following the current rules for what you can and can't do in a neighborhood. Therefore, we need to add more and more teeth to the regulations until they have the desired effect of forcing acceptance of the rule that you are NOT ALLOWED to run boarding houses in our neighborhoods.

The Loudoun County supervisors REALLY should have gotten some ordinances passed this month.

The whole point is to send the message that this is not the place to be if you are here illegally or hiring illegally. It is as simple as that. The "foot dragging five" (those not endorsed by HSL-PAC) caused this board to miss a great opportunity to follow Prince William County's lead.

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Laura V said:

The only thing you guys are missing is a Spanish language radio station with strong transmission in Loudoun and Mexicans Without Borders to make this work in Loudoun. In the end, it wasn't the legislation but rather all the hype that came with it that is causing folks to up and leave.

Jack said:

Whatever works, Laura.

G Stone said:

Who Cares, it is working.

Wait until we start our media campaign about how great it is in Maryland. They will be chartering buses to get to Montgomery County.
After all they far more enlightened than we are here in Loudoun.

Laura, I would think you would be with us on getting illegals to vamose.

Had Enough said:

Enough with the Sob stories!

I have yet to see the media write the stories about the Citizens that have lost family members, jobs, homes, etc because of this invasion and the actions of the illegals.

Gave up my subscription to the post, they do NOT report the news when it comes to illegals or much else. I wonder how many illegals work there?

The Illegals knew when they came here that they were breaking the law, They should be looking over their shoulder and live in fear just like any other fugitive.

Take your dual citizenship anchor babies with you

Dan said:

I don't know what is worse, the sob stories from the illegals, or those that have chosen to base their livelihoods upon their presence..

The cash cow is drying up, anyone that fails to realize this will also dry up, or move to Maryland. I sure wish we had built that bridge to Montgomery County that Frank Wolf looked at a few years ago, might have expedited this process..

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