More Proof That Local Immigration Law Enforcement Works

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How rich. Employers of illegal aliens attempt to convince business reporters that they cannot function without the cheap labor.

We have heard this sob story before: Work will not get done and, oh my, fruit will rot on the vines. This Post reporter, at least, attempts to answer the obvious questions.

Local and state enforcement of hiring laws causes illegal aliens to leave and legal workers to earn better wages:

"They will not stay here if they know they will get no taxpayer subsidy, and they will not stay here if they know if they ever come into contact with one of our fine law enforcement officers, they will stay in custody until they are physically deported."

Hispanic business groups, citing school enrollment losses and church parish figures, say the laws, which start going into effect later this year, have caused as many as 25,000 undocumented workers to flee the state in recent months. The loss is being decried by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association.

"In major metro areas we are seeing people leave based on the perception that things are going to get bad for them and that this state doesn't want them here," said Mike Means, executive vice president of the association. "Now we're looking at a labor shortage. I've got builders who are being forced to slow down jobs because they don't have the crews. And it's not like these people are going back to Mexico. They're going to Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, anywhere where the laws aren't against them."

Means said that while construction wages haven't yet gone up in Oklahoma, they are likely to do so if the shortage worsens. Advocates of such laws say that is precisely how strict regulations on illegal immigration can help American workers -- by forcing wages higher. But construction industry leaders counter that a wage increase in Oklahoma, where builders are already paying $15 to $20 an hour for labor in a state with low unemployment, would lead to a net loss of jobs as some businesses are forced to close, particularly if other states allow less stringent hiring practices.

Of course, SOME companies would eventually do the construction work in Oklahoma, being as how you have to be there to do the building. These companies would obey the law. And if no states "allow less stringent hiring practices" then we would be back to the rule of law everywhere. What a concept.

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Ottie said:

It's clear that Mr Joe knows squat about picking fruit and berry crops. Strawberries don't wait, neither do peaches. Making fun of pear growers simply shows his ignorance. Fruit WILL rot on the trees if not picked at the right time and the correct way. Long ago DC tried to send welfare recipients to pick apples in the Blue Ridge. Well, most of them didn't last the day and they were not sent back. You probably haven't seen the stoop labor taking place in the central valley in Calif. I defy you to find many "regular" Americans who would do that kind of work at any pay.

You should read the articles linked to before commenting on the posts, FYI. It would help you show off your intelligence.

Jack said:

"Long ago DC tried to send welfare recipients to pick apples in the Blue Ridge."

Well that's part of the problem, isn't it?

2 Thessalonians 3:10
"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

Ottie said:

Mr Joe, FYI I read the links but those don't change my outlook. As for intelligence, I wouldn't dream of competing with you Mensa people!

As for Jack and his Thessalonians "if any would not work, neither should he eat". The immigrants work and work hard, toil even, and should be able to eat. I don't know how to handle the wellfare recipients but feel that they should be given first choice when it comes to picking crops and weed fields for the same pay as (il)legal immigrants get. What do you think?

Then, sir, all I can say is there are none so blind as those who will not see.

As for your remark about welfare recipients, we are almost on the same page there, until you toss in the whopper "for the same pay as (il)legal immigrants get" !!

Ha! That's exactly the problem - NO ONE SHOULD BE DOING THE WORK FOR THE SAME PAY AS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GET. Are you joking me? Or are you actually an employer of illegal immigrants?

Hey, that would sure explain a lot about you, smart guy ...

Ottie said:

"Ha!" Then get the welfare recipients higher pay. Maybe they'll do the work and get off the welfare roll. You talk about illegal immigrants getting a free ride. What about many of the welfare people? You ought to be as concerned about the money they drain from our community as you are about the other group. Your problem there would be that you can't tell welfare people by their looks!

I surmise you are a farmer sir. Here's a suggestion: Why don't YOU house your illegal workers on your property somewhere, pay for private school for their children, and take care of their medical and other humanitarian needs? If you and the rest of your ilk would only do this, we would not even be having this conversation.

Ottie said:

I feel for you. If you disagree with some people here they will say that you are either a pro-illegal immigrant left wing social engineer, or a greedy farmer (which is a new one), or a greedy corporate elite taking advantage of illegals for a buck. No room for compromise here, or even to entertain oposing ideas.

Laura V said:

I did it again, I meant to put my name, Laura V. but instead put the name of the person I was addressing Ottie). Sorry, I am not as good of a multitasker as I once was. The previous post was me, not trying to empersonate anyone else. My bad, again!

Had Enough said:

I thought Ottie was Laura , same style and rhetoric. No different than when she would use anonymous for one post then her name for another.

Laura said:

Had enough- I only did that when I was working for La Voz so I could post my own opinions worry free. I used my name whenever it was not controversial. I won't be doing that anymore.

Jack said:

Laura, may I suggest you check the "Remember personal info?" box?

Laura Valle said:

Holy S*** Jack, that's a great idea. Thanks.

We are a nurturing community, primarily here to serve our visitors.

jacob said:

Is this 'compassionate' conservatism?

Dan said:

"Fruit WILL rot on the trees if not picked at the right time"

Fruit drops to the ground if not picked at the right time, can't sell fall fruit..

Jack said:

And the price of fruit will go up, so the growers will be able to afford LEGAL workers next time.

ACTivist said:

And the union can get MORE dues as they won't have to worry about migrants and illegals not paying their fair share (being non-union and all). It's a win-win for everyone! :-)

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