Reminder: Help Save Loudoun Public Meeting Thurs. Oct 25, 7:00 pm

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Help Save Loudoun is pleased to present Starletta Hairston, former councilwoman of Beaufort County, South Carolina, and Rich Kelsey, a local attorney, author and expert on illegal immigration who has been following the issue since 1994.

October 25, 2007, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Founders Hall, Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department
20688 Ashburn Road
Ashburn, VA 20147

The overall topic will be "Illegal Hiring and Illegal Migration" - how to address the root cause of illegal immigration into the U.S.

Ms. Hairston will discuss the evolution of Beaufort County's Lawful Employment Ordinance, one of the very few examples of local legislation aimed at immigration enforcement that has a) been passed, and b) avoided successful legal challenge. Help Save Loudoun has encouraged the Loudoun County Board to pass a similar measure (and has urged our lawmakers in Richmond to pass enabling legislation if needed).

Mr. Kelsey will discuss several topics, including the legal and legislative ramifications of local and state level immigration enforcement.

There will be ample time for audience question and answers. Often this is the most valuable portion of the program, where audience members can gain a great deal of information in a short period of time.

For example, some people, such as our good friend Zimzo, argue that the damage caused by illegal hiring is a myth, and that no American worker or American business owner has ever been damaged by companies hiring unauthorized workers. Others disagree with Zimzo. Who is correct? Come to the meeting and find out.

....On second thought, don't come to the meeting to find THAT out because I can tell you right now, Zimzo is dead wrong and everyone who has not been DEAD for the past five years should know it.

The only one who gets to make that absurd statement is Zimzo, and the only reason I would permit him to show up and make it is because I would have a bucket of water ready to pour over his head.

But feel free to show up and ask any other types of questions.

(Just kidding. We allow ANY questions and never even bring a bucket to these meetings.)

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zimzo said:

I guess the only way you can win an argument is by misquoting me. I did not say that "that no American worker or American business owner has ever been damaged by companies hiring unauthorized workers."

I simply asked the question (cue bucket of water):
"How many businessmen hiring illegal immigrants have put law-abiding businessmen out of work? You have no idea. My guess: Not many if any."

I really would be interested if you had statistics on the number of businesses forced to close because competitors hired illegal immigrants.

And you might want to read this article at the meeting about how the economy of one town was ruined by a crackdown on illegal immigrants:

Dan said:

Check back with Riverside in a year or two.. A problem years in the making will not be recovered from overnight...

Had Enough said:

I know for a fact that Citizen construction workers are not being hired, I know for a fact that construction companies that do not hire illegals are being under bid.

I know for a fact that many wives have become the bread winners and they are struggling, not week to week but day to day.

I know for a fact that these people are not blogging or being polled.

I'm sick of the so called "Polls," they know where to go to receive the results they desire which in most cases are not reflecting the truth.

Just as the unemployment figures are false. I know 4 people in my circle that are no longer counted in anything concerning unemployment because they have been unemployed for so long.

Laura V said:

I know for a fact that the last two times I hired American stonemasons neither one lasted more than a week. The first showed up at 10 am for two days, then he asked me for an advance to help him buy a car because his was broken down. Fired!

The second was an awesome stonemason but he worked a week and then ended up in jail for domestic assault. Fired!

No other Americans have applied for the job.

I can say that I was pissed when I saw a local nursery's sign that said that they charge $18 an hour for all stonework, dry set or w/mortar. They under bid our hourly rate by half. My only consellation is that I heard their work is shoddy and since my huband is a kick ass mason we are never short of work, espensive though it may be.

I am convinced that if the consumer is well educated and demands a quality product, including a home whose materials have more than a 30 year lifespan and is built with knowledge and care, we will eliminate much of the problem.

One of our competiters for retaining wall work has about a 75% undocumented workforce and they pay their masons around $13 when ours started at $18. I am sure they don't consider us competition, we are way too small to be on their radar screan. They lay their stones upright and have running joints over three feet long at times. I actually get work by taking people to see their walls and explaining why it is not sound traditional masonry and as such the walls will not withstand the test of time, cheap though they may be.

Education, education, education.

Laura, you are a hard one to decipher. Substitute any another nationality for "American" above and you have the precise formulation to get yourself publicly excoriated if not thrown in jail. In fact, I have a studiedly politically incorrect friend who just the other day made a similar observation regarding the quality of plumbing work performed by persons who might have been patrons of your former organization. But I am old school that way, and I have absolutely no problem with either my friend's generalization or yours. Because sometimes stating the truth is politically incorrect. I lean towards the truth anyway.

I am sure you would gladly allow similar blanket observations with regard to Mexicans, for instance.

And if I read you correctly, you are making the exact same type of argument guys in contracting and other trades make regarding their competitors who hire illegally.

So you seem to be a kindred spirit with some people on the "other side" of the debate, - except your proposed solution to illegal immigration is to simply apply a semantic trick: change the world "illegal" to "legal" for all those who have cut in line? ("comprehensive immigration reform")

You must have gotten to know SOME people who are following the legal pathway to U.S. citizenship or employment status, right? Do you honestly think it's fair to allow people who break the rules to be simply given the privileges that others have to work for? Because comprehensive immigration reform, in every form it's been proposed so far, makes those who follow the rules look like chumps.

And here is a good question that Jack used to trip Zimzo up with back in the day: Do you believe the U.S. has the right to set any limits whatsoever on how many people come into the country? If so, take the limit, the line of demarcation you consider fair - how many people are allowed in - and tell me: What do YOU say to the next million people trying to get in? What do YOU say if they just sneak in?

I would love to hear your thoughts on that question.

Sanity said:

Zimzo, awesome link!

G.Stone said:

What a great event !
Starletta Hairston and Richard Kelsey were both terrific . Mrs. Hairston is proof that local action can happen and better yet have a positive effect on the presence of illegals in our community.

G.Stone said:


Most of the public have little or no say in who is or is not a subcontractor on a residential or commercial project. When you buy a house from Toll Brothers, Pulte, Ryan or Ryland you have zero imput as to the leagal status of those subs building the house. That is just the real world.

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