The Real Karen Schultz

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Warrenton - - In a candidate forum hosted by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce [last week], Karen Schultz informed the audience she supports "broad-based tax incentives as well as direct support for new tolls and hot lines [sic]," when responding to a question regarding what she would support changing in transportation legislation.

Schultz's comments on raising toll fees come during a time when the owner of the Greenway Toll Road is under scrutiny for financial records showing the State Corporation Commission (SCC) relied on a flawed analysis of the financial profits for the toll road's private owner, raising toll fees 60%. Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell has agreed to launch a review of the financial records of the Macquarie Infrastructure Group and its affiliates, the Australian based operator of the Greenway as those records relate to the SCC approval.

"I am shocked and disappointed to hear Karen Schultz supports toll hikes at a time when the owners of the Greenway are already gouging Virginians," said campaign spokesman Mike Spellings. "Citizens should be able to trust their representatives to know the issues and to protect them from these kinds of excessive fees and shoddy oversight, not enable it."

"Northern Virginia is the economic engine of the state," stated Vogel. "Our families, businesses and students rely on affordable transportation to survive. Our drivers should not be forced off Virginia's highways because they cannot afford the high toll cost. The impact of the new Greenway toll, approaching $5 a trip, will force many drivers off that highway and onto to other roads that are already over capacity, making congestion worse. Regular families need a representative who understands the issue and whose response to everything is not to raise taxes or raise tolls."

Vogel is a nationally recognized attorney and native Virginian. She has twice served as a Trustee of the Board of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, appointed in 1999 by the Governor. Vogel is a member of the Board of Trustees of Massanutten Military Academy and Co-Chair of the capital campaign for the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum. She resides in Fauquier County with her husband and children.

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Norman Willis said:

Where and when was Karen Schultz born?

Where and how did she spend the first 20 years of her life?


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