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I'm not sure what to think of the result of this meeting. I've struggled with the idea of whether I could vote for Rudy Giuliani for President if he wins the nomination, but with my boy Fred Thompson and the rest of the supporting cast failing to catch Rudy at this point, this thought process moves further into my everyday contemplation.

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Had Enough said:

I would never support the openly cheating womanizer, the New York Police Department and the Firemen have been very harsh about him and how he is lacking in leadership.

They say he did nothing for New York Or them.

Did you know one of his largest clients is Mexico. I guess he will train them to give a daily press conference if they have a terrorist attack. He wasn't providing his own city with the equipment they needed before 9/11

JK said:

“enough said” – they said? “they” are only a few, as a brother of an ex-NYC firefighter, the “majority” of your “they” liked Giuliani, sorry to disappoint you, but that’s a fact.

Jack said:

If the choices are Giuliani and Hillary, would you vote for Hillary or sit out?

If the choices are Giuliani and Obama, would you vote for Obama or sit out?

What Democrat would you prefer to see in office over Giuliani?

JK said:

Hillary first, Giuliani as a back-up.

My convictions are that this country, if the choices are Giuliani and Clinton, is in worse shape than I had previously thought.

jacob said:

Rudy or the Hildebeast? I have watched the debates for both parties. I would take Rudy over H. Rotten Clinton in a cold second. HRC has said "I have a million ideas and America cannot afford them." Let that sink in boys.

Some NYC Friefighters don't like RG, OK, but most DO. Do we poll how many firefighters like HRC? You will find a mixed bag there as well.

For all my fellow conservatives out there I have to ask you the following question: Would you prefer to lose $10 or a $1000 dollars? If you are unable to answer that question, then beat your head against a post until you can.

The reality is we have not had a conservative in the Whitehouse since Reagan. Bush has shown himselve to be a fiscally irresponsible and his stance on the border issue is anethema to me. His dad was a little better, but he lost to Billy-J and that led to a nightmare that lasted 8 years.

I like Huckabee, and then when I think about it some more and realise he is another "compassionate conservative" who is a disaster with respect to the Border.

Thompson has recently firmed up his Border stance, that coupled with some FISCAL conservatismm would get me excited. I really wish Hunter could get some traction in the polls.

Romney and Guilianni(sp?) are both NE liberals who have fiscal conservative credentials. Both are preferable to the Hildebeast. I am actually more suspicious of Romney than I am of Guilianni.

As conservatives, we are not going to get what we want. The issue is can we at least get what we need. The primary process apears once again to have given us evil of two lessers choice. However, the choice is stark.

I would not be happy with voting for a guy who cheated on his wife. IF RG is the candidate, I am worried that his character flaw in this regard will allow an out and out UN loving, socialist into the Whitehouse. Fear this people.

jacob said:

You are correct, this country IS in bad shape, because the choiice could very well be RG or HRC.

JK said:

you're right and we can all thank GW.

ACTivist said:

"JK said:
you're right and we can all thank GW."

I suspect you mean Bush, not Washington.

You must remember that it takes time for the deeds of one administration to be felt. Sometimes that transcends into the next administrations' term. Bush carried some stuff left by Slick Willy. Bush has also screwed up in many areas because he feels people are sheep (as all "good politicians" do) and will accept anything.

You mustn't blame all woes and ills on conservatives/Republicans. Liberals usually can find fault with those mentioned BECAUSE they are always looking outward. Infidelity, corruption, suicide(murder), socialism, disrespect and others are what BJ gave us. And you don't think Hilly won't do more? She helped write the book! Behind every good man there is a good woman. In this case, behind every whimp there is a domineering-power hungry bitch. Get real.

We can still do better then Roody. Is there still time?

Jack said:

Besides Giuliani, which Republican has a snowball's chance in Hell of winning New York?

ACTivist said:

Bloomberg. He just hasn't got off his money to announce yet. He's a RINO and that is basically what I consider Roody to be.

I know it all counts in the final tally but do you really care what New York does? They OWN left field! (Massatwoshets runs a close second)

jacob said:

Are you kidding! NYC is indigo blue but upstate NY is pretty red in many parts. Mass does not have a single congessmen or Senator who is not a Democrat. NY has Republlican congressmen and until recently had some Republican Senators.

Jack said:

Bloomberg is only a Republican because he didn't think he could win the Democratic primary. When he had no use for that pretense, he left the party again.

ACTivist said:

You are correct about "red in many parts" but it is usually NYC that carries the state in nationals. That be a ton of people there, boy. And that is what carries the electoral (you already know this). Think about this Jacob. They elected Hilly as their Senator....and she ain't from thar!

jacob said:

I thought we were comparing the state as a whole.

JK said:

NYC is very well educated and open minded, upstate NY is not, all the educated people left years ago, do you blame them?

Linda B said:

Wow, JK, that is one of the most unapologetically elitist comments I've seen on this blog. Congratulations.

JK said:

then you're quite blinded by what you read here missy….

Linda B said:

"missy"? Wow, it just keeps getting better.

ACTivist said:

What you really meant to say was that NYC is very liberal and linear in thought and that the rest of the state EXILED the socialists to the city. Does that pretty much sum it up?

Missy? I guess you must be from the city because you city folk can be very condensending!

ACTivist said:

My fault. when I think of NY I tend to focus on the city. Don't mean to compare it to the whole state. Has some very nice country to it. Just a bunch of "dead lakes" (acid rain) that takes away from some of the beauty.

jacob said:

It amazes me how insular, bigoted and narrow minded the left can be, especially when they trumpet the call to be open minded and mindful of others feelings. given your comments above, you are a splendid example this hypocrisy. It's great having you around.

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