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Looks like Ken Cuccinelli and others were right that we didn't need to fund embryonic stem cell research because researchers have figured out to turn normal stem cells into embryonic stem cells according to the Washington Post.

Days like this make me feel good about being a social conservative.

Equality [fill in the blank] members can eat crow here.

I recently was made aware of a particular story that has me outraged. There are several things that need to be covered here, and I expect this is something of little controversy, other than what people think of bullying.

First, background ... A young almost 14 year old girl is allowed to use an account on myspace, is monitored closely, and appears to have been the victim of an adult who created another myspace account specifically to gain the girl's confidence. The account was then used to dash the girl's esteem, which appears to have been the trigger event in the girl taking her own life. A newspaper article on the story is at:

There are two issues I'd like to address. One, is how some people in society have hideously accused the parents of the girl who did monitor activities on the account of not doing so closely enough, and two, how the adults who perpetrated this are not guilty of any crime (at least not one with which they can be charged).

Good to see Lieutenant Governor Bolling out in front on this issue.

Bolling asks Kaine to reconsider abstinence-only sex-ed program cuts

Story by Chris Graham

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has a problem with Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine's move to eliminate $275,000 in funding from the state budget that was to go to five nonprofit programs in Virginia that administer abstinence-only sex-ed programs.

"The only sure way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence outside of a monogamous marital relationship, and it is important that we clearly communicate this fact to parents and their children," Bolling wrote in a letter to Kaine that his office made public today.

Kaine last month submitted plans to eliminate the funding that is a matching grant for a federal program that provides funds to organizations and school systems that offer abstinence-only education programs.

Schools and organizations that do not receive federal funding for their programs will be able to continue offering locally-based abstinence-only sex education.

In an interview with The New Dominion on Wednesday, Kaine said his administration will "continue to focus our energies on abstinence-based programs - really promoting the ethical and moral values of abstinence. But you've got to give kids more information so that they make wise decisions."

"The goal is to all we can to delay youngsters from getting involved in sexual activity and ending unwanted pregnancy. Abstinence-only programs don't really do that," Kaine said.

In his letter, Bolling said that contrary to those assertions, "abstinence-only education programs have been proven to work in Virginia and throughout the nation."

"According to the Virginia Department of Health, from 1995 to 2005, the period during which abstinence education has received significant funding and expansion, Virginia saw an 18.5 percent decrease in teen pregnancies, while nationwide teen sexual activity fell from 54.1 percent to 46.8 percent," Bolling wrote in the letter.

"I encourage you to further review the efficacy of abstinence based education programs before eliminating state funding for these programs," Bolling wrote.

Chris Graham is the executive editor of The New Dominion.

Good game, just not quite good enough

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Congrats to the Redskins for rising to the occasion and playing the Cowboys even until the final minutes. With Dallas favored by over 10 and the 'Skins missing a key player on both offense and defense I thought it had all the makings of an upset and we almost saw one. Like they say, forget about stats and records when these two teams play.

On a housekeeping note, we are still in the midst of troubleshooting the technical problems here which have caused the huge issues with comments, made creating new posts dicey (sometimes you create two for the price of one) and have also made it difficult to make any changes to the templates (i.e. adding material to the sidebars). On the whole everything has gotten REAL slow performance wise. The Movable Type people are trying to help us figure out what has gone wrong the past few weeks, and I am confident we will soon be back in business here. Thanks to everyone for your patience. Once we get it all worked out, I expect to be posting regularly again.

alteration for oleszek 3.JPG

I nearly cried when I read this Washington Post story, and I think I still might. Last week broke my faith in my state party, and I think this may have done it for the national one.

Guess I'll start considering who I'm going to support for President in '08 anew. Thoughts? (by thoughts I mean intelligent thought--Equality [fill in the blank] members need not apply)

Ben Dover Beer Bash Reflections

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I just returned home from the fabulous First Annual Ben Dover Beer Bash and I must say it was one of the best quasi-political/social events I have had the privilege of enjoying in many a fortnight.

Sincere thanks to Ben and the entire Too Conservative gang for putting it on. You all did a really good job with this, everything to follow notwithstanding.

That being said, I must emphasize how deeply we all appreciate the Virginia State Police being invited to play such an integral role in the event. I mean, when I am invited to a "beer bash," just knowing the state police have been tipped off and are stationed nearby makes the suds go down a little bit smoother. Thankfully, the vast majority of attendees did have 4-wheel drive and most of us took the "back way" out of the Old Dominion Brew Pub via the power line easements and as far as I know everyone managed to slip the gauntlet.

I know, everyone is wondering: DID WE FIND OUT? As in, did we find out who are the real people behind the notorious Too Conservative pseudonyms?

Well, the answer is, yes and no.

Yes in that we DID find out who every single one of them was. And no, in that I don't remember, dammit. It was a "beer bash" after all. Sorry about that. I suppose it will all come back to me in a dream someday. I vaguely recall shots of vodka and ancient Polish drinking songs, but that is all.

Linda B. and I had a very nice conversation with Lori Waters and her husband, and I must say I'm glad we will have Lori in office for another four years. I truly wish Phyllis Randall had run for another office.

MY major excitement of the night was my Quest for Stevens Miller, and boy was it more than I bargained for!

Y'see, I was told by several people that newly elected Loudoun Supervisor Stevens Miller was a "moderate Democrat" whom I should really talk to about the illegal hiring issue. I was intrigued because it seemed like "moderate Democrats" always turned out to be simply "Democrats" - but something about this fellow rang true. He turned in a very thoughtful candidate survey to Help Save Loudoun, and his public statements were not half bad - better than many Republicans, in fact. So I wanted to meet this fine gentleman.

Well, on account of either the spite toward me being on the losing side of some of these recent elections, or my opponents being cruel swine, some folks decided to have a little fun with old Joe and send me on a good old-fashioned snipe hunt for this Stevens Miller. Jonathan, the heartless bastard, was ringleader, and pointed me towards busboys, sous chefs and other patrons - "THAT'S Stevens Miller" - and after about five of these fruitless interviews I began to catch on to the fact that Jonathan did not have my best interests at heart.

I had a fascinating, 45-minute policy discussion with an exceedingly polite, well-groomed "Stevens Miller" who, when I began to pin down dates for specific Board appearances, revealed "Oh no, I am not a Supervisor, I am Glenn Maravetz!"

"Augghh!" I exclaimed. "MARAVETZ!! Most evil of my many evil nemeses!" This was like learning your long lost "uncle" was in fact the man who had killed your father.

I was about ready to give up when Jonathan informed me that "Stevens Miller" was in fact a soccer ball whom I have since named "Spalding" and who I have been conversing with here in the dining room. So that whole confusing incident worked out just fine in the end.

I did get to talk with a couple of the newly-elected supervisors, which was enlightening. I asked them if there would be any common ground between Help Save Loudoun - which had proposed an "Honest Business Initiative" - and their own commitment to reduce rampant development in the county. On the face of it, one might assume we DO have some common ground, because we are all skeptical about developers' profits and how they make them.

Unfortunately, the answer I received was that Help Save Loudoun PAC's endorsement of Eugene Delgaudio was a bit of a dealbreaker - even though we also endorsed Lori Waters, which presumably was not a dealbreaker. I tried to explain the pragmatic aspect of a single issue group that only looks at VOTES but I got the sense that, on this evening, that narrative was not going to resonate. Story of my life.

I think we have a new crop of supervisors who do not think illegal immigration is a problem they can solve - and possibly a problem that does not even really exist here at the local level. This is going to create a very interesting dynamic in the relationship between the supervisors and their constituents. Specifically, the residents of Sterling are going to find themselves disenfranchised if they don't get a few supervisors from other districts to join Eugene Delgaudio in championing their concerns.

After seeing the unabashed disdain for Eugene, I am quite intrigued about how the new Board will respond to the citizens of eastern Loudoun.

But at least the conversation has been started. I think the new Board members are approachable, and I think they have the citizens' best interests in mind. The ones I spoke with do not seem at all like elitists, and though I think their antagonism toward Eugene is misplaced, I think their animus is meant to benefit the legal residents. This is a very good sign.

BRAVO, LI - bravo.

It would seem that being Republican in Loudoun is far from an assurance of political victory. That would be rather hard to believe a while back. The county used to be firmly republican. Did the people in the county change that much? Or was it something else?

Election Results

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This is an off-the-top-of-the-head report based on my observations of tonight's results, meaning, no links or final stats. Here's a very general Post report.

Here is the Post's running results page.

Our two Republican Loudoun supervisors who took the strongest positions on local immigration enforcement, who stuck their necks out the furthest and also took the most heat for it - Lori Waters and Eugene Delgaudio - won.

They are also the supervisors in whose districts Help Save Loudoun PAC had the heaviest coverage with the lit drop project. In Sterling and Ashburn, the citizens spoke.

The rest of the Republican board candidates, if the numbers hold, got their asses handed to them.

Not a great year to have an "R" next to your name.

I think the growth issue and general Republican fatigue were major obstacles for these candidates to overcome.

In the Sheriff's race, Steve Simpson won reelection, which shows the undeniable problem posed when the party departs from its candidates. Greg Ahlemann won the nomination in June, and a powerful segment of the party swiftly went to work for the losing candidate who ran as an independent. Three months after the Convention, the party did run a full page newspaper ad supporting Greg Ahlemann and Lori Waters - the candidates beset by newly "Independent" challengers. It might have been helpful if the party had acted sooner. A united Republican party could have produced a victorious Republican Sheriff.

Patricia Phillips lost the Senate race, apparently by about 5,000 votes - a significant margin. Patricia did not run on the immigration enforcement issue in the general election - the issue which won her the primary. I am going to suggest running to the middle on this issue was not a winning strategy.

I think these two races provided an opportunity for Northern Virginia residents to demonstrate their desire for more local immigration enforcement. There were a number of issues in play, however, with both of these contests. The Sheriff race, in particular, evolved into a rabbit's warren of side issues. Greg Ahlemann truly had a mountain to climb to win this election.

Delegate Bob Marshall and Senator-elect Jill Holtzman Vogel won their races, and these were two of the top immigration enforcement candidates for the next session in Richmond. These are two more huge victories.

I don't have results on any of the other Richmond contests.

It appears the GOP lost the Virginia Senate, which is not a great development. On the other hand, the GOP-controlled Virginia Senate in 2007 managed to kill almost every good immigration-enforcement focused bill that passed the House of Delegates last session. So, it's not entirely evident how the next Senate could necessarily be worse with the Dems controlling.

More to come.

Virginia is no longer a Republican state. I get drunk and go to bed.

Silver lining: Jill Vogel is now a Republican state senator. She will prove us all proud.

That is all.

"Signs! Signs! Everywhere are signs". Song sooooo true! I must commend the Poison/Red Herring/George camps for their tag-teaming efforts of the last few days wiping out the sceneic countryside with their sigms. Delgaudio also (sorry Eugene. Your politics are okay but your signs are a litter eyesore). I was even able to give my daughter a taste of politics on the ride home from school. Seems that the Red Herring camp was busy putting signs directly in front of the opposing parties' signs so that they could not be read. I even saw signs pulled up as there were not enough of their own to cover all the oppositions. As I pulled to the side of the road, the Red Herring helper hastily sped away. Turn around is fair play and my like-minded daughter and I decided to change the signs in this one event. Now on a normal day I would have just removed every sign I find but as quickly as this idiot takes them up, some other idiot puts them back. It is a losing proposition for one individual.

Today I come home and find one of my 3 yard signs (different candidates) pulled up and in the street. No, the wind didn't do it as I plant them deep and allow them to swing in the frame. Upon my door I found a hanger soliciting votes for Poison and Red Herring. Coincidence? I think not. The sign is private property and the yard is also. This in turns tells of the candidates. Like minded people tend to stick together like glue and it is a cop-out to deny to know what your staffers/help are doing. After all, don't the candidates come up with (or okay) the strategies and give the marching orders to their minions. Had I witnessed this act first hand I guarrentee that the person that didn't show respect for my property would have been shown no mercy for his/her physical well-being. That is just criminal pure and simple (I wonder if not-knowing-right-from-wrong David would agree with me?)

I'm sure you have voted by now. If not, do it. It is all the little things that these people pass off as "what's the big deal, anyway" that builds up to a manure pile so large that you can never dig yourself out of or get rid of. We don't need this lack of integrity ANYWHERE is the state of Virginia and if it means starting locally and working upward, then that's what needs to be done.

You know me. I hate signs. I hate a lack of respect and integrity more. Act now!

Don't forget to vote today!!!! See Virginia Virtucon for a list of candidates to vote for depending upon your locality.

Preliminary Thoughts on Tomorrow's Voting

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So what's going to happen tomorrow?

WTOP reports that, based on absentee ballots, tomorrow's turnout is not going to set any records.

The crummy weather we are having will undoubtedly not help the situation, especially with just the third early-dark evening of the year and morning and evening temperatures that will approach freezing out here in the hinterlands of Loudoun. Election Day will also be "Welcome to Winter Day." It will be tempting to get home from work and stay home.

Based on the weather, and the fact that so many of the issues in the various races are ones which make most voters' eyes glaze over, I think there could be a really low turnout on Loudoun. On the face of it, I think this scenario benefits the Democrats because there will likely be an even mix of political activists from both sides voting, plus the obligatory sprinkling of actual citizens - and this year, I think the latter will break Dem.

LI has a nice prediction thread going, I recommend you check it out.

I don't have a feel for any of the other Supervisor races, but I think Eugene Delgaudio is going to win Sterling District in a landslide. After this is all over, I will share some scans of the direct mail pieces his campaign has sent out. Pretty effective stuff.

I think the Sheriff and 33rd District Senate races will be the most telling. The wild card is the illegal immigration issue, and whether it motivates a sufficient number of citizens - especially in the voter-rich Broad Run and Dulles districts.

If not for the latest iteration of the local GOP weenie wing, Greg Ahlemann would have clear sailing to election as our next Sheriff. Unfortunately, former Republican Steve Simpson decided to play spoiler and make that victory a wee bit harder to attain, and make a Democrat Sheriff that much more likelier.

My personal preference - no surprise - is that all voters pay close attention to the immigration enforcement issue, and vote up or down on that one alone. Lots of other questions can be discussed and hashed out after we've ascertained whether we will still have a country or not.

If the issue has been solidly framed in the sphere of public opinion, that certain candidates are for and others against local immigration enforcement measures, I think the HSL-PAC "ticket" will achieve 90% success and particularly Greg Ahlemann will be our next Sheriff. However, this is by no means assured, because the immigration enforcement message has primarily been expounded on the Web and in various blogs, which are to the votership as a whole as Joe's Home Brew is to Budweiser.

If the turnout is ridiculously low, all bets are off. The only non-aligned people who bother to vote may indeed be those who care about immigration enforcement. The HSL-PAC lit drop campaign, which reached 30,000+ households, might bring an extra 3,000 voters to the polls countywide. It could make the difference.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Allen visits Winchester to support Republican ally Holtzman Vogel
By Elizabeth Wilkerson -- Daily Staff Writer

WINCHESTER — Former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen was in Winchester Saturday to help Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel commence the final 72 hours of her state Senate campaign.

Holtzman Vogel, along with independent Donald Marro and Democrat Karen Schultz, is seeking to succeed retiring Sen. H. Russell Potts Jr., R-Winchester, in the traditionally Republican 27th District.

"You have no idea how exciting it is" to have reached the Saturday before "the Tuesday," Holtzman Vogel told a group of supporters and volunteers Saturday morning at the start of her campaign's 72-hour "Get Out the Vote" effort. "We will reach our people, and we will turn them out."

Allen, who was accompanied by his wife, Susan, and daughter, Brooke, said "the leaves are all beautiful," but that he really liked the "blue and white Vogel signs" outnumbering others along his route into Winchester.

"Every team needs everybody pitching in," and those who "show up" Tuesday will control the outcome of the election, Allen said. "The world is controlled by people who show up," he said.

Allen said Holtzman Vogel "understands the issues," such as education and illegal immigration.

"We're for legal immigration, but we're also for the rule of law," and lawmakers should not be rewarding illegal behavior with amnesty, he said. Also, Holtzman Vogel knows the importance of training local law enforcement to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he said.

Violating immigration law is a federal offense, "but guess what, bank robbery is a federal crime, as well," he said, adding that local law enforcement wouldn't ignore a bank robbery and, instead, "have someone call the FBI." Law enforcement agencies work together, he said.

"We need leadership [at the state level], because, at the national level, they're not doing the job," he said of illegal immigration.

The next 72 hours are the "final two-minute drill," and "all of you need to execute," he told the group. The volunteers need to reach Holtzman Vogel's target group, he said, which includes anyone who pays taxes, works for a living or cares about their children and the community.

Allen presented Holtzman Vogel a $1,000 campaign donation, and she thanked him and the crowd for their support.

"I truly believe we will win on Tuesday, but it's every door and every person we can find," she said.

Cries of "Go, Jill!" broke out before the group headed into the streets of Winchester to visit businesses and knock on doors in hopes of drawing more supporters to Tuesday's polls. A truck circling the area encouraged passers by to "Vote Vogel Now."

Along the way, Allen popped into several businesses on the walking mall, including Bartley's Shoe Repair, where he once had his trademark cowboy boots repaired. As Allen and Holtzman Vogel chatted with owner Rick Pomenta, 7-year-old Elizabeth Price ran into the store to tell her that supporters outside had just gotten her another vote.

"That's how we're going to get them — one at a time," Holtzman Vogel told Elizabeth. Holtzman Vogel's husband, Alex Vogel, said Elizabeth has been one of his wife's "most fervent supporters."

Jeanne Price, Elizabeth's mother, said she has been involved in Holtzman Vogel's campaign since January. Price, of Stephens City, said she volunteered because she "believes in everything [Holtzman Vogel] stands for."

Both Elizabeth and Price's other daughter, Kate, who is 9 years old, were involved by their mother. Though they are young, they "understand what a lot of the issues are," Price said.

Mike Spellings, a spokesman for Holtzman Vogel's campaign, said about 50 campaign volunteers were roaming the streets Saturday, and that a total of about 70 would work during the 72-hour program. Volunteers were also hitting the streets in Warrenton and Loudoun County, he said.

Vote the Immigration Enforcement Ticket tomorrow

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If you want to help end the illegal immigration crisis in this country, a place to start is with tomorrow's Virginia elections.

Help Save Loudoun PAC's "Immigration Enforcement Ticket" focuses on a number of northern Virginia races in which voters have a clear choice between candidates with very difference conceptions of local and state governments' role in immigration enforcement.

Those who are in favor of a strong local and state role will help put us on the road to fixing the problem. Those not in favor of such a role will help ensure the problem is never solved.

You can download a copy of the "Ticket" here - and please circulate it to everyone you know in Loudoun, Fairfax, Fauquier and Prince William Counties who may have the opportunity to vote for one of these candidates.

To read the educational flyer from Help Save Loudoun PAC which has been hand-delivered to many thousands of households in Loudoun County over the past five days, click here.

I don't know whether a single lit drop to a portion of this county's residences can make a difference in such a geographically massive area, but rest assured more voters now understand how to solve this problem than did a week ago.

Please pass along the above links to every voter you know and encourage them to VOTE TOMORROW, NOV. 6.

Had to promote this great comment by Tony, responding to my discussion of Janet Oleszek's incompetence and her campaign's effort to deceive voters (reminiscent of the tactics used by those peddling lies in an attempt to defeat the Marriage Amendment). Check it out:

Like any large school system, Fairfax County will typically have very excellent and very poor teachers...clearly, now, Oleszek shows where she stood as a teacher - and her performance may well explain why she left teaching to become a board member.

Besides being "poor" in her grasp of concepts, thoughts and the basic structure of the spoken english language, I can only imagine how she "tainted" the content of her courses that she taught.

What values did she teach our children if she cannot run an honest campaign? What did she teach our children about honesty and integrity? Based on this latest issue campaign finance issue, and what I've seen from her campaign regarding the attacks on Cuccinelli (that, with just a bit of research, one can find information that shows the attacks to be baseless) it causes me great concern.

I'd like to believe I am representative of a "normal" Fairfax County resident - I belong to the Smithsonian and the NRA, and subscribe to Scientific American and the Washintonia - I like the idea of having all sides of any issue openly discussed...what I cannot stand about Oleszek is she comes across as "preachy" - and "I know better than you...just trust me" - and has the gall to say that her views are "mainstream"...after attending the debate between she and Cuccinelli at Springfield, two things became clear - 1) she has poor communications skills, and an inability to use logic based arguments and 2) she cannot answer questions honestly.

She was a teacher - she uses this credential constantly - how could we allow such an opinionated, unqualified person have access to the growing minds of our children? It is frightening...

I agree, it is frightening. Let's all work as hard as we can to support Senator Cuccinelli and keep this lady out of Richmond.

If I lived this way, I'd never keep my head above water. The county gets only a 86 cents on my tax dollars to pay for what we need. The other 14 cents of every dollar gets spent on nothing of any value. It is totally wasted -- absolutely nothing is purchased with it.
How? All of that 14 cents goes toward interest payments. I have to admit, I don't live debt free -- I have a mortgage. But I also don't have income that runs to $1.4 billion. In case you are math challenged, 14% of $1.4 billion is $196 million. That is the interest we pay. If we weren't paying that interest, we could pay cash for many of the things we presently put out on bonds, and then pay 3 times as much to buy (remember the figures for how much you would pay over the life of your mortgage loan?)

Yesterday I reported on the growing scandal with uber-liberal Janet Oleszek. Just checked VPAP this morning to see if the Hoot had decided to comply with Virginia law and report the 200K she received to pay for her dishonest attack ad (and we know she must have received such a donation because of her previously low cash-on-hand figures and the face that you pay C.O.D. for this kind of TV ad buy). Still nothing.

S037 Oleszek, Janet Democratic Party of Virginia 10/25/2007 $16,782 S037 Oleszek, Janet Loren W. Hershey 10/26/20 $3,500 S037 Oleszek, Janet Rex Simmons for Delegate 10/26/2007 $2,000 S037 Oleszek, Janet MidAtlantic Reg. Council of Carpenters PAC 10/27/2007 $1,000 S037 Oleszek, Janet VA Leadership PAC- Multi-Candidate Committee 10/27/2007 $1,000

What is she hiding? This must be from a pretty sketchy source if she is choosing to flagrantly violate Virginia law rather than let voters know who is putting cash in her pocket. Then again, she has proven to be such an incredibly incompetent individual maybe she really is simply too inept to properly file campaign finance disclosures. After all, she clearly can barely string together a coherent sentence (h/t Chris):

Either way, citizens of the 37th Senate District can't afford to have her representing them down in Richmond.

The Law Of The Sea

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This treaty was opposed by Reagan. It gives the UN control of the oceans and the air space above them. The result will be billions of dollars in revenue for that institution. It somehow managed to crawl out of the senate committee, the vote was 17-4. Bush is for it. This treaty allows the UN to tax US citizens. Please write you senator to stop this loss of sovereignty.

For Virginians ...
DC Office of Senator John Warner
Washington, DC

Midlothian Office of Sen. John Warner
Midlothian, VA

D.C. Office of Sen. James Webb
Washington, DC

Virginia Beach Office of Sen. James Webb
Virginia Beach, VA

Who Hates Zimzo?

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I'm tired of remodeling and I have pre-election anxiety so I figured I'd waste 10 minutes so as to relieve stress. What better way then to pick on Zippo (my affectionate name whose gender is unknown to me). Zippo is the champion of liberal lunacy. There is not a statement made that Zippo can't misconstrue. S/he's as bad as my ex-wife. Not only do I think that he mis-understands everything, I feel he is also mis-understood. If you were to invite Zippo to a brain-storming session it would end in loss of any cognitive thought and create a vaccum that would rival outerspace.
I believed at the beginning of my dealings with Zippo that s/he cared until I realized what s/he was about. There is no subject that is blogged that can't be tied in one way or the other to two main subjects; race and homosexuality. The guy/girl is amazing! I just can't fathom how s/he does it! And s/he has guts, too! Why s/he even told us that his/her wife was ugly.
Now s/he has been called ridiculous, an idiot, condescending, socialist, liberal, gadfly, lunatic, radical and much more. I think by this resume that s/he has worked up, that s/he was a very important person. Maybe SpinMeister for the Bubba Billy administration. Heck, s/he might be working for the Hilly camp in the same capacity! S/he certainly has the credentials for it.
You realize that this is all in fun to break up the horror of the collapse of Americanism as we use to know it. Yes, Zippo, you are helping to tear down our borders and throw out our sovereignty. Fighter for anything goes and the oppressed illegals. What would we ever blog about without you. You bring such a darkness to every conversation. I could never really say I hate you. May think about it on occasion but I would never really say it.

I just received the below media release regarding a breaking scandal involving Janet Oleszek’s horrendous campaign to unseat principled pro-family conservative Senator Ken Cuccinelli. If you haven’t been following this race, a good way to get up to speed on the clear contrast between the two candidates is to watch some of the debate footage. Ms. Oleszek couldn’t be any more incompetent and it looks like her campaign reflects this ineptitude as well insofar as they can't incorporate proper disclosure statements into their ads. Even more troubling is her apparently illegal attempt to hide the source of big last minute donors- probably due to the extreme source. Anyways... see for yourself:



November 1, 2007

Janet Oleszek’s Campaign Finances Just Don’t Add Up!

· Fact: Janet Oleszek’s campaign reported $76,856.21 on hand for the period ending October 24th.

· Fact: All General Assembly candidates are required to report contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours of receipt from October 25th through the Election. Janet Oleszek’s large campaign financial reports show she has received $27,282 in large donations since that time. Nearly $17,000 of this was from the Democratic Party of Virginia for a mailing.

· Fact: On or about October 30, 2007, Janet Oleszek’s campaign purchased $200,000 in broadcast television advertising. The disclaimer on the ads states that the ads were paid for by Janet Oleszek for State Senate, not a third party.

Do the math and one question immediately arises!

· Where is the money coming from for Ms. Oleszek to buy $200,000 in TV time?

Other ‘inconvenient truths’ for the Oleszek campaign:

· Fact: T.V. stations will not air campaign ads without C.O.D. – cash on desk – BEFORE running the ad. This confirms that the $200,000 was received more than 48 hours ago, as the air time could not have been bought without the cash in hand.

· Fact: Ms. Oleszek’s ad began airing on October 31st.

· Fact: As of 2:30 p.m. on November 1st, the State Board of Elections had not been notified of any contributions to the Oleszek campaign that would pay for the ads.

And then there are the follow-up questions:

· Is Janet claiming she has received 200 contributions of $999 to pay for those ads?

· Are out-of-state interests funding these ads and Janet isn’t telling? Or have the Democrats dumped $200,000 into the race in an effort to knock Senator Cuccinelli out?

· Is Janet hiding her supporters from voters because she is embarrassed of them?

Campaign finance law in Virginia is simple. It’s based on openness and transparency so the voters know who is supporting each candidate. Janet should level with the voters now.

-See also: Oleszek’s Ad at

-Campaign Finance Reports:

Emails below between Chris Pipler (VA-SBE) & Sen. Ken Cuccinelli


Additional information regarding possible violations of law in the disclaimer of the ad Ms. Oleszek is currently running on network TV:

From: Piper, Chris (SBE)
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 7:10 PM
To: Ken Cuccinelli II, Esq.
Subject: RE: Question

§ 24.2-957.1(2) states, “If the advertisement sponsored by the candidate or the candidate campaign committee makes reference to another clearly identified candidate, it must include a disclosure statement spoken by the sponsoring candidate containing at least the following words: "I am ............ (or 'This is ............—Name of candidate], candidate for —Name of] office, and I (or 'my campaign') sponsored this ad."”

In a situation where the candidate sponsoring the ad makes reference to another candidate, then the candidate must state at least the information contained in the section above. § 24.2-955.3 subsection D states, “It shall not be deemed a violation of this chapter if the contents of the disclosure legend or statement convey the required information.”

In other words, the statement does not have to flow exactly as stated in § 24.2-957.1(2) as long as all of the information is conveyed by the candidate. Further, the statement can come at any point during the ad, as long as it is spoken by the candidate and a full-screen shot of the candidate is appearing while the statement is being made (see #3 in § 24.2-957.1).

I hope I have answered your question.


Chris Piper

Manager, Campaign Finance Division
State Board of Elections
200 N. 9th St., Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23219
Direct Line: (804) 864-8920
Fax: (804) 786-1364

From: Ken Cuccinelli II, Esq.
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 6:56 PM
To: Piper, Chris (SBE)
Subject: Question

Mr. Piper,

Do Virginia campaign finance laws require a candidate to identify the office that he/she is running for in their T.V. ads as part of the disclaimer (in this case ads that mention/attack his/her opponent)?

I would appreciate hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

Ken Cuccinelli

Below is some more from the FCRC Chairman in relation to the above. As of yet, the TV stations haven't pulled Oleszek's illegal (not to mention dishonest) ads. Please call (202-885-4968) or email NBC4 and encourage them to do the right thing and demand Oleszek's ads comply with Virginia law before airing them.

October 31, 2007

President & General Manager

Dear Sirs:

I am the Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. I have been informed by that your station is airing an advertisement purchased by Janet Oleszek’s campaign for State Senate, the Democratic Party nominee in the 37th State Senate District.

Our Committee is very troubled by this ad because it is blatantly misleading and also fails to comply with Virginia state law. We would, therefore, request, that you not air this advertisement until such time as Ms. Oleszek’s campaign is in compliance.

First, the advertisement is intentionally false and misleading, particularly regarding Senator Cuccinelli’s support for stem cell research. There has been only one piece of legislation addressing stem cell research in the Virginia State Senate during the five years Senator Cuccinelli has been serving the 37th district. That bill was SB 1194 in 2005, and contrary to the claim in the advertisement as follows: “Cuccinelli led the fight to stop stem cell research,” Senator Cuccinelli actually voted for the bill. We know that you station would not want to run advertising that is false and misleading, so we would ask you to determine on what basis Ms. Oleszek is making this claim.

Second, the advertisement clearly violates Virginia election law. Specifically, according to the Virginia State Board of Elections, Va. Code § 24.2-957.1(2) states (emphasis is my own):

“If the advertisement sponsored by the candidate or the candidate campaign committee makes reference to another clearly identified candidate, it must include a disclosure statement spoken by the sponsoring candidate containing at least the following words: ‘I am …………… (or ‘This is …………’ -- Name of candidate), candidate for – Name of office, and I (or ‘my campaign’) sponsored this ad.’”

The disclosure statement spoken by Janet Oleszek in her ad reads as follows: “I'm Janet Oleszek and I approve this message.”

The foregoing disclosure statement fails to comply with Virginia election law for two clear reasons: (1) there is no mention of the office Janet Oleszek is seeking, i.e., ‘Virginia State Senate’ or ‘37th Senate District;’ and (2) Ms. Oleszek failed to properly state that she sponsored the ad, instead she said that she “approved” the message. That leaves open the question of who paid for the advertisement, i.e., who or what entity actually sponsored the ad. Knowing who is actually paying for such advertisements is the very reason that Va. Code § 24.2-957.1 exists.

Because this advertisement is false and misleading, and because it is in violation of Virginia State law, we respectfully request that your station not air such advertising. I would appreciate a response as soon as possible regarding whether or not the advertisement will be removed from your ad cycle pending correction.

Furthermore, in order for our Party to formulate an accurate response, we would request that you inform us as to the when these ads will be airing on your station.

If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, I can be reached at [REDACTED]. Thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.


James Hyland, Esq.
Fairfax County Republican Committee

I'm calling out all you whimps. Yes, I mean those gutless wonder commentors that allude to knowing all these juicy secrets about candidates but don't elaborate. Well it's time to grow a pair (yes, ladies, you too) and show us what you are made of. I feel that you owe it to our readers to devulge knowledge of candidates that may affect our voting. I surely don't want to cast the wrong vote for not knowing all the dirt. Is Delgaudio a Mafia Don? Is West a member of the KKK? How about York taking lunch in county offices with a dominatrix? Did Phillips use to work for the KGB? I want the dirt where someone has photocopied neighborhood kids on their shorts.

The rules are simple:
1. If it is public knowledge or already known-who cares.

2. It has to be why a candidate shouldn't hold office-not why a candidate should.

3. Local/state candidates only. We'll get to the nationals later on.

4. Has to be PROVABLE and easily ACCESSABLE. Confirmation is a MUST. Pictures, videos, audio at legitament locations golden! "an anonymous source says" or "it is rumored that" or "my aunt Jenny told me" are no good and not provable.

Time to show us what you REALLY know. Change my mind-I'm susceptible to change. After the election doesn't count. If the comment count remains zero I won't be suprised. As the saying goes, "wind blows free".

Vogel Press Release

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jill mini banner.jpg

Karen Schultz Touts Non-Existent Endorsements

Continues Her Campaign of Deception

Warrenton - - State Senate candidate Karen Schultz is attempting to pass off donations to her campaign as "endorsements" on her website, one of the most glaring examples of Schultz's dishonesty with the citizens of Virginia's 27 th District. Schultz has even gone so far as to claim a "joint endorsement" of both campaigns by the Northern Virginia Technology Council, a statement that is clearly not possible - the council donated equal amounts to both campaigns.

"It sickens me that Karen Schultz has run such a dishonest campaign to mislead voters about what she stands for and about who supports her," stated Sheriff Williamson of Frederick County . "Schultz has touted many falsehoods hoping to fool voters, even basics like her endorsements."

Sheriff Williamson continued, "We all know she faked a Washington Post endorsement, but she has also gone on the record citing endorsements by the Virginia Nurses Association and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. These organizations contributed to Jill Vogel and did not endorse Schultz. It is shameful. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between an endorsement and a contribution would have difficulty understanding state government. This is just another example of the shady and false campaign Karen Schultz is running - playing fast and loose with the facts."

Jill Vogel has been endorsed by U.S. Senator John Warner, U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, The Washington Post, The Washington Times and many others. For a complete list of Vogel's endorsements please visit her website at

Jim Bowden for Congress

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James Atticus Bowden is running for the Republican nomination for the First District U.S. Congressional seat made vacant by the untimely death of Jo Ann Davis. The nomination will be decided by a convention on November 10.

Jim Bowden is one of those individuals who conservatives WISH would represent them in the halls of government - as opposed to those we usually get who simply march under the ideological banner. This is a truly unique opportunity to get someone in office who really believes, and lives by, the tenets we see exemplified so rarely in public life.

I have corresponded with him a number of times via the blogs and had the honor of spending over an hour talking with him at the bloggers' conference this past summer.

I told Jim that I heartily endorsed his candidacy the second I heard about it.

The catch is, he needs delegates from the First District to show up on November 10 (he also needs money, but the delegates he cannot do without.)

Please go learn all about Jim at his excellent campaign Web site. Especially see the series of videos.

If you know anyone who lives in the First District (extends from Newport News to Fredericksburg - use this link - fill out the form, and see if it says "Congress: Jo Ann Davis" near the bottom) have them e-mail their legal name, address, best telephone and email address to

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