Glad it was so urgent to sacrifice our collective morality...

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Looks like Ken Cuccinelli and others were right that we didn't need to fund embryonic stem cell research because researchers have figured out to turn normal stem cells into embryonic stem cells according to the Washington Post.

Days like this make me feel good about being a social conservative.

Equality [fill in the blank] members can eat crow here.

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Ron said:

Interestingly, Wolf's opponent for next year, Judy Feder, has been spreading the left-wing embryonic stem cell propaganda quite a bit like this will be one of the pillars of her campaign. I wonder what she will do now?

Singleton said:

Head off to the looney bin where she belongs.

ACTivist said:

I guess that Michal J. Fox can stop upping his meds and shaking for the compassionates on TV now. I wonder if he losses any sleep for being an ass and wrong on the doom-and-gloom?

Rtwng Extrmst said:

I find it interesting to see the use of the term "embryo-like" to describe these stem cells. My understanding is that the issue here is the ability of these stem cells to grow into other types of cells. This has nothing to do with whether or not the cells actually came from an embryo or are an embryo. To continue to refer to these stem cells in this way is to continue the misinformation on this topic. The fact that "embryonic stem cells" to this point have been the cells that seem to most easily achieve this outcome should not cause us to define this type of cell as "embryonic" in nature. Am I incorrect? To continue to use this as an adjective to describe cells able to grow in this way seems to me to continue to be problematic and evident of lazy journalism.

On the other hand, I am extremely happy to see this scientific discovery come to the fore.

I don't know if it makes a difference what you call them ... the fact is that these cells would be preferable to the traditional stem cells from embryos. The fact that these cells are from the individual, and not from a foreign host means that it could not trigger host-vs-graft disease. It may be that the morally right thing to do sidetracked science long enough to have them develop the better solution that would not have been pursued if the easy answer (and wrong answer) would have been available. In this case, what was right was what was good.

But liberals are so committed to self loathing and nihilism that they reject this positive "win/win" research, although they embraced the need for massive public funding of embryonic stem cell research with no empirical evidence of the efficacy of such research.

Jack said:

I'm no fan of Embryonic Stem Cell research, Sporer, but asking for "empirical evidence of... efficacy" before funding the research is putting the cart before the horse. How were they supposed to come up with the evidence before they had the money for the research? And if the preliminary research DID prove "efficatious," there would have been plenty of private companies willing to fund follow-up studies.

kevin said:

"But liberals are so committed to self loathing and nihilism that they reject this positive 'win/win' research"-what a comment!

Why can't you be in support of empirical evidence, regardless of where it leads us, rather than resorting to partisanship?

Ottie said:

ACTivist 11/21 - May God strike you with Parkinsons decease> Have you NO SHAME.

Robin said:

The cells that are taken from skin won't help in many area such as Parkinson's disease. There is also the virus issue noted in the link below.,2144,2960105,00.html

Also, Michael J. Fox does not "up" his meds for show. He does let the meds go low to show the effects of Parkinson's. He isn't the first celeb to do this. Remember Bob Dole?

If you have someone suffering from diseases helped by stem cell research you may change your mind. May I remind you all how much Nancy Reagan changed her mind on this topic once Ronnie started suffering from Alzheimer's.

kevin said:

Happy Turkey Day Robin!

Robin said:

Right back at ya Kevin. Fried turkey, mac and cheese, green been casserole, corn bread stuffing, and biscuits. Could I get anymore Southern? ;-)

kevin said:

I don't think so! I'm makin' a Caribbean Jerky Turkey. Technically that's more southern. Asparagus and scalloped potatoes, mmmm. Fried turkey rocks, though. And corn bread. And biscuits.

jacob said:

Robin, Kevin,
I see a distinct lack of cranberry sauce on the menu. Turkey needs cranberry. Cornbread is another must. At least Robin has this covered.

What is the recipe for the Jerky Turkey?

kevin said:

and some World Harbor's Hot Teriyaki sauce.

I was absolutely lacking the cranberry sauce, but then, no one can quite make it like my mother's.

Mmm. Sorry for the lack of food posts lately, hope to have some for the Christmas holidays.

Hey Kevin, we are finally delving into The Wire after an abbreviated attempt back in September. Wicked good stuff - I foresee some marathons coming on. Thank you for that.

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